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Leef’s latest Forbes column critiques call for campuses to spend more of their endowments

Universities with large endowments face criticism from those who believe portions of those endowments should be used to help offset tuition increases. Some of those critics want the federal government to mandate that schools devote parts of their endowments toward that tuition goal. George Leef takes aim at that proposal in his latest Forbes column.Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Jesse Saffron reports for Carolina Journal Online on high salaries among University of North Carolina bureaucrats. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal examines lawmakers’ decision to end the health care “certificate of public advantage.”

Campus English departments are on the decline

Once considered among the top disciplines on a college campus, English has lost much of its intellectual rigor. English departments also have lost much of their enrollment. A recent Pope Center for Higher Education Policy report details The Decline of the English Department. Director of Policy Analysis Jay Schalin offered highlights from the report duringContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Harry Painter reports for Carolina Journal Online on a new “earnings gains” measure designed to gauge how well community colleges are educating students. Roy Cordato’s Daily Journal explores Pope Francis’ American tour and the links between religious liberty and capitalism.

Millennials poised to become N.C.’s largest generation

Millennials — defined as people born between 1982 and 2004 — make up one-third of North Carolina’s population. They soon will constitute the largest chunk of the adult population. But thanks to lower rates of legal citizenship and voter participation, millennials are not likely to play as large a role as Baby Boomers in theContinue Reading

Pope Center president: The ‘Conservative’ UNC Board of Governors Doesn’t Act Very Conservative

Jenna A. Robinson submits the following: Over the past year, the UNC Board of Governors has taken heat on a number of topics, most notably the decision to seek a new System president and the Centers and Institutes oversight process. At one meeting in Charlotte, student protestors shut down the Board’s proceedings. Some had toContinue Reading

Stossel examines government ‘help’

John Stossel‘s latest column at Human Events focuses on government’s often misguided efforts to help people. Government wants you to think it helps you at every turn. Every time you make a decision, a purchase, government wants to be there, looking essential. But it’s a trick. Most government “help” creates new problems. Students once wentContinue Reading

N&O: NC part of national teacher shortage

In “National teacher shortage could draw away NC’s finest,” the News & Observer editors finally admit that North Carolina’s drop in teacher education students is following a national trend. I have been pointing that out for over a year.  During that period, the N&O and others cultivated a “blame the NC GOP” narrative.  The N&O’sContinue Reading