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John Hood responds to Rob Christensen’s column in today’s N&O

From John Hood’s Facebook page: Lots of folks have asked me my reaction to Rob Christensen’s uncharacteristically intemperate attack on me in the Raleigh News & Observer today. I’ll have to pen a lengthier response when I get out from under my current deadlines, but here’s a quick reaction now. First, you may want toContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on projections that Obamacare premiums are about to surge. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal explains that facts often fall victim to the media’s preferred narrative of events.

A truth comes out, now that it doesn’t matter politically

Over at Right Angles I explore the significance of this paragraph tucked away in a News & Observer story about Wake County parents worried about student reassignments again: As a fast-growing district of 155,000 students, Wake County historically has reassigned thousands of students each year. In the mid- to late-2000s, high rates of growth ledContinue Reading

Deja Vu All Over Again

Wait, did you say something about  “Propaganda machines on the Right” trying to convince us/people that the folks running the General Assembly support public education? Just joshing, man.  Fight the power!

Someone explain to me how getting minimum-wage workers to walk off their jobs and get arrested improves their lives

Because I don’t see it. Not at all. Nearly 30 people were arrested in Durham on Thursday while protesting for fast-food companies to raise worker pay. The protesters, who walked off their jobs as part of a national protest, sat in middle of West Morgan Street before blocking the intersection of Rigsbee Avenue and MorganContinue Reading

The most ridiculous “take your job and shove it” story yet

Courtesy of WRAL: Barbara Hawley taught school for 15 years before resigning two weeks ago from her job as a second-grade teacher at Pleasant Union Elementary School in northern Wake County.  She said years of eroding respect in her profession had finally worn her down. “It’s been a long and frustrating road,” Hawley said Friday.Continue Reading

Attention media: Do not do this

Next week, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction will release state test results for the 2013-14 school year.  Last year’s results cannot be compared to the 2012-13 scores because the N.C. State Board of Education moved from four achievement levels in 2012-13 to five achievement levels in 2013-14.  In both cases, a Level III scoreContinue Reading

Are you happy now, ‘climate disruption’ skeptics? You made scientists cry.

Note: You will notice my use of the appropriate euphemism of the day to describe the nonphenomenon previously known as anthropogenic global warming, global warming, and climate change. I have already described the new approach chosen by “doomsayers selling fear-based costly political solutions” to “climate disruption,” which has to be — given that the earthContinue Reading