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Before your next rant about the Koch brothers …

… It might be useful to learn what they actually think about political issues. The latest issue of Forbes magazine devotes four pages to an interview with Charles Koch. Q. What are your goals in this election? A: My view of the political realm, not just now but for many decades, is that the DemocratsContinue Reading

There’s big money to be made, but Trump isn’t likely to be making it

The latest Forbes magazine column from publisher Rich Karlgaard identifies a “disruptive dozen” fields that are likely to produce most of the new entries over the next decade on the “Forbes 400” list of America’s wealthiest people. Among them: genomics, energy storage, and 3-D printing. Before listing his 12 categories, though, Karlgaard takes aim atContinue Reading

The impact of Obama’s media presence on 2016

Tevi Troy explores for New York Observer readers the political implications of President Obama’s nontraditional media appearances. Throughout his campaigns and his presidency, Obama has relentlessly used friendly, non-traditional media to reach receptive but disengaged voters. His continued preference for talk shows, podcasts, twitter, and a host of other new media is clearly influencing theContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

State lawmakers have decided to move all 2016 primary elections forward from May to March. Voters also will face a statewide bond referendum on primary election day. Rick Henderson analyzes the implications of a March 15 primary during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Terry Stoops discusses the political debates surrounding North Carolina’s latestContinue Reading

Democrats label dissent as ‘treason’ … until a Republican is in charge

David Harsanyi devotes a Federalist column to progressives’ curious notions about dissent and treason. On Fox News this week, Democratic operative Brad Woodhouse accused National Review editor Rich Lowry’s criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy of being “almost treasonous.” “Rich, you sound like an apologist for Putin and almost treasonous against the United States,” WoodhouseContinue Reading

House speaker candidates making their pitch

Alex Pappas reports for the Daily Caller on recent developments in the campaign for the U.S. House’s top job. The three Republicans running to replace John Boehner as speaker of the House met behind closed doors Tuesday evening with conservative members to make their pitches. The candidates — Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, California Rep. KevinContinue Reading

Obama failures fueling Trump’s fire

Jim Geraghty of National Review explores the link between the Obama administration’s policies and the current popular support for Donald Trump’s presidential bid. One of the less obvious assets of Donald Trump’s campaign is the Obama administration’s flailing foreign policy. The president’s penchant for making abysmal deals with our enemies abroad and advertising his inabilityContinue Reading

National Review column labels Sanders’ agenda ‘disastrous’

Michael Tanner‘s latest National Review Online column highlights the potential negative impact of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ policy proposals. Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist,” but he is not a socialist in the Jeremy Corbyn “nationalize industry” sense. He’s more of a tax-and-spend politician — on steroids. You recall the old saying, “Don’t taxContinue Reading