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Another solar energy poll plays Hide The Costs, because it has to

Triangle Business Journal reports on a poll by a group calling itself “Conservatives for Clean Energy” that supposedly finds “strong support for clean energy in NC.” If you examine the poll questions, which is made rather annoying by a click-through Flash presentation, you will realize something is missing. It’s the same thing that’s always missingContinue Reading

RPS mandates raise electricity prices, harm employment and household income

That’s the aggregate finding of a newly released study of renewable portfolio standards mandates. My newsletter discusses the study, its finding regarding electricity prices and the critical importance of the cost caps in keeping electricity prices from skyrocketing under North Carolina’s RPS mandate. It also discusses a flaw in the study causing it likely toContinue Reading

Cordato will cry no tears for GE

The latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek highlights the news that falling gas prices are creating problems for one major company. Not long ago, oil looked like a black gold mine for General Electric. The company known for toaster ovens and lightbulbs wrapped up a three-year, $10 billion buying spree in 2013 to bolster the growingContinue Reading

New at CJO: N.C. renewable energy mandate costs jobs, millions in utility payments

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online about a new report that demonstrates North Carolina’s renewable energy mandate has cost 24,000 jobs and $14.4 billion in forgone personal income, while raising electric ratepayers’ bills by $149 million.

A confusing request — to those who believe the malarkey that NC’s renewables mandate is lowering electricity prices

The Charlotte Observer reported last week that Duke Energy wants to pay North Carolina solar farm developers 15 percent less for their electricity than it now does, according to filings this week. … Duke says this year’s lower rates are a result of falling natural gas prices. Renewable energy rates are based on the costsContinue Reading

Cordato cries no tears over falling fuel prices

The latest issue of Fortune magazine devotes nine pages to an article about fears that falling oil prices might signal that the North Dakota shale oil boom is nearing its end. Roy Cordato reminds us that the falling gas prices that cause concerns for oil companies represent good news for everyone else. Gasoline and otherContinue Reading

America is not behind the times in ‘clean energy’

Robert Bryce explains for National Review Online readers why the claim that America is some sort of “clean energy laggard” is off-base. Of the myriad claims being made about energy, the one most in need of debunking is this: The U.S. is losing out to countries such as China and Germany when it comes toContinue Reading

Striking a blow against Big Oil … or not

Nathan Leamer of the R Street Institute examines for the Daily Caller the practical implications of the president’s decision to veto Keystone XL pipeline legislation. Many environmental groups and high-profile celebrities praised the president’s veto, claiming the pipeline would “pose an incredible risk to the health and safety of our families and a livable planet.”Continue Reading