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Cutting subsidies makes sense everywhere

My colleague Roy Cordato has written and spoken in recent weeks about the fall in gas prices and why it’s good news.  His basic argument is that petroleum is an input into virtually everything we buy, so not only do lower gas prices make it less costly to fill up our cars (leaving more moneyContinue Reading

Enough with the film incentives already!

They just won’t go away!  According to the News & Observer, “Production companies can now apply for NC film grants.”  Just wonderful. These grants are a replacement for North Carolina’s tax incentives scheme for film production, and while the Locke Foundation has argued against film incentives for years and was glad to see them go,Continue Reading

Time to rethink NC’s ABC laws

On Saturday evening, I visited the Top of the Hill Distillery in Chapel Hill.  While there are breweries and wineries popping up all over the state, there are far fewer distilleries in North Carolina, so the tour and tasting there was a bit different – and really interesting.  I learned a bit about the distillingContinue Reading

Hurray for lower gas prices!

Today, I saw gas in Raleigh for $1.99 a gallon.  And there was much rejoicing.  I sent an excited text.  I greeted the friend I was meeting for lunch with, “Guess what!”  I felt like I’d just gotten a raise.  Because in effect, I have.  We all have.  And that is good news. Not onlyContinue Reading

Enough incentives already!

Really?  We’re back here again?  Evidently Job Development Investment Grants, historic preservation tax credits, and film incentives are all back on the table, because the governor thinks North Carolina needs them. Dan Way, quoting Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown, says it well in his latest Carolina Journal article. “If it’s all just about money andContinue Reading

Eminent domain bill won’t prevent a state version of Kelo

Barry Smith writes at the Carolina Journal that Rep. Chuck McGrady has proposed an amendment to the N.C. State Constitution barring the government from taking private property except where there is a “public use,” which is the traditional standard enshrined in the federal constitution. The amendment would also require “just compensation” (whatever that is), which isContinue Reading

No return to historic preservation tax credits

We only just got rid of these!  The Historic Preservation Tax Credits expired at the end of 2014, and that was a good thing.  But now, two weeks into the new year, we’re hearing rumblings that they may be coming back.  Really?! Essentially, these tax credits aim to help out the owners of some buildingsContinue Reading

Some of the highest gas prices in the country are right here in North Carolina

Gas prices are falling across the country, including here in North Carolina.  But our prices will remain higher than those in neighboring states.  According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), there are only six states in the country with higher state taxes on gasoline than North Carolina.  (Click the map below to be directed toContinue Reading