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Common Core math?

Wake County School’s Effective Teaching Framework Community website shows one major hindrance to effective teaching – addition.  

Politico: NC DPI gives no-bid contracts to no-good Pearson

In a piece published yesterday, Politico reporter Stephanie Simon examined testing and publishing giant Pearson’s work in the states, including North Carolina.  Simon found that many states awarded no-bid contracts to Pearson despite the company’s poor track record.  Simon writes, The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, for instance, declined to seek competitive bids forContinue Reading

Where the charter kids are

Below is a fascinating map published by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.  While it is encouraging to see so many families choosing charter schools in the Piedmont, there is entirely too much “white” and “yellow” throughout the Coastal Plains.  

Top schools in North Carolina

Using the School Performance Grades (SPG) released today, I compiled a list of the best schools in the state and included their SPG score in parentheses. Best School and Best High School: Burke Middle College, Burke (99) Best Charter School: Raleigh Charter High School, Wake (98) Best Elementary School: Providence Spring Elementary, Charlotte-Mecklenburg (95) BestContinue Reading

Summary of School Performance Grades

As I mentioned earlier, School Performance Grades were released today.  The information below was taken from “2013–14 School Performance Grades (A–F) for North Carolina Public Schools,” published by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. I was impressed by how evenly the grades were distributed.

School performance grades: Districts vs. charters

School Performance Grades were released today.  Most charter schools fared pretty well, compared to district schools. The following was taken from an executive summary titled “2013–14 School Performance Grades (A–F) for North Carolina Public Schools:”

DPI: Net increase in classroom teachers this year

According to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) Educational Directory & Demographical Information Exchange (Eddie), North Carolina district schools currently employ 94,197 classroom teachers, a 274 teacher increase over the 2013-2014 school year total of 93,923. Obviously, the above figure is a net increase.  Some school districts lost teachers, while others added them.  ForContinue Reading

Durham schools are failing and KIPP can help

In August, KIPP Durham, a charter school for low-income children, will open.  And members of the Durham County Board of Education are not happy about it.  From an article in The Herald Sun, “There’s very mixed research on your methodology, on your programs and on your attrition and it makes me concerned for the communityContinue Reading

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