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Leef’s latest Forbes column pans State of the Union’s minimum-wage rhetoric

George Leef’s latest Forbes column examines a key flaw in President Obama’s latest State of the Union address. President Obama’s penultimate SOTU was notable for its audacity in demanding an even more expansive role for the federal government. Although trust in government has plummeted during his relentlessly statist administration, the president wants Americans to rallyContinue Reading

School choice’s impact on the 2016 race

Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner on the potential impact of school choice for the 2016 presidential race. The public’s demand for school choice, charter schools and education reform is crashing the 2016 presidential election, and those concerned about the direction of the nation’s schools want home-school fan Mitt Romney over Common Core proponentContinue Reading

If you liked the technological failure surrounding …

Richard Pollock reports for the Daily Caller that you might soon be able to revisit that fun and excitement. Seven months after federal officials fired CGI Federal for its botched work on Obamacare website, the IRS awarded the same company a $4.5 million IT contract for its new Obamacare tax program. CGI is aContinue Reading

National Review column spotlights Sharyl Attkisson’s story

Scott Johnson reviews for National Review Online readers some of the key elements of Sharyl Attkisson‘s new memoir. Among those elements: the Obama administration’s disinformation campaign. Attkisson is a dogged reporter, and Stonewalled is a gripping book, organized around the Obama-administration scandals she covered at CBS News. With the exception of the IRS scandal, sheContinue Reading

Protesting private life

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online takes aim at a recent spate of protests targeting people’s private lives and private spaces. Williamson contrasts these protests with the traditional complaints lodged at city hall or other government buildings and public spaces. [T]he profoundly stupid “black brunch” protests, during which racial-grievance entrepreneurs disrupted meals at places thatContinue Reading

Gallup: a third of NC teachers are engaged, 14 percent disengaged

Courtesy of Gallup Daily tracking.  Remember that, under the current compensation system, even disengaged teachers receive pay increases.  

Dispatches from the trail, January 21, 2015

• Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-10th District, continues to take advantage of his seniority in the lower chamber. McHenry, who’s the chief deputy whip of the Republican caucus, was named vice chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, the panel that handles oversight of banking and other savings and investment-related institutions. McHenry has become a championContinue Reading

Sowell ponders the price of diversity

Thomas Sowell‘s latest column posted at National Review Online explores the high price exacted by the cult of diversity. Europe is currently in the process of paying the price for years of importing millions of people from a culture hostile to the fundamental values of Western culture. And this is by no means the lastContinue Reading