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Rest in peace, Andrew Coulson

Andrew Coulson, Senior Fellow in Education Policy at the Cato Institute, died yesterday at the age of 48.  His 1999 book, Market Education: The Unknown History, is required reading for folks in the education reform movement. Neal McCluskey and Jason Bedrick published a fitting tribute to Andrew here.

It’s charter school application season!

The headline says it all: Woods Charter School receives a record 1,807 applications for admission. Sadly, few of those who applied will receive an admissions offer, given capacity restraints and restrictions on charter enrollment growth.  The school will conduct their admissions lottery on February 1.   HT: GG

Education budget fight in Haywood County

Haywood County Schools may cut their budget and close an elementary school, mostly due to a shortfall in local funding. As Rep. Michele Presnell pointed out, the Haywood County Schools have increased their per pupil expenditures over the last three years.  In fact, their per student spending is higher in 2015 than it was beforeContinue Reading

Teacher recruitment and retention in the 1880s

New York Times: Jan 30, 1880

CBO: Federal deficit will continue to rise

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report says that “the deficit this year will increase, relative to the size of the economy, for the first time since 2009.”  CBO researchers continue, If current laws generally remained unchanged, the deficit would grow over the next 10 years, and by 2026 it would be considerably larger thanContinue Reading

Pay and teacher moonlighting are not related

Recently, Progress NC and WNCT produced very similar stories about public school teachers who take second jobs outside of the school system (moonlighting).  They contend that Republican leaders have failed to raise teacher compensation enough to allow educators to cover basic needs on a single source of income. A closer look at the teacher moonlightingContinue Reading

WNCT story appears to borrow language from Progress NC op-ed

The WNCT story did not mention Logan Smith, Communications Director for Progress North Carolina, or his Huffington Post opinion piece, “In North Carolina, Teachers Work Second Jobs to Make Ends Meet.”  But there were plenty of similarities between the WNCT report and the piece published by HuffPost in December. For example, WNCT says, According toContinue Reading

NEA union affiliates are hurtin’

According to data obtained and published by Mike Antonucci of EIAOnline, the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) continues to lose membership and revenue. The NCAE lost 3,727 members and $1.3 million in revenue from 2013 to 2014.

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