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Governor’s budget funds raise for new teachers, restores incentive tax credits

CJ’s Dan Way reports on the just-released budget by Gov. Pat McCrory: Gov. Pat McCrory announced a no-tax-hike $51.7billion budget for 2015-17, with a general fund budget of $21.5 billion, at a press briefing this morning at the state Emergency Operations Center. Some initial highlights include increasing spending on K-12 teacher salaries by more thanContinue Reading

Most Brody Graduates Don’t Stay in North Carolina

In 1974, the ECU Brody School of Medicine was established “to increase the supply of primary care physicians to serve the state, to enhance the access of minority and disadvantaged students in obtaining a medical education, and to improve health status of citizens in eastern North Carolina.” Now, the school is asking legislators for $8Continue Reading

Education Tax Deductions on your NC Taxes explained

Since NC uses the federal AGI when calculating income taxes, each year updates must be made to adjust for any changes to the Internal Revenue Code.  Here are details of the changes to NC’s tax code via Senate Bill 20.  And while there are many provisions outlined in the law, I wanted to focus onContinue Reading

Everything you wanted to know about the new JDIG incentives legislation

From the bill summary released in House Finance and Appropriations on March 3, 2015. CURRENT LAW: JDIG is a discretionary program of the State that provides funds to incentivize new or expanding business to create jobs in the State. The amount of the JDIG incentive to a company is equal to between 10% to 75%Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on N.C. legislators’ cost concerns surrounding efforts to track Medicaid eligibility. John Hood’s Daily Journal recommends a balanced media diet.

Gas tax changes = Tax Increase

Today has turned into a day of gas tax increases and corporate handouts. Beginning early Tuesday, the House Finance committee met to discuss the Senate’s proposal to change the gas tax and also discussed McCrory’s request to double the Job Development Investment Grant program. Both proposals have caused contention and some elected officials are confusedContinue Reading

NC’s Economic Development – Yesterday and Today

As I was looking through The General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division presentations, I found one about the state’s economic development programs.  I thought it was interesting to see that the state invested in the Community College system prior to the 1990s as a way to increase economic development, and in a relatively short time periodContinue Reading

Did you know about Economic Development….?

Did you know that in fiscal year 2011-2012, North Carolina devoted more than $1.3 BILLION to economic development expenditures.  And that doesn’t even count what the local governments did. Five major expenditure categories: Tax Expenditures = $1.2 billion Grants = $37 million Support services = $31 million Pass-through = $27 million Transportation = $6 millionContinue Reading