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This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

North Carolina counties awarded $284 million in targeted incentives from 2009 to 2014. Sarah Curry analyzes this number and other details from her first-of-its-kind compilation of county government incentives during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Becki Gray discusses a state budget proposal that would increase state and local government transparency. Reason magazine’s DamonContinue Reading

Madison County wants more economic development, but more sales tax revenue won’t help

There is a proposal in the General Assembly to reallocate sales tax revenues in a way that benefits rural counties and hurts urban counties. Jim Baker, a Madison County commissioner and retired superior court judge, said the lack of revenue from local sales taxes hurts county economic development efforts. “We do not have industry movingContinue Reading

NC Economist agrees that Economic Incentives should be banned

For years the John Locke Foundation has been claiming that economic incentives distort the free market and pick winners and losers.  A recent article by the Asheville-Citizen Times is talking about a recent JLF study on county economic incentives, and the comments included in the article from a local Asheville economist hit the nail onContinue Reading

State fiscal policy DOES MATTER TO BUSINESS!

Highlighting findings from a recent JLF study on county economic incentives, the Asheville-Citizen Times wrote an article focusing on Western North Carolina and Buncombe County’s use of incentives.  The article begins the discussion of talking about the incentives given to Buncombe County: Buncombe offered $30 million in taxpayer dollars as incentives to businesses from 2009-14,Continue Reading

Transparency is good for local government finances

An opinion piece that is making its way around various newspapers in the state.  Here is an article Patrick Gannon wrote about a provision in the Senate budget coupled with the recent economic incentives report published by JLF, and why local governments need to be more transparent. One thing I’ve noticed in 16 years coveringContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Carolina Journal Online highlights a new John Locke Foundation report showing that N.C. counties promised $284 million in targeted incentives from 2009 to 2014. Katherine Restrepo’s Daily Journal focuses on North Carolina’s higher-than-average number of health insurance mandates.

Economic Incentives: County by County

Check out the new JLF report on county economic development incentives here.

Durham, Wilson, and Iredell counties top the list for incentives paid by counties to private businesses

North Carolina’s 100 counties derive their spending authority from the General Assembly.  The state legislature permits local governments to raise tax revenue, budget and manage that revenue, and disburse funds to support activities at the discretion of elected officials.  Counties have also been given broad authority to engage in economic development activities.  Currently there isContinue Reading