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The buck stops … somewhere else

J. Marsolo of the American Thinker website highlights one curious aspect of the Washington Post‘s recent coverage of a Pentagon scandal. The Washington Post reported that the Pentagon buried a report about $125 billion in waste without once mentioning that Obama is president and that Obama did nothing about it. The Post headline dated DecemberContinue Reading

A scheme that might work … unless you understand the Constitution, the law, tradition, etc.

Sean Davis of the Federalist website explains why a liberal scheme to install Merrick Garland on the U.S. Supreme Court wouldn’t work. Having watched continued control of the White House slip away, progressive activists are now furiously searching for ways to rescue Merrick Garland’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court before President-elect Donald Trump takesContinue Reading

Why the sudden outrage over ‘fake’ news?

Scott Greer of the Daily Caller explores the controversy surrounding “fake news.” What is clear is that left-leaning journalists and commentators are more sure than ever that fake news was an important factor in Trump winning the election. This seems a curious conclusion to draw with all of the events of the campaign and theContinue Reading

Liberals discover danger of illiberalism

Charles Cooke of National Review Online ponders liberals’ recent worries about potentially illiberal government policies. By a remarkable coincidence, on the same day that Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States, the progressive Left discovered a distaste for illiberalism. Writing on behalf of the “many scholars/journalists who study illiberal/authoritarian regimes” — all of whomContinue Reading

Arrogance, ignorance, and the response to Trump

Victor Davis Hanson explores progressives’ response to Donald Trump’s election in a column for National Review Online. In media land, Donald Trump is a reckless tweeter; Barack Obama’s outreach to GloZell and rapper Kendrick Lamar is just kicking back and having fun (Lamar’s latest album portrayed the corpse of a judge to the toasting merrimentContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on political experts’ predictions regarding Millennials, urban versus rural conflicts, and state election volatility. The Daily Journal explains how one liberal U.S. Supreme Court justice might have slammed the door on efforts to end partisan gerrymandering through the courts.

VMI and the latest case of campus kookiness

In the first college football game I attended as an undergrad, my Tar Heels wiped the floor with the Virginia Military Institute. UNC then proceeded to lose its next 10 games, including a blowout home loss to Clemson that featured a near-continual cycle of “Tiger Rag” (played by the Clemson band after every Tiger firstContinue Reading

Forbes publisher wonders whether Trump will approach infrastructure spending the ‘smart’ way

Rich Karlgaard of Forbes highlights President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise of major increases in infrastructure spending. President-elect Trump wants to put $1 trillion or so of private but taxpayer-subsidized money into large construction and repair projects–bridges, highways, tunnels, railways and airports. Is this a smart use of funds? This is where it gets interesting. WatchContinue Reading

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