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Brookings: Need for more evidence-based pre-K

Here is an excerpt from an interesting piece on federal Preschool Development Grants (and preschool programs generally) by a fellow at the Brookings Institution, State pre-K, like Head Start, is a program with many staunch advocates and no reliable data demonstrating long-term positive effects. And both pre-K and Head Start are proposed for increases inContinue Reading

Dems: most want local control, Common Core unpopular

The following is a marvelous email from the WikiLeaks release of U.S. Democratic National Committee emails: (Click below for larger image.) The Democrats are right! Common Core is so unpopular that it is a political liability and “most people” want local control of education.   H/T: Missouri Education Watchdog and the Pioneer Institute

Merrill and Neter refuse to identify main cause of funding gap

In an email sent to Wake County Schools staff, Superintendent Jim Merrill and Chief Operating Officer David Neter skirt the fact that the county commission, not the N.C. General Assembly, is responsible for their multi-million dollar budget shortfall.  They wrote, Tuesday afternoon we presented recommendations to our School Board for closing a $17.5 million fundingContinue Reading

Wake County Schools budget shortfall

Why does the Wake County Schools have a budget shortfall?  Let’s review. County commissioners gave the school system $11.8 million less than requested by the school board.  Given that Democrats control both the county commission and the school board, there is a popcorn-worthy fight around the corner. The Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly gaveContinue Reading

Never let a good lie go to waste

There is always one. Anytime the mainstream media does a story about teacher recruitment, you can count on at least one school district official making claims about teacher pay that are not true. In an article published in the StarNews, Robin Meiers of the New Hanover County Schools human resources office claims that, “Because ourContinue Reading

11 new charter schools to open

Last week, the N.C. State Board of Education gave final approval to 11 charter schools including, *  Central Wake Charter High School (Wake County); *  FernLeaf Community Charter School (Henderson County); *  Gate City Charter Academy (Guilford County); *  Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington (New Hanover County); *  Ignite Innovation Academy (Pitt County); *  IredellContinue Reading

For some reason HB 2 protesters complain to New Hanover board

Courtesy of the StarNews Online, [Hoggard High School student Kaylyn] Koone was one of about 50 people who came to Tuesday’s [New Hanover Board of Education] meeting in protest of North Carolina’s House Bill 2, and seven speakers asked the board to take a stance opposing the law. I suppose the New Hanover school boardContinue Reading

Year-round calendar research long overdue

The News and Observer published an article about the first year-round school to open since 2012.  The piece included this little nugget: [School board member Bill] Fletcher, who serves as chairman of the school board’s facilities committee, said the group has asked school system staff to study whether there are academic benefits to the year-roundContinue Reading

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