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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Popular Tourist Attractions in the State Budget

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources houses many of the state’s largest attractions.  Here are a few of them and their budget impact: Aquariums North Carolina’s aquariums were first established in 1976 and now operate in four locations: Fort Fisher, Pine Knoll Shores, Roanoke Island, and Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head. The aquariums haveContinue Reading

Medicaid in the State Budget

Medicaid is one of the largest expenditures in state government. In this year’s budget Medicaid accounts for 18 percent of the General Fund and 72 percent of the Health and Human Services budget. A detailed assessment of the Medicaid budget suggested that existing forecasting methods, which were based on previous years’ actual spending levels, wouldContinue Reading

Property Tax cut proposal in North Dakota

BISMARCK, North Dakota North Dakota’s state tax commissioner has proposed a more than $1.3 billion property tax relief plan. Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger on Monday said the proposal could give the owners of a $200,000 home an average of $2,000 in annual property tax savings. Property tax in North Dakota is assessed based on the estimatedContinue Reading

Commerce Department grew 67.5% in budget

In fiscal year 2014-15 Natural and Economic Resources spending within the General Fund increased by 9.7 percent, or $36 million.  That increase was mainly found in the Commerce Department’s budget, which had the largest increase within the Natural and Economic Resources budget category — 67.5 percent, or $34.6 million, over last year. This increase wasContinue Reading

State Budget Process has changed

Policy changes are frequently included in the budget, and this year was no different. One of the more important items was a modification to the way the state budget is created. Historically the state’s budget development began with a continuation budget, which is a series of estimates of the amounts necessary to continue the sameContinue Reading

Natural & Economic Resources in the State Budget

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources was established with passage of the Executive Organization Act of 1971, which consolidated environmental functions that had previously been under the authority of multiple divisions and departments.  Today there are five main areas within the Department of Natural and Economic Resources (NER): the Department of Agriculture and ConsumerContinue Reading

58% of NC’s population was born in NC

The New York Times created a chart of each state to show where people have moved since the year 1900.  It is interesting to see how North Carolina has changed.  In the early years, Virginia and South Carolina born people were the largest group to live in North Carolina.  Now 4% were born in NewContinue Reading

The Big Changes in the Budget

When we compare this year’s budget to the budget passed last year, there are few changes when we look at the big picture. Growth: Total Education increased by 2.7% mainly due to the large teacher pay increase in Public Education. Health and Human Services increased 3.1% because of growth in Medicaid. In Natural and EconomicContinue Reading

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