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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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State Senator gives back illegal campaign donation

Not a story you hear everyday, but NC State Senator Kathy Harrington found an error and reported it to the State Board of Elections.  In a day when many have a hard time trusting their elected officials, its nice to know that some acknowledge errors when they happen and take action to correct them.  See theContinue Reading

How High is NC’s Gas Tax? and why….

How high is the gas tax in North Carolina?  Well, for starters, lets go back to 1980 when the tax was only 9 cents per gallon.  If we adjust that for inflation, that is 26 cents today. Today the state’s gasoline tax is 36.5 cents per gallon.  The difference between 1980 and today in realContinue Reading

NC Senate Press Release

Health and Human Services Budget in North Carolina

Health Care Solutions Week: The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is made up of thirty divisions and offices, which are categorized under four broad areas: health, human services, administration, and support.  In addition, the department oversees fourteen facilities including developmental centers, psychiatric hospitals, and alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers, amongContinue Reading

What’s going on with Medicaid reform?

Health Care Solutions Week: When legislators were wrapping up their session in August, they said they would be returning to have a special session about Medicaid reform.  However, when the General Assembly adjourned sine die on August 20, 2014, it signaled they would not return for a special session. Today the General Assembly sent aContinue Reading

Cell Phone Taxes, NC is ranked 33rd

The Tax Foundation has released a report on wireless taxation across America, and North Carolina is the 33rd highest. Below is the detailed information about North Carolina. Wireless State-Local Rate Federal USF Rate Combined Federal/State/Local Rate 8.46% 5.82% 14.28%   If you want to read more, you can check out the entire report here.

How did Obamacare impact spending in NC’s HHS budget?

Health Care Solutions Week: According to a budget highlight published by the non-partisan Fiscal Research Division at the North Carolina General Assembly, there were four major impacts the Affordable Care Act had on the state’s Department of Health and Human Services budget. 1. The provision that hospitals could determine that individuals are presumptively eligible forContinue Reading

States’ Attorney Generals looking deeper into corporate cyberattacks

Many companies have been the focus of cyberattacks in the last few months including Target, Home Depot, and Jimmy Johns.  The most concerning was when news broke of when hackers targeted J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. along with 12 other financial service companies.  Now State Attorney Generals are discussing the possibility of creating a multistateContinue Reading

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