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Protesters block education secretary DeVos from entering D.C. school

Click HERE to see the video from ABC 7 in Washington, D.C. (Yes, Mr. “Shame” is holding a Black Lives Matter sign.)

Common myths about the use of statistics in research

Read Why traditional statistics are often “counterproductive to research the human sciences, a Q&A with professors Eric Loken and Andrew Gelman, now! Here is one of many noteworthy passages from the piece: The human sciences feature lots of variation among people, and difficulty of accurate measurements.  So psychology, education, and also much of political science, economics,Continue Reading

Lap dog bill filed

Rep. Garland Pierce (D – Hoke, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland) filed House Bill 73: Prohibit Driving With Animal in Lap. If the bill becomes law, violators would incur a fine of $100 plus court costs for holding a live animal while operating a motor vehicle.  The type of animal is not specified in the legislation. My dogContinue Reading

DeVos confirmed, lefties go berserk

Congratulations to Betsy DeVos, our new U.S. Secretary of Education! Richard Lawson, the film critic for Vanity Fair, wins the award for DeVos freakout of the day.  Of course, it is possible that Mr. Lawson meant for his tweet to be, in fact, an exaggeration. H/T: JB

Hey, N&O, prove that “poor reading skills reflect NC’s poor school funding”

I challenge the editorial board of the News & Observer to provide empirical evidence that “poor reading skills reflect NC’s poor school funding.” You made the claim.  You must provide the evidence. Predictably, you failed to do so in their February 5 editorial, which calls for “more investment in the conventional, mainstream public schools to whichContinue Reading

McShane: Rethink School Accountability

In a recent piece for U.S. News and World Report, Michael McShane, director of education policy at the Show-Me Institute and an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, nails it. Differing conceptions of accountability have become equated with being “for” or “against” the idea, in toto. But which is more strict? Requiring that schools beContinue Reading

Real Accountability Is Choice, Not Regulation

In an excellent article published on Jay Greene’s blog, Jason Bedrick, who was just named the national policy director at EdChoice, pushes back on the idea that parental choice is not “real” accountability. As I explained at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week, true accountability is when service providers are directly answerable to the people mostContinue Reading

NC teacher upset that colleagues received “large merit bonus”

I found the following post on the Facebook page of a public school advocacy group.  Discuss.    

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