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Attacking that which is not there

James Capretta explains for National Review Online readers why a recent attack on health care reform plans from leading Republican presidential contenders falls short of the mark. Ezekiel Emanuel recently published an article in the Washington Post in which he criticized the health-care reform plans offered by Republican presidential candidates Scott Walker and Marco Rubio.Continue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

As school kids have headed back to North Carolina classrooms, some political partisans have tried to turn the annual quest to fill teacher jobs into a political issue. Terry Stoops rebuts false claims and offers facts about teacher vacancies during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Katherine Restrepo analyzes some presidential candidates’ health careContinue Reading

How Other States Manage Health Care Competition Under CON

If legislators end up scrapping or reforming North Carolina’s antiquated and useless Certificate of Need (CON) law, it is understood that smaller community hospitals may have difficulty remaining viable if stand-alone outpatient surgery centers enter the market. The House’s reform bill accomodates this situation by requiring newly constructed surgery centers to provide 7 percent charity care toContinue Reading

Why Block Patients From Better Access To Care At A Fraction Of The Cost?

North Carolina patients have already experienced the benefits of less health care regulation (which means better access and lower health care costs): Deregulation: In 2005, the Tar Heel State amended its Certificate of Need (CON) law so that Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) no longer needed to weave through red tape to add gastrointestinal (GI) rooms. Physician officesContinue Reading

Why The Legislature Should Repeal A Health Care Law That Harms Patients

Health care policy decisions usually come with federal strings attached, so it’s a once in a while opportunity when state legislators have full authority to grant North Carolinians more freedom over their health care options. Repealing Certificate of Need (CON) laws is a perfect example. This law requires that medical providers must ask permission from stateContinue Reading

Guess who ends up paying Obamacare’s higher costs?

Robert King reports for the Washington Examiner on hospitals’ response to rising costs associated with the (ahem) Affordable Care Act. Hospitals have found loopholes to avoid penalties linked to Obamacare, but at the expense of patients’ wallets. The controversial law puts an impetus on improving the quality of care, doling out penalties or incentives forContinue Reading

How To Overcome Obamacare

In his new book, Overcoming Obamacare, Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner lays out the nuances among three different schools of thought on how best to repeal and replace or reform Obamacare. Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, champions the Reform School. In his view, incrementally transcending the federal health law is the most politicallyContinue Reading

Republicans Want To Repeal Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax And Replace It With A Cadillac Tax

In Forbes, John Goodman discusses how Republicans oppose Obamacare’s tax on gold-plated employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Instead, conservative ‘Repeal and Replace’ plans propose to place a cap on the tax-exclusion of employer-sponsored health insurance. The takeaway here is that Republicans are opposing and supporting the same concept: There are two big problems. Just about every Democrat inContinue Reading