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Ignoring Clinton appointments if necessary

Ilya Shapiro argues in a Federalist column that the U.S. Senate could refuse to confirm any judicial nominees from Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president next month. … [L]et’s get one thing out of the way first: the Constitution is completely silent on all this. It’s the president’s job to nominate and the Senate’s toContinue Reading

Obamacare and the U.S. Senate

Robert King of the Washington Examiner focuses on the potential impact of Affordable Care Act rate hikes on hotly contested U.S. Senate races across the country. Some states with tight Senate races are seeing their Obamacare rates climbing next year even more than the average 22 percent increase announced by the Obama administration on Monday,Continue Reading

The media’s presidential choice

Charlie Hoffman of the Washington Free Beacon highlights interesting details about the mainstream national media’s approach to 2016 election campaign coverage. (Hint: Fans of the “Media Mangle” column will not be surprised.) A report released Tuesday by the Media Research Center found that 91 percent of evening news coverage dedicated to Donald Trump was “hostile”Continue Reading

Sowell targets turnout in talking about congressional control

Thomas Sowell‘s latest column at National Review Online focuses on the important role of voter turnout in determining control of the next Congress. Some of us this election year don’t even want to say the words “Clinton” or “Trump” — and with good reason. However, there is one word that we should keep in mind:Continue Reading

Climate McCarthyism exposed

Robert Bryce explains at National Review Online one way in which left-of-center activists have tried to shut down debate about climate change. The latest WikiLeaks dump contains plenty of insider dirt on John Podesta, the founder of the Center for American Progress and the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the tawdriest story to beContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Don Carrington reports for Carolina Journal Online on a lawsuit challenging the state attorney general’s hog waste “slush fund.” Andy Taylor’s Daily Journal explains how the Donald Trump presidential nomination affects GOP attempts to pick a national “electoral lock.”

Answering for Obamacare’s failure

David Harsanyi of the Federalist wonders when left-of-center pundits and politicians will be called upon to answer for their failed predictions involving the Affordable Care Act. No doubt, you’ll remember all those romantic charts and stories from the liberal smart-set predicting Obamacare’s affordability and success. Remember the jeering aimed at conservatives who argued state-run marketsContinue Reading

Mainstream news outlets downplay steep Obamacare cost increases

Pete Kasperowicz of the Washington Examiner explores mainstream media outlets’ response to the latest news surrounding Affordable Care Act rate increases. Mainstream media outlets were slow to cover the Obama administration’s Monday announcement of a 25 percent average increase in federal Obamacare premiums for 2017, and for some, the news wasn’t worth covering at all.Continue Reading

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