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Remember that story about government workers sacrificing higher pay to work for the public?

Ali Meyer‘s latest report for the Washington Free Beacon pokes holes in that fable. Government employees earn roughly 17 percent more in total compensation than private-sector workers in similar jobs, according to a report from the Congressional Budget Office. Including both wages and benefits, the budget office compared the total compensation of similar workers whoContinue Reading

Placing the blame for the Clinton FBI probe on the candidate herself

As some Democrats continue to lament the impact of an FBI investigation on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, David French of National Review Online reminds them who they should blame. It was all Hillary Clinton’s fault. All of it. She made the decision to flout standard practice, sound policy, good sense, and theContinue Reading

The anti-scientific approach of some science zealots

Ben Shapiro explains at National Review Online how some purported advocates of science deviate from basic scientific principles. On Saturday, leftists around the nation took to the streets to sound off about their new religion: Science™! No, not testable hypotheses and well-constructed experiments. Science™! You know, like gay rights and abortion and global redistributionism andContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Kari Travis reports that a proposed fix for state public school class-size requirements is heading back to the N.C. House. Kristen Blair’s Daily Journal examines the potential negative impact of smartphones on teens.

Taking on ‘hate speech’

Glenn Reynolds uses a USA Today column to explore the concept of “hate speech.” I tell my constitutional law students that there are a couple of statements that indicate that a speaker is a constitutional illiterate who can safely be ignored. One is the claim that the Constitution views black people as 3/5 the worthContinue Reading

Having more people insured isn’t as great as it sounds

Brian Frankie explains in a Federalist column why Obamacare‘s one major accomplishment does not necessarily mean good news for American health care. … Obamacare has fallen short of nearly every conceivable goal of health-care reform. There’s one single exception: Obamacare has dramatically expanded health insurance coverage. This single remaining reason explains why it retains theContinue Reading

Concerns about Trump and tax reform

David Drucker of the Washington Examiner highlights worries in Washington about President Trump’s approach toward tax reform. Washington insiders hungry for tax reform are bracing for President Trump to unveil an agenda light on details and scaled back from the ambition of his 2016 campaign. The president campaigned on a fundamental overhaul of the federalContinue Reading

Time to target campus craziness

David French of National Review Online recommends government action in response to the angry mob mentality on college campuses across the country. The courts have failed. The culture is failing. Unless Congress acts, we may lose not only free speech on college campuses, but free speech in America. In the memorable phrase of my friend,Continue Reading

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