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Double Fail: Solar Energy and Government Incentives

Add this to the annals of unsurprising failures, both as regards solar energy and government incentives. According to the AP, a massive solar plant that uses cutting edge technology and promised huge electricity production, isn’t producing anywhere close to the amount of electricity predicted.  And, oh yeah, it also got government help to get upContinue Reading

CEI chief offers wish list for lame-duck Congress

Lawson Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute outlines for Human Events readers positive steps the outgoing Congress could take before leaving Washington for the holidays. [F]or members of Congress who want get something done before the year, and the current congressional session ends, here are five opportunities to have a positive effect on the economyContinue Reading

Forbes cites several lessons from recent U.S. energy boom

Steve Forbes offers Forbes magazine readers his assessment of the recent boom in the U.S. energy sector. AT THE RECENT FORBES Global CEO Conference in Singapore renowned energy expert Daniel Yergin pointed out a remarkable fact that underscores the extraordinary change in the U.S. energy picture. After decades of decline in domestic oil production andContinue Reading

Solar Energy – What’s wrong with this picture?

This is puzzling. Yep, that’s a map of major solar projects across the country.  Notice anything odd? Why on earth do we have such a high concentration in North Carolina?  We don’t have the sort of environment that naturally lends itself particularly well to solar like Arizona.  We don’t have the largest population and consequentlyContinue Reading

Speaking of boosting the energy economy …

For an “expert outlook” on energy issues, Bloomberg Businessweek consults Harold Hamm, chairman and CEO of Continental Resources. How long can the U.S. shale boom keep going? It’s not a boom as much as a renaissance. We have new technology, horizontal drilling, that has been applied in this country. We’re going to see there’s aContinue Reading

A liberal makes the case for ending the ban on U.S. oil exports

Among those supporting an end to the federal ban on U.S. oil exports is former Clinton and Obama economic adviser Larry Summers, who offers his reasons in a brief article for Bloomberg Businessweek. “If we allow oil exports, the price received by U.S. producers will rise, which will lead to more production—meaning more employment andContinue Reading

Williamson urges adding more energy to the American economy

Kevin Williamson explains for National Review Online readers why an increased focus on energy could mean a major boost for the American economy. “Less is more” might work in the context of the aesthetic of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or the poetry of Robert Browning, but in the economy of real things, more isContinue Reading

Green Energy Pumpkins

When I saw a friend watching a clip from the Colbert Report last night, I thought this had to be something Stephen Colbert was fabricating – the federal government suggesting that we carve renewable energy pumpkins. But no.  A quick trip over to revealed this lovely image on the front page.  The U.S. DepartmentContinue Reading