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NC’s ACT scores unchanged

While the national ACT scores dropped slightly, the percentage of North Carolina students who met college readiness benchmarks in English, math, reading, and science remained at 18 percent.  The percentage of students who met college readiness benchmarks in each of the four subjects also did not change from 2015. (Click on the graphic to enlarge.)

Private school fighting back against voucherphobia

Private schools that accept voucher students need to push back against uninformed voucherphobes.  Here is a letter to the editor from Lauri Ake, principal of Fayetteville Christian School, that does just that: Fayetteville Christian School decided to become a participating school in the N.C. Opportunity Scholarship program three years ago because we believe spiritual developmentContinue Reading

Busing not the “best way to improve black or Hispanic achievement”

The Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution just published “Bringing back busing: Do benefits outweigh cost?,” a must-read article on forced busing.  The author is David J. Armor, Professor Emeritus at George Mason University, who has written extensively on the subject. The article includes a case study that compares student performance inContinue Reading

My initial take on the N&O education funding/”we hate Republicans” editorial

Just when you thought your weekend could not get any better, the News & Observer publishes a silly editorial about education funding!  Here are a few highlights: It featured the standard, unsubstantiated claim that tax cuts have mostly benefited “the wealthy and big corporations” and go the extra mile by offering no evidence that “taxContinue Reading

NC adjusted teacher salary ranked 29th

Byron Schlomach, the Director of the 1889 Institute, recently published a ranking of average teacher salaries adjusted for cost of living.  North Carolina’s average adjusted salary reached 29th. That said, do not put much stock in the beginning salary ranking.  Dr. Schlomach used figures from 2013, the year that the N.C. General Assembly began boostingContinue Reading

NC DPI in trouble with the IRS

Last month, the IRS sent a letter of findings to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI), outlining possible mistakes in the way that state education officials classified certain types of compensation for the 2014 tax year. Two of the determinations made by the IRS are trivial.  The federal government contends that the $15.00 perContinue Reading

Increases in NC corrections expenditures outpaced those for education funding

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education’s Policy and Program Studies Service published a brief titled, “State and Local Expenditures on Corrections and Education.” According to the authors, “From 1979–80 to 2012–13, public PK–12 expenditures increased by 107 percent (from $258 to $534 billion), while total state and local corrections expenditures increased by 324 percentContinue Reading

Bret Easton Ellis on political correctness

I have some reservations about Bret Easton Ellis‘ broadside against political correctness.  That said, there are a few standout passages in Ellis’ podcast, highlights of which have been transcribed by Christopher Hooton at The Independent. For example, The high moral tone from social justice warriors is always out of scale with what they are indignantContinue Reading

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