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Direct Primary Care Could Take On A Larger Role In Health Care Reform

Direct primary care (DPC) could end up playing a more prominent role on the national stage of conservative health reform. The Wall Street Journal considers this patient-centered delivery model the “fourth leg” to any plan that would replace Obamacare. Lawmakers in Congress and others in the consumer-driven health care scene strongly endorse DPC because itContinue Reading

Yes, There Are Conservative Health Reform Plans

My latest newsletter highlights the similarities between the top two contending health plans (Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” and Tom Price’s “Empowering Patients First” Act) that Congress will likely use when putting together the final Obamacare alternative. At the end of the day, the majority of Congress wants patients to have more say over their health careContinue Reading

What Congress Needs To Do To Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Health care is huge this year. Huge. And it will continue to be a contentious topic of discussion for years to come, as Americans are not only waiting to see what the final Republican health care alternative looks like, but also when and how it will impact their lives. The current political forecast shows CongressContinue Reading

The Results Are In: Paladina Health Saves Union County $1.28 Million On Health Care Claims, Benefits Chronically Ill Patients

For those who need a quick explanation of direct primary care, it works like a health care gym membership. In exchange for a membership fee (the industry average monthly payment ranges from $25 to $85), patients have access to around-the-clock primary health care. They can even schedule same-day appointments and longer office visits with their doctors as needed.Continue Reading

Yes, Direct Primary Care Does Benefit Patients With Chronic Health Conditions

Anybody who is in the business of selling the idea of direct primary care (DPC) to patients, employers, or politicians can anticipate the usual pushback that will arise in any Q and A format. “Why would I want to pay twice for health care?” “Are these doctors just cherry-picking patients?” “Is this health care delivery model justContinue Reading

North Carolina Approved For 24 Percent Average Health Insurance Premium Hikes

Last week, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina received final approval to increase the underlying cost of 2017 health insurance premiums by an average of 24 percent. The state’s largest insurer initially sought approval for an 18 percent increase, but needed to re-file its rate request to account for an additional 200,000 enrolleesContinue Reading

CBO Says Medicaid Expansion Will Not Significantly Improve Hospitals’ Bottom Lines

The National Review breaks down the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on assessing Medicaid expansion’s financial impact on hospitals: The report provides several reasons why Medicaid expansion will not cure hospitals’ financial woes. Whereas CBO assumed that exchange plans would reimburse hospitals above their average costs, “Medicaid’s payment rates are below hospitals’ average costs.” MedicaidContinue Reading

#HealthyAdulting Is The New Campaign To Get Young People To #GetCovered

One of the many reasons why the Obamacare exchanges are unsustainable is because not enough young and healthy adults are signing up for health insurance. Low risk policyholders are essential to spreading the risk around in an insurance carrier’s risk pool. In North Carolina, less than 30 percent of people   between the ages ofContinue Reading

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