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CBO Says Medicaid Expansion Will Not Significantly Improve Hospitals’ Bottom Lines

The National Review breaks down the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on assessing Medicaid expansion’s financial impact on hospitals: The report provides several reasons why Medicaid expansion will not cure hospitals’ financial woes. Whereas CBO assumed that exchange plans would reimburse hospitals above their average costs, “Medicaid’s payment rates are below hospitals’ average costs.” MedicaidContinue Reading

#HealthyAdulting Is The New Campaign To Get Young People To #GetCovered

One of the many reasons why the Obamacare exchanges are unsustainable is because not enough young and healthy adults are signing up for health insurance. Low risk policyholders are essential to spreading the risk around in an insurance carrier’s risk pool. In North Carolina, less than 30 percent of people   between the ages ofContinue Reading

Congress Wants To Bring More Consumerism To Health Care

Americans aren’t thrilled with the fact that health care costs continue to eat away at their overall take home pay. For those who have insurance through their jobs, deductibles have risen by an average 12 percent in 2016, or four times more than premium increases. For those who don’t have employer-sponsored health insurance, out ofContinue Reading

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Will Continue Offering Obamacare Plans Statewide In 2017

See the health insurer’s press release announcement here. With BCBS NC and Cigna as the only health insurance exchange participants for 2017, this is what the state’s non-group insurance market will look like next year:

The Best Book On What’s Wrong With Health Care

In America’s health care sector, patients aren’t the actual customers of care; insurers are. Insurance companies are responsible for buying services from hospitals, physicians, medical equipment providers, and other professionals in the field. Sure, patients who have insurance are subject to out of pocket costs such as co-pays and co-insurance. Deductibles are as high as $6,000Continue Reading

Make That Two Insurance Plans, Please

Kaiser Health News reports this morning on gap plans – supplemental health insurance plans that pair with one’s traditional health plan. For a lower monthly premium (say $50), gap plans can help cut down on a policyholder’s total out of pocket spending. These “mini-med” plans are becoming more popular for both businesses and individual policyholders. How doContinue Reading

Congress Introduces Bill To Expand Health Savings Accounts

A Capitol Hill briefing yesterday featured bicameral legislation that calls for expanding the use of health savings accounts (HSAs). HSAs let consumers under the age of 65 build up savings for certain medical expenses, all tax-free. The Health Savings Account Expansion Act, sponsored by US Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) and Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA), would makeContinue Reading

What To Do About North Carolina’s Obamacare Exchange Crisis?

Because of Aetna’s recent business decision to withdraw from North Carolina’s exchange, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS NC) has had to re-file its rate request to account for the high-risk enrollees it could be absorbing. As a result, BCBS NC CEO Brad Wilson says that his company may have to serve anContinue Reading

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