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Why I am not a Republican, reason #1

My colleague Jon Sanders, as usual, was completely right; yesterday was another day where the Carolina cronies, this time in the form of the solar industry, took complete control of the NC legislature. A bill to end North Carolina’s expensive and coercive renewable portfolio standard was shot down in the House and in the SenateContinue Reading

Large investment banks benefiting from NC’s solar industry welfare payments

According to NC DENR (footnote 6) in their latest report on North Carolina’s renewable portfolio standard. Investors are allowed to claim a maximum of 20% of the ITC each year and are eligible to take the ITC during the first ten years after the project. ITC claims are expected to rise through 2015. Through 2012, solar accountedContinue Reading

So who else is saying NC’s renewable energy mandates may be hurting the economy?

North Carolina remains the only state in the Southeast to have enacted a REPS. As a result of this geographic isolation, long term energy prices may adversely impact economic growth and challenge recent improvements in employment in North Carolina. NC DENR, “The Energy Report: A Snapshot of North Carolina’s Energy Portfolio Seven Years After Session Law  

You might be a progressive if…

…you believe that businesses should operate with a conscience, unless, of course, it’s the business’ religion that guides its conscience.

Good or bad, third party solar electricity sales are not free market

If an industry can only provide its product by using the state to force others to deal with them it is not a industry that can be functional in a truly free market. And this is the case with third party solar power sales. In a recent News and Observer article Rep. John Szoka plugsContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you believe that I have a right to freely practice my religion so long as it doesn’t interfere with your access to my property.

Reason writer J.D. Tuccile continues blog’s attack on Christians

In a LockerRoom post yesterday I called attention to an article at the reason.com blog where Christians who refuse to facilitate gay weddings, implicitly including the Catholic Church who gives more resources to help AIDS victims than any other non-government institution in the world, were characterized as anti-gay, unkind, and reprehensible. Today in an articleContinue Reading

The supply of land, or anything else, is not fixed

This is a wonderful letter by George Mason economist Don Boudreaux in response to a “correspondent.” It applies not only to land, but to the supply of everything that the general public often believes is fixed. Because Don makes such an important point I am reproducing the entire letter below. The letter can be foundContinue Reading

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