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Republicans raised salaries; NCAE didn’t

NC Association of Educators (NCAE) leaders continue to complain that the 10.3 percent average salary increase awarded to teachers by Republican legislators and Governor McCrory since 2013 is insufficient and even insulting. Yet, the North Carolina Staff Organization, which represent the NCAE’s unionized workforce, claims that NCAE staff “have not received a salary increase inContinue Reading

No, Republicans did not shut down NC New Schools

Yesterday, North Carolina New Schools, a nonprofit organization that specialized in developing early-college high schools, announced that they had closed.  Representatives of the group cited “cash flow problems that were directly related to growth and the speed of growth” as the reason. The group has received tens of millions of dollars in grants throughout theContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

The latest Carolina Journal Online parody highlights a proposed episode of “Naked and Afraid” featuring North Carolina’s governor and Charlotte’s mayor. (Remember, folks, it’s a parody.) The Daily Journal focuses on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper’s complaint that Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget plan uses some one-time money for education purposes.

Brian Lewis gets it right

I agree with Brian Lewis, former lobbyist for the NC Association of Educators and Managing Partner at New Frame, Inc. Let’s have an honest conversation about K-12 education spending – one that acknowledges all missteps along the way.

Review of WRAL’s “Grading Teacher Pay”

Last night, WRAL aired “Grading Teacher Pay,” a short documentary examining various aspects of the teacher pay debate in North Carolina.  I posted some thoughts on the documentary here. My general take is that it “was like a Jim Hunt Big Mac, hold the Berger.”

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith and Dan Way report for Carolina Journal Online on the prospects for a limited spending increase and additional tax cuts in the next N.C. state budget. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains how recent state budget restraint has helped Gov. Pat McCrory and legislative leaders as they address this year’s budget priorities.

Restraint in growth, tax cuts, investments in education, getting folks back to work – off to a good start

With the General Assembly set to begin the short session on Monday, discussion will focus on the 2016-17 state budget. We’ve heard the Governor’s priorities and have a good idea of where legislative leaders are headed. Think in excess of $22 billion in state funding, but (sit down, please) when you add in federal fundingContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Gov. Pat McCrory wants 5 percent average pay raises and 3.5 percent average bonuses for N.C. public school teachers. Terry Stoops analyzes McCrory’s proposal during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. State Sen. Andy Wells discusses the General Assembly’s recent review of state occupational licensing rules. Thomas Maher of the N.C. Office of IndigentContinue Reading