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School district supports, and complains about, teacher pay increase

This weekend, the Herald-Sun examined the local costs of Governor McCrory’s teacher pay plan.  Local costs?  Yup. You see, most North Carolina school districts use local funds to support permanent teaching positions.  For example, around one-quarter of the teaching positions in Durham are supported through local funding sources.  So, when the state mandates a teacherContinue Reading

Judge deprives school choice for poor families

According to WRAL, A Superior Court judge has issued an injunction halting North Carolina from issuing vouchers allowing people to use taxpayer money to help defray the cost of attending a private or religious school. It should read, “Judge blocks poor families from using taxpayer money to choose the school that best meets their needs.”Continue Reading

How the Left manufactured a teacher pay story

There has been a lot of talk about the proposed teacher pay plan introduced by Republican leaders last week.  The Left is outraged! But weeks before McCrory, Forest, Berger, and Tillis introduced a plan that would raise the base pay of early-career teachers, a left-wing think tank reported that a completely different proposal, the NC 60/30/10Continue Reading

PowerSchool: Teachers’ biggest nightmare

PowerSchool is a disastrous public school information system maintained by Pearson, Inc.  To get a sense of how bad it is, the NC Department of Public Instruction does not have enrollment figures for the first few months of the 2013-14 school year. The PowerTeacher Gradebook is part of the PowerSchool suite of applications.  Recently, teachersContinue Reading

Vote of “no confidence” in the state testing program

School districts across North Carolina rejoiced yesterday, as the State Board of Education approved their requests to administer alternatives to the state’s third-grade reading test.  Districts objected to the plan to use state end-of-grade reading tests to fulfill the requirements of the Read to Achieve program. If you ask me, that is a vote ofContinue Reading

DPI wants to treat charters and districts equitably (sometimes)

Earlier this week, June Atkinson and those she appointed to the Read to Achieve Advisory Group offered a number of recommendations to improve the controversial reading program. Buried in their recommendations was this gem: “Treat charter schools and non-charter public schools equitably. Currently, charter schools are not held to the same standards under this law.”Continue Reading

The Republicans have a Read to Achieve problem

Read to Achieve is a program that requires all third-grade students to be proficient in reading.  Those who do not reach proficiency by the beginning of the fourth-grade year may face remediation or retention.  The spat between legislators and the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) went public at a recent legislative committee meeting. The ReadContinue Reading

Charter schools are public schools

It is amusing to read op-eds (like this one) written by representatives from Public Schools First NC.  They go to such great pains to distance themselves from charter schools, despite the fact that charter schools are public schools. My recommendation is that they change the name of the group to District Schools First NC orContinue Reading

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