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A crash course in speaking progressive

Sean Hannity: “The President is literally stomping on the Constitution.”

Wow, I hope someone got pictures.

UNC and Harvard sued for racial/ethnic discrimination

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard University are being sued for discriminating against Asians in their admission policies. According to this article at Reason.com: The lawsuits were filed Monday by a group of interested parties, including two unnamed college students who were rejected from Harvard and UNC. According to Inside Higher Ed,Continue Reading

New Gruber video released (great spoof)

(Language alert)

Get out your coats and boots

Our favorite climatologist Roy Spencer let’s us in on the 10 day forecast. It looks like only 6 states in the mainland 48 are expected to escape snow in the coming 10 days–and NC isn’t one of them. He also speculates that for the US, November may go down as one of the coldest onContinue Reading

Lying about Obamacare was the plan all along

Re: Not a Subsidy

In his post below Mitch Kokai points to the absurdity in the claim that imposing a fee on businesses to pay for the governmental administrative costs of regulations is simply offsetting a business subsidy. Mitch remains agnostic on whether or not this is a good idea. His purpose is simply to point out the bastardizationContinue Reading

Insightful election analysis from the climate whiner left

After collectively pouring over $85 million into trying to defeat candidates who wouldn’t cave to climate fear mongering, the enviro moneybags are pretty unhappy with the return on their investment. From the Hill, here’s my favorite quote so far. This is from the executive director of the Sierra Club, Michael Brune: “strong voices for climateContinue Reading

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