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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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NC Battleship needs to admit where they REALLY get their money

I went to the NC Battleship a couple of months ago and there were signs everywhere stating they were 100% funded with private donations.  I thought that was incorrect, and the House budget made it very easy to prove the Battleship wrong. In the Speaker’s press release that came out this morning about the passageContinue Reading

Short-term Transportation fix in the works

There is a short-term transportation fix in the works in Washington.  The current surface transportation programs that are supported by the Highway Trust Fund are set to expire on May 31st, and it is more likely Congress will decide to pass a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee ChairmanContinue Reading

The Federal 2016 budget update

Last week the House approved a budget resolution and passed the first two spending bills. The Transportation-HUD spending measure was also approved by the subcommittee while the Legislative Branch spending measure passed the full House Appropriations Committee. By a vote of 226-197 the House adopted the FY2016 budget resolution (S. Con. Res. 11) on Thursday.Continue Reading

What are county tax dollars for?

Last week we saw the Gaston County commission vote to give themselves a special health insurance benefit as a special perk.  Now we are learning of another perk the Chair of the Gaston County Commission has created that will pay his family a potential $24,000. The commissioner, Tracy Philbeck, and his wife have decided toContinue Reading

Highest paid Public School Superintendents

Ever wonder how much your county’s school superintendent gets paid?  The Rowan Free Press published this data in 2013, but as the General Assembly begins drafting its budgets for the next biennium, I thought it was appropriate to bring it up. The General Assembly sets the base pay for teachers across North Carolina; local governments may increaseContinue Reading

Gaston partially reverses decision on healthcare for life vote

This Tuesday the Gaston County commissioners voted unanimously to give themselves and future commissioners health insurance benefits for life after serving one term at the taxpayer’s expense. This decision comes at a very hard time for the county because they are struggling to pay the cost of health insurance for its full-time employees. The countyContinue Reading

The Fed shouldn’t tell NC what to do

The Federal government is always telling the states what to do, and sometimes how to spend their own money.  There are some congressional members that want to stop that and give state government officials the right to challenge any rule proposed by a federal agency or the president that they think infringes on their 10thContinue Reading

How much does your County Commissioner Make?

Every year the UNC School of Government publishes a list of each county and how much their county commission, the chair of the commission and the county manager are paid.  Here are just a few of the counties, click here to see a list of all 100 counties. County Chair of Board Commissioner Alamance $23,400Continue Reading

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