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N&R fails to identify teacher’s ties to left wing advocacy groups

Todd Warren is just your average teacher chosen to comment on Senate Bill 480, a bill that would limit the political activities of public school employees during school hours. Well, that is the impression one would get by reading this story by the News & Record, which identified Warren only as a Spanish teacher at GuilfordContinue Reading

N&O reporter buries the lede “like a boss”

Nobody buries the lede like the News & Observer. In their report on the release of new teacher pay rankings, the fact that North Carolina now ranks 42nd in the nation isn’t mentioned until the fourth paragraph.  The first sentence of the piece identifies last year’s rank, which was 47th. It isn’t difficult to understandContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with the Manhattan Institute’s Avik Roy about his plan to “transcend” Obamacare. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal asserts that a media outlet’s correction policy says a lot about its credibility.

What’s going on with other states’ budgets….?

North Carolina isn’t the only state amidst state budget time, all the other states in the country are also debating their budgets.  Here are the highlights from some of those other states…. Alabama: Gov. Bentley on state budget problems: “We cannot cut our way out of this” Governor proposes $541 million in tax increases. Arizona:Continue Reading

Plan to change Student Loan repayment practices

An article today from Reuters talks about President Obama’s talk to students at Georgia Tech this week about student loans’ repayment, and how he wants to make it easier for students.  According to statistics from the White House, 40 million Americans have student loans, more than 70 percent of U.S. students who graduate with aContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on N.C. legislators’ cost concerns surrounding efforts to track Medicaid eligibility. John Hood’s Daily Journal recommends a balanced media diet.

Spock is dead

In memory of Leonard Nimoy, we turn the clock back to 2002, when John Hood contrasted “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” politics. In the future world of Star Trek, money and capitalism are treated in a negative light. At several points in both the television series and the films, an addled Gene Roddenberry tried toContinue Reading

Podhoretz takes a closer look at the man one heartbeat away from the presidency

You’ve likely seen the creepy video of Vice President Joe Biden planting his hands on the shoulders of the new defense secretary’s wife while whispering in her ear. As John Podhoretz explains for New York Post readers, that was just the start of Biden’s day of inappropriate behavior. In the afternoon, he spoke at theContinue Reading