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Department of Military Affairs creates increase cost for State Budget

When I looked into the creation of a new department after the Governor’s budget suggested it, I thought – how could they create a new department and not spend any more money? Well I was right, bureaucracy is continuing to grow and cost the taxpayers more money. In the House budget (page 120), they specificallyContinue Reading

JLF’s alternative state budget focuses on savings, fiscal discipline

A $400 million budget surplus might entice N.C. lawmakers to look for new ways to spend taxpayers’ money. But the John Locke Foundation’s newly unveiled alternative General Fund budget urges those lawmakers to focus instead on boosting savings and exercising fiscal discipline. Learn more here and by watching the video clip below with the alternativeContinue Reading

Carolina economy is like Krugtron kryptonite

It hasn’t been two full years since New York Times bully and quietly disgraced about-to-be-former Princeton professor “Krugtron the Invincible” declared forcefully that North Carolina’s unemployment insurance reform was “a case of meanspiritedness converging with bad economic analysis.” Counter to more mainstream economic analysis such as by Paul Krugman, whose Macroeconomics textbook with Robin Wells wroteContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Partisan school board races make sense for North Carolina. Terry Stoops explains why during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Sarah Curry analyzes proposals for two new cabinet-level departments in N.C. state government. The head of an existing cabinet department, state Transportation Secretary Tony Tata, discusses his latest military thriller, Foreign & Domestic. You’llContinue Reading

JLF report says new N.C. department for IT makes sense, not for veterans affairs

As N.C. lawmakers debate Gov. Pat McCrory’s proposal to establish two new cabinet-level departments, a new JLF report from Sarah Curry recommends that only one of those departments makes sense at this time. Curry says the case is strong for a new department focusing on information technology. Meanwhile, lawmakers could address issues surrounding current programsContinue Reading

Senate Press Release

Today the NC Senate released a press release in anticipation of tomorrow’s tax filing deadline, April 15th.  See their statements below: Raleigh, N.C. – As the state tax filing deadline approaches, the vast majority of North Carolinians will keep more of their own tax dollars due to policy decisions made by the Republican General AssemblyContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Jesse Saffron reports for Carolina Journal Online that Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget plan seeks efficiencies within the UNC system. Mitch Kokai’s Daily Journal welcomes a surprising addition to the ranks of N.C. tax-hike critics.

Call it what it is….a Gas Tax INCREASE

McCrory signed legislation to enact a new gas tax rate.  While the current gas tax was 37.5¢ per gallon and the new legislation drops it to 36¢, which is technically a decrease in the rate. What the headlines aren’t telling you is that without the new law, the gas tax would have dropped to 29-28¢Continue Reading