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New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on possible implications for North Carolina of a Texas court case striking down occupational licensing restrictions. John Hood’s Daily Journal notes that North Carolina ranked N0. 9 among the states in job creation over the past year.

N.C. Supreme Court reverses Appeals Court in court records dispute

The N.C. Supreme Court has reversed the N.C. Court of Appeals and determined that a database collecting criminal records from courthouses across the state does not have to be treated as a public record. The ruling goes against data-collection company Lexis/Nexis, which had argued that a copy of the database should be treated as aContinue Reading

N.C. Supreme Court rules against husband convicted in Raleigh murder

The N.C. Supreme Court has reversed the state Court of Appeals in the Jason Young murder case. The high court’s opinion today throws out the Appeals Court’s order of a new trial. Now the case heads back to appellate judges for review of Young’s other grounds for appeal. Young was convicted and sentenced to lifeContinue Reading

N.C. Supreme Court rules against Cooper in Aqua North Carolina rate case

The N.C. Supreme Court today upheld the N.C. Utilities Commission’s 2014 decision to permit Aqua North Carolina, the state’s largest nomunicipal water utility, to raise its water and sewer rates in North Carolina under certain circumstances without a public hearing. The decision batted down state Attorney General Roy Cooper’s attempt to overturn the Utilities Commission’sContinue Reading

N.C. Appeals Court affirms prior rulings in two CON disputes

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has affirmed an administrative law judge’s ruling that FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital did not need to get a new state certificate of need “to reallocate the ratio of inpatient and emergency services on a temporary basis to meet fluctuations in demand, where the hospital didContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features a conversation with Reason magazine’s Damon Root about his book Overruled. It details the conflict on the political right between those who support judicial activism and those who prefer judicial deference. Kristen Blair’s Daily Journal focuses on the growing number of families who opt out of publicContinue Reading

Voter integrity group joins legal fight over voting laws

Joe Schoffstall reports for the Washington Free Beacon on plans to fight a concerted attack on state voting integrity laws. An election integrity group has filed motions to assist three states that have been hit with anti-voter ID lawsuits. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election group headed by attorney J. Christian Adams, is seekingContinue Reading

Leef’s latest Forbes column ponders the next Supreme Court vacancy

George Leef devotes his latest Forbes column to the next opening on the nation’s highest court. Before long, there will be some vacancies on the Supreme Court. Americans who care about the relentless expansion of governmental power that’s turning us from a nation of free, self-reliant citizens into a gaggle of supplicants should start thinkingContinue Reading