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New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on the planned sale of two more state-owned properties. John Hood’s Daily Journal trumpets North Carolina’s recent conservative reforms and explores why some conservatives are displeased with the results.

Lawmakers tout lowering gas tax as session accomplishment, but they actually raised it

The 2015 long session did not disappoint, because it was definitely long.  Lawmakers tackled many issues including Medicaid reform, teacher pay, and tax changes.  But one major issue that many took interest was the change to the gas tax.  If you don’t remember, the gas tax earlier this year was 37.5¢ per gallon and theContinue Reading

DPI examines state funding trends

The NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) recently updated a graph detailing changes to state per pupil funding. It is interesting for two reasons.  First, if Republicans leaders continue to follow the trend depicted below, then North Carolina’s K-12 budget will receive a sizable boost next year. Second, it shows how Democrats slashed state educationContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on Gov. Pat McCrory signing a Medicaid reform bill into law. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal highlights a troubling addition to the state Senate’s farm bill linked to renewable energy.

NC House votes on Economic Development

The NC House voted today on the NC Competes Act, which is a bill which will increase incentives in the state.  The complete press release is below: Today the North Carolina House of Representatives passed HB-117: NC Competes Act with a bipartisan vote of 84-24. HB-117 will now need a signature from Governor McCrory, whoContinue Reading

NC Senate passes final bond proposal

A press release from the NC Senate was released today following a vote they had on a bond package. In a strong bipartisan vote Wednesday, the North Carolina Senate tentatively approved a final $2 billion bond package to support critical infrastructure needs in the state’s public universities, community colleges, National Guard installations and local waterContinue Reading

Medicaid reform bill passes Senate

Medicaid reform has been a topic for many years.  As the largest budget expenditure after education, Medicaid has caused budget problems for years – and now the legislature is determined to reform the program to give better care and more budget predictability.  Below is the press release that came out this morning from the NCContinue Reading

NC Senate voted to increase corporate welfare

A press release was sent out by the NC Senate late last night about their vote to extend the JDIG program for an additional 3 years.  See the entire release below: In a unanimous vote, the North Carolina Senate on Monday tentatively passed legislation that will continue efforts to recruit new jobs and businesses toContinue Reading