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Another disappointing element of the VA scandal exposed

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller highlights a disturbing incident involving ethics, labor unions, and the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs. A government employee union official physically attacked a law enforcement officer in Nevada while arguing that Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) workers aren’t obligated to help expose official corruption and criminality by cooperating withContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Michael Lowrey reports for Carolina Journal Online on potential changes for the military aircraft flying over Charlotte. Roy Cordato’s Daily Journal debunks a common myth about self-funded political campaigns.

Union attacks plan to fix VA problems

Pete Kasperowicz reports for the Washington Examiner on one source of criticism for a plan to address ongoing problems at the federal department targeting veterans’ services. The country’s largest federal worker union says language aimed at boosting accountability at the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs is actually an “assault” on federal employee rights, and askedContinue Reading

The future of NATO

Victor Davis Hanson asks in a National Review Online column whether the Western defense establishment set up in the aftermath of World War II is worth preserving. Donald Trump recently ignited another controversy when he mused that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was obsolete. He hinted that it might no longer be worth the hugeContinue Reading

Obama’s role in a failed Syrian state

Tom Nichols explains in a Federalist column why President Obama’s policies played a large role in the present Syrian disaster. It didn’t have to be like this. The Los Angeles Times reported … that Syrian opposition forces backed by the CIA and the Pentagon are now fighting each other. (Buzzfeed’s Mike Giglio actually wrote thisContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

The taxpayer-owned N.C. Railroad Company plans to spend $13 million to buy land that sits nowhere near its existing railroad track. It’s part of a project supporting a proposed Randolph County industrial “megasite.” Rick Henderson explores the project in the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Roy Cordato takes aim at dubious economic impact studies.Continue Reading

OV-10s brought out of retirement

To fight ISIS. Per CNN: A pair of nearly 50-year-old planes has been brought out of retirement to fight ISIS. The Vietnam-era OV-10 Bronco turbo-propeller planes are part of an experiment to see if “light turbo-prop aircraft” are more effective in conducting counterinsurgency operations, a U.S. military representative told CNN this week. During their deployment,Continue Reading

Throwing more money at the VA problem

Luke Rosiak reports for the Daily Caller on a proposal to solve problems at the federal Department of Veterans Affairs by throwing more money at it. Department of Veterans Affairs officials want to double the pay of top administrators and move them into the same employment classification as medical doctors. They say the new, lucrativeContinue Reading