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Here Come The Repeal And Replace Plans

Addressing a solid health care plan that steers away from Obamacare’s massive redistribution of health should rank high on the to-do list for Republican presidential contenders. Earlier this week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker laid out the framework for his repeal and replace plan, entitled “The Day One Patient Freedom Plan.” Like most market-oriented proposals, tax creditsContinue Reading

Certificate of Need Laws Are Supposed To Restrain Health Care Costs

They don’t. The Department of Justice (DOJ) notes that CON laws were passed in large part because hospitals were reimbursed on a cost-plus basis, (i.e., the actual cost of care delivered). This in turn ignited a “medical arms race.” Providers lured patients to hospitals with the latest and greatest technology. Hospitals didn’t have to competeContinue Reading

Are House Calls Making A Comeback?

The Wall Street Journal reports how several startups are dispatching medical providers via Uber and other modes of transportation to care for patients in the comfort of their own homes. Read the full story about how these mobile urgent-care clinics benefit both patients and providers.

Mayor Of Belhaven Discusses How Certificate Of Need Law Harms Rural Health Care

Earlier today, Belhaven Mayor Adam O’Neal of Beaufort County delivered some passionate remarks in the Legislature’s presser on how North Carolina’s Certificate of Need program – a regulatory regime that approves or denies providers wanting to update or expand health care infrastructure – undermines rural health care: The truth is the CON process is broken. IContinue Reading

Health Care Consolidation Nothing New Under Obamacare

Hadley Health Manning, Director of Health Policy for Independent Women’s Forum, lays out the facts in Forbes. Obamacare has sped up consolidation, but other bureaucratic expansions of government’s role in health care spurred this trend long before the 2010 law. Since 1990, the healthcare workforce has grown by 75%, but the majority of those jobs areContinue Reading

North Carolina CON Law A Market Failure

Contrary to 40 years‘ worth of evidence, The American Hospital Association says that Certificate of Need (CON) is a necessary and effective law that restrains the rise in health care expenditures and an over investment of scarcely used services. To prevent a medical arms race, state bureaucrats should be responsible to determine the appropriate amount of equipment andContinue Reading

Potential 35 Percent Average Premium Increases For 2016 Affordable Care Act Customers

At face value, Obamacare granted health insurance companies a pretty sweet deal. People are required to purchase their products under the law’s individual mandate. But many strings come attached. Insurers must accept everybody, regardless of health status, and they are not allowed to accurately price the risk an individual brings to the risk pool. This isContinue Reading

2016 BCBS ObamaCare Rate Filings Revised

Now that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS NC) has additional claims data from the first half of 2015, the state’s largest insurer is now seeking approval for an average 35 percent increase – up from 26 percent –  in order for its Obamacare exchange pool to be somewhat sustainable. As I’ve mentionedContinue Reading

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