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Before your next rant about the Koch brothers …

… It might be useful to learn what they actually think about political issues. The latest issue of Forbes magazine devotes four pages to an interview with Charles Koch. Q. What are your goals in this election? A: My view of the political realm, not just now but for many decades, is that the DemocratsContinue Reading

There’s big money to be made, but Trump isn’t likely to be making it

The latest Forbes magazine column from publisher Rich Karlgaard identifies a “disruptive dozen” fields that are likely to produce most of the new entries over the next decade on the “Forbes 400” list of America’s wealthiest people. Among them: genomics, energy storage, and 3-D printing. Before listing his 12 categories, though, Karlgaard takes aim atContinue Reading

Forbes battles a common economic misperception

The latest issue of Forbes magazine features Steve Forbes‘ rebuttal of a dangerous misconception about the way an economy works. ONE OF THE MOST pernicious ideas polluting economic understanding–and policymaking–is that an economy is a mechanism, like an automobile, a train or a power plant. Commentary is littered with such phrases as the economy “isContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

State lawmakers have decided to move all 2016 primary elections forward from May to March. Voters also will face a statewide bond referendum on primary election day. Rick Henderson analyzes the implications of a March 15 primary during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Terry Stoops discusses the political debates surrounding North Carolina’s latestContinue Reading

Largest N.C. cities promised $65 million in incentives over five years

North Carolina’s 13 largest cities promised $65 million in targeted economic incentives from 2009 to 2014 and paid out $20 million in incentives over the same five-year period. That’s according to the John Locke Foundation’s first report compiling data on city incentives. It’s a follow-up to this summer’s report detailing the use of incentives byContinue Reading

Entrepreneurs hope to succeed where government has failed with fusion

The latest issue of Fortune magazine features an article on entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and Paul Allen and their efforts to succeed where government has failed in developing cost-effective nuclear fusion. For more than half a century governments around the world have been trying to solve the challenge of nuclear fusion. In theory itContinue Reading

Williamson pokes holes in anti-globalization rhetoric

Kevin Williamson‘s latest column for National Review Online critiques Paul Theroux’s “extraordinarily stupid and dishonest account of economic life in the American South.” There is no reactionary like the anti-trade reactionary, and Theroux and his ilk make the original Luddites look like Steve Jobs by comparison. He gives us Hollandale, Miss., where the 3,500 residentsContinue Reading

Sowell questions focus on income inequality, institutional racism

While promoting his latest book, Thomas Sowell is sharing some concerns about the left’s current focus on issues such as income inequality and institutional racism. Jamie Weinstein of the Daily Caller reports. Asked about in-vogue author Ta-Nehisi Coates and his theory that black America’s plight can be blamed on institutional racism, Sowell said, “It’s hardContinue Reading