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Hagan spin team hopes TV stations can’t use a dictionary

Remember: Businesses owned by family members of Kay Hagan received more than $400,000 in direct federal stimulus funding, tax credits, and other renewable energy payments and Team Hagan wants you to believe no one in the family benefited from the free cash. This helps explain the latest installment in the ad war saga involving thoseContinue Reading

Spoiling the previous Haugh-as-spoiler narrative

It has been received wisdom for months — almost to the point of the election headlines having already been written — that Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Sean Haugh was going to spoil the election for the Republican, House Speaker Thom Tillis. As Democrats fretted Senate races in other states, here in North Carolina thereContinue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, October 23, 2014

• The campaigns of 7th District Congressional candidates Jonathan Barfield (Democrat) and David Rouzer (Republican) have new ads on YouTube. Barfield: Rouzer: • Early voting opens today! Find an early voting site and the hours it will be open at your county Board of Elections site using this portal. • Speaking of early voting, inContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on a lawyer’s concerns that the NAACP might be promoting efforts to violate North Carolina’s election law. Katherine Restrepo’s Daily Journal explores the growing popularity of direct primary care.

Dispatches from the campaign trail, October 22, 2014

• As Republican Thom Tillis took the stage for a debate Tuesday next to an empty chair representing incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, new ads from both sides are on the air. The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s ad highlights Hagan and her family’s use of stimulus funds for family-owned businesses. The Hagan campaign is upContinue Reading

Heritage expert evaluates significance of Texas voter ID ruling

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation devotes a Daily Signal column to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Texas’ voter identification law. On Saturday, the Supreme Court rejected an emergency petition filed by the NAACP and refused to overrule the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which had thrown out an injunction against theContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Joe Johnson profiles for Carolina Journal Online the rematch in North Carolina’s Senate District 1 election. John Hood’s Daily Journal notes the importance and effectiveness of advertising in election campaigns.

Dispatches from the campaign trail, October 21, 2014

• U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan comes out with an ad defending herself from reporting suggesting her family businesses benefited from federal taxpayer handouts. • Yours truly’s take on all this is here. CJ’s reporting and analysis is here. And Politico discusses the state of Hagan’s Senate race with Thom Tillis here. • Unless the situationContinue Reading