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National Review editor labels Trump ‘Jacksonian’

Rich Lowry dissects at National Review Online voters’ continued interest in Donald Trump’s presidential bid. After the Paris attack, conventional wisdom held that Republican voters would finally turn away from political outsiders and reward candidates representing sobriety and experience. No one stopped to consider that, actually, voters might be drawn to the guy who memorablyContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson’s hopes for his bill to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into the United States until adequate safeguards are put in place. Barry Smith reports on this week’s legislative hearing on a controversial state prison contract. Andy Taylor’s Daily Journal revisits an importantContinue Reading

Forbes publisher asks whether signs point toward American decline

Rich Karlgaard of Forbes searches for evidence of American decline. The peak period of a culture is signaled by a spike in genius contributors in the sciences and the arts. (We could add technology.) The best Greek tragedies and comedies were written within a 100-year period when ancient Greece was at its peak. The peakContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with John Hood about Catalyst, his new political biography of former N.C. Gov. Jim Martin. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal decries the mainstream media’s lack of independent standards to judge political scandals.

Insights embedded in John Hood’s ‘Catalyst’

One might expect that John Hood’s new biography of former N.C. Gov. Jim Martin would feature a thorough synopsis of the key political and policy debates during Martin’s two terms in Raleigh from 1985 to 1993. It does. Hood also hits the high points of Martin’s dozen years in Congress. But perhaps the most interestingContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with Raleigh author Garland Tucker about his latest book, Conservative Heroes. Troy Kickler’s Daily Journal explores North Carolina’s long history as a “battleground” state.

The continuing need to ‘stand athwart history’

On the 60th anniversary of William F. Buckley’s National Review, Yuval Levin explores the continuing relevance of the magazine’s founding motto. When he launched National Review 60 years ago, William F. Buckley Jr. famously declared an intention not to make history but to halt it. The magazine, he asserted, “stands athwart history, yelling Stop.” WeContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

More than two decades after he left public office, former Gov. Jim Martin’s impact on North Carolina politics continues. Martin, subject of the new biography Catalyst, discusses his fascinating story during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Katherine Restrepo assesses complex, and often humorous, changes in medical diagnosis codes. (If you’re ever attacked withContinue Reading