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Did the Iowa caucus break the cronyism ceiling?

Reason.com’s Jacob Sullum points out what could, from a free market perspective, be the most important result of Monday’s Iowa Caucus–a candidate that favors the elimination of ethanol subsidies and mandates won. It has been traditionally thought that no one who openly opposes the subsidies could possibly win in this state which has been aContinue Reading

Self funding–what would public choice theory predict?

The claim is often made that self funding of one’s political campaign ameliorates the influence of all the special interests who might otherwise be contributing to the candidate’s efforts.  The candidate is beholden to no one, or so the claim goes. But is this really the case? In fact, public choice theory, which, in part,Continue Reading

F.A. Hayek nails it on cronyism–1947

“The fact is that almost everywhere the groups which pretend to oppose socialism at the same time support policies which, if the principles on which they are based were generalized, would no less lead to socialism than the avowedly socialist policies. There is some justification at least in the taunt that many of the pretending defenders of “freeContinue Reading

N&O op ed from UNC Econ head fails to prove his point

In today’s N&O there was an op ed written by Patrick Conway, the chair of the economics department at UNC-Chapel Hill. He pointed to two, what he saw as disappointing statistics regarding unemployed workers in North Carolina and suggested in his conclusion that changes in the unemployment insurance program that went into effect in 2013 were toContinue Reading

The 97% consensus on global warming exposed

N&O report/advocacy piece way off on 2015 temperature data

In a front page article by WFU journalism professor Justin Catanoso that was riddled with errors and distortions it was declared that this year was the warmest year on record. Well the satellite data, which is considered to be the most accurate and complete global temperature record, is out. Global average temperatures for 2015 willContinue Reading

You might be a campus progressive if…

…in the midst of terror attacks around the world and shootings on college campuses the term “safe zone” means to you a place where you don’t have to hear any speech by your fellow students that could possibly make you uncomfortable.

Responses to ISIS threat by ideology

Progressive/Liberal–First argue that it is all George Bush’s fault then make it clear that we not want to respond the way George Bush would have but instead sparingly use bombing raids and occasional drone strikes, but not too aggressively as that might begin to look like what Bush would have done. Conservative–Declare that they hateContinue Reading

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