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Reason Podcast: Nick Gillespie chats with Jay Greene

Interviews with University of Arkansas professor Jay Greene are always worth a listen and With or Without Betsy DeVos, “School Choice Has Achieved Escape Velocity” is a good one.

Rebecca Friedrichs on teachers and school choice

Happy School Choice Week! Today’s video features the incomparable Rebecca Friedrichs, lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association and a veteran elementary school teacher. Monday School Choice Week video: ReasonTV profiles Bob Luddy and Thales Academy

ReasonTV profiles Bob Luddy and Thales Academy

Happy School Choice Week! The Monday School Choice Week video features North Carolinian Bob Luddy, founder and CEO of CaptiveAire Systems and founder of Thales Academy, a network of low-cost, high-quality private schools.

$7 billion down the drain

I’ll let Politico explain: The [Obama] administration pumped $3 billion of economic stimulus money into the School Improvement Grants program. Six years later, the program has failed to produce the dramatic results the administration had hoped to achieve. About two thirds of SIG schools nationwide made modest or no gains — not much different fromContinue Reading

Great information on teacher supply and demand

I am a fan of Teachersoftomorrow.org.  The group recently published the graphic below.  

AFC’s poll shows strong support for school choice

The American Federation for Children (AFC) just released their annual National School Choice Poll, which was conducted by Democratic polling firm Beck Research.  The results were encouraging. From the press release: Support for school choice has remained consistently high with 68% supporting and only 28% opposing School choice support is bipartisan with majorities from eachContinue Reading

NC makes “The 10 Most Memorable Teachers Union Quotes of 2016” list

From “The 10 Most Memorable Teachers Union Quotes of 2016” by Mike Antonucci on The 74: 9) “Our staff is under constant pressure to do more with less since we have not received a salary increase in eight (8) years.” —From a petition written by employees of the North Carolina Association of Educators addressed toContinue Reading

NC earns a C-minus on Quality Counts 2017

Education Week just released Quality Counts 2017, which scores and grades state public school systems based on measures grouped into three broad areas: Chance for Success, K-12 Achievement, and School Finance. North Carolina was one of 14 states to receive a C-minus and the state’s score of 70.5 tied with South Dakota for 39th outContinue Reading

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