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Another look at Club Gitmo

More than six years into his presidency, Barack Obama still has yet to close a terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo in Cuba. Arthur Herman examines the reasons for the president’s foot-dragging in a Commentary magazine feature. Among Herman’s most interesting passages is one that contrasts the 44th president’s policies with those of his predecessor. ThereContinue Reading

Balancing the ‘sequester’ and U.S. defense needs

Daniel Wiser reports for the Washington Free Beacon about the internal debate among congressional Republicans over maintaining defense spending within the limits set by sequestration cuts. Republicans admit that while the spending caps have helped to reduce deficits in recent years and ensure fiscal responsibility, defense spending has also declined during a period of globalContinue Reading

Bolton takes aim at GOP isolationists

Alana Goodman reports for the Washington Free Beacon that former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton is preparing to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to fighting isolationism within the Republican Party. Republican isolationists could find themselves under fire in the 2016 primaries from John Bolton’s Super PAC, as the hawkish formerContinue Reading

Tata: ‘We’re in trouble’ in the Middle East

Before his work as N.C. transportation secretary, Tony Tata was a career military officer who retired as a brigadier general. Tata relies on that experience to write military-related thrillers and to offer defense-related commentary to news organizations. While promoting his latest thriller, Foreign And Domestic, in a speech for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society,Continue Reading

The high cost of military strength

Thomas Donlan devotes his latest Barron’s editorial commentary to sobering news linked to federal defense spending. A poignant Washington joke has it that the federal government is really an insurance company that also operates the world’s strongest military, just in case anyone tries to mess with the benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and theContinue Reading

National Review editor explores the Left’s hostile response to war hero

Rich Lowry‘s latest column at National Review Online delves into controversy surrounding the real-life events surrounding the new movie “American Sniper.” Clint Eastwood’s new movie, American Sniper, marks the return of the American war hero. Heroism on the battlefield had never gone away, of course, far from it (witness the Medals of Honor awarded forContinue Reading

Tapscott documents a time-honored ‘tradition’

The headline places “tradition” in quotation marks, since it’s hard to imagine anyone celebrating the fact that political leaders continue to waste gobs of money on unneeded military projects. Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner offers details. Pentagon officials didn’t want the programs but Congress and President Obama gave them 10 that together cost billionsContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

New leaders will take office in the N.C. House of Representatives next month. Becki Gray profiles those new leaders during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Roy Cordato shines light on North Carolina’s excellent ozone report for 2014, and Princeton University physics professor William Happer challenges global-warming alarmists’ “myth” of carbon pollution. Plus you’llContinue Reading