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Paying for robots to read to preschoolers

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon documents another questionable use of federal tax dollars. The National Science Foundation is spending nearly a half a million dollars to create robots that can tell stories to preschoolers. The $440,885 project seeks to “push the envelope” of normal storytelling aimed at four-year-olds. The Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyContinue Reading

TN study: Pre-K benefits fade by third-grade

Researchers at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Research Institute found that gains from participation in the Tennessee Voluntary Prekindergarten (TN-VPK) program did not last. In A Randomized Control Trial of a Statewide Voluntary Prekindergarten Program on Children’s Skills and Behaviors through Third Grade, researchers examined academic and behavioral measures for 1,076 low-income children.  Of that total, 773Continue Reading

CMS to create video to address transgender issues

According to the October 2015 contracts report, the State Board of Education awarded $10,000 in federal funds to the Charlotte-Meckleburg Schools (CMS) to “complete a video and curriculum guide for addressing transgender issues in schools.” Some will question the creation of the video and curriculum guide for this purpose, but I have a different concern. Continue Reading

Child poverty rate drops in NC

Annie E. Casey Foundation reports that, while the child poverty rate remained flat nationwide, 2014 American Community Survey data indicate that the rate dropped in North Carolina.  The Casey Foundation notes, At the state level, child poverty rates improved in 24 states as well as the District of Columbia.  Seventeen states saw no change, and theContinue Reading

Where does the Lottery Money go?

New Assessments for Kindergarteners – Bigger Concern Is Data Collection

North Carolina kindergartners arriving at school this fall will be given the new Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA). In fact, this assessment has to be completed the first 60 days of school. This assessment is not paper and pencil, but a process used by teachers anytime during the day to gather “Evidence” on how the childContinue Reading

Parents’ Permission Important to New Hanover School Board

Last month, I wrote about the kindergarten health assessment form, and then a few days later wrote about how the data from the form was being used in New Hanover County. County Health Officials took information from the form, and compiled a report of where all the “fat” children go to school. The report stated 27%Continue Reading

Feds: We collect data on toddlers’ social and emotional development!

The National Center for Education Statistics recently launched a blog to discuss their work and findings. Yesterday, a post by Jill Carlivati McCarroll and Gail Mulligan titled, “Does the Department of Education collect information on young children’s social and emotional development?” appeared. Here is the first half of the answer posed in the title: Yes,Continue Reading