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Placing Milton Friedman’s famous ‘crisis’ comment in context

The late economist Milton Friedman is known for saying that real policy reform depends on the emergence of a crisis. But that’s not exactly what Friedman said, nor what he meant. Correcting the record was a key goal in Western Carolina University economist Edward Lopez’s Friedman Legacy of Freedom Lecture today for the John LockeContinue Reading

Leef’s latest Forbes column highlights higher ed free-speech victory

George Leef’s latest column for Forbes focuses on a court case that has led to good news for free speech on a college campus. Occasionally, you come across a legal case so strange that it makes you stop and wonder, “Is this even for real?” Such a case has recently come to an end withContinue Reading

Top congressional Republican wants complete VA overhaul

Morgan Chalfant of the Washington Free Beacon reports on U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s concerns surrounding dysfunction at the Department of Veterans Affairs. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) called for the Department of Veterans Affairs to be “fundamentally turned on its head” during remarks made in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. Speaking at theContinue Reading

Uber, short-term loans, and their impact on the political establishment

Steve Sherman shares with Human Events readers an interesting analysis of the impact of the “sharing economy” and payday loans on the political establishment. Create a better mouse trap. We’ve all heard it. Companies like Uber and Lyft have done just that to the age old taxi-cab industry. These upstarts used the abundance of carsContinue Reading

Too many federal government programs to list

Kathryn Watson of the Daily Caller reports skeptical reactions among congressional Republicans, including North Carolina’s Mark Meadows, to reports that the federal government needs years to compile a list of all of its programs. It will take the government two years just to list all federal programs and that’s “not a way to run aContinue Reading

Salam explores left-of-center critique of capitalism

Reihan Salam‘s latest column at National Review Online focuses on a recent complaint about the corporate world. I’ve been trying to make sense of the recent push, from Hillary Clinton and others on the left, against what’s been dubbed “quarterly capitalism,” or the alleged tendency of publicly held companies to act in the short-term interestsContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Some of the loudest proponents for North Carolina’s renewable energy tax credits represent big businesses that take advantage of the credits. Rick Henderson discusses this underreported aspect of the renewable energy debate during the latest edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Katherine Restrepo analyzes the Federal Trade Commission’s recent endorsement of a state House bill toContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on the N.C. congressional delegation’s reaction to Rep. Mark Meadows’ move to replace U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. Barry Smith reports on an audit that critiques a state program to teach blind people to run snack bars. Mecklenburg County Commissioner Jim Puckett’s Daily Journal argues against new tollContinue Reading

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