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Numbers were down for second Raleigh Rock’n’Roll marathon, but will they be?

I got a chuckle out of a toss-off line toward the end of The News & Observer’s article on the second Raleigh Rock’n’Roll Marathon [RnR] this weekend. Here’s the line: An accurate estimation of economic impact [of the race] for this year will be available in July. Not just an estimation, an accurate estimation. IContinue Reading

Local Government Tax Increases

The General Assembly is busy trying to raise our taxes. The bill filing deadlines have passed for both the Senate and the House, and there are a slew of local tax increases filed by both Republicans and Democrats alike. The bills that have been filed are local option sales tax and occupancy tax increases. AnContinue Reading

House boasts Historic Preservation Tax Credit

A press release went out yesterday about the House voting to bring back the historic preservation tax credit.  Hopefully the Senate will see that this is bad policy and either change this to a local grant program or not enact the tax credit at all.  Below is the press release: Raleigh, NC – Today, Rep.Continue Reading

Want to give this school board more money?

Yesterday I discussed Superintendent Mo Green’s desire to increase the Guilford County Schools budget by tens of millions of dollars. Today, the GCS Board of Education is one member short after someone alerted the media and school board that December appointee Chris Gillespie did not live in the district he was appointed to represent. It’s anContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

The political left is recycling its thoroughly discredited argument that North Carolina’s 2013 tax reform package is leading to tax increases for most North Carolinians. Becki Gray explains why that claim falls flat, and offers the counter-argument that tax reform is benefiting families in every income group, during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio.Continue Reading

NC trying to decide if it will join appeal of FCC’s muni-broadband ruling

Tennessee has sued the Federal Communications Commission, saying the regulatory agency overstepped its authority when it voted in February to override state laws placing restrictions on municipal broadband. North Carolina is one of the states that has similar laws. A spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper said the AG’s office trying to decide whether toContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Sam Hieb reports for Carolina Journal Online on legislative proposals to change governing boards in Wake County and Greensboro. John Hood’s Daily Journal urges lawmakers to place a high priority on shoring up the state’s savings reserves.

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

U.S. Senate Democrats have targeted the John Locke Foundation and more than 100 other groups for intimidation involving records linked to climate change. Rick Henderson discusses the Democrats’ fishing expedition during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Terry Stoops dissects Gov. Pat McCrory’s education budget, Roy Cordato explains how the “special-interest effect” leads toContinue Reading