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Refocusing American Health Care

Dr. Robert Graboyes, senior fellow at the Mercatus Center, offers a fresh take on how policymakers from both sides of the political spectrum can agree upon innovative initiatives that will help more individuals access affordable medical care. The video below touches on key points from his latest report: Fortress and Frontier in American Health Care.

Regardless of subsidy lawsuit outcome, Congress needs to devise a fix

Whether the Supreme Court overturns or upholds Obamacare’s health insurance subsidies that are being distributed in federal exchanges, Congress needs to devise a fix. The Wall Street Journal explains: In return, Republicans can offer to restore the subsidies for Mr. Obama—albeit smaller and in the form of a fixed-dollar tax deduction or credit for peopleContinue Reading

Medicaid to have its own oversight board?

News and Observer has the story here.

Subsidy Lawsuit Oral Arguments Scheduled On March 4

Obamacare is headed back to the Supreme Court yet again. Oral arguments are scheduled on March 4 where the plaintiffs of King V Burwell seek to set right the federal health law. Since 2014, the IRS has been illegally spending taxpayer money without Congressional authorization in the 36 states that have set up federally-run health insuranceContinue Reading

Some docs seeing more Medicaid patients over those with private coverage

In this USA Today article, some physicians point out that they are treating more patients on Medicaid than those with private coverage. Because the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance continues to rise due to increasing regulatory requirements under Obamacare, employees are now responsible for higher out of pocket costs. Consumers are facing the same dilemma forContinue Reading

Governor McCrory Looking Into Medicaid Expansion

Will North Carolina expand Medicaid in the near future? It looks like Governor McCrory is now open to the idea, so long as a work requirement is tied to those that would be newly eligible for medical assistance benefits. But how can we be so sure a work requirement will be approved by the CentersContinue Reading

North Carolina’s CON Law: A High Wall For Competitors To Scale

It is pretty clear that North Carolina hospitals are adamant about using the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) regulations to shield themselves from the free market. After all, what law better protects their fortresses from potential competitors who could possibly provide more innovative services in less expensive settings? Under the existing statute, medical providers oftenContinue Reading

BCBS NC Premium Projections For Obamacare Enrollment Period: Round 2

A few weeks ago, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the state’s dominant insurer, announced during a media briefing that individual policyholders may still be burdened with double-digit premium increases next year. Round two of the federal health law’s insurance enrollment period begins tomorrow. According to BCBSNC’s Vice President and Chief Actuary, premiums for health plans soldContinue Reading

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