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Hillary Clinton’s scandal compared to those of our presidential past

Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard digs through the history books to document scandals comparable to the current controversy involving Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a scandalous candidate for president of the United States. Most people acknowledge this, at least judging by her plummeting poll numbers. A raft of stories gives theContinue Reading

Classroom rules c. 1899

In recognition that today is the first day of school for many students, I offer the the following, which comes from the North Carolina Journal of Education, Volume III, Number 5, December 1899:                               There is some good, timeless advice here.

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features longtime N.C. political insider Phil Kirk’s assessment of the state’s governors. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal dispels myths about the cost-competitiveness of renewable energy sources.

Barone probes future of Center-Left coalitions

Michael Barone examines recent political developments at home and in Great Britain and finds an interesting move away from the successful Center-Left coalitions that elected figures such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Barone shares his analysis in a column posted at Human Events. How can we explain the rejection by American Democrats and BritishContinue Reading

Historian McClay assesses the AP U.S. history controversy

University of Oklahoma history professor (and former John Locke Foundation Headliner) Wilfred McClay shares his concerns about the recent Advanced Placement U.S. history controversy for the latest issue of Hillsdale College’s Imprimis. The pervasive use of the test has had many sources, but surely its widespread adoption is testimony to the general trust that hasContinue Reading

Hanson probes problems in progressives’ approach to the past

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column at National Review Online exposes the absurdity of progressives’ efforts to disavow the positive achievements of historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson because they owned slaves. There are lots of strange paradoxes in the current frenzied liberal dissection of past sins. One, a historic figure must beContinue Reading

Placing Milton Friedman’s famous ‘crisis’ comment in context

The late economist Milton Friedman is known for saying that real policy reform depends on the emergence of a crisis. But that’s not exactly what Friedman said, nor what he meant. Correcting the record was a key goal in Western Carolina University economist Edward Lopez’s Friedman Legacy of Freedom Lecture today for the John LockeContinue Reading

C-SPAN2’s Book TV highlights recent JLF speech again Saturday afternoon

If you missed Raleigh author Garland Tucker’s recent John Locke Foundation speech about his new book, Conservative Heroes, you have another chance to watch the lecture Saturday afternoon on C-SPAN2. Book TV is scheduled to show Tucker’s lecture at 1:15 p.m. Saturday. Click play below to watch an excerpt from the speech. Tucker discusses fiveContinue Reading