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Leef’s latest Forbes column focuses on feds’ meddling in higher ed accreditation

George Leef probes for Forbes readers the federal government’s increased interest in the accreditation of colleges and universities. America’s national obsession with raising our “educational attainment” level leads politicians and bureaucrats to focus on the silliest of things. Lately, that has been college accreditation. On November 6, the U.S. Department of Education put out aContinue Reading

Apodaca retiring from N.C. Senate

The office of Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, has fun with its announcement that Senate Rules Chairman Tom Apodaca, R-Henderson, plans to retire at the end of his current term. Senate Bull Moose Heading Out to Pasture Rules Chairman Tom Apodaca to Retire in 2016 Hendersonville, N.C. – The “part grizzly bear, part teddy bear”Continue Reading

Move from depreciation to expensing would improve N.C. tax code

As N.C. lawmakers consider the next steps in state tax reform, a new John Locke Foundation report recommends a change that would help spur more investment in big-ticket capital items: Replace depreciation with “expensing.” In other words, allow businesses to deduct the full costs of their expenses in the year in which those costs occurred,Continue Reading

Wilson’s role in the deterioration of higher education

As part of the Princeton University community calls for the school to cut its ties to former university (and U.S.) president Woodrow Wilson, a Powerline essay from Paul Mirengoff probes Wilson’s pivotal role in inspiring higher education changes that have produced this state of affairs. The essay focus on a book from former Princeton PresidentContinue Reading

When the corporate tax rate is too high

The planned merger of Pfizer and Allergan, with the new corporate home to be based officially in Ireland, draws attention again to corporate inversions, including the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. The transaction is structured so that Dublin-based Allergan is technically buying its much larger partner, a move that makes it easier for the companyContinue Reading

Putting today’s concerns in perspective

In an essay reminiscent of key arguments advanced by the Rational Optimist, Marian Tupy of the Cato Institute reminds us just how much our lives have improved. Today, most Americans are concerned with eating too much rather than too little. That fact is all the more remarkable considering that between 1600 and 2013 the populationContinue Reading

Barron’s columnist pans Trump, Carson, Cruz, Clinton

Jonathan Laing of Barron’s documents his concerns about top presidential contenders. The acute dyspepsia we felt last week was induced by more than eating too much on Thanksgiving. In fact, we’re even more discomfited by the ongoing shenanigans of the leading candidates for president as the beginning of primary season looms three months from now.Continue Reading

Barron’s column questions government efforts to boost growth

Former Bush administration and congressional staffer J.T. Young offers Barron’s readers a critique of the federal government’s long-running efforts to stimulate economic growth. An October poll conducted by the Associated Press and the German research institute GfK showed just how deeply Americans have come to accept the current economy, and how little they expect itContinue Reading

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