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Rodney Ellis does his best Alex Jones

Rodney Ellis, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), recently outlined his conspiracy theory about the origins and intent of Republican education policy.  In a recent podcast titled “Some Disassembly Conspired: The Plot Against Public Education,” Ellis says, If you took the time and really connect the dots of what has happened –Continue Reading

A federal government upheaval

Global economist David Malpass explains in the latest issue of Forbes magazine why the federal government needs a major shock to the system. This column has advocated a sweeping government upheaval that would rewrite federal rules in order to limit Washington’s power and redirect it toward growth, security and higher middle-class incomes. Every government departmentContinue Reading

Forbes documents president’s ‘war on prosperity’

Steve Forbes‘ latest contribution to Forbes magazine focuses on President Obama’s uneasy relationship with prosperity. NOT SINCE the New Deal’s heyday in the 1930s has Washington waged such an unrelenting assault against the private sector. Both times the result has been the same: a severely underperforming economy. The Obama Administration has let it be knownContinue Reading

Florida school board enters the bathroom war

Mary Lou Lang-Byrd reports for the Daily Caller on another battle in the national debate over use of bathrooms and locker rooms. A Florida school board voted late Tuesday night to only allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their biological sex. The Marion County School Board, in a 4-to-1 vote,Continue Reading

Winning vs. watching heads roll

Ian Tuttle offers National Review Online readers an assessment of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters and their ultimate goal. It requires staggering self-deception to place the blame for a Trump general-election defeat anywhere except where it would belong: squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump. It’s not on account of a Twitter hashtag that theContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

The latest Carolina Journal Online parody highlights a proposed episode of “Naked and Afraid” featuring North Carolina’s governor and Charlotte’s mayor. (Remember, folks, it’s a parody.) The Daily Journal focuses on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper’s complaint that Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget plan uses some one-time money for education purposes.

Brian Lewis gets it right

I agree with Brian Lewis, former lobbyist for the NC Association of Educators and Managing Partner at New Frame, Inc. Let’s have an honest conversation about K-12 education spending – one that acknowledges all missteps along the way.

Hood’s ‘Catalyst’ to be featured today on ‘North Carolina Bookwatch’

John Hood discusses Catalyst, his political biography of former N.C. Gov. Jim Martin, during today’s 5 p.m. episode of “North Carolina Bookwatch” on UNC Public Television.