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Does Medicaid improve patient health outcomes?

While Medicaid is a public health insurance program designed to help the most vulnerable populations, it generally fails to meet its good intentions. Thus, reforming the current system ranks a higher priority. Avik Roy, editor and principal author of Forbes’ Apothecary, just released Transcending Obamacare, a lengthy proposal on how states can realistically pivot towards decentralizedContinue Reading

Are North Carolinians paying for other state Medicaid expansions?

This month, the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report assessing the financial impacts of North Carolina’s decision to forgo the Affordable Care Act’s optional Medicaid expansion. Extending eligibility levels of our broken – yes, broken – medical assistance safety net would cost state taxpayers an additional $300 million per year, amountingContinue Reading

Attkisson takes on DHHS over documents

Leaving CBS might end up being the best thing that ever happened to Sharyl Attkisson, at least from the standpoint of her ability to pursue news stories without fear of pushback from managers who are more concerned about promoting the Obama administration. Attkisson’s latest target is the federal Department of Health and Human Services. SqueezingContinue Reading

What triggers skyrocketing health care costs?

Provider Consolidation. The more market power a hospital has, the more leverage it has over insurance companies – resulting in higher prices for services and higher costs for patients. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina provides a visual of the upward trend of hospital mergers since 2000:   Year 2000:  Year 2014:  

Certificate of Need laws: Outdated legislation that increases health care costs

The Triangle Business Journal recently published an article on the increasing number of surgeries in the local area, due in large part to the aging Baby Boom generation. To meet increased demand, more procedures are being performed in outpatient settings, such as Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), also known as same-day surgery centers. Outpatient care facilitiesContinue Reading

Citizenship issues for 12,300 N.C. Obamacare enrollees?

Marguerite Bowling of the Daily Signal probes new numbers associated with Affordable Care Act enrollment (which might not be as high as originally advertised) among those with immigration or citizenship issues. In another effort to clear up enrollment inconsistencies in Obamacare, the federal government announced that 310,000 enrollees will receive notices about questionable citizenship orContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about a new state audit critical of North Carolina Medicaid approval procedures. John Hood’s Daily Journal assesses the North Carolina newspaper market.

Healthcare delivered in outpatient settings brings consumer benefits

The Triangle Business Journal has recently published an article on the increasing number of surgeries in the local area  - especially due to the Baby Boom generation. To meet this high demand, more procedures are being performed in focused-factory-like outpatient settings, such as Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). ASCs bring many consumer benefits to the table. Not only do theyContinue Reading