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Drop in education majors sends Ohio schools scrambling

You mean North Carolina is not the only state encountering a drop in teacher education students? Don’t worry.  Liberals will still claim that North Carolina Republicans are to blame for the UNC System’s recent decline.

Kudos to N&O education reporting

Yesterday, I pointed out that Education Cities and GreatSchools, which had reported that North Carolina had widened its achievement gap more than any other state, retracted their Education Equality Index ranking. To their credit, the News & Observer acknowledged the retraction today. Just for fun, the following is a sample of the some of the commentsContinue Reading

Flaw in statewide school equity ranking

A recent News & Observer article stated that North Carolina had widened its achievement gap more than any other state. It turns out that the ranking used to make that claim was pretty messed up. Education reform organization The 74 writes,  The 74 has learned that Education Cities and GreatSchools will issue a clarification saying theContinue Reading

How to spin news stories about education

In the video below, Bob Bowdon of Choice Media takes a satirical look at one of the mainstream media’s many double standards.

Dog bites man: Federal education efforts did not work

In their March 2016 CALDER working paper, “School Turnaround in North Carolina: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis,” Jennifer Heissel and Helen Ladd find that school turnaround efforts funded by the federal Race to the Top grant did more harm than good. Low-performing schools participating in the “Turning Around the Lowest Achieving Schools” or TALAS program couldContinue Reading

Unions want Pearson to make more money

Usually, teacher unions blast corporations who earn profits from selling goods and services to public schools, particularly charter schools. But now the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, and others want Pearson, the nation’s largest testing, curriculum, and instructional technology company, to make more money. Huh? Education Week explains, The AFT has spentContinue Reading

Sanders’ remarks play to anti-charter Democrats

In a U.S. News & World Report article, Sara Mead gives Bernie Sanders’ comments on charter schools the benefit of a doubt, Are charter schools public schools? At least one presidential candidate seems unsure: Sen. Bernie Sanders recently told an Ohio audience, “I believe in public education, and I believe in public charter schools. IContinue Reading

Busing, politics, and civil rights

In “School Busing Didn’t Work. And to Say So Isn’t Racist,” long-time Democratic political advisor Ted Van Dyk pulls no punches.  He writes, We did not see how hard it would be to truly free black Americans. No more talk please of white racism by anyone or denunciations of past and present political leaders byContinue Reading

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