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Will Repealing Certificate of Need Laws Lead To Patient Cherry Picking?

Today’s News & Observer features the North Carolina Hospital Association, a free-market lobbyist, and legislators battling over pending legislation that could potentially terminate the state’s highly bureaucratic Certificate of Need (CON) law. Senator Tom Apodaca favors full-blown repeal, as this would open up competition in the health care market and enable patients to enjoy lower health careContinue Reading

Payer Mix Comparable Between For Profit and Non Profit Surgery Centers

Nonprofit hospitals in North Carolina fear that if legislation allows for more multi specialty physician-led ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to open without needing prior approval from the state, these facilities will go on a cherry picking spree for private coverage patients. Should this happen, hospitals will be left to care for revenue-losing patients – those whoContinue Reading

Blue Cross Blue Shield Cost Estimator Tool Improves Health Care Price Transparency

…and will only help the legislature allow for patients to access health care in less expensive settings (like Ambulatory Surgery Centers) by reforming North Carolina’s outdated Certificate of Need law. The charts below compare cost differentials of average charges for an ACL repair and a cataract removal — two of the most common outpatient surgeries. TheseContinue Reading

Does Fee For Service Medical Care Really Cause Skyrocketing Health Expenditures?

The ongoing debate in the medical industry is whether fee for service (FFS) medical care leads to excessive health care spending. Hence the increasing shift from payments based on volume towards value. More third party payers are reimbursing providers with a bundled payment – a fixed fee that is to be distributed to all providersContinue Reading

Both The House And Senate Want CON Reform

Last week, I attended a health care breakfast panel where three North Carolina hospital CEOs talked about how competition brings out the best in their health systems. Competition is healthy. Competition is a beautiful thing. The tone of the conversation abruptly changed, however, once the moderator posed the question about the legislature’s proposal to relax theContinue Reading

73 Counties Unable To Build ASCs Under North Carolina CON Reform

It’s been a little over one week since the House filed HB 200, which would loosen up the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) law — a regulatory burden requiring medical providers to ask permission from the state and their competitors before expanding their businesses. Under HB 200, the following would be exempt from CON review:Continue Reading

A Look At The Supreme Court’s Latest Obamacare Case

During the recent King v Burwell Supreme Court oral arguments, Justice Anthony Kennedy curiously brought up the notion that state exchanges could be considered coercive if the plaintiffs win. In other words, the government’s draconian regulations on insurance companies would push federal exchange marketplaces to the verge of death spirals unless states received subsidies – whichContinue Reading

A Recap Of King v Burwell Oral Arguments

Last week’s Supreme Court oral arguments on King v Burwell unfolded as expected. While all justices must follow the golden rule that a statute cannot be interpreted in isolation but instead must be read in full context, there were dissenting opinions as to whether Congress wrote the law knowing that subsidies are conditional upon stateContinue Reading

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