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Daily Caller columnist contends UNC athletics program deserves the ‘death penalty’

John Steigerwald, a Pittsburgh-based columnist, talk show host, and ex-TV sportscaster, argues in a Daily Caller column that the recent scandal at UNC-Chapel Hill merits the “death penalty” for its athletics program. UNC Chancellor Carol Folt has already fired four people and put five others under disciplinary review. Personnel laws prevent her from making theirContinue Reading

A tale of two satires

The New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz spoofs the UNC athletics/academic fraud scandal. The satire, published under the title “U.N.C. Boosters Outraged That Some Athletes Took Real Classes,” concludes with: “As a university, it is our sacred duty to protect our athletes from education,” the university spokesman said. “We can—and we must—do better.” With all due respectContinue Reading

Will UNC-CH professors admit that they were wrong?

The line starts to my right… From the News & Observer, July 30, 2013: Greg Copenhaver, a biology professor and member of the [Faculty Executive] committee, said there was no plot to cover up information to avoid NCAA scrutiny, only to avoid terminology that was misleading. The changes suggested by committee members, he said, wereContinue Reading

Findings on UNC academic fraud

In case you hadn’t heard, former Department of Justice official Kenneth Wainstein is presenting the findings of his investigation of UNC-Chapel Hill academic fraud. He has revealed that almost half of the students enrolled in “paper classes” from 1999 to 2011 were student-athletes. The Pope Center is live-tweeting updates.

Nursing degrees: Get ‘em while they’re hot

Becoming a nurse is probably a great idea. You can do it with minimal credentials (associate degree or less), it’s a fast-growing field, and in 2012 the median registered nurse made upwards of $65,000. It’s such a great idea that it would be a shame for special interests and policymakers to ruin it for everyone.Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online some oversight concerns from reform-minded members of UNC’s Board of Governors. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains that 50 years of economic data contradict key tenets of North Carolina exceptionalism.

About that ‘higher’ education

Ashe Schow reports for the Washington Examiner about a disturbing new study questioning the value of today’s college education. A new study released Wednesday from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni titled “What Will They Learn?” found that just 18 percent of colleges and universities require a single course in American history or government.Continue Reading

A rather unusual criticism

From the N&O’s article on Gov. McCrory’s speech to UNC: McCrory’s views on higher education have prompted criticism from UNC professors, dozens of whom sat in front rows Sunday. Some say his position undervalues the traditional liberal arts education … I almost expected that sentence to end with “and that’s our job.” The story ofContinue Reading