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Who’s afraid of freedom of speech?

Kathryn Watson of the Daily Caller details interesting information about support for free speech on college campuses. College students and faculty members who identify as liberal are far more likely to disinvite a campus speaker than self-identified conservatives, but conservatives succeed slightly more often, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis. The Foundation forContinue Reading

Bloomberg editorial follows the ‘college is oversold’ theme

The latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek features an editorial that would surprise no one familiar with the notion that college has been oversold. Marco Rubio has done America a great service by offending its chin-scratchers and navel-gazers. “Welders make more money than philosophers,” the senator declared at last Tuesday’s Republican debate. “We need more weldersContinue Reading

Community colleges more successful than statistics might suggest

Community colleges are not the same kind of animal as four-year colleges and universities, a fact discussed in a new Pope Center commentary from Kelly Markson. I am a community college failure. Or perhaps I should say, I helped fail one community college. Decades ago, after receiving my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled in a fewContinue Reading

Today’s watered-down version of the Chinese Red Guards

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online sees parallels between today’s college campus shenanigans and one of the most disturbing elements of 20th-century history. The Red Guards were the terrorist vanguard, mainly teenagers and people in their 20s, who helped Mao Tse-Tung execute the Cultural Revolution. Their first skirmishes were waged against the administrations of TsinghuaContinue Reading

NCGA/UNC/ZSRF program retains teachers in high need schools

From an op-ed published in the Charlotte Observer, praising the N.C. New Teacher Support Program: It should be noted the N.C. New Teacher Support Program recently posted a 95 percent retention rate, which is significantly higher than average retention rates in districts across the state. Based on these retention data the New Teacher Support ProgramContinue Reading

Hanson wonders why universities have some sort of exemption from life

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column at National Review Online probes recent college campus shenanigans. The strangest campus derangement is the graft of Victorian prurience onto postmodern crudity. Students who are quite sexually active, and routinely use drugs and alcohol, nonetheless revert to virginal preteens who must be shielded from rough language or mere rudeness. TheyContinue Reading

The Paris attacks and the campus flaps

John Daniel Davidson devotes a Federalist column to the impact of the Paris terror attacks on the recent college campus protests. In the wake of the terrorist attacks Friday night in Paris that left 129 dead and hundreds wounded, we can safely say the U.S. student protesters’ 15 minutes of fame are over. The protests,Continue Reading

Washington Examiner editorial headline follows George Leef’s lead

George has been arguing for years that “college is oversold.” Now the Washington Examiner‘s editors publish a column that proclaims “Political correctness controversies show that college is overrated.” One possible explanation for perpetual campus outrage is that college campuses really are the most dangerous places in America, filled with the worst kind of people imaginable.Continue Reading