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Why is Haywood the only county that elects its Tax Collector?

Positions in local governments are sometimes elected or appointed, depending on the position and the jurisdiction. Tax collectors are typically an appointed position, with the exception of Haywood County. Haywood County is the only county in North Carolina that still elects its Tax Collector. This was made possible by a law passed in the GeneralContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on Wilson’s efforts to have the federal government end state restrictions on municipal broadband. John Hood’s Daily Journal examines the value of different types of election polling.

Cleveland County Agriculture

Greg Traywick, the Cleveland County Cooperative Extension Director, recently said the the Shelby Star that agriculture contributes nearly $100 million to the county’s economy each year. “Agriculture continues to be a vital part of the county’s economy because people need food and fiber,” Traywick said. “Because we have avoided significant land losses brought about byContinue Reading

County offers employees early retirement and expects to save over $1 million

Buncombe County has offered early retirement to its employees as part of a plan to cut the county’s workforce and bring savings in the county’s budget in the future. Here are the highlights: County offered deal to 1,400 employees 131 employees have decided to retire early Each employee will receive a year’s salary spread overContinue Reading

Higher Property Tax doesn’t always equate a Wealthy County

Property taxes are one of the oldest forms of taxation in North Carolina and were used through the 1930s as a joint tax by state and local governments.  Since the Great Depression, property taxes are levied only though local governments and are the single largest source of revenue for counties. Last year $8.1 billion wasContinue Reading

Required Functions of Government

Did you know that every level of government has certain required functions?  Many of us spend time debating or questioning the function of government and where government spends tax dollars.  In North Carolina there are three main governments: State, County and Municipal (city, town or village).  Many of these governments take on responsibilities that areContinue Reading

Wake County Schools social media policy

Earlier this week, Wake County Assistant Superintendent Douglas Thilman disseminated a three page memo that detailed social media guidelines for district faculty and staff. I think the advice in the memo is pretty sensible, but I suspect that some Wake County Schools employees will not take it seriously.  Thilman writes [edited for length], Do notContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

North Carolinians aren’t the only ones watching this state’s U.S. Senate race closely. Jim Geraghty of National Review, who oversees “The Campaign Spot” blog and delivers the daily “Morning Jolt” email newsletter, discusses North Carolina’s race and other major electoral news during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Rick Henderson discusses details of aContinue Reading