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Incentives Fail

WRAL has a piece online today proclaiming, “Despite big job promises, incentives often fail to deliver.”  Having looked at various incentive announcements by state and local governments over the past few years, I didn’t find the headline even remotely surprising, but I thought I’d see what they had to say. Warning: the piece is long.Continue Reading

Media: We need to follow Alabama’s lead on incentives so we don’t end up like Alabama

Economic incentives packages — special tax breaks negotiated for particular companies or industries while all others continue to pay higher rates for the apparent crime of not closing up shop but continuing to employ North Carolinians and engage in commerce in this state — are among the worst examples of government cronyism. If cronyism isContinue Reading

A casino in Kings Mountain? Voters should decide, not city council.

As a Gaston County native that frequently traveled to Kings Mountain, a casino is not something one would expect in the small town in Cleveland County.  There are still towns in Cleveland County that haven’t passed liquor by the drink, I would guess they would be hard pressed to find overwhelming public support for aContinue Reading

Why environmentalists should love fracking

This week, Stephen Moore wrote a great piece on fracking that is worth reading in its entirety. The game-changer for the U.S. has been the shale oil and gas revolution over the past six years brought about through new smart drilling technologies. The U.S. is now the largest natural gas producer in the world. AndContinue Reading

Landmark federal study adds to research consensus on safety of fracking

A comprehensive U.S. Department of Energy study of hydraulically fractured wells in Pennsylvania — whose importance and preliminary results were discussed here, in my Policy Report on fracturing, and in my Spotlight report on fracking chemicals — has been finalized. The full report is viewable here (pdf file). The Associated Press reports: The final reportContinue Reading

Drawing the Wrong Conclusion XV: the Commerce cause-and-effect edition

To the self-defeating idea of economic incentives, Decker is an endless Rickroll; she is never gonna give you up never gonna give you up never gonna give you up … — Yours truly, 8/2/13 The presumption is that political decision makers have special insight that is not available to private investors about the value addedContinue Reading

Wait, who paid for that film report?

Film industry supporters who want the state to continue giving their industry generous tax credits like to tout NC State professor of supply chain management Rob Handfield’s study of those credits. They also like to make it seem as if the study is from NC State. Take the recent pro-incentives column by Wilmington author WileyContinue Reading

Nevada gives up $70 million in film incentives to lure Tesla

Apparently North Carolina isn’t the only state getting partially out of film incentives but certainly not out of state incentives. A changing of the cronies is definitely upsetting to the former cronies, but to taxpayers and unfavored businesses, nothing changes. From Nevada: The major showdown of the Legislature’s special session to approve $1.25 billion in taxContinue Reading