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Affordable Concierge Care

This week wraps up the first annual Healthcare Solutions Week – where public policy think tanks nationwide are raising awareness about how market-based principles can reduce health care costs while increasing quality and accessibility of care. A massive government overhaul of our healthcare delivery system continues to unfold, and the nation is embarking upon uncharted territory. ProvidersContinue Reading

Obamacare Burdens Physicians With More Paperwork

Healthcare Solutions Week  More regulations imposed under Obamacare mean that doctors are now spending less time with patients. Dr. Rosemary Stein, a private practitioner in Burlington, NC, gives some insight in yesterday’s Charlotte Observer: Today, we have less treatment time per day thanks to the burgeoning paperwork required by all the regulations – 13,000-plus pages at lastContinue Reading

Direct Primary Care Becoming More Popular

Healthcare Solutions Week  When it comes to reforming our nation’s health care delivery system, both sides of the political spectrum seek to achieve the “triple aim” —  quality, access, and an increase in overall health. A way in which this can be realized is through direct primary care, where patients pay their physician a monthly feeContinue Reading

Walmart Drops Health Coverage For 30,000 Part-Time Employees

Due to Obamacare doubling down on rising health care costs, Walmart will be dropping health insurance coverage to an additional 30,000 part-time employees. Meanwhile, premiums are still on the rise. The Weekly Standard reports: “Wal-Mart also is raising premiums for all workers next year. About 40% of enrolled workers are on its least expensive and most popular planContinue Reading

North Carolina Mother Describes Her Obamacare Nightmare

From yesterday’s Washington Times: As the mother of two chronically ill children, I have long faced high health care costs. My sons suffer from a rare bone-marrow failure syndrome called Shwachman-Diamond syndrome and have secondary mitochondrial disease that requires treatment with a broad range of expensive medications. We averaged $10,000 to $12,000 a year inContinue Reading

Obamacare: A Year In Review

Yesterday marked healthcare.gov’s one year anniversary, and the Obama administration reports that roughly 7 million individuals now have some type of federally approved health insurance – whether it be private coverage through the health insurance exchanges or Medicaid. (Note this figure was scaled down from 8 million due to individuals not paying their premiums, among otherContinue Reading

Obamacare and the “family glitch”

From today’s Washington Examiner: In theory, Obamacare is supposed to offer fully or partially subsidized health insurance to Americans below a certain income threshold if they do not have the option of obtaining affordable coverage through their employers. “Affordable” is defined as coverage cheaper than 9.5 percent of household income. But under a ruling byContinue Reading

Reducing Health Care Costs – Less Regulation, More Transparency

When it comes to reforming our nation’s health care system, both sides of the political spectrum point to the “triple aim” — reduce health care costs, improve quality and access, and increase individuals’ overall health. Now that Obamacare has added millions more to public and private health insurance roles, demand for health services will mostContinue Reading

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