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Charter schools are regional, not neighborhood, schools

Some are outraged that developer David Levinson wants to locate a charter school near his housing development in southern Harnett County.  According to an article published in the News & Observer, one of my friends on the Left said that locating a charter school near Levinson’s Anderson Creek Club development “is a little icky.” But theContinue Reading

N&O editors on Common Core testing delay

I am not going to link to the News & Observer editorial, “NC should move ahead on national testing linked to Common Core.”  If you want to read it, then be my guest, but I am not going to facilitate it. Obviously, N&O editors want the state to go ahead and adopt Common Core testsContinue Reading

NEA Legislative Report Card released

The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers’ union, released a report card that assigns letter grades to each member of Congress.  As one would expect, the grades are based on the member’s obedience to the NEA, which makes them pretty predictable. Liberals get good grades, conservatives get bad grades, and moderates get middling grades.Continue Reading

Virtual schools introduce competition to the K-12 system

Education Week reports that school districts are trying to compete with online/virtual school programs.  In Pennsylvania, for example, the demand for virtual school courses is strong, forcing districts to find ways of attracting students back to the district. North Carolina has one virtual school, the state-operated NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS).  Unfortunately, the Charter SchoolContinue Reading

Thin-skinned DPI official complains about N&O article

Folks at the NC Department of Public Instruction are used to receiving unwavering support from the mainstream media.  When they don’t, they complain publicly. At today’s NC State Board of Education meeting, Race to the Top director Adam Levinson complained about a December 30 News & Observer article titled, “Race to the Top spending hasn’tContinue Reading

The Education Choice and Competition Index

The Brookings Institution released The Education Choice and Competition Index, which evaluates “thirteen categories of policy and practice that are important to the availability and quality of choice and to the competition created by choice among providers of education services.” Of the 107 largest school districts in the nation, Wake County was the top NorthContinue Reading

Parents petition, fight to keep charter school open

To: Editors of the News & Observer, other charter school opponents From: Your pal, Terry Subject: Charter schools Hey, guys, want to read how parents feel about charter schools?  Read this change.org petition to renew the charter of PACE Academy in Chapel Hill, a charter school that serves special needs children.  Parents and members of theContinue Reading

N&O: Republicans ruined charter schools with their evil, racist ways

As I wrote in my newsletter yesterday, 2014 will be the year of three “-isms” -  sentimentalism, fanaticism, and Manichaeism.  News & Observer editors flash all three in their latest “charters are the devil” missive. Sentimentalism: “But along the way, discussions about charter schools evolved from educational to political.” The truth is that discussions aboutContinue Reading

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