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Who profits from public schools?

Linda Welborn, a member of the Guilford County Board of Education, has figured it out…or so she thinks. The new charter school movement, backed by big money, has infiltrated North Carolina. Our children are the ones who will lose as profit-mongers consume more tax dollars. North Carolinians – whether promoters of choice, traditional public schoolsContinue Reading

Want to give this school board more money?

Yesterday I discussed Superintendent Mo Green’s desire to increase the Guilford County Schools budget by tens of millions of dollars. Today, the GCS Board of Education is one member short after someone alerted the media and school board that December appointee Chris Gillespie did not live in the district he was appointed to represent. It’s anContinue Reading

Guilford County Schools budget request

Marquita Brown of the News and Record reports that GCS Superintendent Mo Green will request that county commissioners approve a $26 million boost to the district’s budget. Brown spends a lot of time describing revenue and expenditures from state sources.  I mean, isn’t the NC GOP responsible for GCS’s funding hardships? NC Department of PublicContinue Reading

In case you missed her …

Becki Gray analyzed for Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” recent legislative haggling over the next N.C. state budget.

What’s a ‘mindful eating intervention’?

Elizabeth Harrington‘s latest discovery within the maze of mind-boggling government spending involves third-graders’ eating habits. She documents her findings for the Washington Free Beacon. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is spending nearly $150,000 to test a “mindful eating intervention” on third graders in California. A grant awarded earlier this month outlined the project thatContinue Reading

About that ‘doc fix’ solution

James Capretta explains for National Review Online readers why a proposed permanent solution to the Medicare “doc fix” problem falls short of the mark. For starters, despite claims made by supporters of the emerging bill, it is highly unlikely that the legislation will reduce long-term Medicare spending. The Congressional Budget Office has not yet releasedContinue Reading

Budget proposes moving DNPE into Governor’s Office

The Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) is a small office housed in the Department of Administration.  DNPE oversees over 61,000 home schools and around 700 private schools throughout North Carolina.  Governor McCrory’s budget recommends placing DNPE “under a unified office attached to the Governor’s Office.” If the measure survives the lengthy budget process, it wouldContinue Reading

How are the states financing their Medicaid payments?

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released the comprehensive questionnaire data from a survey conducted on states’ methods for Medicaid payment financing from fiscal 2008 through fiscal 2012 (using the state fiscal year calendar). States finance the nonfederal share of Medicaid expenditures largely through state general funds, but also with other sources such asContinue Reading