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New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with Nick Dranias of the Compact for America about state-based efforts to balance the federal budget. Katherine Restrepo’s Daily Journal assesses the potential impact of a pending U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare subsidies.

Stossel’s brother encounters big government

John Stossel documents for Human Events readers his brother’s reaction to government encroachment on the medical research field. For years, my scientist brother Tom was the nonpolitical Stossel. I defended free markets on TV, and he studied blood at Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Mom asked me when I’d get a “real job” likeContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on research debunking a myth about a link between North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law and hospitals’ provision of charity care. Terry Stoops’ Daily Journal reports that an otherwise problematic N.C. House budget has some good ideas for public education.

How The Obamacare Subsidy Lawsuits Could Affect North Carolina Medicaid Patients

In just one month the Supreme Court will decide whether health insurance subsidies issued under the Affordable Care Act shall only be distributed to insurance companies in state-based exchanges. While it is widely known that there is mounting political pressure for federal exchange states like North Carolina to make the switch to a state exchangeContinue Reading

Parents’ Permission Important to New Hanover School Board

Last month, I wrote about the kindergarten health assessment form, and then a few days later wrote about how the data from the form was being used in New Hanover County. County Health Officials took information from the form, and compiled a report of where all the “fat” children go to school. The report stated 27%Continue Reading

Medicaid Expansion Sign-Ups Surpassing Projections

Politico reports that for many states that have opted for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, enrollments are greatly surpassing original projections. While this phenomena certainly indicates that the law is achieving its goal of expanding coverage, it means that expanding medical assistance to working, able-bodied adults only diverts resources away from the program’s most vulnerable patients. ItContinue Reading

The Texas way of providing emergency treatment

The latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek features Lauren Etter’s article on the impact of Texas’ decision to loosen rules linked to emergency rooms. Holly Westerby was sitting on the sidelines of a YMCA field in Houston watching her 9-year-old son play flag football one Friday night in March when she noticed he kept shaking hisContinue Reading

Still don’t understand the problem with certificate-of-need laws?

Our friends from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University have simplified the CON story for you.