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Senate teacher pay proposal

I still do not have specifics of the teacher pay plan outlined by Senate leaders this morning.  After the Senate leadership posts the full budget, I’ll have a more thorough analysis of the plan. Until then, here are my initial thoughts: 1. Holy moly!  The Senate budget would give teachers an average raise of 11.2Continue Reading

Thank goodness for PowerSchool

Today I received an amusing memo dealing with North Carolina’s awful student information system, PowerSchool (a Pearson product).  Well, I am amused.  I doubt that public school employees feel the same way. Regardless, as I read the memo I noticed a theme developing.  See if you can identify it… “The Diploma Assessment Report will indicateContinue Reading

WWAY publishes hit piece on school board member

According to WWAY in Wilmington, “Brunswick County Schools Superintendent Edward Pruden never imagined the can of worms he would open when he suggested tweaking the staggered schedule plan.” Apparently, that “can of worms” consisted of objections by school board member Catherine Cooke, which WWAY characterized as a “rant.” Just to reiterate how terrible Cooke is,Continue Reading

Moral Monday musings

Tip: One easy way to “cut carbon” is to not drive to Moral Monday events.

Another day, another Hobgood injunction

This morning Wake County Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood issued an injunction for another Republican law.  Today’s injunction applies to a 2013 law that phased out teacher tenure (also called “career status”) and required school districts to transition to a contract and performance pay system of their choosing. In February, Hobgood issued an injunction forContinue Reading

Governor’s teacher pay proposal

Thanks to the underappreciated Financial and Business Services staff at the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, we know how Governor McCrory’s proposed budget would change the teacher salary schedule for the upcoming school year.  Teachers in years 1 -12 would receive the largest percentage increases (see below).  Beyond year 12, teachers receive a 2 percentContinue Reading

W-S/Forsyth teacher uses students to lobby legislators

I spend a good amount of time on the Organize 2020 Facebook page (kidding).  But I followed a link there and found the following post from a public school teacher in Forsyth County:  

K-12 education budget is brought to you by the letter ‘T’ and the number ’8.1 billion’

The governor’s $8.1 billion K-12 education budget touches on the three Ts – teachers, textbooks, and talent. First, the governor’s budget would provide a much-needed increase in textbook funding. There has been near universal agreement that school districts require more funding for this basic need. In addition, teachers would receive salary increases ranging from 2.0Continue Reading

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