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“Corporations aren’t people with Constitutional rights!” Do you really believe this?

This is a standard claim of progressives and their biggest complaint against not only the recent Hobby Lobby ruling regarding the HHS contraceptive mandate but also the Citizens United decision which ruled that corporations had First Amendment rights with respect to free speech and campaign contributions. In a recent blog post at the Bloomberg View.comContinue Reading

Michael Moore: Land Baron Bolshevik

We all remember “limousine liberals.” These were mainly old school liberals of the Hollywood type that shed many a tear for the poor while riding around in chaufferreured limousines, hanging out with the beautiful people and going to cocktail parties. But today’s leftists are not the liberals of the past. While they are still representativeContinue Reading

RIP John Blundell

The libertarian movement lost one of it’s greatest and most influential leaders yesterday, Mr. John Blundell. It is no exageration to say that the freedom movement–conservative, libertarian and classical liberal–would no be as advanced as it is today without his guidance. His main role has been in brining talent and resources together in making sureContinue Reading

Tony Abbott in 2016

Three cheers for Australia

Australia becomes the first developed nation to repeal its carbon dioxide tax.

Roy Spencer’s keynote address at Heartland climate change conference

This is well worth watching. Chock full of climate realism. ddd  

Obamacare experiences shrinkage and expansion at once

The Weekly Standard has an article with some interesting statistics on the so-called Affordable Care Act. In the area of covering the uninsured it is definitely experiencing shrinkage, while when it comes to costs the number keeps getting bigger. As reported by the Standard: In March 2010..the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that Obamacare would costContinue Reading

Hobby Lobby and the clash between negative and positive rights

This is an excellent  post at the Bloomberg View blog by Megan McArdle explaining why the left and the right view the outcome of the Hobby Lobby case so very differently. It’s a clash between how each side views what constitutes rights. As she points out: Usually in political disputes, it’s broadly understood which sideContinue Reading

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