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N.C. National Guard’s partnerships with Moldova, Botswana explored

The N.C. National Guard spends a significant amount of time working with military counterparts in Moldova and Botswana, thanks to a State Partnership Program that involves National Guard units throughout the United States. Maj. Clay Jackson, coordinator of the North Carolina Guard’s State Partnership Program, discussed that work during a presentation to the John LockeContinue Reading

Hanson questions whether any remnant of the post-WWII American foreign policy consensus remains

Victor Davis Hanson argues in his latest National Review Online column that the Obama administration’s actions have marked an abrupt change after more than 60 years of relatively consistent post-World War II American foreign policy. For all the policy blunders and moral hypocrisies of the last 70 years, American strategy mostly worked and thus createdContinue Reading

Veterans just not that into Obama as commander-in-chief

He might be The One in the eyes of his media acolytes, but Barack Obama wins poor marks from veterans, according to Adam O’Neal’s report for Real Clear Politics. Just 32 percent of military veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, according to a newContinue Reading

Hanson examines the impact of Obama’s ‘empty bluster’

Victor Davis Hanson argues in his latest National Review Online column that President Obama’s reliance on rhetoric alone does not bode well for future dealings with Russia and China. The common historical denominator is that Asia and the Pacific are always dangerous places, where calling for tough action is not the same as preparing forContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man believes Russia’s recent actions might slow the U.S. military base closing process

Jim McTague of Barron’s explores in his latest “D.C. Current” column the potential impact of the Crimean crisis on the U.S. military’s latest base closing process. Russia’s seizure of Crimea might buy time for defense contractors bracing for a smaller military and for investors holding some $24 billion in military housing-privatization bonds, a quarter ofContinue Reading

Goldberg: Obama’s been wrong about the Cold War for at least 30 years

Jonah Goldberg explains for National Review Online readers why the Obama administration’s ineffective response — so far — to the growing Crimean conflict fits well with Barack Obama’s attitude about the Cold War. Throughout this crisis — indeed, throughout all of Barack Obama’s presidency — the White House has been eager to insist that ourContinue Reading

National Review editor decries the extent of proposed military cutbacks

Rich Lowry explains for National Review Online readers why he’s concerned about the Obama administration’s latest military budget proposals. Defense secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled a military budget that will reduce the U.S. Army to pre–World War II levels. The spin is that this will be a smarter force better suited to 21st-century challenges, but everyoneContinue Reading

National Review editor probes the former defense secretary’s tell-all memoir

Rich Lowry of National Review shares with Politico readers his assessment of the new memoir from former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Robert Gates has roiled the Beltway with perhaps the least surprising bombshells ever to appear in a tell-all Washington memoir. Did anyone believe that President Barack Obama was passionately committed to the AfghanistanContinue Reading