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Who awarded the largest teacher salary supplement last year?

The answer is Chapel-Hill/Carrboro City Schools! Most school districts use local dollars to provide salary supplements to teachers, administrators, and staff.  These supplements are added to the base salary amount indicated on the state’s teacher salary schedule. District Name Number of Teacher Positions Teachers Receiving Supplements Average Supplement per Teacher Chapel-Hill/Carrboro City Schools 1,159 1,159Continue Reading

NC spent nearly $9,200 per student last year

Over the weekend, the NC Department of Public Instruction released financial data for the 2014-15 school year. When you include state ($5,638), federal ($1,005), local ($2,133), and 5-year average capital ($406) dollars, the state’s per-pupil expenditure totaled $9,182 last year. In addition, 85 of North Carolina’s 115 school districts spent more than $9,000/student on operatingContinue Reading

State per-pupil spending highest since 2011

Public school advocacy groups are pointing out that inflation-adjusted per-student spending is lower than it was before the Great Recession. But I do not believe that ignoring the recession makes for a sound analysis. During the recession, a Democratic legislative majority cut state education spending significantly.  Since the 2010 elections, Republicans have boosted nominal per-pupilContinue Reading

Aldeman: NC teachers are not immune to broad economic trends

Here is a must-read blog post from Chad Aldeman, Associate Partner for Policy and Thought Leadership at Bellwether Education Partners. Aldeman observes, It may be tempting to conclude that the recent increases in the turnover rate are linked to policies adopted in North Carolina. There may be some of that going on—and indeed, if weContinue Reading

Progress NC should retract mistaken-ridden op-ed

Last week, Logan Smith, Communications Director for Progress North Carolina, posted another in a series of articles blaming Republican legislators for incremental increases in the state’s teacher turnover rate. Mr. Smith’s op-ed repeated a number of misleading claims, unsubstantiated causal connections, and, of course, included WalletHub’s suspect ranking of “best and worst” states to beContinue Reading

Time to merge Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Orange Co. Schools

According to an article published in the Chapel Hill News, A coalition called on the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools on Wednesday night to put “race on the table” and end a decades-old achievement gap. Among other measures, the Campaign for Racial Equity in our Schools wants the district to end tracking, develop a race-conscious curriculum,Continue Reading

No reason to celebrate Wake County raises

Over the last few weeks, the NC Association of Educators, the Wake Education Partnership, and other public school advocacy organizations have praised Wake County commissioners and school board members for increasing the local salary supplements for teachers, staff, and administrators this year.  The mainstream media interviewed teachers who could not contain their excitement over theContinue Reading

Featured speaker at “JebFest” promotes socialism, abolition of private schools

This week, the education organization founded by Jeb Bush, Foundation for Excellence in Education, held their annual conference in Denver.  “JebFest” included big-name speakers, elected officials, and education policy folks from across the nation, including host Dr. Condoleezza Rice, who serves as board chair of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. (Some believe that CondiConContinue Reading

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