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Still debating the same education issues…56 years later

From Report of the Commission for the Study of Teacher Merit Pay and Implementation of a Revised Public School Curriculum (1960) Recommendations: Make teachers salaries competitive with salaries in other states. Provide funds so that the State Board of Education can reduce class size and provide for librarians, guidance counselors, nonteaching principals, special education teachers,Continue Reading

WalletHub mocked for teacher ranking

According to WalletHub, New Jersey is the best state for teachers. Education Week reporter Emmanuel Felton had a little fun with WalletHub’s ridiculous ranking. That may come as a surprise to people who follow K-12 education news or teacher policy. There is perhaps no state where teachers are locked into a more hostile relationship withContinue Reading

More school choice will ease social ills

Dr. Bartley R. Danielsen, associate professor of finance and real estate at N.C. State University, makes a compelling case that school choice can help disadvantaged children.  Danielsen writes, What force seems to be driving families across the county lines? It’s school assignments. Middle class families flock to the areas with good assigned schools, and theyContinue Reading

Legislature’s fiscal research staff detail teacher pay increases

According to the Fiscal Research Division of the N.C. General Assembly, Governor McCrory and state legislators have authorized the following average pay increases for teachers over the last four years: 2013-14: 0% 2014-15: 7% average 2015-16: 3.8% average with bonus and 2.2% without bonus 2016-17: 4.7% average Total (cumulative average): 15.5% (with bonus) or 13.9%Continue Reading

Sowell on ‘favors’ to blacks

Another “must read” from Thomas Sowell. A big “favor” the Obama administration is offering blacks today is exemption from school behavior rules that have led to a rate of disciplining of black male students that is greater than the rate of disciplining of other categories of students. Is it impossible that black males misbehave inContinue Reading

Clickbait website ranks NC 44th for teachers

Wallethub released their “2016’s Best & Worst States for Teachers” ranking and North Carolina jumped six spots to 44th in the nation. The site’s ranking methodology never made any sense to me, so I refuse to link to the page. Google it, if you are so inclined, or just wait for the politicos to beginContinue Reading

Remedial coursetaking rates are alarming

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a report last week that examines postsecondary coursetaking between 2003 and 2009. The report indicates just how few high school graduates are prepared for college-level coursework, particularly in math. The NCES study does not included state-level data or analyses.  For more information on remediation rates in NorthContinue Reading

NC one of only eight states that teach about political parties and ideology

“State Standards Scratch the Surface of Learning about Political Parties and Ideology” is a working paper published by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE). Researchers Paula McAvoy, Rebecca Fine, and Ann Herrera Ward examined social studies standards for each state and found that only eight, Arizona, Hawaii, Indiana, NewContinue Reading

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