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Repealing Certificate Of Need Laws Will Give North Carolinians Better Access To Heath Care

With short session underway, there will be a push for lawmakers to repeal North Carolina’s Certificate of Need law – a law in which doctors and hospitals must ask the state permission to build new facilities, expand existing service lines, or update major medical equipment. If you’re on board for legislators to eliminate an outdatedContinue Reading

North Carolina’s Obamacare Exchange: And Then There Were Two

UnitedHealth Group’s exodus will have very real impacts for North Carolina in 2017. Just two insurance providers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Coventry, a subsidiary of Aetna, will be offering federally-approved health plans to those who do not receive insurance benefits through their employer. United currently provides insurance in 77 of the state’s 100Continue Reading

For Health Insurance Companies, It’s Rate Filing Season

…and word on the street is that many will continue to ask for large premium increases for health insurance products offered on Obamacare’s Exchanges this coming Fall. There are many factors explaining the prediction: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, one of the largest health insurers, released a study that their Obamacare customers are more costly, useContinue Reading

UnitedHealth Backing Out Of North Carolina’s Health Exchange

In case you missed the breaking news yesterday afternoon, the nation’s largest health insurance carrier will no longer be offering health plans on North Carolina’s federal exchange in 2017. That leaves North Carolina with just two companies offering plans to people who do not get health insurance through their employer. UnitedHealth’s decision also means that one quarterContinue Reading

40 Percent Of Specialist Referrals Can Be Treated By A Primary Care Doctor

Today’s health care environment places primary care doctors in an uncomfortable position to act as more of a referral source and less of a caregiving source. According to a white paper published by Paladina Health, specialist referrals have increased by 90 percent over the past ten years. What’s even more striking is that 40 percentContinue Reading

Even Congress Doesn’t Like Obamacare

You know a law isn’t so great when Congress doesn’t follow its rules. For the third year in a row, Congress has exempted itself from abiding by the Affordable Care Act’s policy on how members access health insurance and how it’s being paid for. Prior to the law’s passage, Congressional members were provided generously subsidized health insuranceContinue Reading

Corporate America Finding Ways To Slow Growth Of Health Care Costs

Twenty of America’s largest companies are teaming together to cut down on rising health care claims costs. Sally Pipes, Forbes contributor, explains how: “First, companies will have to mine their healthcare data for insight — just as they analyze the numbers for sales, operations and other core business functions. The Alliance will examine de-identified dataContinue Reading

Yes, Out-Of-Pocket Medical Costs Are Too High

Anybody will tell you that out-of-pocket medical costs are too high.  People are paying upward of $12,000 in expenses before their insurance carrier covers anything. These people may have insurance, but their policy in many ways acts as a self-rationing health care device. When narrow networks and double digit premium percentage increases are thrown into theContinue Reading

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