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  • Nip it in the bud

    Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman docks himself after mixing beer and county vehicles. Guess he felt like he had to after coming down on the deputies for drinking some cold ones at the county crib: Schatzman’s pay forfeiture came at a time when his office was swirling in…
    Sam Hieb, December 13, 2006
  • Royal flush

    Still more state funding for private expansion, this time in Lexington: Morton Metalcraft, a Welcome-based sheet metal fabricator, gained approval Tuesday night from the Davidson County Board of Commissioners to apply for a Small Cities Community Development Block Grant through the N.C. Department of Finance. The application comes after…
    Sam Hieb, December 13, 2006
  • Liberal sensibilities

    In today’s N&R, Guarino writes “Greensboro is a city governed by liberal sensibilities; and its machine-driven electoral process assures that some decisions are made according to the ground rules of identity group politics.” At the same time, interim police chief Tim Bellamy unveils a program along those lines:…
    Sam Hieb, December 13, 2006
  • He said, she said

    Triad legislators react to Gov. Easley’s suggestion that the state retain the temporary sales tax. Sen. Phil Berger said…. “The fact of the matter is that it is pulling $200 million out of the economy that citizens should be deciding how to spend themselves. The fact of the matter…
    Sam Hieb, December 13, 2006
  • The one

    HP scores another local company, again with taxpayers’ help: The One North Carolina Fund (formerly the Governor’s Industrial Recruitment Competitiveness Fund) was created in 1993 to help North Carolina achieve its stated goal of economic growth through uniform regional prosperity. The fund currently consists of nonrecurring appropriations…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Mercenary solution

    The N&O discusses premium teacher pay in Guilford County: If that solution seems mercenary to some, that’s unfortunate. The future of thousands of North Carolina youngsters hang in the balance, and this is a perfectly reasonable attempt to address a well-known problem…. It makes sense that better pay for…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Self-flagellation

    If you ask me, UNCG’s course on business morality is yet another example of the self-flagellation that’s become commonplace on college campuses: John Allison IV is a student of capitalist philosophy, so the BB&T chief executive officer wanted to encourage the study at UNCG. In a statement, Allison said…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Valet parking

    You knew the outcome of yesterday’s Winston-Salem finance committee meeting before reading it in this morning’s Journal. Sure enough, the committee recommended $29 million in incentives for the city’s new downtown stadium. But wait, ti gets better: the city is also thinking about paying $16.3 million for 1,000 parking spaces…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006