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How to address the “troubling future” of NC’s children

In response to a new Annie E. Casey Foundation report, The KIDS COUNT Data Book, News & Observer editors write, These findings, released this week and reported by WRAL, should disturb all North Carolinians. The report should bother the state’s leaders, Gov. Pat McCrory and those who run the General Assembly. And it must prompt some fact-findingContinue Reading

WRAL interviews mother of NCAE activist

Of the nearly 2,300 teacher assistants employed in Wake County, WRAL just happened to interview Wake teacher assistant Josette Beller, mother of NCAE activist and Wake County elementary school teacher Kristin Beller (pictured below).  Both work at Millbrook Magnet Elementary School. This is just another reason why it is difficult to take WRAL’s coverage ofContinue Reading

Republican wave in 2014 — likely or not?

Josh Kraushaar of National Journal explores whether this fall’s elections are likely to lead to a “wave” of Republican victories. When writing about politics, it’s all too frequent to use terminology that often obscures more than elucidates. That’s especially true when it comes to the word “wave”—shorthand for a landslide victory for the winning party.Continue Reading

Goldberg isn’t holding his breath for the political left and right to join forces on cronyism

Noting left-wing populist Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s unwillingness to extend her anti-corporation rants to the Export-Import Bank, Jonah Goldberg explains in his latest column that no one should be surprised. I’m not so sure there’s a contradiction here. Rather, I think we’re seeing why there will never really be a bipartisan Left–Right alliance against crony capitalismContinue Reading

Geraghty examines the president’s ‘we will not rest’ pronouncements

Next week’s John Locke Foundation Shaftesbury Society speaker, Jim Geraghty, explores for National Review Online readers the president’s latest promise to avoid rest while pursuing an important goal. Tuesday, President Obama visited the Dutch Embassy in Washington, D.C., and wrote in a condolence book for the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, “We will notContinue Reading

Blundell: Thatcher would urge Americans to beware of Obamacare

“[T]he movement for freedom and economic liberty on both sides of the Atlantic has lost one of its leading figures.” That’s how the Institute for Economic Affairs assesses the death this week of John Blundell (1952-2014), who served as IEA’s director general from 1993 to 2009. A longtime intellectual ally of British Prime Minister MargaretContinue Reading

Re: RIP John Blundell

In addition to the information Roy has highlighted about the late John Blundell, you might be interested in the transcript of his Carolina Journal Radio interview.

In case you missed him …

Rick Henderson discussed the latest statewide poll in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race during his latest appearance on Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight.”