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Wilson’s role in the deterioration of higher education

As part of the Princeton University community calls for the school to cut its ties to former university (and U.S.) president Woodrow Wilson, a Powerline essay from Paul Mirengoff probes Wilson’s pivotal role in inspiring higher education changes that have produced this state of affairs. The essay focus on a book from former Princeton PresidentContinue Reading

Barron’s columnist pans Trump, Carson, Cruz, Clinton

Jonathan Laing of Barron’s documents his concerns about top presidential contenders. The acute dyspepsia we felt last week was induced by more than eating too much on Thanksgiving. In fact, we’re even more discomfited by the ongoing shenanigans of the leading candidates for president as the beginning of primary season looms three months from now.Continue Reading

In case you missed her …

Becki Gray analyzed the upcoming N.C. candidate filing period for Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight.”

Oh, stow your politics and just enjoy Thanksgiving

Once again, the Angry Left is flooding social media and the Internet with holiday how-to’s. Not how-to’s for recipes and decorating ideas, however. Rather, they’re for their apparently unquestioned need for boorishly waylaying family members with insufferable political lecturing on a day supposedly set apart for all to give thanks to God together. Here’s what I wroteContinue Reading

Russian propaganda efforts

Daniel Wiser documents a disturbing new report for Washington Free Beacon readers. Russia and other authoritarian states are attempting to co-opt Western social media websites and news outlets to disseminate their own propaganda after unsuccessful efforts to shut them down, according to a new report. Author and journalist David Patrikarakos wrote in a report forContinue Reading

Sowell laments the ‘disappearing governors’

Thomas Sowell explains in his latest column posted at Human Events why he’s disappointed by some recent departures from the Republican presidential field. Some of us think someone who is going to govern from the White House ought to have had some experience governing somewhere else before, if only so that we can get someContinue Reading

National Review editor labels Trump ‘Jacksonian’

Rich Lowry dissects at National Review Online voters’ continued interest in Donald Trump’s presidential bid. After the Paris attack, conventional wisdom held that Republican voters would finally turn away from political outsiders and reward candidates representing sobriety and experience. No one stopped to consider that, actually, voters might be drawn to the guy who memorablyContinue Reading

Williamson notes irony of progressives’ attacks on Woodrow Wilson

Kevin Williamson‘s latest column at National Review Online explores the current furor at Princeton University involving the legacy of former university and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. Princeton University is convulsed at this moment in 2015 over the fact that its school of public affairs, established in 1930, was renamed for Woodrow Wilson in 1948. TheContinue Reading