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A GOP realignment?

Joshua Green explores that possibility in the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. A few days before the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses, Brad Martsching was barreling down a Pennsylvania highway, hoping to unload his eighteen-wheeler in time to get back home to Indianola, south of Des Moines, and participate for the very first time in theContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Rick Henderson reports for Carolina Journal Online on the impact of federal judges throwing out two of North Carolina’s congressional districts for the upcoming elections. John Hood’s Daily Journal gauges the degree to which North Carolina has become “Republican.”

In case you missed her …

Becki Gray’s latest appearance on Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” featured a discussion of Gov. Pat McCrory’s first television ad in his 2016 re-election bid.

Voters don’t want Obama named to U.S. Supreme Court

Amid all the petty squabbles and tempests in a teapot as a crowded field jockeyed for position in the Republican race for president, not to mention the media’s nonstop focus on anything and everything Donald Trump, scant attention has been given to the crucial issue of the candidates’ views on Supreme Court picks. The next president,Continue Reading

Paul’s departure from the race

Scott Greer muses for the Daily Caller about the implications of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s decision to end his presidential campaign. While the majority of reports were gleefully declaring Donald Trump the biggest loser in Iowa Monday night, Paul was a much better choice for that honor. Ever since his father conceded defeat to MittContinue Reading

Did Cruz slay King Corn?

There’s no good argument for continuing government ethanol subsidies, except for the fact that those subsidies benefit some farmers in a key presidential election state. But Eliana Johnson and Brendan Bordelon of National Review Online report that this week’s Iowa caucuses might have had an impact on traditional electoral calculus. In a highly unusual moveContinue Reading

Quite a contrast in the past quarter century

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online sees a Republican Party in 2016 that’s quite a bit different from the one that voters encountered nearly 25 years ago. On December 2, 1991, National Review published a cover with the headline “Honey, We Shrunk the Party.” It featured “The Two Bobs” — the Senate’s Dole and theContinue Reading

A coronation gone awry

Ian Tuttle argues at National Review Online that Democrats might regret their attempt to treat their presidential nomination process as a “coronation” of sorts for Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton were in an actual horse race, she’d be at the glue factory today. Consider: In an effectively two-way race for the Democratic nomination, the formerContinue Reading