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TX comptroller releases 50-state scorecard

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts published a nifty 50-state scorecard available here.  (For the rankings in each category, go here.) The scorecard includes a number of business, economic, demographic, and tax rankings for the 50 states. For example, North Carolina ranks 2nd in business tax burden but 49th in gas tax rate.  In addition,Continue Reading

Teacher “crisis” averted in Guilford County

In an article written by N.C. Policy Watch reporter Lindsay Wagner, Guilford County Schools (GCS) official Nora Carr sounded the alarm on the number of teacher vacancies in her district.  She blamed state legislators for the unfilled positions. I commented on the story here. Yesterday, the Greensboro News & Record published a “sidebar” (i.e., call asContinue Reading

Classroom rules c. 1899

In recognition that today is the first day of school for many students, I offer the the following, which comes from the North Carolina Journal of Education, Volume III, Number 5, December 1899:                               There is some good, timeless advice here.

Public school jobs: A five year summary

For years, I published an annual newsletter that summarized vacant school jobs listed on the The North Carolina Public Schools Application System.  Although I did not publish one this year, the following summarizes vacancies over the last five years: August 21, 2015 810 Licensed positions (includes teachers, principals, counselors, media supervisors, social workers, and speechContinue Reading

NC not big spenders on Ashley Madison

According to data scientist Jake Popham, North Carolina is 28th in per capita spending on extramarital dating site Ashley Madison.  Alabama receives the title of “Most Unfaithful State in America” with Colorado, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Connecticut rounding out the top five.

Wake busing: A trip down memory lane

Remember when the Republican members of the Wake County school board were attacked for their decision to eliminate Wake County’s busing policy?  (If you need a reminder, I listed a few articles about it below).  Although the Democratic majority largely maintained their predecessors’ student assignment policy, the outrage machine appears to be pretty quiet.  It’sContinue Reading

Busing: Revived in CMS? Frozen in Wake?

Fascinating. Democratic candidates for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CMS) Board of Education have called for a return to busing. Democratic school board members in Wake County have refused to increase the district’s limited busing efforts. Is this a difference between campaigning and governing or a broader lack of consensus among urban/suburban Democrats?  

NC is #16 on CER Parent Power Index

The Center for Education Reform (CER) released their annual Parent Power Index. CER explains North Carolina’s ranking, Despite a mediocre charter law, successful charter schools were created in the Tarheel State, but growth was slow and did not meet parental demand. The cap recently was removed, and parents are hoping now to see new charterContinue Reading

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