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Not to pick on Raleigh

Because it’s hardly just Raleigh. Other places — Charlotte, Miami, on down to Ocean City, Maryland — like the big, shiny numbers and are “not as concerned about the validity of those numbers.” Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published a similar example. Robert J. Caprara’s “Confessions of a Computer Modeler” included the followingContinue Reading

Raleigh marathon gets IMPLAN-inflated

Read about it in my newsletter today. A snippet: The paper reported that the Carolina Hurricanes had an estimated economic impact per game of about $1 million. The average home game attendance was just shy of 18,000 fans (17,971). Bear those figures in mind when reading about an economic impact study of Raleigh’s Rock’n’Roll Marathon.Continue Reading

You might be a ‘progressive’ if …

… you’re furious at the thought of Gov. McCrory giving economic incentives to an auto parts company, and you’re furious at the thought of ending economic incentives to film production companies. Apparently that Enemies List of companies includes auto parts but excludes film productions, which leads you into tirades not over this sort of cronyismContinue Reading

Study finds California’ film incentives a net money loser, too

The Legislative Analyst’s Office of California published a study on April 30, 2014, that found California’s production tax credit returned to the state 65 cents per dollar expended. Which would put California right in line with all the other states returning pennies on the dollar on film tax incentives. North Carolina’s program returns about 19Continue Reading

In case you missed it …

The latest edition of Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” featured John Locke Foundation analysis of efforts to privatize much of the N.C. Commerce Department.

No need for new economic development incentives

A bill before the North Carolina Senate would create a new state tax credit for small businesses that get the federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), if they decide to make these federally credited investments in North Carolina. The idea would be to further incentivize investment in poorer areas in the state. The small businessesContinue Reading

JLF’s Agenda 2014 offers recommendations to promote liberty, prosperity, growth

Conservative leaders in the N.C. General Assembly and in Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration have adopted a number of positive reforms in recent years. More work remains to be done to help promote liberty, prosperity, and economic growth in North Carolina. The John Locke Foundation’s new Agenda 2014 offers more than 100 recommendations for lawmakers toContinue Reading

The ABC Commission’s microbrewery rules…

This is why I just love, love, LOVE government regulation.  Because it leads to really sensible outcomes that clearly protect people and make our lives better. Marty Kotis owns restaurants in Greensboro.  And, in a move I find entirely unsurprising, he’s decided to get into the microbrewery business.  Microbreweries are all the rage.  They’re poppingContinue Reading