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Profits and inequality

Tufts professor Amar Bhide devotes a Barron’s column to debunking Thomas Piketty‘s arguments about the impact of profits on inequality. In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty announced an audacious thesis that sets his opus apart from most other works of economic history. Capitalism inevitably increases inequality, Piketty claims, because the return on capitalContinue Reading

Barron’s ‘Economic Beat’ writer examines sustained low inflation

Gene Epstein of Barron’s turns his attention to long-running low inflation. The era of low-flation continues. While the Federal Reserve used to be concerned that inflation may be running too high, it has more recently been worried that it may not be running high enough. The October consumer-price index showed no change from September andContinue Reading

How overregulation invites the Nothing

Today’s newsletter discusses the obliteration of commerce wrought by overregulation, big and small. The small include a handful of state and local regulatory actions in recent news. The big include a finding by Appalachian State’s John Dawson and N.C. State’s John Seater that “GDP at the end of 2011 would have been $53.9 trillion insteadContinue Reading

Geraghty wants an Uber for education

No, Jim Geraghty doesn’t want to use his smartphone to hail a car to take him to the nearest college campus. (Well, he might, if he’s speaking about The Weed Agency to a campus audience.) But his latest column for National Review Online explains why the future of American education would benefit from the typeContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online that smaller companies are bracing for Obamacare price shocks. Terry Stoops’ Daily Journal focuses on links between the UNC-Chapel Hill athletic scandal and K-12 academic failures.

New Carolina Journal Online features

Jesse Saffron reports for Carolina Journal Online that low-productivity degree programs at UNC schools are hard to end. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains why state policymakers should focus on long-term growth.

WUNC asks for your favorite NC film; only 1 of 17 received incentives

First off, WUNC’s poll has nothing to do with film incentives that I can tell. I just find it interesting that 14 of the 17 “North Carolina movies” WUNC identified were made before the state got involved in the race to the bottom of offering tax incentives to film production companies. Two others were madeContinue Reading

What will the Washington shakeup mean for Fannie, Freddie?

Daniel Wiser of the Washington Free Beacon explores the prospects for reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a Congress run by Republicans. A Republican-led Congress will likely be unable to reduce government involvement in the housing market before the next election, but federal agencies could still take measures to lessen risk in theContinue Reading