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Not everybody is on board with the whole economic growth thing

Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute devotes his latest National Review Online column to a peculiar phenomenon among some left-of-center political partisans. They may have wildly different ideas about how to get there, but all sides have agreed on the basic destination: a growing economy. Until recently. Lately, on the Left a new strain ofContinue Reading

Gov. Pat McCrory signs distillery sales bill

Gov. Pat McCrory has signed the distillery sales bill, which will allow local distilleries to sell one bottle of spirits on premise for off-premise consumption to an individual once a year. Said House Majority Leader Mike Hager, R-Rutherford: “We heard from business owner after business owner across the State about ABC provisions that were impedingContinue Reading

Mayor of Charlotte weighs in on the new Sales Tax distribution proposal

That is exactly the question former Senator and current Mayor of Charlotte Dan Clodfelter answered in an opinion piece he had published in the Charlotte Observer today.  He brings up a lot of very good points, and basically calls out the Senate leadership for proposing a plan for income distribution.  What do you think?  HisContinue Reading

NC Senate’s economic development and new tax plans

Today the Senate Commerce Committee met to discus economic development.  Also discussed during the meeting was part of the Senate’s long awaited tax plan.  Here is the entire press release from today: Raleigh, N.C. – Senate Republicans proposed a comprehensive economic development solution Wednesday that provides balanced tax relief to North Carolina families and businesses,Continue Reading

NC Battleship needs to admit where they REALLY get their money

I went to the NC Battleship a couple of months ago and there were signs everywhere stating they were 100% funded with private donations.  I thought that was incorrect, and the House budget made it very easy to prove the Battleship wrong. In the Speaker’s press release that came out this morning about the passageContinue Reading

Volvo Announces SC Manufacturing Plant

South Carolina is touting the success of their economic development incentives this week following a press release from Volvo, announcing a manufacturing plant just outside of Charleston. The plant is planned to draw investment upwards of $500 million and 2,000 jobs. SelectUSA heralds the plant as the first US manufacturing facility for Volvo, who sitesContinue Reading

N.C. suing FCC over Wilson broadband ruling

Props to Attorney General Roy Cooper, who filed a lawsuit challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s February ruling overturning a state law limiting municipal subsidies to city-owned broadband services. Cooper cited federal overreach in the filing. In that Order, the FCC preempts North Carolina ‘s statutory law and provisions …. governing municipal provisioning and operation ofContinue Reading

In case you missed him …

Rick Henderson discussed for Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” program Volvo’s decision to site a new manufacturing plant in South Carolina.