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  • Meanwhile—‘the City of Greensboro thanks Senator Wade’…..

    Looks like the N&R’s Queen of Refuse– had pull in some (eeeevil) late-night legislation that will help Greensboro add another downtown hotel, something it’s so desperately wanted for years now. City of Greensboro press release: Greensboro City officials are celebrating the adoption of SB 8, which was signed…
    Sam Hieb, July 12, 2017
  • Jamestown News: ‘Governor’s veto is our last hope’

    The Jamestown News makes a front page appeal to Gov. Roy Cooper to veto state Sen. Trudy Wade’s bill to let Guilford County and its municipal governments publish legal notices on its websites instead of paying to publish them in general circulation newspapers: The loss of revenue from legals…
    Sam Hieb, July 12, 2017
  • N&R editorial writer thinks Trump voters are just plain stupid

    Greensboro News & Record editorial writer Doug Clark has made many lame attempts at satire over the years. I would say that the closing paragraphs of today’s column were yet another attempt at satire, but unfortunately it appears as though he’s dead serious. In the column, Clark scratches…
    Sam Hieb, July 12, 2017
  • NCAE president’s ‘awkward arrangement’ with GCS

    Rhino Times reports on the ‘awkward’ arrangement between Guilford County Schools and North Carolina Association of Educators president Mark Jewell. Every year, the Rhino publishes the salary list of GCS employees, and Jewell was listed as “Tchr–NCAE VP”—with a salary of just over $74,000. Apparently some county commissioners took…
    Sam Hieb, July 11, 2017
  • CMS ‘culinary development manager’ meets the media

    New Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools culinary development manager (and husband of Superintendent Clayton Wilcox’ chief of staff) Jamie Francisco met the media earlier to day. Look like things got a little testy: Friday afternoon, in response to news media questions about the unadvertised jobs, CMS invited reporters to Shamrock Gardens…
    Sam Hieb, July 7, 2017
  • CMS’ new ‘culinary development manager’

    Charlotte Observer reports that new Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Clayton Wilcox’s created the position of schools ‘culinary development manager.’ Surprise–the school board went for it. But keep reading: On Monday, the board also approved hiring Francisco’s husband, Jody Francisco, for a new job as manager of culinary development in…
    Sam Hieb, July 6, 2017
  • $95k city settlement isn’t enough when your bail is $286k

    News & Record reports Greensboro resident DeJuan Yourse, who who reached a $95,000 settlement with the city over mistreatment by a GPD officer, is in jail for repeated failure to appear in court over some pretty disturbing charges: Yourse, 37, faces at least 12 counts of failure to…
    Sam Hieb, July 6, 2017
  • ‘Aggressive timeline’ on High Point baseball stadium

    High Point Enterprise probes the question surrounding the proposed $30 million downtown baseball stadium: now that a contractor has been selected, when will a contract be signed? Assistant City Manager Randy Hermann tells the Enterprise “it’s not clear when the council may be asked to approve a contract…
    Sam Hieb, July 6, 2017