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Atkinson comments on teacher pay

When teach pay stagnated… “I am troubled by the lack of progress on teacher pay” – Budget Statement from State Superintendent June Atkinson, July 22, 2013   When teacher pay increased significantly… “Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson declined to comment on the NEA report.” – Matthew Burns, “NC still lags in teacher pay, studentContinue Reading

N&O reporter buries the lede “like a boss”

Nobody buries the lede like the News & Observer. In their report on the release of new teacher pay rankings, the fact that North Carolina now ranks 42nd in the nation isn’t mentioned until the fourth paragraph.  The first sentence of the piece identifies last year’s rank, which was 47th. It isn’t difficult to understandContinue Reading

NCAE complains about teacher salaries, downplays improvement

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) issued a press release this morning to respond to the annual “Rankings and Estimates” report published by their parent union, the National Education Association (NEA). In the press release, the NCAE never mentions that North Carolina improved five spots on the NEA’s annual rankings of teacher salaries –Continue Reading

NEA: NC ranks 42nd in teacher salary

Make sure to tell your friends that you heard it here first.  I want my after-hours work to mean something. Last night the National Education Association posted their latest Rankings and Estimates report on their website.  How did North Carolina fare? North Carolina’s average teacher salary rank rebounded to 42nd in the nation this yearContinue Reading

Education funding and teacher pay graphs (courtesy of DPI)

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released their Highlights of the North Carolina Public School Budget 2015 document this weekend.  There are two interesting graphs in the piece. One shows that state appropriations for K-12 schools increased each year since 2011.  Another reveals that average teacher compensation increased by nearly $2,800 between 2013-2014 andContinue Reading

Despite leaders, NCAE teachers happy to scrap PEPs

Senators Jerry Tillman and Tom Apodaca introduced Senate Bill 272, which would no longer require teachers to develop personal education plans (PEPs) for at-risk students.  They argue that PEPs place an unnecessary burden on classroom teachers.  North Carolina Association of Educators leaders disagree. Interestingly, teachers responded to the proposed legislation on Organize 2020’s public FacebookContinue Reading

More evidence of TFA success

A new study by Mathematica Policy Research examined the performance of Teach for America (TFA) teachers in grades K-5.  This independent evaluation showed, once again, that TFA teachers outperform their colleagues in low-income schools. Using a rigorous random assignment design to examine the effectiveness of TFA elementary school teachers in the second year of theContinue Reading

The Birds and the Bees Act

No, this has nothing to do with sex education.  Sorry to disappoint you. Senators Meredith, B. Jackson, and Barringer proposed legislation that would lift government regulations on bee hive ownership.  The bill would allow households to own up to five bee hives. Perhaps renaming it something like the “Let Them Bee Act” would be moreContinue Reading

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