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Another housing bubble that’s bound to end poorly

Think the last housing bubble was bad? Kevin Williamson of National Review Online has some disturbing news for you. People complain about high prices when they’re buying, not when they’re selling, and that’s why housing bubbles are always politically popular: The sort of people who own homes are the sort of people who vote andContinue Reading

Fortune cover story and ‘The Ultimate Resource’

Fans of Julian Simon’s The Ultimate Resource might appreciate the findings touted in Geoff Colvin‘s cover story for the latest issue of Fortune magazine: “Humans Are Underrated.” Fear of technological unemployment is as old as technology, and it has always been unfounded. Over time and across economies, technology has multiplied jobs and raised living standardsContinue Reading

Exploring the impact of a $15 per hour minimum wage

Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner looks into one of the political left’s latest priorities: a $15 per hour minimum wage. The push to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour has caught fire among Democrats. Once considered politically unrealistic even by many on the Left, it has since been approved in citiesContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on the N.C. House’s infrastructure plan, which combines a $2.85 billion bond package with another $1.3 billion in highway construction. Zack Hasanin’s Daily Journal urges Raleigh to lift food truck restrictions.

Improving free-enterprise instruction in middle and high school

The free-enterprise system plays a critical role in our lives, but most students learn little accurate information about that system during middle school and high school. That’s one of the reasons for “Free Enterprise Now,” the new curriculum developed by Dr. Peter Frank, interim dean and associate economics professor at Wingate University and free enterpriseContinue Reading

Problems linked to China’s government-run economy

Enda Curran of Bloomberg Businessweek documents the Chinese government’s overreach into the country’s economy. In the first years of his presidency, China’s Xi Jingping left the country’s state-owned enterprises pretty much alone. Some analysts think that could change. “It’s almost certain that the central government will roll out a specific plan for SOE reform inContinue Reading

Even the Obama team recognizes the ills associated with occupational licensing

Think free-market think tanks are the only ones calling for a rollback of occupational licensing? Think again. Nick Sibilia explains in a Forbes column. The Obama Administration is backing the fight to roll back occupational licensing, a little-known drain on the economy. Typically associated with fields like law and medicine, today a quarter of America’sContinue Reading

Slow growth the new norm for the American economy

Alex Adrianson of the Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” blog highlights a recent analysis of the American economy as a “slow-growth machine.” That description comes from Wall Street Journal editors, who argue that “the worst expansion in 70 years has been even weaker than we thought.” The gnomes at the Bureau of Economic Analysis ran theContinue Reading