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NC vs. the world in math, reading, and science

Results from the 2015 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) were released today. PISA tests allows comparisons of student performance for students who reside in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations.  North Carolina was one of a handful of U.S. jurisdictions to participate in PISA testing.  This was the first time a sampleContinue Reading

State Superintendent June Atkinson farewell remarks

June and I have had our share of differences through the years.  But those differences never became personal.  Most differences of opinion really shouldn’t.  In fact, “important” policy debates and political disagreements often took a backseat to a discussion of my boys’ teachers or my wife’s middle school. I always appreciated that. Most importantly, IContinue Reading

TIMSS: U.S. still mediocre in math and science

Results from the 2015 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) were released today.  TIMSS measures mathematics and science performance of fourth- and eighth-grade students from as many as 55 countries and jurisdictions. In 2015, U.S. students scored much higher than they did in 1995.  Unfortunately, most scores have plateaued since 2011 and remainContinue Reading

Hess: “Education Is So Far Left, It Can’t Really See the Right”

Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute and the Rick Hess: Straight Up blog drops some knowledge. My point is not that my friends on the left are necessarily wrong. It’s that we live in a big, diverse nation and people can honestly disagree on big questions. Unfortunately, many in education spend so little timeContinue Reading

Voting in the “Quay”

Arrival: 7:17 am Polling place: Fuquay Varina High School Wait: 20 minutes (but only because my name begins with the letter “S”) Number of ballots cast before mine: 224 Alcohol available: none

WRAL poll: Plurality support vouchers

A WRAL News/SurveyUSA poll released Tuesday shows that there is solid support for private school vouchers in North Carolina. It was not long ago that the word “vouchers” would scare off a sizable chunk of poll respondents.  Not any more. Support for vouchers among Democrats and those who identify as “very liberal” was a bitContinue Reading

Study defies conventional wisdom on teacher quality

For decades, education researchers have concluded that low-income students are taught by less effective students than their higher-income counterparts.  These differences are then used to explain why there is an achievement gap between the two groups. A new study, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences and conducted by Mathematica PolicyContinue Reading

NAEP science scores mixed

Results from the 2015 National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) Science Assessment were a mixed bag for North Carolina. Among fourth-grade students, the statewide average score in 2015 was higher than the 2009 average score and was not statistically different from the 2015 national average. Among eighth-grade students, North Carolina’s statewide average score was higherContinue Reading

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