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  • Wake County Schools exit survey

    I had an opportunity to complete the Wake County Schools exit survey.  My wife and I withdrew our youngest from a WCPSS school and enrolled him in a nearby charter school. But I was surprised to see that they excluded “student assignment and reassignment” from the list of reasons for…
    Terry Stoops, October 5, 2017
  • Public schools: The best choice?

    It’s not a choice if the government compels you to go and limits competition.  But you knew that already.
    Terry Stoops, October 4, 2017
  • Evolution of teacher diversity gaps…under Trump?

    The Brookings Institution just published “Teacher diversity gaps and their evolution under Trump,” an article that only mentions President Trump once.  Michael Hansen and Diana Quintero write, Overall, the teacher workforce has trended toward diversity over the last several decades, though these figures cast doubt…
    Terry Stoops, October 3, 2017
  • Richmond County School have more resources, not “less”

    In a recent Richmond County Daily Journal article, Superintendent Cindy Goodman declared that “everyone in the district should celebrate” because the Richmond County Schools “do more with less.”  Of course, it begs the question of what she means by “less.” According to N.C. Department of Public Instruction data, the…
    Terry Stoops, September 20, 2017
  • N.C. Court of Appeals: State Board rules require review

    In a split decision, the N.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the State Board of Education, like other state agencies, is subject to the rules review process authorized by the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and administered by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) and the Rules Review Commission. For years,…
    Terry Stoops, September 19, 2017
  • More on millennials and school choice

    Tommy Schultz gives North Carolina a shout-out in his National Review piece, Why Millennials Support School Choice Legislative momentum has grown in recent years as well. In the past year alone, Florida, Nevada, Louisiana, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, and Wisconsin, among others, have enacted or expanded educational choice…
    Terry Stoops, September 15, 2017
  • Millennials like school choice!

    USA Today reports on the latest GenForward survey, Dig down a bit and you’ll find that nearly two-thirds of African-Americans surveyed — 65% — support charter schools, as do 61% of Asian Americans and 58% of Latinos. Support was weakest among white respondents, but it still surpassed a majority…
    Terry Stoops, September 13, 2017
  • Few graduates meet ACT benchmarks

    State test scores will be released later today.  But we have ACT scores to analyze in the meantime! North Carolina’s 2017 ACT-tested graduating class composite score was 19.1 (on a scale from 1 to 36). Last year’s composite score was identical to the 2015-16 score.  The fact that all…
    Terry Stoops, September 7, 2017