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A reading list for Bernie Sanders

In the latest Newsweek, Vermont’s Socialist U.S. Senator offers an explanation for the demonization of socialism. You call yourself a democratic socialist. How did “socialism” become a bad word in America? I think what obviously happened over many years is that some of our right-wing friends decided to equate socialism with Stalinism, or the authoritarianContinue Reading

‘Trendy and ignorant’

Historian Niall Ferguson pulls no punches in describing for Newsweek the Obama administration’s approach to the Libyan uprising: President Obama is reluctant to intervene in the bloody civil war now underway in Libya. As a senior aide told The New York Times last week, “He keeps reminding us that the best revolutions are completely organic.”Continue Reading

Not much of a historian, not much of an economist

American history scholar Ezra Klein displays his vast knowledge of economics in the pages of the latest Newsweek: Most economists don’t think we should start cutting spending until 2012. The recovery is simply too weak, the labor market too fragile, and businesses too restrained in their hiring for the government to slash spending on goods,Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Anthony Greco’s latest CarolinaJournal.tv report focuses on the legislative debate over a voter ID bill. John Hood’s Daily Journal explores the concept of a “green-collar” job.

New at CJO: Lawmakers debate medical malpractice reform

David Bass’ latest Carolina Journal Online report focuses on the General Assembly’s consideration of medical malpractice reforms.

NCICL rebuts governor’s justification for money transfers

From the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law: RALEIGH, NC. March 15, 2011—Today, lawyers with the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law (NCICL) received and reviewed a memorandum prepared by State Controller David McCoy in which he claims the Governor’s plan to raid the Employment Security Commission Reserve Fund is constitutional. NCICL attorneys take exception toContinue Reading

New at CJO: Bills would end legislative dynasties

David Bass’ latest Carolina Journal Online report focuses on legislation that would prevent N.C. legislators from serving unlimited terms as the top House or Senate leader.

If the statute of limitations runs out on a Sunday …

… you might get another day to file your lawsuit. In one of the new opinions posted today from the N.C. Court of Appeals, a unanimous three-judge panel reversed a lower court and ruled that the former director of plant operations at Livingstone College could proceed with a wrongful discharge lawsuit against the school, evenContinue Reading

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