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You might be a progressive if…

…given a choice between reducing the incomes of the rich (say top 2% of income earners) by 50 percent or increasing the incomes of the the poor (say the bottom quintile of income earners) by 100%, you, without hesitation, would choose the former.

You might be a progressive if…

…you believe that the pediatrician who announces “it’s a boy” to the mom-to-be upon viewing her ultrasound is being presumptuous and transphobic, and that the appropriate reaction would be “biologically it’s a boy but it is too soon to tell what gender the baby will eventually identify with.”

It’s not easy being green

Day in and day out we are told by, well almost everyone, that in order to “be green” we must do what ever we can to reduce our contribution to atmospheric CO2–you know, reduce our carbon foot print. Well now comes a study from the journal Nature Climate Change saying that no, additional CO2 in theContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…after watching this video your response is: “I don’t get it, what’s the point?”

Climate Hustle to premier on May 2 in Cary

The iconoclastic new film Climate Hustle will premier in the Raleigh area on May 2, the day it will be released across the country, at The Regal Crossroads Stadium 20 theater in Cary.  

Surprise, surprise! Crony capitalists don’t like property rights.

The news that’s spreading across North Carolina is all about big businesses who are refusing to or threatening to refuse to set up production operations of one form or another in North Carolina. Businesses or industries that are getting the most publicity include Paypal and the film and TV industries. These companies  are doing thisContinue Reading

Sanders and the left despise big money in politics–NOT!!

Paul Jacob has a great little article this week examining Bernie Sanders’ real views on money in politics. Jacobs notes that Sanders is quick to call out big donors, particularly on the libertarian right, with lines like, “millions of people [are saying] ‘enough is enough — Koch brothers and millionaires can’t have it all.’” But JacobsContinue Reading

Will the bond require a tax hike? No, but…

In yesterday’s Wilmington Star, state budget director Andrew Heath explains why the $2 billion Connect NC bond, which is on the ballot next Tuesday, will not require a tax increase to be paid for. The question that he essentially poses is this; assuming we are going to make the the $2 billion capital investment,  canContinue Reading

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