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National Review editor tackles the March for Science

No one owns science, as Rich Lowry reminds us at National Review Online. The march had its share of harmless and charmingly nerdy science enthusiasts holding signs like “I was told there would be pi” and “I was told to bring a sine” (get it?). Who can possibly object to people, who may have waitedContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Don Carrington reports for Carolina Journal Online on the flawed claims that a Currituck County solar farm offsets the “carbon footprint” of a major university, hospital, and redevelopment group in Massachusetts. John Hood’s Daily Journal urges fiscal caution as N.C. lawmakers prepare the next state budget.

This should raise red flags for film subsidy supporters

It’s rare when one can highlight the overwhelming awesomeness that is Spinal Tap, while at the same time making a point about public policy. So thanks, Bloomberg Businessweek! Robert Kolker’s feature in the latest issue documents the efforts of Spinal Tap’s creators to recover some of the money they’ve lost over the years because ofContinue Reading

Presidents and public-health crises

Tevi Troy explores for National Affairs readers the way three major 20th-century presidents approached public-health crises. Of particular interest is his treatment of Ronald Reagan’s approach toward the AIDS epidemic. The case against Reagan on AIDS is well known. But does it correspond to the reality? According to Gary Bauer, the Reagan domestic-policy aide oftenContinue Reading

York praises Trump’s first 100 days

Byron York of the Washington Examiner gives a positive review to President Trump’s first three months in office. The bottom line is that Trump has been a 100 day success when it comes to exercising the executive powers of the presidency. He has done a great deal of what he said he would do, andContinue Reading

Good thing he’s not the ‘Constitution Guy’

Michael Bastasch of the Daily Caller pokes fun at Bill Nye’s ignorance. Bill Nye the “Science Guy” tried to claim the Constitution supported the concerns of thousands of scientists and environmental activists who took to the streets on Earth Day to protest the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts to federal agencies. “If you suppress science,Continue Reading

A left-leaning professor’s lament

Professor Laura Kipnis of Northwestern University allows National Review Online to publish an enlightening excerpt from her new book. Lately I’ve been thinking that future generations will look back on the recent upheavals in sexual culture on American campuses and see officially sanctioned hysteria. They’ll wonder how supposedly rational people could have succumbed so easilyContinue Reading

Fund follows French electoral developments

John Fund of National Review Online examines major political changes influencing the French presidential race. Only a decade ago, France’s two traditional major parties — the conservative Republicans and the Socialists — won 57 percent of the vote between them in the first round of the country’s presidential elections. On Sunday, both parties together wonContinue Reading

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