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No, Republicans did not shut down NC New Schools

Yesterday, North Carolina New Schools, a nonprofit organization that specialized in developing early-college high schools, announced that they had closed.  Representatives of the group cited “cash flow problems that were directly related to growth and the speed of growth” as the reason. The group has received tens of millions of dollars in grants throughout theContinue Reading

Brian Lewis gets it right

I agree with Brian Lewis, former lobbyist for the NC Association of Educators and Managing Partner at New Frame, Inc. Let’s have an honest conversation about K-12 education spending – one that acknowledges all missteps along the way.

Review of WRAL’s “Grading Teacher Pay”

Last night, WRAL aired “Grading Teacher Pay,” a short documentary examining various aspects of the teacher pay debate in North Carolina.  I posted some thoughts on the documentary here. My general take is that it “was like a Jim Hunt Big Mac, hold the Berger.”

Twelfth-grade students underperform on NAEP

Today, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the results of the 2015 Mathematics and Reading Assessments for twelfth-grade students.  The news was not positive. The average mathematics score for twelfth-grade students in 2015 was lower than 2013 by about 2 points.  It was not significantly lower than the first year of the newContinue Reading

MegaForce featured in Mark Johnson press release

Mark Johnson, Republican candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, sent out a MegaForce-inspired press release today.  Does that make Johnson the Barry Bostwick of the campaign season? Ace Hunter, the hero of the 1982 cinematic classic MegaForce, promised “Deeds Not Words” on the movie poster. Mark Johnson promises the same for NC Education, seeksContinue Reading

NEA should practice what they preach

Today, the National Education Association (NEA) issued a press release on behalf of a dozen civics, history, and social studies teachers (and presumably NEA members).  It calls on the U.S. Senate to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and President Obama’s U.S. SupremeContinue Reading

June Atkinson to jump with US Army Golden Knights

According to the press release, State Superintendent June Atkinson will join the U.S. Army Golden Knights official aerial parachute demonstration team tomorrow morning, April 21, in a tandem parachute jump. The jump will occur at Maxton Airport, near Laurinburg at approximately 8:30 a.m. State Superintendent Atkinson said she appreciates the opportunity to experience some ofContinue Reading

Economic impact of raising student achievement

Eric Hanushek, Jens Ruhose and Ludger Woessmann just published an amazing analysis of the economic benefits of increasing student performance to match regional, national, and international leaders. According to Hanusheck, Ruhose, and and Woessmann, raising academic achievement to the Minnesota level would produce 1.5 trillion in economic benefits over the next 80 years (the expectedContinue Reading

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