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Mike Rowe takes Wallethub to task

Mike Rowe, an advocate for career and technical education, blasted a recent Wallethub ranking of the best and worst entry-level jobs in America.  One of the website’s authors, using his own makeshift methodology, ranked skilled trades lowest and engineering professions highest. Rowe was not pleased.  He wrote, There’s no better way to discourage the nextContinue Reading

Rodney Ellis does his best Alex Jones

Rodney Ellis, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), recently outlined his conspiracy theory about the origins and intent of Republican education policy.  In a recent podcast titled “Some Disassembly Conspired: The Plot Against Public Education,” Ellis says, If you took the time and really connect the dots of what has happened –Continue Reading

Asheville, Chapel Hill schools have some of the nation’s largest achievement gaps

The Center for Education Policy Analysis recently unveiled the impressive Stanford Education Data Archive.  According to Education Week, researchers from Stanford and Harvard used the data to analyze the “average achievement gap trends for 3rd-8th grade students in more than 11,000 districts across the country from 2009 to 2013.”  It is the first in aContinue Reading

No, Republicans did not shut down NC New Schools

Yesterday, North Carolina New Schools, a nonprofit organization that specialized in developing early-college high schools, announced that they had closed.  Representatives of the group cited “cash flow problems that were directly related to growth and the speed of growth” as the reason. The group has received tens of millions of dollars in grants throughout theContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

The N.C. Supreme Court ruled recently that state lawmakers cannot take tenure away from public school teachers who already have that type of job protection. Terry Stoops analyzes the impact of that court ruling during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Kari Travis reports on the latest round of student protests at a UniversityContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

The latest Carolina Journal Online parody highlights a proposed episode of “Naked and Afraid” featuring North Carolina’s governor and Charlotte’s mayor. (Remember, folks, it’s a parody.) The Daily Journal focuses on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper’s complaint that Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget plan uses some one-time money for education purposes.

Brian Lewis gets it right

I agree with Brian Lewis, former lobbyist for the NC Association of Educators and Managing Partner at New Frame, Inc. Let’s have an honest conversation about K-12 education spending – one that acknowledges all missteps along the way.

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on continuing concerns surrounding the Syrian refugee resettlement process. Terry Stoops’ Daily Journal highlights problems tied to a state public school computer system.