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Uber, short-term loans, and their impact on the political establishment

Steve Sherman shares with Human Events readers an interesting analysis of the impact of the “sharing economy” and payday loans on the political establishment. Create a better mouse trap. We’ve all heard it. Companies like Uber and Lyft have done just that to the age old taxi-cab industry. These upstarts used the abundance of carsContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Some of the loudest proponents for North Carolina’s renewable energy tax credits represent big businesses that take advantage of the credits. Rick Henderson discusses this underreported aspect of the renewable energy debate during the latest edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Katherine Restrepo analyzes the Federal Trade Commission’s recent endorsement of a state House bill toContinue Reading

Man bites dog story: Unions oppose Obama-imposed tax

Bill McMorris reports for the Washington Free Beacon on an interesting development linked to an Obamacare tax and the nation’s most powerful labor unions. Some of the most powerful labor unions in the country are calling on the White House to approve the repeal of an Obamacare tax on employer-sponsored health plans that could leadContinue Reading

Environmental zealots running amok

John Stossel‘s latest column at Human Events focuses on the impact of unchecked environmental zealotry. Thomas Collier is a Democrat who managed environmental policy for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Then he noticed a mining opportunity in Alaska, one he calls “the single largest deposit of gold and silver that is not being developed inContinue Reading

Killing off the summer job

Want to kill off the traditional summer job? Jonah Goldberg offers National Review Online readers a good idea of how to do it. I had a lot of summer jobs. I was a foot messenger in New York for a couple of summers. I worked as a receptionist and mail-room flunky. Before my junior yearContinue Reading

Proposal to shift the landscape for labor unions

Bill McMorris reports for the Washington Free Beacon on a bill that would mean major changes for labor unions across the country. Republicans are pushing for legislation that could fundamentally shift American labor law away from hereditary and coercive unionism. On Monday, GOP lawmakers in the house and Senate introduced the Employee Rights Act, aContinue Reading

Another blow for the anti-GMO crowd

Julie Kelly explains for National Review Online readers why recent federal action might mean the beginning of the end for “hysteria” surrounding genetically modified organisms. The GMO-labeling movement — the latest cause célèbre of liberal elites — was dealt a major blow last week when Congress passed HR 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food LabelingContinue Reading

This is unlikely to end well

Those who continue to praise the Chinese way of promoting economic growth are in for a rude awakening, if this report from Bloomberg Businessweek offers any indication. Xi’s government is too closely linked, in many citizens’ minds, to a guarantee that stocks are a safe and profitable bet. “When a market malfunctions, the government shouldContinue Reading