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Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Redistricting….could that process change?

Right now, the North Carolina the redistricting process is the responsibility of the legislature, but a recent US Supreme Court ruling might change that. According the the US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, Arizona voters are now permitted to establish an Independent Redistricting Commission.  This means the authority to redraw district lines has beenContinue Reading

Federal budget update

The US Senate and US House are both in recess this week for the July 4 holiday.  Last week, there were several pieces of budget legislation that were discussed in the House and Senate. The House Appropriations Committee approved the Labor-HHS-Education spending bill on a vote of 30 to 21, and the Senate approved onContinue Reading

House passes continuing resolution

Late last night the NC House of Representatives sent out a press release discussing their vote on a continuing resolution for the state budget.  Below is the press release: Today the North Carolina House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) in order to fund State government functions through August 14, 2015 at 11:59pm. AContinue Reading

Mayor of Charlotte weighs in on the new Sales Tax distribution proposal

That is exactly the question former Senator and current Mayor of Charlotte Dan Clodfelter answered in an opinion piece he had published in the Charlotte Observer today.  He brings up a lot of very good points, and basically calls out the Senate leadership for proposing a plan for income distribution.  What do you think?  HisContinue Reading

What is in the Senate Budge that no one is talking about…?

Every year when the budget comes out people focus on the big items such as education and Medicaid, but what about those small things that no one really talks about? I want to highlight some of those today. All of these spending items came from the Senate Budget as of June 17th. K-12 Education: TransportationContinue Reading

Where is the Lottery Money going in the budget?

Below is a table of all the lottery money that is used in the Senate’s General Fund budget.  

What are people saying about the Senate budget….?

I saw this article and I thought it was worth sharing, When the N.C. Senate unveiled a tax overhaul plan last week, some reactions were predictable. Cedric Johnson of the left-leaning NC Budget and Tax Center said it would “promote neither shared economic opportunity nor prosperity,” while the right-leaning Americans for Prosperity said it continuedContinue Reading

Federal financial regulations proposal loses steam

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act was a major piece of legislation that regulated the United States’ financial sector.  This session of Congress, Senator Shelby (R-AL) introduced a proposal to overhaul the regulations on the country’s financial sector.  Unfortunately, it seems this proposal has lost its steam and is no longer on the fast track. Legislation proposedContinue Reading

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