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Cordato cries no tears over falling fuel prices

The latest issue of Fortune magazine devotes nine pages to an article about fears that falling oil prices might signal that the North Dakota shale oil boom is nearing its end. Roy Cordato reminds us that the falling gas prices that cause concerns for oil companies represent good news for everyone else. Gasoline and otherContinue Reading

America is not behind the times in ‘clean energy’

Robert Bryce explains for National Review Online readers why the claim that America is some sort of “clean energy laggard” is off-base. Of the myriad claims being made about energy, the one most in need of debunking is this: The U.S. is losing out to countries such as China and Germany when it comes toContinue Reading

Striking a blow against Big Oil … or not

Nathan Leamer of the R Street Institute examines for the Daily Caller the practical implications of the president’s decision to veto Keystone XL pipeline legislation. Many environmental groups and high-profile celebrities praised the president’s veto, claiming the pipeline would “pose an incredible risk to the health and safety of our families and a livable planet.”Continue Reading

North Carolina solar’s ‘enviable position’ of needing perpetual life support

To hear them tell it, solar is a powerhouse industry that would collapse like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if any state support were removed. —11/18/13 This “extraordinary success story” apparently needs to be on the public teat longer than Pu Yi, the boy emperor of China. — 3/25/13 It’s a bit like saying Zacchaeus wasContinue Reading

New Hampshire’s costly renewable portfolio standard

A new report from the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University (BHI) shows the costs that the New Hampshire, its employees, and its ratepaying families will bear to meet the state’s ambitious renewable portfolio standard (RPS) mandate that 24.8 percent of electricity sold to consumers be from renewable energy sources by 2025. Renewable energy sourcesContinue Reading

Commentary columnist gives three cheers for fracking

Arthur Herman‘s latest feature article for Commentary magazine delves into liberals’ objections to the American energy industry. Among the most interesting elements of Herman’s work is his full-throated defense of hydraulic fracturing. Fracking—a technique that uses a mixture of chemicals, sand, and water to break apart deep formations of oil- and gas-rich shale rock andContinue Reading

Drawing the Wrong Conclusion XVIII — another edition of ‘that cronyism is bad because it can’t go to this cronyism’

Fuel Fix carries the following headline: Obama budget would slash oil tax breaks Good. Energy costs are highly impactful, especially on poor consumers. We need a healthy, level playing field for competing energy providers to compete for our business, not government favors. It’d be an encouraging step for the government — especially this administration —Continue Reading

Cutting subsidies makes sense everywhere

My colleague Roy Cordato has written and spoken in recent weeks about the fall in gas prices and why it’s good news.  His basic argument is that petroleum is an input into virtually everything we buy, so not only do lower gas prices make it less costly to fill up our cars (leaving more moneyContinue Reading