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Despite dire warnings, teacher turnover rate dropped in Wake County

In April, a group of Wake County teachers and administrators held a press conference that warned of an “alarming” number of teacher resignations in the district during the first few months of the 2013-14 school year. “Good teachers are having to make hard decisions to leave our classrooms for a better future somewhere else orContinue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, October 30, 2014

• The final Elon University Poll of the campaign shows Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan maintaining a 4-point lead, 45-41, over Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis. The Elon Poll found an even 50 percent of respondents favoring same-sex marriage, a finding that differs from the High Point University poll cited below. • It’s official: SpendingContinue Reading

Even left-leaning states are getting sick of higher taxes?

S.A. Miller of the Washington Times reports some Republican gubernatorial candidates are gaining ground in solid blue states because of concerns about high tax rates. They call it “crushing the middle class” or “the big squeeze” or just plain “irresponsible.” Regardless of the description they use, Republican candidates for governor in some of the DemocraticContinue Reading

Campaign finance laws too complex

Joe Trotter of the Center for Competitive Politics laments in the Washington Examiner about the overly complex web of federal campaign finance laws. Writing for the U.S. Supreme Court majority in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: “The First Amendment does not permit laws that force speakers to retain a campaignContinue Reading

Stossel is not holding his breath that voters will toss out many incumbents

John Stossel‘s latest column at Human Events explains why he’s not predicting a massive vote Tuesday against unpopular incumbent politicians. I’m told that the public is “angry” at today’s politicians. Eighty-two percent disapprove of the job Congress is doing. So will Tuesday’selection bring a big shakeup? No. Congressional reelection rates never drop below 85 percent.Continue Reading

Cato’s Tanner examines the potential impact of a GOP-controlled Senate

Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute assesses for National Review Online readers the likely impact of a Republican-controlled U.S. Senate. It has been common to dismiss this vote as the “Seinfeld election,” a campaign about nothing. It is true, after all, that most Democrats have run on the idea that Republicans are part of aContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Leslee Kulba profiles for Carolina Journal Online a rematch in the N.C. House District 36 election. Roy Cordato’s Daily Journal probes the link between Obamacare and a “right” to health care.

Leef’s latest Forbes column makes the case for negative votes

George Leef explains for Forbes readers a proposal that would enable voters to channel their disgust with all of the bad options open to them on the electoral ballot. What if we changed our electoral system by allowing the voter to cast a negative ballot? That is, the voter could choose to cast a voteContinue Reading