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Education Quote of the Day

“Memphis is improving, but we have a really long way to go. The status quo is unacceptable. ASD [Achievement School District] has offered an option apart from Shelby County’s long-lasting failing schools and, unlike our [state] representative, we are thankful. – Sarah A. Carpenter, Memphis (Tri – State Defender, January 7, 2016)

Education Quote of the Day

“real education…has almost nothing to do with knowledge, and everything to do with simple awareness.” – David Foster Wallace, Kenyon Commencement Address, May 21, 2005

Education Quote of the Day

“It is apparent that many public school Educationists cannot bring themselves to believe that any criticism of their enterprise can be honestly motivated. … There would be less quackery in the public schools today if the Educationists had devoted to the correction of the shoddy pseudo-intellectual pretensions within their craft a fraction of the energyContinue Reading

NC charter schools narrowed achievement gap

In a May 2016 doctoral dissertation titled, “A Complexity Context to North Carolina Charter School Classroom Interactions and Climate: Achievement Gap Impacts,” Liz Johnson conducted an analysis of the “relationship between classroom climate, interactions, and student achievement, through a complexity systems context.” Using some pretty high-level quantitative and qualitative methods, Johnson concluded, According to theContinue Reading

Education quote of the day

“The front page of the metro section of The New York Times in 1997 featured Donald Trump’s visit as a PFAD [Principal for a Day] to a Bronx middle school. While there, Trump offered to buy the students sneakers, and one young man asked him why he wouldn’t offer scholarship money instead. This article precipitatedContinue Reading

Some teachers would get a 15 percent raise under House plan

The NC House released details of their state budget adjustments this week.  Although lacking some critical elements, the House budget includes an average 4.1 percent increase in teacher salaries and a $1,000 bonus for our beginning and most experienced public school teachers. The budgets of both Governor McCrory and the House also granted a “stepContinue Reading

Education quote of the day

“To criticize leftist educational philosophies…is a far cry from wanting to destroy public schools.  Such criticism is not only the right but the duty of good citizenship, if our public schools are to be protected and preserved as makers of good and loyal American citizens.” – Otto Dohrenwend, Letter to the New York Times, JulyContinue Reading

Here comes the pronunciation police

From Education Week: Mispronouncing Students’ Names: A Slight That Can Cut Deep. According to the article, “If they’re encountering teachers who are not taking the time to learn their name or don’t validate who they are, it starts to create this wall,” said Rita (ree-the) Kohli, an assistant professor in the graduate school of educationContinue Reading

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