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New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on obstacles linked to a plan to use rural N.C. hospitals for expanded mental health and substance abuse treatment. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal pokes holes in a new poll that purports to show support for costly renewable energy options.

Blue Collar Concierge Medicine Attracting Media Attention

There are over 20 physician practices in North Carolina that offer around the clock care to their patients in exchange for an affordable monthly fee. The health care delivery model, known as direct primary care (DPC), continues to expand across the state and the nation. It’s simple, affordable, and highly disruptive to the status quo.Continue Reading

So much for Obamacare ending the health care debate

Editors at Investor’s Business Daily offer this assessment of the Affordable Care Act‘s long-term viability. Health Care: “I am not the first president to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last.” That was President Obama in a speech before Congress back in Sept. 2009, pitching the health reform plan he’dContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on state auditors’ continuing concerns about security measures for data housed in the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains how North Carolina’s mix of tax sources compares to neighboring states and the nation as a whole.

The Indiana primary and Obamacare’s fate

David Catron writes at the American Spectator about the likely impact of the Indiana primary on the future of the Affordable Care Act. Indiana’s Republican primary is not merely the Cruz campaign’s last chance to stop the Trump juggernaut, it will also determine the ultimate fate of Obamacare. If Trump wins Indiana, … he willContinue Reading

NC researchers: No decline in obesity despite federal policy

Three North Carolina-based researchers have found “no evidence of a decline in obesity prevalence in any age group, despite substantial clinical and policy efforts targeting the issue.” Asheley Cockrell Skinner, Eliana Perrin, and Joseph Skelton’s study, “Prevalence of Obesity and Severe Obesity in US Children, 1999-2014,” has recently been published by the academic journal Obesity. Continue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

The N.C. Supreme Court ruled recently that state lawmakers cannot take tenure away from public school teachers who already have that type of job protection. Terry Stoops analyzes the impact of that court ruling during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Kari Travis reports on the latest round of student protests at a UniversityContinue Reading

Repealing Certificate Of Need Laws Will Give North Carolinians Better Access To Heath Care

With short session underway, there will be a push for lawmakers to repeal North Carolina’s Certificate of Need law – a law in which doctors and hospitals must ask the state permission to build new facilities, expand existing service lines, or update major medical equipment. If you’re on board for legislators to eliminate an outdatedContinue Reading