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Is Roy Cooper a closet libertarian?

MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: Oh, really? So when I say: Nicole bring me my slippers and fetch my nightcap,” is that prose? PHILOSOPHY MASTER: Most clearly. MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: Well, what do you know about that! These forty years now I’ve been speaking in prose without knowing it! —Molière, The Bourgeois Gentleman, 1670   As my colleague JohnContinue Reading

Fight the Myth of Fair Trade

As Barron’s editorial page editor Thomas Donlan notes in his March 6 editorial: “Fair trade” is never fair, because it always means that the deadening thumb of government has to adjust the scales of commerce in favor of domestic businesses that can’t succeed any other way.

If I Were Teaching an Ethics in Journalism Class…

If I were teaching a course on ethics and journalism, I would make the Wall Street Journal Editor Gerard Baker’s opinion piece, Trump, ‘Lies’ and Honest Journalism, the center of classroom discussion. And I would include recent opinion pieces from the editors of Carolina Journal on the exit of ethics from journalism and the danger of transactionalContinue Reading

The News Media should not be in the business of telling people how to vote

Today’s Wall Street Journal’s  “Notable & Quotable” section features a quote from founder of the USA Today newspaper, Richard Benedetto. He was writing in the Utica (N.Y.) Observer-Dispatch on October 17:        USA Today, a newspaper I helped found in 1982, and which enjoyed a reputation for honest and fair reporting, last monthContinue Reading

Downton Abbey and Big Government

In today’s WSJ’s Notable & Quotable the Dowager Countess of Grantham despairs of the destructive effects of big government on the freedom of the individual: “Loss of control by the people, more control by the state until the individual’s own wishes count for nothing. That is what I consider my duty to resist….”

U.S Economic Freedom Declines

The new 2016 Index of Economic Freedom from the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal shows that America’s economic freedom has declined and is the lowest since 1998. Is this reflective at the State level? We will see when the JLF Freedom Index is updated in the Fall of 2016.

Did FDR’s Policies Prolong the Great Depression?

In this morning’s Notable and Quotable section in the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page, WSJ quotes a UCLA news release from August 30, 2004 announcing that two UCLA economists have concluded from their extensive study of the Great Depression, that the Great Depression dragged on so long because of extensive government interference. “Ironically,” the twoContinue Reading

Safe Spaces are Violent Places

Brendan O’Neill, editor of the online British libertarian magazine, Spiked takes on the sacred cow of the safe space in remarks at the “What Cannot Be Said” conference at the University of California, Irvine on January 23, 2016. He begins his remarks with the observation that, “[T]he most striking thing about Safe Spaces on campus isContinue Reading

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