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U. of Wisconsin is proving Cordato’s Law by redistributing grades

Cordato’s Law: Using reductio ad absurdum argument against leftists tends to fail. Leftists are not only quicker than you to conceive absurd ends, but also they probably have already reached or surpassed them, rendering your argument moot. Basically, you ultimately can’t outdo a practiced illogician on his own turf. (That would be related to theContinue Reading

UNC’s leading professor in the fight for free speech and academic freedom: victorious

UNC-Wilmington announces it has settled with Prof. Mike Adams, dropping its appeal (for good reason). A federal jury had handed down a historic ruling in favor of academic freedom, among the first of its kind, where a conservative professor has shown the will to resist the university establishment in protracted free-speech litigation, ultimately taking theContinue Reading

Looking for something to cut in the budget, try the UNC System

In a year when legislators need to find extra cash to fill a hole in a growing Medicaid program and also give teachers a pay increase, there is one area of bloated government that has yet to be cut, and that is the University of North Carolina System. My friends at the Pope Center forContinue Reading

USC president channeling Woodrow Wilson?

On the campaign trail in 1912, former Princeton University president Woodrow Wilson argued that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution had outlived their usefulness. Now Hans von Spakovsky reports for the Daily Signal that another top university administrator seems to be making the same argument. University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides is refusing toContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Harry Painter reports for Carolina Journal Online about a challenge to race-based preferences at UNC-Chapel Hill. Michael Lowrey’s Daily Journal questions two large N.C. counties’ arguments for raising the local sales tax.

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Organizers of the so-called Moral Monday movement are transitioning from weekly legislative protests to Democratic Party get-out-the-vote efforts. Rick Henderson discusses recent developments among the vocal anti-Republican crowd during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. John Hood dissects recent North Carolina political arguments, and former Republican National Committee attorney Benjamin Ginsberg shares his thoughtsContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Harry Painter reports for Carolina Journal Online on Wake Tech’s promotion of some instructors to new jobs as professors. Donna Martinez’s Daily Journal examines the haves and have-nots of job tenure.

Leef’s latest Forbes column highlights interesting book about ‘academic scribblers’

George Leef’s latest Forbes column might prompt you to add another volume to your reading list. Why is it that democracies so often generate public policies that are wasteful and unjust? Why do such policies persist over long periods of time, even when they are known to be harmful? Assuming that you’ve pondered those questions,Continue Reading