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Town of Oak Island water and sewer now at nearly 3% of average income

For years now the town of Oak Island has been struggling to pay for what has turned out to be a huge financial boondoggle–its sewer system. A news story from 2013 explains it as follows: A sewer system project started in 2004 ran about $100 million over budget. Originally, council had estimated the cost ofContinue Reading

The libertarian view marriage rights: it is not the same as the same as the progressive view

You might be a progressive if…

…you posted this meme on your FB page and believed that it was a real gotcha moment for the progressive cause.

Where are you unlikely to find a reference to global warming?

In an article on why there have been so few big hurricanes in recent years.

What can be better for a union than a minimum wage increase that prices all competition out of the market?

A minimum wage increase that prices competition out of the market while exempting companies with a unionized work force, that’s what. This article by Partrice Lee at the Independent Women’s Forum points out how in many of the cities where unions are vociferously supporting a $15 minimum wage those same unions are simultaneously negotiating exemptionsContinue Reading

An environmentalist’s dream

Just think, with enough subsidies one day this could all be solar panels.

Thomas Sowell explains why racists love the minimum wage

It is a well know effect of the minimum wage that it prices the lowest skilled workers out of the labor market. Who are these workers and who have they been historically? In primarily white countries or countries with a primarily white ruling class like South Africa once was, it has been blacks and immigrantsContinue Reading

Arctic sea ice on the rise in 2013 and 2014

A study just released in Nature Geoscience comes to the following conclusion, as state in the article’s abstract: Here we present an assessment of the changes in Northern Hemisphere sea ice thickness and volume using five years of CryoSat-2 measurements. Between autumn 2010 and 2012, there was a 14% reduction in Arctic sea ice volume, inContinue Reading

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