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Haven’t heard Mike Adams speak?

If this morning‘s “Locker Room” entries sparked your interest in UNC-Wilmington Professor Mike Adams, you might enjoy revisiting his December 2009 speech at N.C. State University, courtesy of CarolinaJournal.tv.

Latest N.C. employment data bolster the state’s fiscally conservative approach

North Carolina’s official unemployment rate dropped again in March to 6.3 percent. John Hood looks beyond that headline number and assesses the implications for North Carolina public policy. The latest federal employment data for North Carolina support the case that a fiscally conservative approach to state fiscal policy is helping improve the economy’s long-term outlook.Continue Reading

National Review cites the Mike Adams case

Those of you who have followed with interest Professor Mike Adams‘ battle with his employers at UNC-Wilmington might appreciate this blurb from the latest National Review: Mike Adams sued the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, where he is an associate professor of sociology and criminology, for discriminating against his political (conservative) and religious (Christian) beliefs whenContinue Reading

Another take on the ‘college is oversold’ theme

Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review reacts in an interesting way to a recent headline: “College Dropout Scott Walker Claims Ronald Reagan Ended the Cold War by Busting Unions.” As Cooke notes, it’s clear the description “college dropout” is designed to serve as a substitute for “‘stupid,’ ‘uncultured,’ ‘unvetted’ — or, at the very least,Continue Reading

Goldberg offers interesting take on the media’s growing aversion to man-bites-dog stories

If you enjoyed Jon Ham’s recent take on the media’s treatment of man-bites-dog stories, you might enjoy Jonah Goldberg‘s exploration of the same topic in the pages of the latest National Review. The real point of the phrase “man bites dog” is to suggest that journalists have a bias toward surprising news, even if it’sContinue Reading

In case you missed him …

Terry Stoops questioned the latest plea for public school teacher pay raises during an interview for WTVD.

Murray discusses cronyism problem with Wall Street Journal

Charles Murray discusses with Mary Kissel of the Wall Street Journal the many problems created by rampant cronyism in the American economy. KISSEL: You’re blaming the 1 percent, why? MURRAY: Yeah, to a great extent. I’ll give you some examples: the 25,000 square foot homes, the private jets, but more than that, the sense thatContinue Reading

Here’s a shocker: Politics likely played a larger role than science in boosting a solar company

Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon digs into the details of a politically motivated “green energy” project involving the Obama adminstration’s U.S. Energy Department. The Department of Energy ignored warnings by internal solar experts when it subsidized a solar company backed by a major Democratic donor that went bankrupt in 2012, according to aContinue Reading

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