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Rent-seeking, the renewable energy business model

Rent-seeking is a strange term; it’s the economists’ version of the infield fly rule. If you’re in the know about rent-seeking, it’s likely you are conversant in economics. The president is not. (Which shouldn’t surprise, since so many of his economic schemes depend upon inverted demand curves to work. He hasn’t issued an Executive OrderContinue Reading

Inigo Montoya can only do so much

The president gave a speech earlier this week praising his administration’s regulations dictating energy-efficiency standards, its recently unveiled unprecedented onslaught of federal regulations vis-a-vis his “Clean Power Plan,” and its exorbitant menu of federal tax incentives for renewable energy. He boasted of the success of these federal intrusions into energy markets, which, he said, let’s be honest, has someContinue Reading

Just another special-interest lobby seeking plunder

There is a very active special-interest lobby in North Carolina. Dozens upon dozens of its lobbyists are a constant presence at the North Carolina General Assembly. They desire: Exorbitant, ongoing investment tax credits for their industry Generous accelerated depreciation schedules Consumers forced by law to purchase an increasing amount of their product All of theContinue Reading

‘Green energy’ businesses trolling for government goodies

Lachlan Markay reports for the Washington Free Beacon on a summit this week designed to connect “green energy” businesses to the well-connected politicians and power brokers who can keep the tax incentives flowing to their industry. Green energy businesses gathered in Las Vegas on Monday for an annual conference hailing progress in the cleantech industryContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

She became the focal point for criticism about the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, but now Aldona Wos is out as that department’s secretary. Rick Henderson assesses Wos’ legacy and discusses new secretary Rick Brajer during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. You’ll also hear highlights from Gov. Pat McCrory’s announcement ofContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features longtime N.C. political insider Phil Kirk’s assessment of the state’s governors. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal dispels myths about the cost-competitiveness of renewable energy sources.

The fourth enemy of renewable energy: physics

Nature, economics, math, and also physics. My newsletter discusses the importance of Mark P. Mills’ extensive discussion in Forbes of renewable energy generation and the “weird” physics of electricity. In brief, what makes electricity weird is that it has to be consumed at the moment it is generated. In that sense it is unlike any other criticallyContinue Reading

EPA’s rules could kill more people than they save

Michael Bastasch of the Daily Caller highlights a new report that questions the purported benefits of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. The EPA claims its Clean Power Plan will end up saving lives from reducing air pollution, but a new report by a free market energy group warns the agency’s global warmingContinue Reading