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Geraghty explores the politics of Medicaid expansion

Medicaid expansion is a bad idea. It’s also bad politics for potential Republican presidential candidates, as Jim Geraghty explains at National Review Online. Can a Republican governor expand Medicaid in his state, as part of Obamacare’s implementation, and go on to compete for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016? A new poll suggests the answerContinue Reading

Forbes writer says search for hearing aids highlighted a key health care flaw

When Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard realized he needed hearing aids, he encountered evidence of a key flaw in the health care system. Karlgaard explains in his latest column. I could never find time to book an appointment with an audiologist. I talked to well-meaning friends (in quiet rooms so I could hear them) who said,Continue Reading

A strike back against the food police

An article in the latest Bloomberg Businessweek explains why some schools across the country are “Tossing the First Lady’s Lunch.” As superintendent of the Fort Thomas Independent School District in northern Kentucky, Gene Kirchner oversees 3,000 students who buy about 1,400 cafeteria lunches each day. At least they used to. Since federal school lunch nutritionContinue Reading

Medicaid in the State Budget

Medicaid is one of the largest expenditures in state government. In this year’s budget Medicaid accounts for 18 percent of the General Fund and 72 percent of the Health and Human Services budget. A detailed assessment of the Medicaid budget suggested that existing forecasting methods, which were based on previous years’ actual spending levels, wouldContinue Reading

What Hobby Lobby decision?

Sarah Torre of the Heritage Foundation documents for the Daily Signal the Obama administration’s latest attempt to write rules for its employer health insurance mandate. The eighth time still doesn’t seem to be the charm for government bureaucrats. On Friday, the Obama administration released yet another revision to the Department of Health and Human ServicesContinue Reading

No smokes for you

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon details the nanny state’s latest proposal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is seeking to ban all tobacco use at every work place in the country, including businesses that operate primarily outdoors. The agency published a Current Intelligence Bulletin (CIB) on Friday that would advise theContinue Reading

Does Medicaid improve patient health outcomes?

While Medicaid is a public health insurance program designed to help the most vulnerable populations, it generally fails to meet its good intentions. Thus, reforming the current system ranks a higher priority. Avik Roy, editor and principal author of Forbes’ Apothecary, just released Transcending Obamacare, a lengthy proposal on how states can realistically pivot towards decentralizedContinue Reading

Are North Carolinians paying for other state Medicaid expansions?

This month, the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report assessing the financial impacts of North Carolina’s decision to forgo the Affordable Care Act’s optional Medicaid expansion. Extending eligibility levels of our broken – yes, broken – medical assistance safety net would cost state taxpayers an additional $300 million per year, amountingContinue Reading