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Stossel and business ‘villains’

John Stossel‘s latest column at Human Events targets Hollywood’s treatment of “villainous” businessmen. Hollywood needs heroes and villains, and over time those roles changed. It was once cowboys vs. Indians, then Americans soldiers vs. Nazis and “Japs,” then Russians, then Arabs, then … Well, now Hollywood is more careful about whom it calls a villain.Continue Reading

Presidents as celebrities

Tevi Troy examines for Weekly Standard readers the importance of celebrity to modern-day presidents. Troy’s comments focus on a new book from Kenneth T. Walsh. In the current landscape, Walsh is effectively pitting Republicans against Democrats in a contest that the GOP has little chance of winning. America’s cultural elite is notoriously liberal, and conservativesContinue Reading

For those interested in the debate over North Carolina’s energy policy…

…here’s an animated summary. The solar energy industry likes to impress the media and legislators with tales of how it’s like which they are somehow proud to admit is only because of government policies, such as investment tax credits and the steadily rising REPS purchase mandate. Taken together, their state and federal investment tax creditsContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Harry Painter reports for Carolina Journal Online that state legislators are considering year-round funding for community college courses. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal criticizes members of the media who’ve forgotten the importance of the First Amendment.

WRAL fact check on education spending? Hilarious.

OK, folks, let’s not get too bent out of shape about WRAL’s latest fact check, “Fact Check: Senators debate education spending, constant dollars, fairy tales.” Consider the function of a “fact check,” that is, to combine bias with lack of policy expertise. Next, consider who WRAL’s Mark Binker contacted to provide policy expertise.  1) Andrew Brod,Continue Reading

Scholars criticizing ‘The American Scholar’

It’s nice to see that at least some readers of the Phi Beta Kappa Society’s American Scholar have called the publication to task for its previous cover story, which cast aspersions on U.S. Supreme Court conservatives because of their decision in the Citizens United case. U.S. Circuit Judge S. Jay Plager of the Court ofContinue Reading

Nice First Amendment you had. Too bad you couldn’t keep it

(Full disclosure: I worked for Reason from 1989-98). If you haven’t heard about the harassment of Reason magazine by a U.S. attorney in Manhattan, that’s because few major metro dailies have covered or editorialized about it. Ken White of the Popehat blog provided the first (and to date best) coverage Monday. Here’s a good overviewContinue Reading

Note to media: the ‘moneyed interests’ in the energy policy debate are the pro-renewables/pro-give-us-tax-credits cronies

Carolina Journal today writes that “big solar is big business for big business.” How big? While Duke Energy is passing higher costs to ratepayers because state law forces it to purchase renewable energy, the utility also claimed a whopping $62.8 million in tax write-offs in 2014 for its own investments in green power projects. The electricContinue Reading