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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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NC’s Tax Freedom Day is four days later than last year

The weather is getting warmer, the plants are in bloom and people are starting to spend more time outside.  Yes, it’s springtime and as we get more comfortable with the season change, one thing continues to put a damper on things, tax day.  April 15th will be here before you know it, but do youContinue Reading

NC Olympian chooses hometown welcome over invite by the Obamas.

Heather Richardson is the only winter Olympian that was from North Carolina to compete in the 2014 Sochi Games.  The city of High Point held a reception for the Olympian and her family on campus of High Point University. High Point University president Nido Qubein hosted a “Hometown Hero Celebration” for Richardson, her Olympic medal-winningContinue Reading

State Pensions and Healthcare Unfunded Amounts

While offering both retirement and healthcare benefits to employees is a reasonable and expected part of employment, the State needs to re-evaluate its method of paying for these benefits.  There are two main ways these benefit plans can be maintained for future generations of state employees while still offering the benefits promised to those whoContinue Reading

Even the Market plays April Fools sometimes

Here are some fun historical financial facts that seem to be an April Fool’s joke – but actually happened in the financial markets…. 1901: Northern Pacific railway stock hits $96 a share as E.H. Harriman and J.P. Morgan fight for control of the railroad. By May 9, the stock will peak at an astonishing $1,000Continue Reading

Financial History…

1951: An economics student at Princeton University submits his 123-page senior thesis, entitled “The Economic Role of the Investment Company.” For mutual funds, he concludes, “future growth can be maximized by concentration on a reduction of sales loads and management fees.” The student, John C. Bogle, later takes matters into his own hands, founding theContinue Reading

Why Debt Matters….

The Financial Services Committee in Congress is holding a series of hearings on the National Debt and the problems it is causing for the nation.  The first of those hearings will be today at 10am and titled ‘Why Debt Matters’. The speakers for today’s hearing will be: Mr. David M. Cote, Chairman and Chief ExecutiveContinue Reading

Congress begins deep dive into National Debt problem

Last Friday the Financial Services Committee in Congress sent out a press release stating they were going to begin a hearing series on the national debt.  Hopefully this series of hearings will focus on a solution to our debt problem instead of just data collection.  Here is some from the press release: WASHINGTON- Amid signsContinue Reading

Today in Financial History…

In 1971, President Richard Nixon signed legislation providing a 10% increase in Social Security benefits (and a hike in the payroll tax rates, from 5% of the first $7,800 in wages to 5.15% of the first $9,000).  A retiree who would have received $500 a month at the beginning of 1969 would be receiving $759Continue Reading

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