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Dispatches from the campaign trail, September 18, 2014

• Two news ads from the Koch brothers-funded Freedom Partners Action Fund go after Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s record on veterans health reform and her vote backing Obamacare, respectively. • At a forum last night for Supreme Court candidates sponsored by the Triangle Lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society, chief justice candidate Ola LewisContinue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, September 17, 2014

• The Democratic Public Policy Polling firm finds the race between Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis, and Libertarian Sean Haugh stabilizing, with the two frontrunners in the same place this month that they were in August — Hagan with 44 percent, Tillis 40. Haugh’s support has slid over the monthContinue Reading

Boston Globe columnist isn’t buying the anti-incumbent argument

Despite a Democratic Massachusetts congressman’s upset loss in a primary last week, Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby offers some sobering news to those who would like to see more incumbents dropping like flies in 2014. It’s not hard to understand why so many members of Congress come to regard incumbency much as medieval kings regardedContinue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, September 16, 2014

• The eight contenders for positions on the N.C. Supreme Court will appear Wednesday evening at a forum sponsored by the Triangle Lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society. Donna Martinez, co-host of Carolina Journal Radio and WPTF news anchor, will moderate the event. • The Oct. 21 U.S. Senate debate sponsored by Time Warner CableContinue Reading

In case you missed him …

Rick Henderson analyzed the most recent polling in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race for Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight.”

Dispatches from the campaign trail, September 15, 2014

• It’s polling day! The Republican firm American Insights releases a survey showing incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan with a 9-point lead over Republican Thom Tillis among “likely voters,” 43-34. Libertarian Sean Haugh gets support from 5 percent. (More from CJ’s Barry Smith here.) Meantime, a new Elon Poll also shows Hagan with a lead, thoughContinue Reading

AI Poll: Kay Hagan opens up a nine point lead over Thom Tillis

A new American Insights Poll shows incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan opening up a 43 percent to 34 percent lead over GOP House Speaker Thom Tillis in the race for a seat that could help tilt the partisan balance of the Senate. Libertarian Sean Haugh has 5 percent. While 64 percent of the respondentsContinue Reading

Why is Haywood the only county that elects its Tax Collector?

Positions in local governments are sometimes elected or appointed, depending on the position and the jurisdiction. Tax collectors are typically an appointed position, with the exception of Haywood County. Haywood County is the only county in North Carolina that still elects its Tax Collector. This was made possible by a law passed in the GeneralContinue Reading