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Wake County Schools social media policy

Earlier this week, Wake County Assistant Superintendent Douglas Thilman disseminated a three page memo that detailed social media guidelines for district faculty and staff. I think the advice in the memo is pretty sensible, but I suspect that some Wake County Schools employees will not take it seriously.  Thilman writes [edited for length], Do notContinue Reading

They comin’ to Carolina

The New York Times has a fascinating set of interactive graphs titled, Where We Came From, State by State. In 1900, 95 percent of North Carolinians were born in the state.  By 2012, only 58 percent of residents were native to North Carolina.

Remember when the PTA was just the PTA?

Me too. These days, the PTA is little more than a booster club for public school advocacy organizations, unions, and liberal politicians.  I found the following on the Organize 2020 Facebook page:

Florida’s tax credit scholarship program shows promise

This week, David Figlio published “Evaluation of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program: Participation, Compliance and Test Scores in 2012-13.”  The study is the latest in a series of mandated evaluations of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) Program. Figlio concluded that the performance of FTC participants on norm-referenced tests of student performance met expectations.Continue Reading

Why are some teachers griping about their hefty pay raise?

“Here’s a fact: Every public school teacher will make more than they did last year. The state budget has a provision that would prevent teachers from making less.” – Reema Khrais, “Explaining NC’s Teacher Pay Raises,” WUNC Radio, August 8, 2014. The state budget recently passed by the N.C. General Assembly set aside $290 millionContinue Reading

Legislators change the way the state funds enrollment growth

There appears to be some confusion and displeasure about a provision that changes the way that budget writers construct the education budget. The issue boils down to when and where to include additional state funding for projected growth in student enrollment. There are two options. 1)    Include funding for enrollment growth at the beginning ofContinue Reading

NCAE doubles down

Courtesy of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) Facebook page:

Let the griping begin!

The NCAE and its members are not happy about the largest teacher pay raise in state history. Surprised?  I’m not. Courtesy of the North Carolina Association of Educators Facebook page:  

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