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Churchill as the ‘crowbar of destiny’

History told through tales of impersonal forces, broad-based social and technological change, hits an occasional obstacle — that great man or woman who seems indispensable to the story. Winston Churchill is one such obstacle. And London Mayor Boris Johnson demonstrates Churchill’s indispensability to the story of the 20th century in the book The Churchill Factor:Continue Reading

Kudlow would like to see more Gladstonian liberals

Larry Kudlow explains in a column posted at the Daily Caller for President’s Day why he would like to see more of today’s politicians emulating a 19th-century British Liberal. Last week I had a wonderful talk with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze. He asked me if I was a “classical liberal.” I said, “Absolutely.” I namedContinue Reading

A view of nine N.C. governors from a longtime political player

Phil Kirk has served as chief of staff for two Republican governors in North Carolina, led the state Health and Human Services department twice, chaired the State Board of Education under Democrats, led the state’s chamber of commerce for 16 years, and once served as North Carolina’s youngest state senator. Now 70, Kirk offered theContinue Reading

A 200-year-old lesson about federal debt

The latest editorial commentary in Barron’s features former Houston Mayor Bill White‘s analysis of the American government’s approach to debt after the War of 1812. Rather than shirking responsibility, the White House and Congress adopted policies to defuse the debt bomb and avert future debt crises. They set taxes at a level higher than beforeContinue Reading

The minimum wage: Designed to keep people down

Alex Adrianson of the Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” shines some light on a little-discussed fact surrounding the history of the government-mandated minimum wage. In the early part of the 20th century, a number of intellectuals and scholars understood very well that minimum wage laws produced unemployment. There was, in fact, a movement that expected peopleContinue Reading

Hayek and central planning

Fans of the late economist F.A. Hayek know he was no fan of government central planning. But the latest Hayek Lecture at Duke University challenged Hayek’s antipathy toward planning. Legal scholar Richard Epstein of New York University spent nearly 80 minutes outlining a critique of some of Hayek’s key ideas. (Duke’s chief Hayek scholar, BruceContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

The John Locke Foundation unveils this weekend its new First in Freedom Index, which ranks all 50 states on the basis of fiscal, education, regulatory, and health care freedom. Terry Stoops explains the Index and shares North Carolina’s rankings during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Sarah Curry will discuss recent improvements in NorthContinue Reading

An interesting, if flawed, case for reading the Declaration closely

As fundamental as the Declaration of Independence has been to our nation’s political history, it’s surprising how few people have taken the time to read its 1,337 words and study them closely. Political philosopher and social science professor Danielle Allen deserves credit for taking on that task and expounding upon the results in her bookContinue Reading