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New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on N.C. legislators’ cost concerns surrounding efforts to track Medicaid eligibility. John Hood’s Daily Journal recommends a balanced media diet.

Spock is dead

In memory of Leonard Nimoy, we turn the clock back to 2002, when John Hood contrasted “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” politics. In the future world of Star Trek, money and capitalism are treated in a negative light. At several points in both the television series and the films, an addled Gene Roddenberry tried toContinue Reading

Podhoretz takes a closer look at the man one heartbeat away from the presidency

You’ve likely seen the creepy video of Vice President Joe Biden planting his hands on the shoulders of the new defense secretary’s wife while whispering in her ear. As John Podhoretz explains for New York Post readers, that was just the start of Biden’s day of inappropriate behavior. In the afternoon, he spoke at theContinue Reading

Your favorite NC movie was probably made before film incentives. They hope you don’t know that.

You can almost count upon op-eds and editorials written in favor of keeping North Carolina’s film incentives to cite popular, well-known North Carolina productions such as “Bull Durham” (1988), “Dirty Dancing” (1987), “Last of the Mohicans” (1992), “Dawson’s Creek” (1998-2003), etc. in making their case. Even though those examples preceded the incentives by years, evenContinue Reading

Federalist column offers ideas for a ‘conservative counterculture’

David Marcus uses a column at The Federalist website to set out basic principles for conservatives working in the cultural arts world. Principle No. 1: A free and open marketplace of ideas. [T]he influence of the non-profit sector on American live and written arts cannot be overstated. The three-legged stool of the Academy, the non-profitContinue Reading

National Review’s Williamson not sorry to see Jon Stewart go

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online explains in his latest column why Jon Stewart has exercised a negative influence on American politics. Stewart, who has announced his pending retirement from The Daily Show, is only an intellectual parasite, echoing the conventional liberalism of the old-line media establishment without doing any of the work. Say whatContinue Reading

Goldberg analyzes NBC’s ‘puffed-up’ news anchor

Jonah Goldberg‘s latest column at National Review Online examines the scandal engulfing news anchor Brian Williams. By now everyone knows about his transgressions. If even only some of the reports are true, Brian Williams is a serial embellisher, a self-aggrandizing fabulist. No doubt everyone knows somebody like this, and if you don’t it’s probably becauseContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on an expedited review of a newspaper’s lawsuit to gain access to records linked to the firing of the Alamance-Burlington school superintendent. Kristen Blair’s Daily Journal examines the resurgence in civics education.