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Re: Judge declares vouchers for low-income children unconstitutional

Terry, Here’s a response from Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham: “Today’s ruling by a single trial court judge advances a clear political agenda ahead of the needs of thousands of North Carolina children. We are committed to providing students a sound, basic education – and that’s the very reason we don’t want to trap disabledContinue Reading

Leef asks Forbes readers to consider whether a federal safety mandate is worth the cost

George Leef’s latest column for Forbes assesses the impact of the Clery Act, federal legislation that forces universities to provide the feds with information about campus crimes. Leef notes early in his piece that campuses are, on the whole, much safer locations than society at large. Even though violence does sometimes strike on campuses, theyContinue Reading

In case you missed her …

Becki Gray discussed the length of this year’s legislative session during an appearance on Time Warner Cable News:

Left-leaning law professor analyzes the Perry indictment

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley explains in a USA Today column why the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry fails to pass the smell test. The news of the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry late Friday thrilled many of his critics around the country, but it perplexed anyone who actually read theContinue Reading

War on women, you say?

Kirsten Powers documents for USA Today readers an ideological attack that puts leftist rhetoric about a Republican “war on women” in proper perspective. The “war on women” isn’t just for Republicans. Left-wing organizations in New York City have launched their own misogynist crusade against former CNN anchor turned education advocate Campbell Brown. Brown is runningContinue Reading

Walter Williams offers a diagnosis for one of higher education’s ailments

George Mason University economist Walter Williams notes in his latest column a number of problems on today’s college campuses, including a growing disrespect for the free flow of ideas. The average person would think that the major task of colleges is to educate and advance human knowledge. The best way to do that is toContinue Reading

Something to keep in mind as you haul that mini-fridge to the dorm room

Lindsey Burke reports for the Daily Signal on the latest data associated with student loan debt across the country. This year, outstanding student loan balances reached an all-time high of $1.12 trillion – an increase of $124 billion since last year, according to the New York Federal Reserve. Nearly 11 percent of aggregate student loanContinue Reading

Cato’s Tanner focuses on alternatives to government handouts

Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute devotes his latest National Review Online column to the need for more private charity, not welfare. In every city around this country, private charities, some faith-based, some secular, are successfully helping the poor and disadvantaged. And they are doing so, by and large, without government involvement. This is notContinue Reading

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