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Hanson examines lefties’ love of government coercion

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column at National Review Online delves into the role of government coercion in advancing the political left’s policy goals. What happens when the public does not wish to live out the utopian dreams of its elite leaders? Usually, the answer for those leaders is to seek more coercion and less libertyContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Volvo’s recent decision to site a new manufacturing plant in South Carolina has helped spur increased interest in the future of targeted tax incentives in North Carolina. Roy Cordato makes the free-market case against incentives during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Terry Stoops discusses regulatory obstacles standing in the way of new charterContinue Reading

Wind industry to push candidates in presidential race

John Siciliano of the Washington Examiner probes the wind industry’s potential impact on the 2016 campaign. The wind industry will begin flexing its political muscle in the run-up to the presidential elections, with the goal of holding politicians accountable for their support, or lack thereof, for wind-generated electricity. “We are a big industry … weContinue Reading

Corn fields and campaigns

We won’t elect a new U.S. president until November 2016, and votes for the Republican and Democratic nominations are still months away. But Jim Geraghty suggests at National Review Online that a contest less than three months down the road could prove critical to at least one GOP contender. For Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, aContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, May 20, 2015

• He’s in! In a development surprising no one, four-term Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat, confirmed Saturday that he will challenge incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in 2016. Cooper made the announcement at the meeting of 8th Congressional District Democrats, adding that a formal launch to his campaign will happen soon. • Roll Call’sContinue Reading

Sowell pans the president’s pronouncements

Thomas Sowell‘s latest column at Human Events scrutinizes President Obama’s questionable statements. In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric — and disregard of reality. One of the ways of fighting poverty, he proposed, was to “ask from society’s lottery winners” thatContinue Reading

Daily Caller focuses on left’s lies about Bush’s ‘lies’

Jamie Weinstein of the Daily Caller reminds readers that, despite the resurgence of left-wing claims to the contrary, George W. Bush’s administration did not “lie” about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Liberals, please stop it with the Iraq war lies. There is plenty of criticism that can be leveled against George W. Bush’s decisionContinue Reading

Elections expert pans FEC’s latest bad ideas

Hans von Spakovsky explores for National Review Online readers the frightening notions emanating from the Federal Election Commission. Earlier this month, I predicted that a scheduled hearing at the Federal Election Commission was shaping up to be nothing more than a presentation of “the goofy gender ideology and politics of the progressive Left and academia.”Continue Reading