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You might be a campus progressive if…

…in the midst of terror attacks around the world and shootings on college campuses the term “safe zone” means to you a place where you don’t have to hear any speech by your fellow students that could possibly make you uncomfortable.

Responses to ISIS threat by ideology

Progressive/Liberal–First argue that it is all George Bush’s fault then make it clear that we not want to respond the way George Bush would have but instead sparingly use bombing raids and occasional drone strikes, but not too aggressively as that might begin to look like what Bush would have done. Conservative–Declare that they hateContinue Reading

Is the Pope referring to unfettered capitalism or crony capitalism? It can’t be both.

I find it interesting that depending on the commentator Pope Francis’ words on capitalism are being spun in two totally contradictory ways. On the one hand much of the news media is reporting that the Pope is attacking what they are calling “unfettered capitalism.” This quite likely stems from comments made by the Pope proclaimingContinue Reading

Proposed energy policy study commission excludes economists and any voices for the free market

The Republican controlled NC Legislature is considering a bill to establish a “Renewable Energy Economic Development Study Committee” (see pages 18-20) to examine and make recommendations regarding state public policy toward so-called renewable forms of energy like solar power, wind power, and animal waste. In light of the debates that have been going on related toContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…for you, poverty is not something that you truly want to eliminate but something that gives you purpose in life. This is why institutions that lift people out of poverty and make people prosperous are of no interest to you.

Town of Oak Island water and sewer now at nearly 3% of average income

For years now the town of Oak Island has been struggling to pay for what has turned out to be a huge financial boondoggle–its sewer system. A news story from 2013 explains it as follows: A sewer system project started in 2004 ran about $100 million over budget. Originally, council had estimated the cost ofContinue Reading

The libertarian view marriage rights: it is not the same as the same as the progressive view

You might be a progressive if…

…you posted this meme on your FB page and believed that it was a real gotcha moment for the progressive cause.

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