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Russian propaganda efforts

Daniel Wiser documents a disturbing new report for Washington Free Beacon readers. Russia and other authoritarian states are attempting to co-opt Western social media websites and news outlets to disseminate their own propaganda after unsuccessful efforts to shut them down, according to a new report. Author and journalist David Patrikarakos wrote in a report forContinue Reading

Continetti chides Clinton’s media sycophants

Matthew Continetti heard all the mainstream media reports about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s successful run through the closing days of October. Continetti explains in the latest “Mediacracy” column for Commentary magazine why he remains unimpressed. The media couldn’t get over the fact that the positive turn of events happened in a 10-day span. TheyContinue Reading

Don’t tell Matt Damon

One suspects that Matt Damon, the liberal star of the hit movie “The Martian,” would not be thrilled to read the following Fortune magazine blurb about the Andy Weir novel on which the film is based. In a feature titled “The Books That Changed My Mind,” former Intel CEO Craig Barrett offers this assessment ofContinue Reading

In case you missed it …

The latest edition of Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” featured John Locke Foundation analysis of the role of nontraditional news outlets.

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with John Hood about Catalyst, his new political biography of former N.C. Gov. Jim Martin. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal decries the mainstream media’s lack of independent standards to judge political scandals.

Taking liberal scribes to task

Tom Nichols writes a Federalist column that pokes at heretofore readable liberal journalists. What’s happening to otherwise-intelligent liberal journalists? (No snarking, please. These are in fact intelligent people, even if I find myself disagreeing with them more often than not.) I’m talking about people conservatives once grudgingly conceded were calm and readable, even as proponentsContinue Reading

An interesting take on media bias

Michael Walsh of shines a light on the “entire Leftist media operation.” [F]or them, a group of Republicans needs to be confronted, challenged and if possible humiliated, while a group of Democrats needs to be cosseted and caressed. It’s not that it’s a deliberate plot, mind you, but rather is the result of aContinue Reading

Featured speaker at “JebFest” promotes socialism, abolition of private schools

This week, the education organization founded by Jeb Bush, Foundation for Excellence in Education, held their annual conference in Denver.  “JebFest” included big-name speakers, elected officials, and education policy folks from across the nation, including host Dr. Condoleezza Rice, who serves as board chair of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. (Some believe that CondiConContinue Reading