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N&O on the special needs tax credit bill

The News & Observer discusses the passage of a special needs tax credit bill under the headline, “Private school aid advances.”  Actually, a rather limited number of parents and special needs kids would receive the “aid.”  Rumor is that these special needs kids would receive an education too! I know that it is hard toContinue Reading

Georgia law raises school accreditation stakes

From Education Week, A newly signed law in Georgia that gives the governor the power to remove school board members in a district that does not have full accreditation is bringing fresh scrutiny to the role of AdvancED, a private agency that accredits schools in that state and 48 others.   [snip]   The governor’sContinue Reading

Should we lengthen the school day, year?

Duke University professor Harris Cooper says that it is time to rethink how we organize the school calendar. Let’s excuse Dr. Cooper for his mistaken belief that the purpose of summer vacation was to allow “kids to be off to work in the fields.”  Rather, let’s entertain the notion that we should increase the numberContinue Reading

Professional development: A waste of time

Wake County middle school teacher Bill Ferriter pans the waste of time known as professional development.  The idea of professional development is sound.  Teachers should continue to improve their subject knowledge and instructional skills throughout their career.  In practice, professional development seldom provides teachers the kind of practical, appropriate, and research-based content that can beContinue Reading

Behold: NASCAR Valley

In an article titled “Mapping NASCAR Valley: Charlotte as a Knowledge Community” (Southeastern Geographer, Spring 2011), East Carolina University geographers Ronald Mitchelson and Derek Alderman explain, We refer to the locational clustering of stock car racing’s industrial activities in and around the Charlotte region as ‘‘NASCAR Valley,’’ a term inspired by a similar regional concentrationContinue Reading

Students grade the schools

According to a recent AP poll, many young adults believe that their high schools did a medicore job preparing them for higher education and/or employment.  We should be using feedback from high school graduates to improve our high schools, rather than conducting the usual echo chamber reform efforts. Q. In general, how would you rateContinue Reading

Charter schools: More than just “laboratories”

Those who oppose charter schools, as well as those who say they don’t but really do, have argued that charter schools have not lived up to their promise of being “laboratories of innovation.”  The truth is that innovation is one of six purposes of charter schools, as outlined in the law (§ 115C?238.29A).  The sixContinue Reading

Parental choice: Free or forced?

Tyler Whittenberg, education and law policy fellow at the N.C. Justice Center, nails it in his latest op-ed.  By “it,” I mean the last line of the piece.  Here is the concluding paragraph of the op-ed: Would you want to send your child to a school that avoids accountability and is one of more thanContinue Reading

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