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Redistricting….could that process change?

Right now, the North Carolina the redistricting process is the responsibility of the legislature, but a recent US Supreme Court ruling might change that. According the the US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, Arizona voters are now permitted to establish an Independent Redistricting Commission.  This means the authority to redraw district lines has beenContinue Reading

Leef offers Forbes readers a tool to help understand recent Supreme Court rulings

Mad at the U.S. Supreme Court? Unsure why justices have issued recent rulings? George Leef suggests in his latest Forbes column that a recent book can help you understand the recent batch of decisions from the nation’s highest court. In late June of each year, the Supreme Court reveals many of its decisions in theContinue Reading

In case you missed him …

Rick Henderson’s latest appearance on Time Warner Cable News’ statewide “Capital Tonight” program included an assessment of political implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

Leef highlights one good Supreme Court ruling for Forbes readers

The news from the nation’s highest court isn’t all bad. George Leef’s latest Forbes column highlights a good ruling from earlier this week. On June 22, the Supreme Court released its decision in Horne v. Department of Agriculture. When I wrote about Horne after oral arguments last fall, I called it the “raisin ripoff” caseContinue Reading

King v. Burwell not the only bad U.S. Supreme Court decision Thursday

Roger Clegg explains for National Review Online readers why U.S. Supreme Court watchers have more than one reason to take issue with the high court’s actions Thursday. The Supreme Court today ruled 5–4 (Justice Kennedy writing the majority opinion, joined by the four liberals) that “disparate impact” claims may be brought under the Fair HousingContinue Reading

JLF’s Katherine Restrepo reacts to the Obamacare decision

Katherine Restrepo, health and human services policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation, discusses today’s 6-3 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States upholding subsidies under the Affordable Care Act and what could follow from it. The 3:59 interview follows.

Epstein says the Kelo decision still looks bad 10 years later

Richard Epstein offers National Review Online readers his assessment of Tuesday’s 10-year anniversary of the Kelo v. New London U.S. Supreme Court eminent domain ruling. Ten years later, my reaction is the same as it was at the time: truly horrible. Justice Stevens and the Supreme Court were tone-deaf as to what moves people inContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online that parents and private schools wait anxiously for a state Supreme Court ruling on North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. John Hood’s Daily Journal challenges left-leaning partisans’ sense of moral superiority.