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New Carolina Journal Online features

Karen McMahan reports for Carolina Journal Online on the Democratic primary in N.C. House District 60. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal focuses on a University of North Carolina professor who’s leading the charge for free speech and academic freedom.

Leef’s latest Forbes column responds to flawed Pew report

George Leef explains for Forbes readers why a new Pew Research report misses the mark in estimating the impact of a college degree. In February, Pew Research released a study on the effects of college but the instant I saw the title, I was sure that this would not be one that broke out ofContinue Reading

Haven’t heard Mike Adams speak?

If this morning‘s “Locker Room” entries sparked your interest in UNC-Wilmington Professor Mike Adams, you might enjoy revisiting his December 2009 speech at N.C. State University, courtesy of

National Review cites the Mike Adams case

Those of you who have followed with interest Professor Mike Adams‘ battle with his employers at UNC-Wilmington might appreciate this blurb from the latest National Review: Mike Adams sued the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, where he is an associate professor of sociology and criminology, for discriminating against his political (conservative) and religious (Christian) beliefs whenContinue Reading

Another take on the ‘college is oversold’ theme

Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review reacts in an interesting way to a recent headline: “College Dropout Scott Walker Claims Ronald Reagan Ended the Cold War by Busting Unions.” As Cooke notes, it’s clear the description “college dropout” is designed to serve as a substitute for “‘stupid,’ ‘uncultured,’ ‘unvetted’ — or, at the very least,Continue Reading

The UNC prof leading the fight for free speech

Jane S. Shaw profiles him in The News & Observer, and no, it’s not the celebrity poverty center director laboring under the “chilling effect” of being asked to place a disclaimer on his op-eds and give a heads-up to university officials before the next one comes out. It’s the professor who “suffered actual harm forContinue Reading

It takes a high level of education to train yourself to miss the screamingly obvious

You might be a ‘progressive’ if … you think the only thing worse than a poor neighborhood losing a grocery store would be a poor neighborhood gaining a Wal-Mart, a Family Dollar, or a select few other stores that excel at providing goods to the poor (they’re on the list alongside Enemy Restaurants). — YoursContinue Reading

NR columnist shines spotlight on Duke University porn star

The final page of the latest issue of National Review features Kyle Smith‘s “Happy Warrior” column on the hubbub surrounding Duke University student Miriam Weeks, the self-confessed porn actress who decided to shed her clothing on camera in exchange for money to help pay her tuition bill. The good news is that there remains aContinue Reading