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You might be a progressive if…

…your response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would have been to launch an investigation into the identity of the pilots that flew the planes involved in the attack. Once identified you would have tracked them down and arrested them. (HT–Charles Krauthammer)

You might be a progressive if…

…you believe companies who choose to leave the US for more favorable tax treatment are being unpatriotic while  those who create and support the oppressive tax laws that make such moves profitable are not.

New study shows meat eaters healthier

“Our results showed that a vegetarian diet is associated with poorer health (higher incidences of cancer, allergies, and mental health disorders), a higher need for health care, and poorer quality of life.” This is how team of scientists from the Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Australia writing in theContinue Reading

GA continues aid to dependent movie moguls: industry remains ungrateful to taxpayers

It appears that the General Assembly has come to agreement on a budget for the remainder of the 2013-2015 cycle and as part of the bill the GA will continue to subsidize the movie industry with cash grants totaling $10 million. Prior to this budget  the program has consisted of refundable tax credits, like thoseContinue Reading

“Corporations aren’t people with Constitutional rights!” Do you really believe this?

This is a standard claim of progressives and their biggest complaint against not only the recent Hobby Lobby ruling regarding the HHS contraceptive mandate but also the Citizens United decision which ruled that corporations had First Amendment rights with respect to free speech and campaign contributions. In a recent blog post at the Bloomberg View.comContinue Reading

Michael Moore: Land Baron Bolshevik

We all remember “limousine liberals.” These were mainly old school liberals of the Hollywood type that shed many a tear for the poor while riding around in chaufferreured limousines, hanging out with the beautiful people and going to cocktail parties. But today’s leftists are not the liberals of the past. While they are still representativeContinue Reading

RIP John Blundell

The libertarian movement lost one of it’s greatest and most influential leaders yesterday, Mr. John Blundell. It is no exageration to say that the freedom movement–conservative, libertarian and classical liberal–would no be as advanced as it is today without his guidance. His main role has been in brining talent and resources together in making sureContinue Reading

Tony Abbott in 2016

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