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Dr. Charles van der Horst: Republicans have “blood on their hands”

I guess this is a preview of the kind of hyperbole we’ll hear from the Left this session. Fun.

UNCW: The Official Supplier of Propaganda for NC Liberals ®

WECT in Wilmington reports on another teacher survey conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Megan M. Oakes, a graduate student in the UNCW Department of Public and International Affairs, and Watson College of Education professor Janna Siegel Robertson co-authored the survey, “North Carolina Public School Teachers: Reactions to Teacher Evaluations andContinue Reading

WaPo demolishes NC Budget and Tax Center analysis

Did the N.C. General Assembly’s 2013 tax reform package raise taxes on 80% of North Carolinians? In a television ad attacking U.S. Senate candidate and N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis, pro-Democratic group Senate Majority PAC said yes.  Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post examined the claims and awarded it “Three Pinocchios,” which is an adContinue Reading

Democratic LA: Republicans are evil and racist

Friends, meet Vickie Spears.  Vickie is the legislative assistant (LA) for Senator Michael Walters (D- Columbus, Robeson). In a News & Observer profile of President Pro Tem Phil Berger, Vickie purportedly added a few comments to the story (see screenshot below).  Unlike her wimpy liberal colleagues, she had the courage to write what she reallyContinue Reading

UNC professor embarrasses self with ridiculous Common Core letter

Robert Sealock of Chapel Hill has something to say and the News & Observer let him say it! In his May 3 letter “ A standards evaluation commission the way to go,” Jerry Tillman, a legislator from Archdale, tried to prove that Republicans are not politicizing the battle against common core by citing Dr. TerryContinue Reading

Use Dix proceeds as seed money for Teacher Endowment Fund

Yesterday, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest proposed creation of the North Carolina Teacher Endowment Fund, a permanent fund that would provide alternative funding source for teacher compensation. Forest suggested that the legislature could tap a few revenue sources for the fund, such as proceeds from a “teachers are groovy” license plate, a tax refund checkoff forContinue Reading

Prediction: N&O will hate McCrory’s teacher pay plan

I’ll go out on a limb and say that the editors of the News & Observer are preparing their usual “Republicans are evil” editorial in response to Governor McCrory’s teacher pay initiative.   McCrory’s proposal includes the following elements: Increase the base pay for North Carolina teachers to $35,000. Teachers in steps 8-12 will receive increasesContinue Reading

N&O editorial reads like crappy political novel

I decided to have a little fun with the pathetic News & Observer editorial on the recent teacher tenure decision: Plot: Evil legislators hatch plan to exact revenge on political opponents…by passing legislation that their opponents do not like!  (Don’t worry, the whole “legislative process” subplot is not mentioned.) Chapter 1: Evil Republicans wink atContinue Reading

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