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Hanson thinks today’s protesters have ‘jumped the shark’

Just as the Fonz signaled his dissent into silliness and irrelevance with an infamous shark-jumping scene on “Happy Days,” today’s protesters have reached a similar point of decline. That’s the opinion of National Review Online columnist Victor Davis Hanson. Contemporary protestors have reached that moment, when demonstrations exist for demonstrations’ sake, without any consistent orContinue Reading

A possible solution to the student-loan bubble

Paul Kupiec and Ryan Nabil write at National Review Online about one solution to the problems plaguing the federal student loan problem. Just as government-subsidized easy money fueled a real-estate bubble in the 1990s and 2000s, boosting house prices while promoting unwise borrowing and lending, today government-subsidized easy money is fueling an education bubble —Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Kari Travis reports for Carolina Journal Online on assessments of East Carolina University’s new chancellor. Donna Martinez’s Daily Journal recounts a recent meeting with a pint-size entrepreneur.

Leef picks apart leftist writer’s misguided attacks

George Leef writes at the website of the Foundation for Economic Education about the latest screed from Jane Mayer. Jane Mayer is a writer for the New Yorker who knows her audience. It consists mostly of elitist progressives who like hearing that their enlightened transformation of America is imperiled by greedy conservative villains. She hasContinue Reading

Leef probes the transformation of Title IX

George Leef’s latest Forbes column documents disturbing changes in the way federal Title IX has been employed in recent years. Initially, the main impetus behind the law was the rather blatant imbalance between men’s and women’s sports. Professor William Anderson explains in this article published by the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, “I wasContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

The N.C. Supreme Court ruled recently that state lawmakers cannot take tenure away from public school teachers who already have that type of job protection. Terry Stoops analyzes the impact of that court ruling during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Kari Travis reports on the latest round of student protests at a UniversityContinue Reading

Twelfth-grade students underperform on NAEP

Today, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the results of the 2015 Mathematics and Reading Assessments for twelfth-grade students.  The news was not positive. The average mathematics score for twelfth-grade students in 2015 was lower than 2013 by about 2 points.  It was not significantly lower than the first year of the newContinue Reading

Radio forum on higher education’s future

If you missed this morning’s WCHL Radio forum on the future of higher education, you have two more chances to listen to the program on the radio. Dr. Bruce Cairns, chairman of the UNC-Chapel Hill faculty; Dr. William Ingram, president of Durham Tech; Hayley Fowler, Daily Tar Heel reporter and UNC-CH senior; and I answeredContinue Reading