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An overview of state education data systems

Last week, the Education Commission of the States published 50-State Comparison: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems.  Information on North Carolina’s longitudinal data system is available here.

School Choice Leaders Respond to the NAACP

Here is a great video courtesy of my friends at Choice Media.

CMS parents want neighborhood schools

Members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education have considered using busing to promote racial and socioeconomic diversity.  But it appears that CMS parents from every walk of life do not support that idea. Ann Doss Helms of the Charlotte Observer writes, MeckEd said neighborhood schools consistently emerged as a high priority: “Whether from aContinue Reading

Pension costs outpace per-pupil spending

According to “Feeling the Squeeze: Pension Costs Are Crowding Out Education Spending” by Josh B. McGee of the Manhattan Institute, North Carolina was one of eight states that had declining per-pupil expenditures and growing pension contributions between 2000 and 2013. Education is the largest and potentially the most important public service to suffer. Almost everyContinue Reading

Disability grant program update

At today’s House Select Committee on Education Strategies and Practice meeting, Kathryn Marker of the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) gave an overview of the Disability Grant Program, one of two popular private school voucher programs approved by the N.C. General Assembly. Last year, 787 students receive a grant, more than double theContinue Reading

DPI says “noticeable increase” in fraudulent unemployment claims

Courtesy of the Finance Officers’ Newsletter for October 14, 2016: I blame the presidential election.

Teacher pension website identifies flaws in WalletHub methodology

TeacherPensions.org has a great explanation of why treatment of teacher pensions in WalletHub’s “Best and Worst States for Teachers” ranking is problematic. Max Marchitello writes, But WalletHub’s rankings shouldn’t be taken at face value. And, as with any aggregate state ranking, the devil is in the details. About 14 percent of their total Job Opportunity &Continue Reading

Full-day kindergarten is required in NC, few other states

According to a new Education Commission of the States report, North Carolina is one of only 13 states and the District of Columbia that requires schools to offer full-day kindergarten classes. In addition, North Carolina is one of only six states where kindergarten enrollment exceeds 90 percent.

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