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This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Medicaid expansion would end up being a bad deal for North Carolina. Katherine Restrepo explains why during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. State House Speaker Pro Tem Paul Stam touts recent developments in school choice for North Carolina families, and Jane Shaw of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy discusses efforts amongContinue Reading

Health Care Access

This morning, I saw a headline about the increase in walk-in clinics.  According to the article, some doctors are concerned.  These clinics, such as CVS Minute Clinic, don’t offer preventative care, and they don’t offer the same continuity of care that one receives when regularly seeing the same family doctor.  Or that’s the argument. ButContinue Reading

Obamacare and the “family glitch”

From today’s Washington Examiner: In theory, Obamacare is supposed to offer fully or partially subsidized health insurance to Americans below a certain income threshold if they do not have the option of obtaining affordable coverage through their employers. “Affordable” is defined as coverage cheaper than 9.5 percent of household income. But under a ruling byContinue Reading

Bigger, better (?) hospitals

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek probes one consequence of the federal Affordable Care Act: greater incentives for hospital mergers. To cut costs, health-care providers are linking family practices and specialists with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient clinics. The hope is that consolidating services will eliminate redundancies, reduce waste, and improve patient outcomes by making it easierContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online about the N.C. Chamber’s concerns surrounding proposed federal ozone rules. Katherine Restrepo’s Daily Journal explains how less regulation and more transparency would help lower health care costs.

Reducing Health Care Costs – Less Regulation, More Transparency

When it comes to reforming our nation’s health care system, both sides of the political spectrum point to the “triple aim” — reduce health care costs, improve quality and access, and increase individuals’ overall health. Now that Obamacare has added millions more to public and private health insurance roles, demand for health services will mostContinue Reading

Obamacare takes a key flaw in American health care and makes it worse

Alex Adrianson of the Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” demonstrates one way in which the federal Affordable Care Act is falling far short of its promised impact. Compared to 1960, we pay for health care a lot less with money we’ve taken out of our own pockets and given directly to health care providers. We alsoContinue Reading

Obamacare and the insurance companies: A match made in …

Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner has news for anyone who thought the Affordable Care Act represented Barack Obama’s effort to help the little guy fight those big, mean insurance companies. Remember when President Obama and the Democrats sold Obamacare as a way to stick it to the insurers and painted Obamacare opponents as shillsContinue Reading