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Two licensing-board overreaches put on ice

(A little snow-day headline humor. OK, granted, a very little.) My newsletter today discusses the case against occupational licensing and the conclusions of two long-running disputes over actions by occupational licensing board in NC. A snippet: This newsletter wrote last October of a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision over the North Carolina Board of DentalContinue Reading

Leef’s latest Forbes column touts interesting labor law proposal

George Leef’s latest Forbes column offers a brief history lesson on U.S. labor law, including its unintended negative consequences, before highlighting a proposal that could improve the current state of affairs. The ultimate solution is to repeal the National Labor Relations Act. As I have argued here before, the NLRA is a horrible piece ofContinue Reading

Businessweek profiles the bust which is the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Regular readers of this forum will be shocked — shocked! — to learn via the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek that the NASCAR Hall of Fame is a dud. Charlotte, where almost 30,000 people make a living off Nascar auto races, would seem the perfect place for a museum honoring driving legends such as RichardContinue Reading


Due to inclement weather, tonight’s John W. Pope Lecture at N.C. State University has been CANCELED. If you’re bummed that you won’t get the chance to hear from Stanford and Hoover Institution economist John Taylor, feel free to revisit his 2013 speech at Duke University by clicking play below.

Charlotte’s latest corporate welfare scheme

Charlotte’s latest corporate welfare scheme, approved by the city council yesterday, is $3.3 million for Frito-Lay to expand a plant.  $3.3 million for an expansion that will create 30-35 jobs over the next three years.  That’s about $100,000 per job — jobs that are expected to pay an average of $50,000 per year. And thisContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on a pair of proposals to permit crowdfunding in North Carolina. The Daily Journal reviews a book that exposes the economic losses linked to coalitions of “Bootleggers and Baptists.”

Freeing up N.C. distilleries to sell some of their product

Craft breweries and wineries in North Carolina can sell some of their product to people who’ve taken a tour of their facilities. The same is not true for distilleries. But distillers hope to change state law through Senate Bill 24 to permit limited sales to people who tour their sites. Scott Maitland, proprietor of TopContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man examines Obama’s war on … austerity

Jim McTague‘s latest “D.C. Current” column in Barron’s focuses on President Obama’s latest push for federal spending increases. McTague focuses on the 69th annual Economic Report of the President. Since Truman’s day, the report has evolved into a highly partisan document that is 50% political propaganda, 50% self-serving data, and zero percent honest introspection, althoughContinue Reading