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Newly suppressed voters revolt and turnout in even greater numbers

According to left wing pundits and activists new rules governing voting in North Carolina have suppressed the vote among African Americans and young people in this past year’s election. Using turnout data showing that voter participation rates among these voting groups were actually up this year as compared to 2010, Pope Foundation President John HoodContinue Reading

Duke power wants you to pay more for using less

This is another little tidbit from Resource Supply Management’s November issue of Carolina Regulatory Update. (see post below) Duke Energy’s New Home Energy Program On October 3, 2014, Duke Energy filed a request with the NCUC for approval of its My Home Energy Report Program. In its request, Duke Energy projects that the program willContinue Reading

Solar power activity in NC–politics not free markets

This is from November’s  “Carolina Regulatory Update” published by Resource Supply Management.  The newsletter is distributed by email and is not available online. NC Solar Farm Partnerships Some of our readers may have noticed that groups in North Carolina are continually announcing new solar farm projects. This is not entirely the result of the amount ofContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you support a state/city government that places a $5+ tax on a pack of cigarettes and you have no problem with that government using the police to enforce that tax law by arresting people selling loose tax free cigarettes on the street to the homeless. Furthermore you apparently have no problem with the police usingContinue Reading

Why did Eric Garner die?

To guarantee that the revenue stream from oppressive cigarette taxes continues to flow to the state and city of New York.

You might be a progressive if…

…it doesn’t offed your sense of justice to tell a poor inner city kid with minimal skills looking for his first job that, because his employment could not be justified at a higher minimum wage, he must remain unemployed. Note: As of October 2014 the black teenage unemployment rate was 32.6%.

You might be a progressive if…

…your knowledge of economics is so poor that you think wages are arbitrarily set by employers and can be set arbitrarily by the state.

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