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How much does a higher education really cost?

As liberal California Gov. Jerry Brown and liberal University of California President Janet Napolitano take opposite sides in the debate over state funding for the UC system, National Review Online columnist Kevin Williamson asks a question that has been notably absent from the debate. How much could it actually cost to provide California students withContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education about threats to free speech on college campuses. Jon Ham’s Daily Journal explains why the media should welcome opportunities to hold politicians accountable for their actions.

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online that smaller companies are bracing for Obamacare price shocks. Terry Stoops’ Daily Journal focuses on links between the UNC-Chapel Hill athletic scandal and K-12 academic failures.

New Carolina Journal Online features

Jesse Saffron reports for Carolina Journal Online that low-productivity degree programs at UNC schools are hard to end. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains why state policymakers should focus on long-term growth.

An affirmative action suit against UNC and Harvard is underway

UNC-Chapel Hill and Harvard are being sued for quotas discriminating against Asian-Americans: The plaintiff in both lawsuits—Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA)— is a newly-formed, nonprofit, membership organization whose members include highly qualified students recently denied admission to both schools, highly qualified students who plan to apply to both schools, and their parents. The Harvard lawsuit alleges the universityContinue Reading

Sexual assault surveys show government intervenes even when it doesn’t

People who favor free markets and are skeptical of government intervention rightly cheer when a proposed bill fails or when the government chooses not to intervene at all. A report on Inside Higher Ed today shows, however, that even the mere proposal of legislation to intervene can have distorting effects. In other words, the threatContinue Reading

Sex, drugs, and personal responsibility

In the Washington Post, Ruth Marcus tells a cautionary tale about a young woman encouraged to believe she had been raped, and a young man who discovered he may be a rapist two months after the fact. According to the male student’s account, “little more than ‘Hello’ was said before she grabbed [him], kissed [him] andContinue Reading

College is where humor goes to die

This morning, WTVD reported a story, picked up by national outlets, about an NC State biochemistry professor who made the regrettable mistake that off-color humor always is on college campuses. Charles Hardin couldn’t read a name on a test he was passing back, so he joked that “this is America” and students should “Americanize” their names.Continue Reading