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Keynesian Claptrap and the Case for a Minimum Wage Increase

“Keynesianism is indeed a disease on the body politic in democratic society. An economic doctrine of technocratic arrogance, it…gives scope to the opportunistic behavior of politicians who become unconstrained by Keynesianism in practice.” Peter Boettke Living Economics: Yesterday, Today,and Tomorrow The Keynesian disease has found its way into the debate over increasing the minimum wage.Continue Reading

The meaning of social justice

You keep and dispose of what you earn unmolested by me, and I keep and dispose of  what I earn unmolested by you.

First woman to receive Electoral College vote passes away at 91 (not Geraldine Ferraro)

Toni Nathan, founding mother of the Libertarian Party and the party’s first VP candidate, 1972. RIP

More proof of global warming

Almost 60 percent if cigs sold in NY are black market

And here’s the study by the Tax Foundation.

You might be a conservative/libertarian if…

…you are tired of discussions with progressives going like this: You—argument, reason, data. Progressive–where do you get your funding? You–more argument, more reason, more data. Progressive–don’t you have an affiliation with the Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation, The John Locke Foundation, etc.? You—more argument, reason, data Progressive–Doesn’t your organization take contributionsContinue Reading

NRDC is caught with their partisanship showing

Channel 8, WGHP in Greensboro calls out the Natural Resources Defense Council for displaying a partisan double standard in their latest ad blasting Governor McCrory for the Duke Power coal ash spill.

The economics of Obama’s latest labor market power grab

President Obama has announced that, through executive order, he will be changing the rules regarding which employees have to be given overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week. Under current regulations, all hourly employees who work more than 40 hours must be paid “time and half” for overtime hours. In addition toContinue Reading

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