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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Museums across the state receive $2.5 million from state taxpayers

The Grassroots Science Museum Collaborative.  Yup, your state tax dollars are spent on museums across the state.  Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but most of these still charge admission and some have a pretty hefty price tag on a ticket.  Clearly, these museums are important local entities, visited by some and notContinue Reading

The US House repealed the estate tax, Senate not excited, and the President warns of a veto

On Thursday the House approved tax measures that would repeal the estate tax and make permanent the state and local sales tax deduction in lieu of the income tax deduction. The state and local tax deduction measure, H.R. 622, passed by a vote of 272-152. The Congressional Budget Office estimates this change would add $42 billionContinue Reading

Incentives are not the reason NC lost out on the Volvo plant

I have been seeing legislators blaming the Senate for not passing House Bill 117 as the reason for North Carolina not getting the Volvo plant.  But what lawmakers forget is that incentives are not the only reason a company picks a state.  According to a Charlotte Business Journal article, “…some site-selection consultants say the state’sContinue Reading

The federal budget

The House continues work on the first two appropriations bills of the FY-2016 budget, while the Senate and House named budget conferees last week to negotiate a concurrent budget resolution, with a goal to finish conferencing work within the next two weeks. On Wednesday, subcommittees of the House Appropriations Committee approved the Energy-Water appropriations bill and theContinue Reading

State to eliminate vacant positions

A memo was released this week from the state budget director highlighting the focus of efficiency and effective budgeting under Governor McCrory.  According to the Office of State Budget and Management and the Office of State Human Resources, there are 2,500 positions in state government that have remained vacant for at least 12 months.  HereContinue Reading

What’s going on in Washington….

This week, the House will consider four bills under suspension of the rules, including H.R. 471, which would modify federal procedures when registration of a controlled substance is denied, revoked or suspended, and H.R. 1195, which establishes three Consumer Financial Protection Advisory Boards relating to small businesses, credit unions and community banks. Later in the week theContinue Reading

NC Veterans’ Programs and how much is spent…

Many of the programs that support veterans in North Carolina are federally established and financed, but lawmakers have created state-based programs over the years to compliment the services offered by the federal government. In FY 2013, North Carolina received $7.3 billion in veteran related expenditures.  In fiscal year 2013-14 there were 23 State sponsored orContinue Reading

What do Economists think about the economy?

The Wall Street Journal surveyed 62 economists in April on a range of economic indicators for 2015. Most forecasters reduced their outlook for first quarter 2015 growth, believing the economy grew 1.4 percent, down from a 3 percent prediction in January; many attribute the slower growth to a tough winter and the shutdown of WestContinue Reading

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