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Additional information on Lee County performance

Folks in Lee County have had a lot to say about my blog post, Growth scores indicate crisis at Lee HS, Newton-Conover MS. Because there has been so much interest, I thought that I would talk about all schools in Lee County, not just Lee County High School.  The following is a scatterplot of allContinue Reading

Atkinson: Dems didn’t do enough to help SAT test takers

The College Board released SAT test scores for the state and nation yesterday.  North Carolina’s average combined score dropped by five points.   The national average score is at its lowest point in the last decade. Rather than acknowledge that North Carolina is following a nationwide trend, Superintendent of Public Instruction took a different angle.  AccordingContinue Reading

Growth scores indicate crisis at Lee HS, Newton-Conover MS

I am not trying to pick on either school or school district and I do not use the word “crisis” for effect. When I created the scatterplot of economically disadvantaged students and growth for all schools in North Carolina, I noticed two outliers, Newton-Conover Middle School and Lee County High School.  These schools had theContinue Reading

No correlation between students’ growth and socioeconomic status

The Education Value Added Assessment System (EVAAS) is a computer program developed by SAS that tracks growth in student test scores from one year to the next.  There is a reasonable expectation that students will demonstrate growth every school year, regardless of their starting point or demographics.  According to the website, “SAS EVAAS analyses showContinue Reading

NC Democratic staffer bullies activist on Twitter

Warning: The Twitter image below contains language that some may find offensive. Wes Kyatt, Research Associate for NCGA Democratic Leader Larry Hall, appeared to get a little upset at conservative activist Lady Liberty last night on Twitter. Of course, it is possible that the Twitter account does not belong to the actual Mr. Kyatt.  IfContinue Reading

Test scores disappointing for politicians and activists

Those hoping for big changes in student test scores will be disappointed by test results released today by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. Liberals were hoping for a steep drop in student performance to back their silly claims that Republicans are trying to destroy public education.  Sorry. Conservatives were hoping for big increases inContinue Reading

Statewide graduation rate increases

Well, the NC Department of Public Instruction reports, “For the 10th consecutive year, North Carolina’s four-year cohort high school graduation rate is up and is now at 85.4 percent.”  On the surface, that is good news, but I wonder how many of those graduates are prepared to enter the workforce or an institution of higherContinue Reading

Higher percentage of charters earn a C or above

Hey, it’s test score day!  Compared to district schools, higher percentages of charter schools earned a school performance grade of A, B, or C last year.

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