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N.C. suing FCC over Wilson broadband ruling

Props to Attorney General Roy Cooper, who filed a lawsuit challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s February ruling overturning a state law limiting municipal subsidies to city-owned broadband services. Cooper cited federal overreach in the filing. In that Order, the FCC preempts North Carolina ‘s statutory law and provisions …. governing municipal provisioning and operation ofContinue Reading

What are county tax dollars for?

Last week we saw the Gaston County commission vote to give themselves a special health insurance benefit as a special perk.  Now we are learning of another perk the Chair of the Gaston County Commission has created that will pay his family a potential $24,000. The commissioner, Tracy Philbeck, and his wife have decided toContinue Reading

Highest paid Public School Superintendents

Ever wonder how much your county’s school superintendent gets paid?  The Rowan Free Press published this data in 2013, but as the General Assembly begins drafting its budgets for the next biennium, I thought it was appropriate to bring it up. The General Assembly sets the base pay for teachers across North Carolina; local governments may increaseContinue Reading

Gaston partially reverses decision on healthcare for life vote

This Tuesday the Gaston County commissioners voted unanimously to give themselves and future commissioners health insurance benefits for life after serving one term at the taxpayer’s expense. This decision comes at a very hard time for the county because they are struggling to pay the cost of health insurance for its full-time employees. The countyContinue Reading

How much does your County Commissioner Make?

Every year the UNC School of Government publishes a list of each county and how much their county commission, the chair of the commission and the county manager are paid.  Here are just a few of the counties, click here to see a list of all 100 counties. County Chair of Board Commissioner Alamance $23,400Continue Reading

Senate approved bill would provide $11 million for charter schools

The Senate approved a bill that would restore about $11 million a year in local funding to charter schools across the state. The provision was included in a bill, sponsored by Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Randolph, that makes modifications to North Carolina’s charter school laws. A proposal known as the Hackney/Nesbitt amendment allowed some local moneyContinue Reading

Gaston County Commissioners approve healthcare for life

The all republican board of the Gaston County commission voted to give themselves health insurance for life, at the taxpayers expense. Here are some of the details from a news article: “Taxpayers would pay the majority cost to keep commissioners on the plan. For the basic PPO the commissioner would pay $18.72 every two weeks.Continue Reading

Invasive Health Assessment Takes “NEXT STEP”

Earlier this month, I wrote on the invasive health assessment form used for 5 year old kindergarten students. Last week the New Hanover School Board got a presentation from the County Manager’s Office, showing HOW this information can be used. Remember, these forms are NOT “voluntary,” but required for enrollment. Seems the county complied theContinue Reading