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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Government Efficiency is a priority for some states

North Carolina tried an experiment, it was called NC GEAR.  Government efficiency and performance based budgeting – ways to save dollars or use them more efficiently in state government.  Governor McCrory created the office, but both the NC Senate and NC House have left the program out of their budget proposals.  Why?  Do they notContinue Reading

45 States have a budget….NC is NOT one of them

As of July 20, 45 states have enacted budgets for fiscal 2016. New Hampshire and North Carolina are the two states that have passed a continuing resolution to avoid a state government shutdown. Illinois and Pennsylvania have not yet finalized their budget or enacted a continuing resolution. Alabama does not have a budget yet becauseContinue Reading

Pension reform is catching on across the Nation

Lawmakers have thrown around the idea of tackling pension reform in North Carolina.  While that is not a hot topic right now and probably won’t be discussed for a few years to come, here is a snapshot of what other states are doing with their pensions.

Madison County wants more economic development, but more sales tax revenue won’t help

There is a proposal in the General Assembly to reallocate sales tax revenues in a way that benefits rural counties and hurts urban counties. Jim Baker, a Madison County commissioner and retired superior court judge, said the lack of revenue from local sales taxes hurts county economic development efforts. “We do not have industry movingContinue Reading

Feds hit banks to pay for Highways

Another great idea has come out of Congress – reduce the dividends the Federal Reserve banks pay on stocks that private-sector banks hold.  This idea would lower the dividend from 6% for banks with more than $1 billion in assets to 1.5%.  Why would they want to reduce these dividends?  To pay for a HighwayContinue Reading

Federally owned land in NC and where

In North Carolina, the federal government owns 1.7 million acres, or 7.7 percent of the state. Federal land is found in nearly half of the state’s counties, yet the majority of the federally owned land is concentrated in the western part of the state. Counties derive the majority of their revenues from property taxes, butContinue Reading

A searchable budget website idea

Transparency has always been a problem for state government.  How much the state spends on certain government programs always tend to surprise people.  So why not set up a searchable budget website so citizens, news reporters, and watchdog groups alike can all know exactly where the state spends its money?  That idea was taken veryContinue Reading

Michigan removes film incentives….NC should follow

Picking winners and losers using incentives is never a good idea for governments, especially film incentives.  Unfortunately, film incentives are still on the table for the NC budget, but maybe NC lawmakers should take the lead from Michigan. Last week, Michigan Rick Snyder signed the law ending Michigan’s film incentives program.  The Tax Foundation, aContinue Reading

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