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New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online about privacy concerns surrounding a new student data mining system. Sarah Curry’s Daily Journal examines the ongoing N.C. debate involving incentives and economic development.

Another $5 million down the drain

A press release came out from the NC Senate boasting about giving a failing program an additional $5 million for corporate welfare.  I’m so glad I pay taxes so lawmakers can spend it this way – NOT! Senate Passes Bill to Provide Additional $5 Million to JDIG Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina Senate onContinue Reading

How many economic development bills are there?

Governor McCrory wanted the legislature to address his desire to give more money away to corporations as soon as the session began.  Well, it worked!  So far the legislature has filed 15 bills dealing with economic development.  Oh, and guess what….none of them are to repeal the use of corporate welfare.  That’s right….a Republican controlledContinue Reading

City of Eden trying to encourage bad tax policy

The Eden Preservation Commission is made up of members appointed by the city council.  On March 16, the commission voted on a resolution to be presented to multiple state government officials.  There are seven members on the commission, and only one voted against this resolution.  It is unfortunate that only one member of the commissionContinue Reading

4 Republican legislators are pushing their version of “free” community college in NC

If you thought President Obama’s stumping for “free” community college was nothing but hot air, you were likely wrong. It may have been mostly hot air, but the power of the bully pulpit is not to be underestimated. Here in North Carolina, home of a “trifecta” Republican government, legislators appear to have fallen for the president’sContinue Reading

NC Gives most Incentive money to Apple

Reason has published a subsidy tracker, essentially a search engine for economic development subsidies.  So now when our legislators are saying, “well, everyone else is doing it” we can see exactly what the other states are doing.  The Subsidy Tracker currently contains data on 265,000 subsidy awards from 551 programs in all 50 states andContinue Reading

McCrory loves his Incentives

The expected but disappointing large expenditures within McCrory’s budget were those tied to incentives.  Here are some of his highlights about expanding or creating new incentive programs across the state.  While his highlights have a positive spin on these programs, we all know they are really just disguised corporate handouts.

Everything you wanted to know about the new JDIG incentives legislation

From the bill summary released in House Finance and Appropriations on March 3, 2015. CURRENT LAW: JDIG is a discretionary program of the State that provides funds to incentivize new or expanding business to create jobs in the State. The amount of the JDIG incentive to a company is equal to between 10% to 75%Continue Reading