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One positive unintended consequence of Congress’ unwillingness to pass a regular budget

As Sean Lengell reports for the Washington Examiner, lawmakers seem less interested these days in securing one job that used to be coveted on Capitol Hill. Republican leaders this week named four incoming freshmen to the Senate Appropriations Committee — another sign the historically powerful panel is losing relevance and appeal among lawmakers. A spotContinue Reading

Leef’s latest Forbes column highlights Compact for America’s balanced budget goal

A day after Compact for America’s Nick Dranias outlined the group’s plan to pursue a streamlined path toward a federal balanced budget amendment, George Leef devotes his latest Forbes column to analysis of Dranias’ plan. Thomas Jefferson agreed that federal borrowing was dangerous. In a letter written to James Taylor in 1798, he stated, “IContinue Reading

Compact for America offers compact (no pun intended) process for producing federal balanced budget amendment

Roadblocks within the American constitutional amendment process have stymied those seeking a federal balanced budget amendment. But the head of the group Compact for America says his organization has found a way to streamline the process so that an amendment could be finalized within a year. Nick Dranias, CFA president and executive director, discussed theContinue Reading

The growing national debt problem

Alex Adrianson highlights in a Heritage Foundation “Insider Online” entry some disturbing information about federal government debt. The publicly held federal debt reached 74.4 percent of gross domestic product in 2014, which is nearly double its historic average of 38 percent. Romina Boccia’s “Federal Spending by the Numbers” reports that the more realistic projections showContinue Reading

Saving money by slimming Fannie and Freddie

Daniel Wiser reports for the Washington Free Beacon about a great way to trim the federal government’s fat. Reducing government subsidies to housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could shrink the federal deficit by more than $8 billion in a decade, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). … …Continue Reading

Now that they’ve won elections

Quin Hillyer outlines in a National Review Online column how conservatives on Capitol Hill ought to pursue policy improvements — big and small. Hillyer starts by recounting a conversation with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana. “I’m excited about the opportunity finally to move bills through both the House and the Senate, and putContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Rick Henderson reports for Carolina Journal Online on state officials’ request for further “legal review” of a stimulus grant linked to U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s family. John Hood’s Daily Journal explores massive growth in government spending since the Great Depression.

The deficit is down, but …

Alex Adrianson of the Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” looks beyond the headlines tied to recent news about the federal deficit. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the 2014 federal deficit rings in at $486 billion. That’s 2.8 percent of gross domestic product—the federal budget deficit’s smallest share of the economy since 2007. (It was nearlyContinue Reading