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Blundell: Thatcher would urge Americans to beware of Obamacare

“[T]he movement for freedom and economic liberty on both sides of the Atlantic has lost one of its leading figures.” That’s how the Institute for Economic Affairs assesses the death this week of John Blundell (1952-2014), who served as IEA’s director general from 1993 to 2009. A longtime intellectual ally of British Prime Minister MargaretContinue Reading

Re: RIP John Blundell

In addition to the information Roy has highlighted about the late John Blundell, you might be interested in the transcript of his Carolina Journal Radio interview.

Controversial “NEW” Advance Placement U.S. History Standards

The College Board is responsible for Advanced Placement courses in high schools (public and private) across the country. These courses are designed for the best and brightest students. High school students receive college course credit if they obtain an acceptable score on the AP exam in a particular subject.  The College Board’s Advanced Placement U.S. History courseContinue Reading

NC legislature two steps ahead of the cursive “comeback”

According to Education Week, cursive is ready for a comeback.  The article offers an instructive anecdote. When an undergraduate in her university’s [University of Illinois] Rare Book and Manuscript Library asked for help with a manuscript she was reading, library director Valerie Hotchkiss assumed it was something difficult. An obscure Latin text, perhaps, or a letterContinue Reading

A defense of Western civilization’s merits

What if the Roman Empire limited, rather than enhanced, the development of Western civilization? What if there were no “Dark Ages”? What if the Christian Church spurred, rather than stunted, the advance of science? These three questions spell out some of the key challenges to conventional wisdom put forward in Rodney Stark’s book, How TheContinue Reading

More anti-Truman than anti-Bush

Marc Thiessen explains for Washington Post readers why he believes President Obama’s agenda should be viewed as more than just an attempt to repudiate his predecessor. In 2011, President Obama withdrew all U.S. forces from Iraq and has announced plans to do the same in Afghanistan by 2016. Obama’s unmistakable objective is to make sureContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on the historical precedent of state budget deliberations extending past July 1. John Hood’s Daily Journal examines North Carolina precursors to the Declaration of Independence.

Barron’s editorial page editor highlights key piece of Civil War history

Thomas Donlan strays from his usual economic and political topics to devote a Barron’s editorial commentary to important American historical events from 150 years ago. Bruce Catton’s A Stillness at Appomattox won the Pulitzer Prize for history and a National Book Award in 1954. Catton set a standard for history-writing, hailing uncommon bravery occasionally butContinue Reading