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The irony of ending the ‘war on terror’

Terrorism expert and former Carolina Journal Radio interviewee Juan Zarate offers the most interesting quote in TIME magazine’s report on the Obama administration’s latest approach to the Islamist threat. [T]he terrorists didn’t care about what history advised or what democracy demanded. From Mali to Benghazi to Mosul to Karachi, they have grown in numbers andContinue Reading

Hanson posits the power of deterrence

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column for National Review Online explains the irreplaceable role of deterrence in preventing war. [D]isputes over honor or from fear do not always lead to war. Something else is needed — an absence of deterrence. Most aggressors take stupid risks in starting wars only when they feel there is little likelihoodContinue Reading

Ft. Bragg and the red-cockaded woodpecker

The Fayetteville Observer has an important article out today on Ft. Bragg and its red-cockaded woodpeckers. The bottom line is that protection of the endangered woodpeckers is no longer a problem at the base. Why? Simple: The Army figured out what’s good for the woodpecker is also good for the Army. [Mike Lynch, who retiredContinue Reading

National Review editor examines the Iraq disaster

Rich Lowry devotes his latest National Review Online column to a review of recent history in Iraq. There was a time not so long ago when President Barack Obama boasted of how he had “ended” the Iraq War. It was, in his telling, a sign of his stalwart fidelity to his word. A video producedContinue Reading

Geraghty sees plenty of problems in new Afghanistan report

Those who heard Jim Geraghty’s presentation earlier this week to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society might remember his reference to an inspector general’s report linked to American operations in Afghanistan. Geraghty offers more details from that report in a new National Review Online column. The report identified major problems in the Afghan government’s abilityContinue Reading

N.C. National Guard’s partnerships with Moldova, Botswana explored

The N.C. National Guard spends a significant amount of time working with military counterparts in Moldova and Botswana, thanks to a State Partnership Program that involves National Guard units throughout the United States. Maj. Clay Jackson, coordinator of the North Carolina Guard’s State Partnership Program, discussed that work during a presentation to the John LockeContinue Reading

Hanson questions whether any remnant of the post-WWII American foreign policy consensus remains

Victor Davis Hanson argues in his latest National Review Online column that the Obama administration’s actions have marked an abrupt change after more than 60 years of relatively consistent post-World War II American foreign policy. For all the policy blunders and moral hypocrisies of the last 70 years, American strategy mostly worked and thus createdContinue Reading

Veterans just not that into Obama as commander-in-chief

He might be The One in the eyes of his media acolytes, but Barack Obama wins poor marks from veterans, according to Adam O’Neal’s report for Real Clear Politics. Just 32 percent of military veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, according to a newContinue Reading