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WRAL interviews mother of NCAE activist

Of the nearly 2,300 teacher assistants employed in Wake County, WRAL just happened to interview Wake teacher assistant Josette Beller, mother of NCAE activist and Wake County elementary school teacher Kristin Beller (pictured below).  Both work at Millbrook Magnet Elementary School. This is just another reason why it is difficult to take WRAL’s coverage ofContinue Reading

Goldberg isn’t holding his breath for the political left and right to join forces on cronyism

Noting left-wing populist Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s unwillingness to extend her anti-corporation rants to the Export-Import Bank, Jonah Goldberg explains in his latest column that no one should be surprised. I’m not so sure there’s a contradiction here. Rather, I think we’re seeing why there will never really be a bipartisan Left–Right alliance against crony capitalismContinue Reading

Barone examines the causes of Obama’s polling plunge

Michael Barone‘s latest column, posted at Human Events, responds to an interviewer’s question: “Why do you think President Obama’s job rating is falling, even though the economy is recovering?” What’s wrong with the question is an assumption embedded within it, that what voters seek most from government and political officeholders is economic growth. I thinkContinue Reading

Good for thee, not for me — Silicon Valley edition

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column at National Review Online examines contradictions embedded within Silicon Valley’s successes. Silicon Valley is an American success story. At a time of supposed American decline, a gifted group of young entrepreneurs invented, merchandized, and institutionalized everything from smartphones and eBay to Google and Facebook. The collective genius within a smallContinue Reading

Workers warned of pay-raise scam

The N&O reports that “Duke University police are warning workers about an email scam that lures them with the prospect of a 2.5 percent raise so they will send their banking information to a Russian Internet address.” A sidebar offers readers a “Moral Guide to Pay-Raise Scams,” which includes the following helpful note: The onlyContinue Reading

Does the media care about boomerang teachers?

We’ve heard countless reports of teachers who flee North Carolina public schools for higher pay. But some of these teachers return to North Carolina after finding that public schools in their destination states were less than ideal.  These “boomerang” teachers rarely receive the kind of attention that their departing counterparts do, but they have anContinue Reading

Forced unionization and its economic impact

Bill McMorris details for the Washington Free Beacon an interesting study from the Competitive Enterprise Institute about the impact of states’ contrasting labor laws. Forced unionization cost the economy nearly $650 billion in 2012, according to a new study. A state-by-state comparison of growth and employment rates found that right to work laws, which freeContinue Reading

Kudlow contends economic weakness at home hurts American foreign policy

Larry Kudlow writes in a column posted at the Daily Caller that President Obama’s ineffective economic policies are producing negative international consequences. Across his remarkably successful presidency, Ronald Reagan repeatedly made the link between the U.S. economy and U.S. international security and defense. He consistently argued that weakness at home leads to weakness abroad. ReaganContinue Reading