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Fishing and Hunting license fees….did you know….

Fishing and hunting license revenue is subject to legislative assent to certain federal acts, which mandate that North Carolina can become ineligible to receive certain federal funds if it diverts license revenue from the control of the Wildlife Resources Commission.  Again, the federal government is telling the states what to do with their own money.Continue Reading

Performance Based Budgeting with Community Colleges

It’s budget time, and its when state agencies should start looking at performance standards when asking for budget changes.  The NC Community College System serves a large number of students and are located across the state.  While none would argue their importance to our state, maybe their performance should play a role in getting aContinue Reading

Why NC Pensions are so lucky…

North Carolina’s state employees have many people to thank for the good job done regarding their pensions.  Treasurer Janet Cowell manages the state’s pension fund and as reported by Morningstar, a renowned independent global investment research firm, NC is the third strongest funded state pension system in the country.  The report ranked North Carolina thirdContinue Reading

The high cost of military strength

Thomas Donlan devotes his latest Barron’s editorial commentary to sobering news linked to federal defense spending. A poignant Washington joke has it that the federal government is really an insurance company that also operates the world’s strongest military, just in case anyone tries to mess with the benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and theContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man examines Obama’s war on … austerity

Jim McTague‘s latest “D.C. Current” column in Barron’s focuses on President Obama’s latest push for federal spending increases. McTague focuses on the 69th annual Economic Report of the President. Since Truman’s day, the report has evolved into a highly partisan document that is 50% political propaganda, 50% self-serving data, and zero percent honest introspection, althoughContinue Reading

The problem of open-ended congressional spending

Jim Harper highlights for the Cato Institute’s blog a little-known factor in federal government overspending. It’s a form of open-ended spending tied to Congress’ two-step process. First, there must be an authorization of appropriations. Then Congress appropriates funds, providing actual authority for executive branch agencies to spend. The committees in Congress are divided by typeContinue Reading

How are State Budgets doing?

National: How much of each state’s budget goes to education? Kansas: Governor signs bill addressing Kansas’ budget shortfall The $344 million budget shortfall for this year has been eliminated, but there is a projected $597 million for next year. The failure of the KS Governor and Legislature to honestly balance the budget means tougher decisionsContinue Reading

Justice Center Report highighlights problems with NC incentive program

There is a bill in the NC House to raise the cap on the amount NC can spend on incentive programs.  In addition to raising the cap, Governor McCrory also wants to create a closing fund, so he can offer more money to a company to ‘seal the deal’. While these are two bad ideas, theContinue Reading