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State Supreme Court upholds 2011 redistricting maps

Nearly a year after hearing arguments on appeal, the N.C. Supreme Court today ruled that the legislative and congressional district maps drawn by the 2011 General Assembly satisfied the state and federal constitutions, ending a bitter fight led by a host of civil-rights organizations and left-leaning advocacy groups. In a press release, Sen. Bob Rucho,Continue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, December 17, 2014

• The feelgood story of the holiday season: Well-known North Carolina political brothers Dallas Woodhouse (conservative Republican consultant, formerly of Americans for Prosperity) and Brad Woodhouse (Democratic activist and former national party communications director) appeared Tuesday on C-SPAN to discuss a new documentary about their polarized politics … and mom calls in. Joy Woodhouse’s callContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, December 16, 2014

• TIME reports that three tax-exempt nonprofits that ran campaign ads in North Carolina tacitly supporting Democrats may well have crossed the line into political advocacy, risking their tax-exempt IRS status. The groups are the Natural Resources Defense Council, which ran the ad below mentioning GOP state Sen. Bill Cook; NRDC and the Southern EnvironmentalContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, December 12, 2014

• The first poll of the 2016 election season (consider that) from Public Policy Polling finds Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in solid shape, leading likely Attorney General Roy Cooper, a likely Democratic rival, 46 percent to 39 percent. In a possible match between incumbent GOP U.S. Sen. Richard Burr and outgoing Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan,Continue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, December 10, 2014

• Two North Carolina House members got their chance Tuesday to grill controversial former Obama administration health care consultant Jonathan Gruber: Reps. Patrick McHenry, R-10th, and Mark Meadows, R-11th. Meadows’ encounter is below. • In an interview with WCHL radio, Public Policy Polling chief Tom Jensen says North Carolina Democrats have reasons to be optimistic asContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, December 8, 2014

• A preview of the 2016 campaign for governor? Republican Gov. Pat McCrory (at right) has chided his likely challenger, Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper, for refusing to represent the state in its lawsuit against the Obama administration’s executive action on immigration. Cooper says he doesn’t want to join a “partisan” legal effort. McCrory isContinue Reading

RE: The Kochs (!!!)

Terry, but wait. There’s more! Another post by our randomly selected history teacher Mr. Proffitt at the Organize2020.com website discusses the “next steps towards [sic] democracy” in North Carolina, a heartfelt complaint about how the “conservative” Democratic Party allowed our beloved state to be hijacked by those evil right-wing Republicans, and other belly-slappers. This leavesContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, December 3, 2014

• Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, has launched the website for his 2016 re-election campaign. His introductory video is below. • U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-11th, suggests the House will use the lame duck session to pass a spending resolution funding most of the federal government through the current fiscal year with one exception: TheContinue Reading

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