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Are Republicans pretending to like public schools?

N.C. Policy Watch’s Rob Schofield declares that we’re seeing an “election year switcheroo on public education.”  He argues, Over the last two years, however, as the 2016 election has begun to loom larger and larger on the political horizon, much of the tone and tenor, if not all of the substance, has shifted. Suddenly, whatContinue Reading

Wake parents with special needs kids choose home schools

A few days ago, WTVD ran a story about a mother filing a due process complaint against the Wake County Schools.  The district assigned her Down syndrome daughter to a different school so that she could be in a classroom with other disabled students.  The mother alleges that the new educational environment was harmful forContinue Reading

Despite claims about inputs, outcomes are improving

It will disappoint many on the Left that student performance has not crashed and burned. So far, their criticisms of Governor McCrory and the Republican General Assembly have focused on personnel and the purse.  They claim that teacher pay raises have been insufficient and, thus, Republicans have undermined teacher recruitment and retention efforts.  In addition,Continue Reading

State test scores higher, charters continue to impress

On Thursday, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction released proficiency rates, graduation rates, school performance grades, and other outcome measures for the 2015-16 school year. Most proficiency rates were higher than in years past.  In elementary and middle school math, 54.7 percent of students scored at or above grade level, a 2.5 percentage point increaseContinue Reading

Performance pay produces gains

A new study published by the U.S. Department of Education suggests that there is a relationship between performance pay and student test score gains. In “Evaluation of the Teacher Incentive Fund: Implementation and Impacts of Pay-for-Performance After Three Years,” researchers from Mathematica Policy Research examined the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), a federal program that supportedContinue Reading

NC’s ACT scores unchanged

While the national ACT scores dropped slightly, the percentage of North Carolina students who met college readiness benchmarks in English, math, reading, and science remained at 18 percent.  The percentage of students who met college readiness benchmarks in each of the four subjects also did not change from 2015. (Click on the graphic to enlarge.)

Private school fighting back against voucherphobia

Private schools that accept voucher students need to push back against uninformed voucherphobes.  Here is a letter to the editor from Lauri Ake, principal of Fayetteville Christian School, that does just that: Fayetteville Christian School decided to become a participating school in the N.C. Opportunity Scholarship program three years ago because we believe spiritual developmentContinue Reading

Busing not the “best way to improve black or Hispanic achievement”

The Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution just published “Bringing back busing: Do benefits outweigh cost?,” a must-read article on forced busing.  The author is David J. Armor, Professor Emeritus at George Mason University, who has written extensively on the subject. The article includes a case study that compares student performance inContinue Reading

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