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Governor appoints “bipartisan” textbook commission

Last week, Governor McCrory (R?) appointed 22 members to the State Textbook Commission.  The commission evaluates and recommends textbooks to be used in North Carolina’s public schools, so it is a fairly important job. Just for the heck of it, I checked N.C. State Board of Elections records to determine the voter registration of eachContinue Reading

NC school district productivity ranked

For more information on this ranking and the issue of educational productivity, read this week’s newsletter, “The most and least productive school districts in NC.” Note: The lower the ROI score, the higher the productivity.  For example, districts that scored a “1″ had the highest achievement and lowest spending.  Districts that earned a “6″ hadContinue Reading

Will the N&O discontinue their use of plastic bags?

That is the question posed by Twitter user J. Wesley Fricks III. The photo posted on his Twitter feed (and below) speaks volumes. Curiously, neither the publisher nor the editors of the News & Observer have commented on their publication’s use of plastic bags.  Letters to the editor asking them to clarify their position, suchContinue Reading


According to the N.C. Division of Non-Public Education, the estimated number of homeschool students hit 98,172 during the 2013-14 school year. Just to put this in perspective: 1. This year’s enrollment represents the highest homeschool enrollment ever in North Carolina. 2. Homeschool enrollment increased by 10,194 students or 11.6 percent compared to last year. 3.Continue Reading

WRAL headline at best misleading, at worst a flat-out lie

WRAL is reporting that “NC education spending on decades-long slide.” What they really mean is that education spending, as a percentage of the total state budget, has decreased due to the demands of Medicaid and various other state-funded enterprises. Indeed, there is a big difference between a decrease in spending (stated in the headline) andContinue Reading

Yeah, I’ll chime in on that teacher who said she was leaving NC for OH

According to a blog post by Keung Hui of the News & Observer, A Wake County Teacher of the Year has resigned, just not the Wake County Teacher of the Year. Twitter has been lighting up since Monday with tweets about the “ Wake County Teacher of Year 2014 moving to Ohio,” with Jenny CallahanContinue Reading

Obama and Duncan’s education reform predicament

Compare the following articles from July 7, 2014: NEA wants Duncan’s resignation and Obama: Put better teachers in poor schools There are two ways to look at the policy implications of this. 1. The National Education Association (NEA) dislikes President Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan because he (and his boss) do crazy things likeContinue Reading

NEA membership declines

As usual, the incomparable Mike Antonucci is attending the National Education Association (NEA) Convention.  Although he has not obtained state data yet, he does have aggregate figures and projections reported by NEA officials. According to Antonucci, NEA membership declined for the fifth straight year and NEA officials believe membership will continue to decline through 2016.Continue Reading

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