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Developing ad hominem attacks to defend bad EPA rules

Though it’s employed quite frequently, the ad hominem attack does nothing to advance a debate. An ad hominem attack targets an opponent’s character rather than addressing his argument. Those who employ ad hominem attacks typically do so when they have no substantive arguments of their own. With that background in mind, Lachlan Markay of theContinue Reading

Entrepreneurs hope to succeed where government has failed with fusion

The latest issue of Fortune magazine features an article on entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and Paul Allen and their efforts to succeed where government has failed in developing cost-effective nuclear fusion. For more than half a century governments around the world have been trying to solve the challenge of nuclear fusion. In theory itContinue Reading

Looking at the back story of global warming alarmism

John Hinderaker of the “Power Line” blog investigates corruption linked to the global warming alarmist movement. We have often written about the fact that the world’s governments pour billions of dollars annually into the global warming project, the object of which is to increase the powers of government. And yet governments, the main parties thatContinue Reading

Daily Caller column documents a ‘shale shock’

Steve Gorham of the Climate Science Coalition uses a Daily Caller column to put recent energy innovations involving shale in perspective. The world has changed. Although few yet understand it, the revolution in the production of oil and natural gas from shale has altered the course of global energy, affecting most of the world’s people.Continue Reading

What to do with expired solar panels? Threats to public safety and the environment? Maybe we should study this. Right, NCGA?

There are lost of reasons to be concerned about the impact of the solar industry on NC’s economy. Aside from higher energy costs and subsides for decades, what to do with spent solar panels once they’ve outlived their usefulness is yet another concern.  See here and here and here for questions, concerns and alerts on problemsContinue Reading

How a new president might stop Obama’s climate policies

John Siciliano probes for Washington Examiner readers how the next U.S. president might undo President Obama’s counterproductive climate policies. A Republican president may have to jump through hoops to undo key parts of President Obama’s climate change agenda, but in the end, installing a new commander in chief may prove the easiest option for rollingContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

North Carolina’s new state budget arrived more than two months later than expected, but fiscal conservatives still have plenty of reasons to cheer about the final product. Becki Gray explains why during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Troy Kickler highlights North Carolina’s role in crafting the U.S. Constitution, and you’ll learn why freshmanContinue Reading

Carter Wrenn borrows a very bad argument

From the conclusion to my recent Spotlight report on renewable energy: In North Carolina, electricity consumers have no choice in their electricity provider. This fact should, first of all, never provide an excuse to use this lack of a free market to enrich special interests at the expense of captive ratepayers. In return for this guaranteedContinue Reading