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Will UNC-CH professors admit that they were wrong?

The line starts to my right… From the News & Observer, July 30, 2013: Greg Copenhaver, a biology professor and member of the [Faculty Executive] committee, said there was no plot to cover up information to avoid NCAA scrutiny, only to avoid terminology that was misleading. The changes suggested by committee members, he said, wereContinue Reading

Iredell pro-bond group messes with Halloween

It’s bad enough that those who are promoting a facilities bond in Iredell County are using kids as props and public schools as distribution centers. Now they are messing with Halloween. But I am not worried.  I suspect that most pro-bond handouts will go the way of Necco Wafers and Mounds bars – in theContinue Reading

Education funding in the states

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) is a left-wing think tank that publishes research and funds like-minded state-based operations including the N.C. Justice Center. This week, CBPP published a report that examined education spending.  And N.C. Policy Watch, part of the organization that receives funding from CBPP, said the usual stuff about evilContinue Reading

Teenie weenie lunch

A student’s photo of what appears to be a rather unsatisfying lunch from an Oklahoma public school has gone viral.  My newsletter that outlines the effects of federal regulations on school lunches has not, but it would be cool if it did.

Does it matter if a candidate attended a public or private school?

Incumbent Republican Tim Moffitt and Democrat Brian Turner are competing for the privilege of representing Asheville in the N.C. House. The Republican is a product of public education.  Rep. Moffitt and his children attended public elementary, middle, high, and postsecondary schools.  The Democrat is a product of private schools.   Mr. Turner attended the private CarolinaContinue Reading

Wake school assignments: N&O fantasy vs. parents’ reality

Fantasy: Wake schools leaders listen well on reassignments (Editorial, News & Observer, October 12, 2014) Reality: Angry parents confront Wake County School Board over latest school assignment plan (Fred Shropshire, ABC 11, October 15, 2014)  

Cabarrus on “50 School Districts with Highest Average Teacher Salaries” list

Obscure website www.topmastersineducation.com has a list of the “50 School Districts with Highest Average Teacher Salaries.”  I really do not care for rankings like these, but if the Wallethub.com ranking is any indication, it appears that some North Carolinians love to talk about education rankings published on obscure websites.  And this one certainly qualifies. ThatContinue Reading

NEA ad backs away from $500 million cut claim

This morning I reluctantly watched a new anti-Tillis ad from the National Education Association (NEA). (If you have a hearty constitution and want to watch it, go here.) It is part of a seven-figure ad buy by the nation’s largest teachers union. The new ad, which features Chapel Hill teacher and activist Vivian Connell, did notContinue Reading

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