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New Carolina Journal Online features

Carolina Journal Online reports on a new John Locke Foundation study showing that North Carolina’s largest cities promised $65 million in targeted incentives over a five-year period. Kari Travis’ Daily Journal focuses on local governments’ efforts to regulate Airbnb.

Largest N.C. cities promised $65 million in incentives over five years

North Carolina’s 13 largest cities promised $65 million in targeted economic incentives from 2009 to 2014 and paid out $20 million in incentives over the same five-year period. That’s according to the John Locke Foundation’s first report compiling data on city incentives. It’s a follow-up to this summer’s report detailing the use of incentives byContinue Reading

Don’t Count Millennials Out

  It’s election day for Raleigh. And by this time, you’ve certainly heard a lot of talk about the future of our city. You’ve heard about vibrancy. You’ve heard about regulation. You’ve heard about resident complaints. No doubt, you’ve heard more than you wanted to. (And if you haven’t, then you’re either not from aroundContinue Reading

N.C. Court of Appeals strikes blow against Asheville in legislative fight

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has reversed key pieces of a trial court’s ruling favoring Asheville in a legal fight with the N.C. General Assembly over control of the city’s water system. The case now heads back to the trial-court level to address other issues. Wake County Judge Howard ManningContinue Reading

‘Drunk Town’ campaign latest instance of central planning confusion

If you live near the Triangle and watch commercial television (or subscribe to the News & Observer), you’ve probably noticed the rather comical “drunk town” commercials and print ads orchestrated by Democratic political pollster Dean Debnam (co-founder of Public Policy Polling) attacking candidates for City Council who want downtown Raleigh to be a vibrant, energetic,Continue Reading

Washington Legal Foundation joins fight against FCC preemption of state law

At issue is whether the Federal Communications Commission under the Obama administration acted properly by overturning state laws limiting municipal subsidies to city-owned broadband services. North Carolina’s lawsuit against the FCC is before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The FCC ruling preempts North Carolina’s Level Playing Field law governing how municipalities — which under the N.C.Continue Reading

NC Senate passes legislation to ban ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Here is a press release that was sent out by the NC Senate this morning on sanctuary cities. A bill tentatively passed by the North Carolina Senate on Thursday would ban N.C. localities from acting as ‘sanctuary cities’ that ignore federal laws against illegal immigration.   Earlier this year, national news outlets reported that theContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Kari Travis reports for Carolina Journal Online on Raleigh’s debate over regulating Airbnb and similar short-term rental services. Terry Stoops’ Daily Journal compares perceptions and realities of spending on North Carolina’s public schools.