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Santorum emphasizes family, education issues in legislative briefing

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who’s considering another presidential run in 2016, discussed family and education issues during a meeting with N.C. lawmakers at the state Legislative Building this morning. Santorum focused on issues state legislatures can address, then took questions about his presidential decision and other topics. Click play below to watchContinue Reading

Williamson responds to the Cruz critique

Kevin Williamson‘s latest column at National Review Online offers an alternative view to those who believe Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has no chance to win the 2016 presidential election. It is March of 2015. It is foolish to be offering statements that are not merely confident but purportedly definitive regarding who is not going toContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, March 25, 2015

• Citing last year’s U.S. Senate race between incumbent Democratic loser Kay Hagan and Republican winner Thom Tillis, Roll Call notes that competitive primaries can sharpen challengers (like Tillis) to run a successful general election race against an incumbent — so long as the primary winner unites the party and is someone unaffiliated voters canContinue Reading

Fund explores the prospects of a (don’t laugh) Joe Biden presidency

John Fund‘s latest column at National Review Online delves into the apparent interest among some Democrats in elevating Vice President Joe Biden to the nation’s top political job. How worried are Democrats that Hillary Clinton might be a problem as the Democratic nominee? Some are even thinking of Joe Biden as an alternative. A draft-BidenContinue Reading

Hear Ted Cruz, the first announced 2016 presidential candidate, April 13 in Raleigh

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, announced today he will seek the 2016 GOP nomination for president. The John Locke Foundation will host a Headliner Luncheon event with Cruz April 13 in Charlotte(oops) Raleigh. Tickets are available, and you can reserve yours here. It will be the first of several Headliners JLF will host over theContinue Reading

Weekly Standard’s Ferguson follows Jeb Bush on the trail

Andrew Ferguson of the Weekly Standard documents his time traveling with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s campaign entourage, and Ferguson adds to his firsthand observations a political profile of the latest Bush pursuing the White House. Other Republicans have more substantial reasons to oppose him, or think they do, especially among the self-consciously conservative activistsContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on a proposal for a new state Occupational Licensing Commission. John Hood’s Daily Journal reviews recent history of N.C. politicians trying to rewrite election rules.

Daily Caller highlights Hillary’s hurdles

Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller outlines several obstacles Hillary Clinton would face on her way toward the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Restless Progressives Clinton’s wooing of Elizabeth Warren says it all. Late last year, she reportedly met with the anti-Wall Street crusader, whose fans on the left have been urging her to challenge Clinton.Continue Reading