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Puncturing projections of growth in N.C. convention center business

Government-owned convention centers tend to lose money, and they fall far short of meeting projected growth in nearby hotel business. The answer from convention center backers always involves spending more money — for a new hotel near the convention center, for an expanded convention center, or even for a new center. Heywood Sanders, professor ofContinue Reading

An end to ‘disparate impact’ claims in housing disputes?

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek explains that the U.S. Supreme Court might be poised to address the future of “disparate impact” claims in lawsuits involving claims of housing discrimination. Over the past four decades, U.S. courts have ruled that plaintiffs making discrimination claims under the Fair Housing Act don’t have to prove intentional bias. Civil rightsContinue Reading

One reason for Putin’s adventurism

The latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek offers a clue about one potential reason for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin‘s recent adventurism: the county’s shaky economy. The Big Three ratings agencies have hit Russia with a barrage of debt downgrades and warnings as its economy has faltered and sanctions imposed by the West have started to bite.Continue Reading

TIME’s Klein has some nice things to say about Tillis, Walker

Joe Klein of TIME magazine recently parachuted into North Carolina for a Republican political rally. In his latest column, he shares his relatively positive impressions. In North Carolina, a few days earlier, I attended an actual political rally. It was staged by Republicans in Greensboro and featured their U.S. Senate candidate, Thom Tillis, who wasn’tContinue Reading

Historian Gordon profiles ‘first great man of science born of the working class’

John Steele Gordon shares with Barron’s readers a profile of Michael Faraday. [I]f he had little formal education, he was a voracious autodidact. Apprenticed to a bookbinder at age 14, he spent his teenage years binding books by day and reading them by night, especially those on chemistry and physics. His break came in 1812,Continue Reading

Barron’s Epstein chides economists who touted Obamacare

Gene Epstein of Barron’s explains in his latest “Economic Beat” column why economists who touted the potential benefits of the Affordable Care Act ought to have recanted their support once further evidence came to light. In January 2011, more than 300 economists signed a letter to Congress endorsing the Affordable Care Act and specifically affirmingContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Don Carrington reports for Carolina Journal Online that N.C. environmental officials have ended a “misleading” wind-power scheme. John Hood’s Daily Journal offers a good alternative to economic statistics that are ripe for cherry-picking.

JLF’s John Hood profiles Hagan-Tillis race in the latest National Review

The latest print edition of National Review features John Hood’s profile of North Carolina’s hotly contested U.S. Senate race. Under the headline “Hagan Hiding,” Hood details incumbent Democratic Den. Kay Hagan’s efforts to transform her re-election bid into a referendum on Republican challenger Thom Tillis’ record as speaker of the N.C. House of Representatives. Hood’sContinue Reading

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