Economic development

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    Local governments can step back

    Triad Business Journal ran a story today with the headline, Developer pushes agtech ‘mega campus’ forward in Research Triangle Park.  This is good news! I’ve written before about why it’s a bad idea for local governments to set up business parks or build industrial megasites or buy land…
    Julie Tisdale, July 6, 2017
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    But I thought the governor said businesses don’t pay attention to taxes

    A New York-based outfit dubbed Fit Small Business begs to differ. Danielle Chemtob reports for the Triangle Business Journal. Entrepreneurs and business owners need look no further than the Tar Heel state to set up shop — North Carolina came out on top in a new study of the…
    Mitch Kokai, July 5, 2017
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    Is Public Broadband the Answer, Or Can Private Markets Do a Better Job?

    Writing at (the online Fayetteville Observer), JLF President and CEO Kory Swanson joins the Mercatus Center’s Brent Skorup explains why the idea of more government involvement in the providing of internet serves is well-intentioned, but flawed policy. Some people may remember the high-profile struggles of “municipal cable” in the…
    Donna Martinez, July 2, 2017
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    Cotton Mill Restoration Offers Lesson In Economic Development 

    JLF’s Julie Tisdale has been pointed with her criticism of Rocky Mount’s ill-conceived event center. Now she’s happy to learn about a cotton mill restoration project near Rocky Mount that is largely driven by private investment and led by private developers. Real all about it here.
    Donna Martinez, June 29, 2017
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    HB 900 could be better

    HB 900 was introduced earlier this year and presented a number of options for additional taxes that municipalities would be able to levy on their citizens. I didn’t like it, and I wrote about it here. Fortunately, in the eight weeks since, the bill has been revised. The current…
    Julie Tisdale, June 26, 2017
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    The Wrong Entrepreneurship

    Robert Litan and Ian Hathaway began three years ago to examine why fewer new businesses are being created. Their first attempt to explain things in 2014 found that slowing population growth and business consolidation were the two main factors. They acknowledged policy differences could have independent roles and could also contribute to population…
    Joseph Coletti, June 13, 2017
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    JLF’s Becki Gray Explains Unfairness Of Targeted Incentives

    Level the field for all businesses and industries. That’s Becki Gray’s message to host Joe Stewart on “Bottom Line.” Watch Becki here.
    Donna Martinez, June 12, 2017
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    Picked Up By Greensboro News & Record: JLF’s Tisdale On High Point’s Misguided Stadium Plan

    She’s a baseball fanatic, but JLF’s Julie Tisdale isn’t happy with High Point’s latest swing at a stadium. Published at On Monday, April 3, as teams across the country opened their seasons in front of excited fans, High Point voted, 8-1, to spend $15 million on a downtown…
    Donna Martinez, June 8, 2017