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N.C. Appeals Court sends case of ousted health care CEO back to trial

In an unpublished opinion with little precedential value, a unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has sent back to trial a case involving John Cashion, the former president and CEO of Davidson Health Care and Lexington Memorial Hospital. Cashion and his former employer have been fighting in court over the terms ofContinue Reading

Fund outlines problems linked to early voting

As early voting approaches in North Carolina, John Fund of National Review Online devotes a column to some of the problems tied to the early voting process. There’s no doubt that many people in our increasingly mobile and hectic society want voting to be as easy and convenient as buying fast food. But too muchContinue Reading

Ebola response problems involve more than messaging

Scott Gottlieb and Tevi Troy explain for Wall Street Journal readers why the problems associated with the government response to the Ebola threat involve much more than poor messaging. Much public skepticism about the government’s response to Ebola stems from the dogmatic pronouncements of Obama administration officials. In a video message early last month onContinue Reading

If the Koch brothers are so bad … revisited

Fortune magazine is the latest media outlet to puncture the myth that Charles and David Koch are buying American elections. The tide, however, appears to be changing. True, in the age of dark money (think Super PACs and the like), not all political giving is transparent, but so far this election season, Democratic bankrollers haveContinue Reading

Two CEOs challenging entrenched business interests win plaudits from Fortune

The top executives at Uber and Airbnb share top honors in Fortune magazine’s latest list of “40 Under 40.” They’re revolutionizing two very different industries, but this year was the year that Kalanick and Chesky became the figureheads for the ongoing clash between the great potential of the Internet economy and the rules and regulationsContinue Reading

Using capitalism to fight communism

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek suggests an interesting tool for battling Cuban communism: capitalism. Yamina Vicente has lived in communist Cuba her whole life. But it didn’t take her long to learn one of capitalism’s handier skills: creating market demand. Baby showers were practically unheard of in Cuba until last year, when Vicente started an eventContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online that North Carolina’s 2014 U.S. Senate race is not likely to be the state’s costliest on a cost-per-voter basis. Rick Henderson’s Daily Journal explains why information uncovered by WRAL-TV news makes the Hagan stimulus story even worse than it previously appeared.

Lobotomy and the post-World War II incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder

Long before post-traumatic stress disorder gained its name, society dealt with soldiers who returned from combat with “battle fatigue,” “shell shock,” or other mental problems. One of the more disturbing responses to those problems was the frontal lobotomy surgery. Dr. Philip Miller practiced internal medicine and cardiology for 34 years with Wake Internal Medicine ConsultantsContinue Reading

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