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DPI spins teacher survey

In their June 2014 Public School Partners Newsletter, N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) officials try to spin the results of the 2014 Teacher Working Conditions Survey to make it appear that working conditions have deteriorated over the last two years.  I discussed the survey results here and found few differences between the 2012 and 2014Continue Reading

UNC researchers seek activists’ opinion of education changes

When I want to investigate the reactions of activists toward recent education legislation, I just read the News & Observer editorial page. In all seriousness, why limit the scope of the study to “activists” whose opinion is not representative of the electorate?

NCTQ ranks teacher education programs

This week, the National Center for Teacher Quality (NCTQ) published their 2014 Teacher Prep Review, which evaluates and ranks many of the nation’s undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs. The highest ranked programs in North Carolina included the following: Elementary programs (national rank): Elon University – Undergraduate (22) University of North Carolina at Wilmington –Continue Reading

Clarification of “Should the legislature cut the DPI budget?”

Since the publications of my newsletter last week, “Should the legislature cut the DPI budget?,” it has been brought to my attention that some readers may have misinterpreted the graph included in the Facts and Stats section. Indeed, as I reread the article, it does appear that there is a lack of context about dataContinue Reading

Judge: California teacher tenure laws are unconstitutional

A California Superior Court judge ruled that the state’s teacher tenure law is unconstitutional.  Judge Rolf M. Treu’s ruling in In Vergara v. California is pretty powerful, Distilled to its basics, the State Defendants’/Intervenors’ position requires them to defend the proposition that the state has a compelling interest in the de facto separation of studentsContinue Reading

Corporations overwhelmingly support Common Core

Curiously, Democrats who support the Common Core State Standards do not seem to mind that large multi-national corporations, including Exxon Mobile, are strong proponents of the standards.  In fact, some of these corporations profit (!) from it. Politics makes strange bedfellows and even stranger offspring.

Obama’s school lunch crusade: A disaster for NC

Championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and passed in 2010, The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was designed to provide more nutritious school meals for public school children.   In North Carolina, this well-intentioned piece of legislation has been a catastrophe, sort of like New Coke. This week, the N.C. State Board of Education will hear anContinue Reading

If you like your tenure, you can keep your tenure

Rumored to be a quote from Senator Phil Berger… I have been as clear as I can be.  Under the reform Republicans proposed, if you like your tenure, you keep your tenure.  If you like your current pay plan, you keep your current pay plan.  These folks need to stop scaring everybody.  Nobody is talkingContinue Reading

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