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About those efforts to reduce poverty

Zack Colman of the Washington Examiner focuses attention on a new analysis of rising energy prices. A 10-percent increase in home energy costs would push 840,000 more Americans below the poverty line, according to a new report from two Republican senators. Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Tim Scott of South Carolina released their reportContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Medicaid expansion would end up being a bad deal for North Carolina. Katherine Restrepo explains why during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. State House Speaker Pro Tem Paul Stam touts recent developments in school choice for North Carolina families, and Jane Shaw of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy discusses efforts amongContinue Reading

Jindal turns the tables with the ‘science denier’ label

Alex Pappas reports for the Daily Caller that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has a much different view from those climate alarmists who speak of “global warming deniers.” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal referred to President Obama and his administration as “science deniers” on Tuesday. Over lunch with a handful of reporters, the possible Republican candidate forContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online about a North Carolina State professor’s critique of the sunny story surrounding solar energy. Roy Cordato’s Daily Journal explains why cutting carbon dioxide emissions won’t cool the world.

‘Those’ Duke researchers show that hydraulic fracturing is safe

The News & Observer reported in August that [Robert Jackson and Avner Vengosh of Duke University] are among the few academics issuing high-profile challenges to energy industry claims that drilling is environmentally safe, yet they have had a low profile in fracking deliberations in Raleigh. But as state officials prepare for a last round ofContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Voters will choose justices for North Carolina’s Supreme Court in November. But Gov. Pat McCrory has given some candidates in judicial elections a leg up on the competition by appointing them to fill unexpired terms on the state’s highest court. You’ll hear highlights from McCrory’s announcement of Mark Martin as the state’s new chief justiceContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Carolina Journal Online highlights a new John Locke Foundation report on the chemicals used in fracking. John Hood’s Daily Journal details positive reforms within the University of North Carolina system.

Federal study: Hydraulic fracturing safe to proceed in California

The report, commissioned by the federal Bureau of Land Management, investigated possible effects of well stimulation technologies (WST) in California. It points out that potential energy resources are at shallower depths in California and normally require vertical rather than horizontal drilling and fracturing. The shallower depths made possible groundwater contamination more of a concern; however,Continue Reading