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Commentary cover story examines Reagan’s legacy

Poking a bit of fun at those Republican politicians and pundits who invoke Ronald Reagan’s name in support of almost any cause imaginable, the latest Commentary magazine cover story carries the headline “If Ronald Reagan Were Alive Today, He Would Be 103 Years Old.” Authors Henry Olsen and Peter Wehner set out to remind usContinue Reading

In case you missed it …

Tuesday marked 310 years since John Locke left this world.

Fifty years later, ‘The Speech’ still resonates

Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation tells National Review Online readers why he believes American conservatives need another “Great Communicator.” As Republican presidential hopefuls consider what to say and how to say it leading up to the 2016 election, they would do well to examine the speech that transformed Ronald Reagan into a national politicalContinue Reading

Historian examines the GOP’s future

Richard Norton Smith examines for TIME readers the tensions among contrasting elements within the Republican Party. Obama … occupies a unique historical position. No mere presidential polarizer, nearly six years into his tenure he defines the opposition party more than his own. Neocons and Pat Buchanan isolationists; Appalachian miners and emotionally bruised billionaires; Mother AngelicaContinue Reading

Stalinism was no corruption of communism

Historian Anne Applebaum reviews for The Atlantic a nearly 1,000-page book on the first 50 years of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s life. Among author Stephen Kotkin’s most interesting observations: Stalin’s murderous regime did not result from some perversion of a communist ideal. Unlike the uneducated cynic of Trotsky’s imagination, the real Stalin justified each andContinue Reading

Lobotomy and the post-World War II incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder

Long before post-traumatic stress disorder gained its name, society dealt with soldiers who returned from combat with “battle fatigue,” “shell shock,” or other mental problems. One of the more disturbing responses to those problems was the frontal lobotomy surgery. Dr. Philip Miller practiced internal medicine and cardiology for 34 years with Wake Internal Medicine ConsultantsContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online some oversight concerns from reform-minded members of UNC’s Board of Governors. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains that 50 years of economic data contradict key tenets of North Carolina exceptionalism.

Hanson thinks the Obama administration admires the French style of revolution

Both the American and French revolutions rocked the late 18th-century world. Victor Davis Hanson explains for National Review Online readers why he believes President Obama and his administration prefer the French form of revolution. At the end of the 18th century, there were two great Western revolutions — the American and the French. Americans optedContinue Reading