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N&R layoffs

Greensboro News & Record announces 36 job cuts and a consolidation of its print edition: The changes, which are driven by efficiencies in production, will include: Consolidating the Monday, Tuesday and Saturday papers into two sections. Adding a fourth section to the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday papers. Merging all news coverage on Sundays into oneContinue Reading

HB2 ‘repeal’: You know what they say about opinions…

Lots of opinions out there about the “repeal” of HB2–whether it’s good, bad or ugly. But no opinions matter more than those of sportswriters at North Carolina’s daily newspapers. Given the blackmail on the part of the ACC and NCAA, HB2 is indeed a sports story, so it’s appropriate that sportswriters would offer their opinions,Continue Reading

Sad Say Yes joke

News & Record reports on Say Yes Guilford’s announcement that it was tightening eligibility requirements for so-called “last dollar” tuition scholarships because—you already know—scholarship amounts were more than what their “model” predicted. Remember how the local media trumpeted Say Yes, claiming that in addition to sending more kids to college it would be an economicContinue Reading

A little friendly advice from your legislative delegation….

..Regarding Winston-Salem’s sanctuary city resolution: Don’t do it: The warning came from Democrats and Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly, who said the city could be punished for pursuing a resolution that some legislators will likely see as a “sanctuary city” resolution in all but name. “I can’t even begin to tell you how unwiseContinue Reading

For all the worry and hand-wringing….

Speaking for myself, if there was one of Gov. Roy Cooper’s Cabinet nominees who should not have been confirmed, it was his nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Not because Dr. Mandy Cohen doesn’t have the proper credentials–which she does– but because—as CJ’s Dan Way puts it– of her “past linksContinue Reading

Another brilliant idea from the N&R editorial page

Saying it again for seemingly the millionth time—I have no idea in what world the editorialists down at the Greensboro News & Record live. In the age of Trump they’ve certainly come up with some brilliant editorials (insert sarcasm) but today’s is a doozy. Fair enough, President Trump did not effectively lead in the effortContinue Reading

GSO-WS commuter rail still in the station

A commuter rail line between N.C. A&T State University in Greensboro and Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem was big talk several years ago, but–what a coincidence—talk seemed to die when the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation had shall we say a financial setback. And we might not be hearing about it now if WFDD listener MatthewContinue Reading

GCS needs $60 million to see what teaching looks like

I almost wish this were some sort of Friday follies spoof, but unfortunately it’s real life–N&R reports Guilford County Schools will apply for a $60 million grant to replace tapped-out Mission Possible funds. And what would GCS hope to do with $60 million? A sample of key recommendations include: Developing a clear definition of whatContinue Reading

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