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North Carolina’s CON Law: A High Wall For Competitors To Scale

It is pretty clear that North Carolina hospitals are adamant about using the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) regulations to shield themselves from the free market. After all, what law better protects their fortresses from potential competitors who could possibly provide more innovative services in less expensive settings? Under the existing statute, medical providers oftenContinue Reading

BCBS NC Premium Projections For Obamacare Enrollment Period: Round 2

A few weeks ago, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the state’s dominant insurer, announced during a media briefing that individual policyholders may still be burdened with double-digit premium increases next year. Round two of the federal health law’s insurance enrollment period begins tomorrow. According to BCBSNC’s Vice President and Chief Actuary, premiums for health plans soldContinue Reading

Obamacare Enrollment Period Begins Again

Tomorrow marks the start of the second round of the federal health law’s insurance enrollment period. Premiums will more than double for some, while others will receive generous subsidies. Moreoever, federal expectations have been lowered regarding the projected number of people that will be covered at the end of 2015. From today’s Townhall: Federal officials on MondayContinue Reading

Supreme Court To Hear Obamacare Subsidy Lawsuit

See breaking news here.

Certificate of Need: Bureaucrats Blocking Your Health Care Options

This week, the John Locke Foundation sponsored a lecture by one of North Carolina’s top hospital lobbyists, a self-professed fan of the free market, albeit with one big exception. The purpose of his presentation was to rebut a previous speaker, a physician who strongly objects to the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) law. CON isContinue Reading

More Price Transparency, Please

Lack of health care price transparency is a huge problem. After attending a health care solutions fly-in in Washington, D.C., I learned that a surgery center in Oklahoma (which I will be touring in November!) displays on its website a menu of its procedures and their respective charges. Apparently, these charges do not fluctuate basedContinue Reading

A physician’s perspective on Obamacare

Dr. David A Stein, a pediatrician whose private practice is located in Burlington, NC, offers insight as to how Obamacare intends to increase access to health care, yet reality tells a different story: The ACA dramatically increased bureaucrats’ ability to dictate how we practice medicine. Beyond the law itself, it has led to a raft ofContinue Reading

Double Digit Premium Increases For North Carolina

From yesterday’s Daily Caller: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina said in a conference call they’ll be upping the price of their individual Obamacare-compliant plans by 13.5 percent on average for 315,000 people, according to The Associated Press. Company officials emphasized that some customers will be eligible for taxpayer subsidies on the exchange. “ItContinue Reading

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