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The impact of Obama’s media presence on 2016

Tevi Troy explores for New York Observer readers the political implications of President Obama’s nontraditional media appearances. Throughout his campaigns and his presidency, Obama has relentlessly used friendly, non-traditional media to reach receptive but disengaged voters. His continued preference for talk shows, podcasts, twitter, and a host of other new media is clearly influencing theContinue Reading

More evidence that Taylor Swift is a capitalist

She’s listed as No. 6 on Fortune magazine’s list of “40 under 40,” the latest addition to her growing nonmusical resume. One hopes this recognition of Swift’s business talents does not lead to bad blood with her more progressive fans. By the way, one of the other stars in that over-the-top video, Jessica Alba, ranksContinue Reading

Purity of the cause for sensible outdoor dining rules in Raleigh has been ruined

Reductio ad Kocham strikes again, and I can only imagine the conundrum it must be causing Raleigh leftists who want to see sensible outdoor dining rules in downtown. IndyWeek, which had previously looked into the downtown dining complaints, investigates a flyer mailed to Raleigh voters that says “Like Eating Outside? The Raleigh City Council doesn’t. TheContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with author and blogger Ed Morrissey about progressives’ double standard when it comes to wealthy politicians. The Daily Journal chides national news outlets for focusing on trivia when questioning potential Republican presidential candidates.

Fortune gets that Taylor Swift is a capitalist

The magazine ranks her No. 51 on its list of most powerful women, thus joining the club of admirers of her business acumen.

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with constitutional scholar Richard Epstein about the importance of fixed rules and formal boundaries in American law. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal explores a journalist’s poor form during a recent Donald Trump news conference.

God and football

David French devotes a National Review Online column to the campaign to ensure separation of God and football. Over at The Nation, sportswriter Dave Zirin has used the spat to applaud those who are “getting God out of football.” He claims that college and pro football are “religious spaces controlled by a very political strainContinue Reading

Jindal chides media for Muslim questions

Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller reports Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response to the latest batch of goofy questions reporters are aiming at Republican presidential candidates. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is chiding the media for “absurd hypothetical” questions to Republican presidential candidates about whether they could ever support a Muslim for president. “This is aContinue Reading