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Barron’s writer labels latest Nobel economics prize a dud

Gene Epstein explains in his latest “Economic Beat” column for Barron’s why the latest Nobel Prize awarded for economics misses the mark. The 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded last Monday to French economist Jean Tirole for what the committee referred to as “his analysis of market power and regulation.” To understand why Tirole’sContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

With all of the recent debate about reducing health care costs, there’s been little discussion about opening up competition by scrapping the state’s certificate-of-need law. Katherine Restrepo analyzes North Carolina’s CON restrictions during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Sarah Curry discusses two key N.C. government revenue sources: the state lottery and local propertyContinue Reading

The legal profession is just not that into competition

George Leef explains for Forbes readers why a U.S. Supreme Court case involving North Carolina dentists and teeth whiteners is attracting attention from other fields. Competition – everyone loves it, except when it’s competition in your particular business or profession. Then it’s dangerous and must be controlled if not eliminated. Back in August, I wroteContinue Reading

You’ll be shocked to learn about the EPA’s relationship with environmental activists

Kelsey Harkness of the Daily Signal highlights the “beyond cozy” relationship between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and environmental activists with alarming goals. Republican lawmakers say the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency enjoys a “beyond cozy” relationship with a liberal environmental action group that seeks to reshape national energy policies in a way that would hurtContinue Reading

CEI chief ponders regulatory overreach

Lawson Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute shares with Human Events readers some disturbing facts about the growth of federal government regulation. Over the past several decades, we have witnessed an inexorable growth in the influence of government in our lives and livelihoods—at the national, state, and local level. Politicians from both parties pay lipContinue Reading

The need to reform North Carolina’s certificate-of-need process

Health Care Solutions Week: North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law leads to artificially high health care costs as it limits competition for the provision of health care services. Yet Republicans who tout free-market policies have done little to reform CON since taking over the General Assembly and the governor’s office. Dr. Richard Bruch, an orthopedic surgeon andContinue Reading

For those interested in expanding casino gambling

Thomas Donlan of Barron’s turns his attention to New Jersey’s recent experience with casinos. A thing worth doing is worth overdoing. Or is it? Thirty-six years after casinos came to Atlantic City, the growth of gambling is coming to the end of its string. There are 12 casinos, but four have closed this year andContinue Reading

Obamacare will cut employment by 3 percent, study finds

As Health Care Solutions Week starts … Economist Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago has conducted a study for the Mercatus Center assessing the Affordable Care Act’s likely impact on American employment. Starting this year, the United States’ working population will face three major employment disincentives resulting from the very benefits the Affordable CareContinue Reading