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McCrory on NPR

With President Trump’s recent order lifting federal protections for transgender students in mind, NPR reached out to former Gov. Pat McCrory—who, in case you’ve been in a coma for the last year—signed North Carolina’s infamous HB2. Pretty much since the Trump era Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep has been a bit feisty–in his NPR voiceContinue Reading

Susan Ladd don’t like the Convention of States

N&R columnist Susan Ladd doesn’t like the ‘Constitutional cleanup’ taking place in the General Assembly these days. A couple of things jump out here. Ms. Ladd—radical liberal that she is— usually is quick to pounce on any issue that could be remotely interpreted as racist. Yet–in response to the bill that would repeal the stateContinue Reading

Gov.-Atty General conflicts of interest in voter ID SCOTUS review

Whoever said that news moves at the speed of light in the Trump era sure nailed. This morning everyone’s trying to process the president rescinding rules protecting transgender students and how it could radically effect the ongoing HB2 battle. In turn that left us barely any time to process the confusion over the North Carolina’sContinue Reading

Gunning for Virginia Foxx

It’s secret that Democrats are already gearing up to take back Congress in 2018—at the very least to stop the Trump agenda, at the very worst to start wacko impeachment proceedings. One target—a target Democrats have been gunning for since I can remember— 5th District Rep. Virginia Foxx. Winston-Salem Journal’s Scott Sexton handicaps potential opponents:Continue Reading

Summerfield going urban….

The Greensboro suburb Summerfield—known for its horse farms, large lots and large house—wants to add so-called “Planned Development” to its zoning ordinances, which would allow for more high-density development. Surprise—large lots and large homes are why people move to Summerfield, which is 12 miles north of Gboro up U.S. 220: On Thursday, about 200 peopleContinue Reading

Winston-Salem: ‘welcoming city’ for illegals?

City Council member Dan Besse has proposed a resolution that would make Winston-Salem a ‘welcoming city’ —as opposed to a ‘sanctuary city’—-for illegal immigrants: Besse said his resolution would put the city on record as opposing any measure that would “target populations within our diverse community for legal scrutiny,” and that the city “recognizes thatContinue Reading

Triad Tri-Gig makes ‘broadband boondoggle’ map

CJ’s Barry Smith reports on the Taxpayer Protection Alliance’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ taxpayer-funded internet projects that have cost the public more than $2 billion. One North Carolina network makes the ‘Dirty Dozen’—-the Mooresville-Davidson MI Connection: Mooresville and Davidson borrowed $80 million in 2007 to purchase a bankrupt cable television system and turn it into MI-Connection, theContinue Reading

W-S ‘Poverty Czar’?

At a Monday press conference, Mayor Allen Joines released the findings of the so-called Winston-Salem Thought Force, which was formed in 2015 to help tackle poverty in the Camel City. Among the recommendations was the creation of a ‘poverty czar,’ which—according to Joines—“would be an individual who would live with this every day.” The reportContinue Reading

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