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The value of market signals

Rich Karlgaard‘s latest column in Forbes reminds us of the value associated with market-based signals, especially the “loss” part of the profit-and-loss equation. How many entrepreneurs, owners and CEOs, like [Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry] Jones, choose their egos over potential greatness? The list is depressingly long. One is reminded of Apple AAPL +0.55% cofounder SteveContinue Reading

Washington Examiner’s Carney calls on GOP candidates to follow Tillis’ lead

Tim Carney‘s latest Washington Examiner column includes some praise for North Carolina’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate. For the first time in the Obama era, lobbyists are giving more money to Republicans than to Democrats. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that Republicans have received $12.4 million from lobbyists to the Democrats’ $11.3 million. This isContinue Reading

Wait, who paid for that film report?

Film industry supporters who want the state to continue giving their industry generous tax credits like to tout NC State professor of supply chain management Rob Handfield’s study of those credits. They also like to make it seem as if the study is from NC State. Take the recent pro-incentives column by Wilmington author WileyContinue Reading

Rector’s assessment of the War on Poverty: ‘A colossal flop’

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has little good to say in a new Daily Signal column about the 50th anniversary of the Johnson administration’s “War on Poverty.” Liberals claim that the War on Poverty has failed because we didn’t spend enough money. Their answer is just to spend more. But the facts show otherwise.Continue Reading

‘Those’ Duke researchers show that hydraulic fracturing is safe

The News & Observer reported in August that [Robert Jackson and Avner Vengosh of Duke University] are among the few academics issuing high-profile challenges to energy industry claims that drilling is environmentally safe, yet they have had a low profile in fracking deliberations in Raleigh. But as state officials prepare for a last round ofContinue Reading

Gay, Christian, libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel will set your mental gears turning

The latest Fortune magazine cover story focuses on the interesting ideas of billionaire Peter Thiel. The following excerpt offers just a few examples of why the cover headline proclaims “Peter Thiel Disagrees With You.” Thiel’s support for anti-aging research is perhaps the most extreme manifestation of his being a “definite optimist”—a person who, as ThielContinue Reading

When opposition to free trade makes little sense politically

Nina Easton notes with interest in her latest Fortune magazine column that the potential beneficiaries of free trade have elected representatives who tend to pursue an alternate economic course. You wouldn’t know it from the behavior of leading Washington Democrats, but guess who benefits most from free-trade pacts? Workers in unionized, Democratic strongholds: America’s bigContinue Reading

Serving customers better with empathetic employees

While often portrayed as a system based on the chase for dollars, capitalism actually derives its power from the fact that people enrich themselves by serving others. Those who understand that concept are likely to understand the basis of the phenomenon described in Geoff Colvin‘s latest Fortune column. Infotech executives are starting to talk funny,Continue Reading