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Governor appoints “bipartisan” textbook commission

Last week, Governor McCrory (R?) appointed 22 members to the State Textbook Commission.  The commission evaluates and recommends textbooks to be used in North Carolina’s public schools, so it is a fairly important job. Just for the heck of it, I checked N.C. State Board of Elections records to determine the voter registration of eachContinue Reading

Rep. Tim Moore files July 25 sine die resolution

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe. Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, and chairman of the House Rules Committee has filed a July 25 sine die resolution. That, the approval of a Common Core repeal bill acceptable to Gov. Pat McCrory, and a bit of a break in the budget deadlock indicate thatContinue Reading

Gov. Pat McCrory says he’ll sign bill replacing Common Core

Gov. Pat McCrory says he will sign the bill replacing Common Core with North Carolina standards, which just cleared the General Assembly. McCrory said in a statement: “I will sign this bill because it does not change any of North Carolina’s education standards. It does initiate a much-needed, comprehensive and thorough review of standards. NoContinue Reading

State officials hopeful that unemployment debt will be paid off early

It’s looking like North Carolina businesses will pay off their unemployment insurance debt to the federal government three months earlier than anticipated. According to a Division of Employment Security press release, the debt owed to the federal government to pay off borrowed unemployment benefit funds dropped from $2.6 billion to $980 million. Officials hope theContinue Reading

Plenty of drama without film incentives

Think of all the drama. The House brings in non-members to bolster its position in the budget impasse. Then senators stage a walkout. Now the governor is threatening a veto if the Senate version is adopted. It’s looking like we’ve got plenty of drama in the capital city without film incentives.

Budget Negotiations through Press Releases

Up until today the budget has been discussed, as it has been for decades, in a committee meeting or between legislators in their offices.  Today budget negotiations were communicated through press releases.  Yes, that’s right, press releases.  The House, Senate and even the Governor’s office have all weighed in on budget talks via press releasesContinue Reading

Common Core repeal clears the Senate; the House is next

The Senate just passed the conference report that would repeal the Common Core standards. The vote was 33-12. All it lacks is an affirmative vote by the House, which will likely come next week, before going to the desk of GOP Gov. Pat McCrory. The bill sets up an 11-member advisory commission to recommend newContinue Reading

WRAL headline at best misleading, at worst a flat-out lie

WRAL is reporting that “NC education spending on decades-long slide.” What they really mean is that education spending, as a percentage of the total state budget, has decreased due to the demands of Medicaid and various other state-funded enterprises. Indeed, there is a big difference between a decrease in spending (stated in the headline) andContinue Reading