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Not so fast, NCAE…

Barry Smith: Appeals Court Releases Voucher Money For Low-Income Students

Dispatches from the campaign trail, September 19, 2014

• The National Rifle Association is weighing in on U.S. Senate races, launching a $4 million ad buy supporting Republican challengers Thom Tillis, along with Tom Cotton in Arkansas and Cory Gardner in Colorado. The Tillis ad is below. • The latest ad from incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s camp is a radio spot, purchasedContinue Reading

Forbes believes the Russian strongman could pursue the ‘unthinkable’

Steve Forbes explains in the latest issue of Forbes magazine why conventional wisdom about Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s propensity for provocative behavior might be wrong. THE IDEA that Vladimir Putin would move against the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia–all with sizable Russian minorities–seems unthinkable to most observers, if only because it would destroyContinue Reading

Iredell bond campaign follows playbook, uses kids as props

Cute kids. Ugly politics. More from the Our Schools First Facebook page:

Iredell schools distributing “Vote Yes” signs

From the Our Schools First Facebook page:

Dispatches from the campaign trail, September 18, 2014

• Two news ads from the Koch brothers-funded Freedom Partners Action Fund go after Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s record on veterans health reform and her vote backing Obamacare, respectively. • At a forum last night for Supreme Court candidates sponsored by the Triangle Lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society, chief justice candidate Ola LewisContinue Reading

Don’t get the fascination with Neil deGrasse Tyson? The Federalist website won’t help

Sean Davis of the Federalist website has been spending a large chunk of his time lately picking apart fabricated claims from self-proclaimed science guru Neil deGrasse Tyson. Here’s an excerpt from Davis’ latest entry. Neil deGrasse Tyson may be a fabulous scientist, and a consummate showman, but he’s downright terrible at accurately quoting people. Or,Continue Reading

Washington Examiner’s Carney calls on GOP candidates to follow Tillis’ lead

Tim Carney‘s latest Washington Examiner column includes some praise for North Carolina’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate. For the first time in the Obama era, lobbyists are giving more money to Republicans than to Democrats. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that Republicans have received $12.4 million from lobbyists to the Democrats’ $11.3 million. This isContinue Reading