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GCS official: “Say This, Not That” for Public Schools

In the June 2015 issue of the American School Board Journal, Nora Carr, chief of staff for North Carolina’s Guilford County Schools, offers some messaging pointers for public school employees and advocates. She writes, “Borrowing from the ‘Charter School Messaging Notebook’ and public school messaging research conducted in North Carolina by the Neimand Collaborative, hereContinue Reading

Random things in the House Budget that no one is talking about….

Every year when the budget comes out people focus on the big items such as education and Medicaid, but what about those small things that no one really talks about? I want to highlight some of those today. All of these spending items came from the House Budget’s final edition. Exempt Sales Tax for Non-profitContinue Reading

Department of Military Affairs creates increase cost for State Budget

When I looked into the creation of a new department after the Governor’s budget suggested it, I thought – how could they create a new department and not spend any more money? Well I was right, bureaucracy is continuing to grow and cost the taxpayers more money. In the House budget (page 120), they specificallyContinue Reading

Magnet and charter schools: Another double standard

Today, Keung Hui of the News and Observer focuses on Wake County’s high-poverty magnet schools, some of which are having difficulties attracting applicants.  It is a pretty interesting read. I cannot help but compare the plight of Wake County’s magnet schools to another public school option, charter schools.  While magnets and charters are different –Continue Reading

In case you missed it …

Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” asked for the John Locke Foundation’s assessment of conservative concerns surrounding the N.C. House budget plan.

New Carolina Journal Online features

Harry Painter reports for Carolina Journal Online on costs and controversy surrounding university commencement speakers. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains how an increase in state budget reserves now can help prevent tax increases in the future.

Transportation fix heads to the President

The U.S. House passed a two-month reauthorization (H.R. 2353) of highway and transit programs last Wednesday.  The Senate passed the measure on Saturday and it now heads to the President. In the Senate the legislation passed via a voice vote to keep the Highway Trust Fund programs running until July 31. The two-month extension requiresContinue Reading

Should we celebrate Head Start’s 50th anniversary?

Answering the above question depends on whether the $8 billion program actually produces lasting benefits for low-income children. In an interview with PBS Newshour, Russ Whitehurst, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, raises doubts about the efficacy of Head Start, The evidence is that it did some good when it was first introduced in theContinue Reading