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In case you missed them …

Former Gov. Jim Martin and JLF’s John Hood promoted the new book Catalyst during an appearance on Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight.” In the segment below, Martin and Hood discuss changes in N.C. politics since the 1960s.

Today marks the release of ‘Catalyst,’ new biography of former N.C. Gov. Jim Martin

The record of North Carolina’s only two-term Republican governor of the 20th century will attract some new attention, thanks to the release today of Catalyst. It’s a biography of former Gov. Jim Martin written by John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood. Martin and Hood discuss the book this evening at the N.C. Museum of HistoryContinue Reading

C-SPAN2 airs ‘Conservative Heroes’ discussion at JLF early Sunday morning

Viewers of C-SPAN2’s “Book TV” will have another chance to watch Garland Tucker’s discussion of his book Conservative Heroes at 12:15 a.m. Sunday. Tucker addressed a John Locke Foundation audience June 29. Learn more about the book here.

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

A recent Carolina Journal cover story has prompted a national group representing federal prosecutors to seek an investigation from U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. It’s a story involving murderous gang members, death threats, and a politically appointed U.S. attorney’s questionable actions. Rick Henderson shares details during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. John HoodContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on his one-on-one conversation with U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., about McHenry’s future plans. Andy Taylor’s Daily Journal stresses the historical importance of both the liberal and classical republican traditions in American politics.

New Carolina Journal Online features

Don Carrington reports for Carolina Journal Online that N.C. state government plans to continue its fight with Alcoa over relicensing of hydroelectric dams on the Yadkin River. John Hood’s Daily Journal turns the clock back to 1984 to examine the negative electoral impact of a feuding political party.

Kudlow considers the merits, demerits of government shutdowns

Lawrence Kudlow‘s latest column posted at the Daily Caller examines the prospects for another partial federal government shutdown. Nobody really likes government shutdowns, including me. But sometimes you have to make a point. Send a message. Show voters what you really believe. Take a stand. With John Boehner set to resign at the end ofContinue Reading

JLF’s Hood documents the state-level rise of the right for National Review Online

John Hood shares with National Review Online readers the interesting history of the conservative movement’s state-level success. During the Obama years, Democrats have been decimated in congressional, state, and local elections, thus reducing the potential pool of political talent. This is true as far as it goes. But particularly in the states, it doesn’t goContinue Reading