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Medicare and Medicaid Turn 50

The two behemoth programs have turned half a century and have grown more expansive under policymakers who stand on both ends of the political spectrum. See what commentators have to say about the sustainability of both government insurance payers in the New York Times Room For Debate.

North Carolina Lawmakers Don’t Like Obamacare’s Mandates, But They Like Their Own

…And they can even exempt themselves from these laws that they pass. Throughout North Carolina’s present legislative session, a number of bills have been filed calling for health insurers to expand coverage to include benefits such as oral cancer drugs, autism therapy, and chiropractic care. The Associated Press reports that the introduced bills could amountContinue Reading

7.5 Million Hit With Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax

As the Treasury Department has processed roughly 90 percent of tax returns, 7.5 million Americans were subject to Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty for either forgoing health insurance or being covered under a plan that is subpar to government approval.   Kaiser Health News has the full story here.

Limited Provider Options For Obamacare Exchange Plans

A new study released by Avalere Health reports that health insurance plans sold on the federal health law’s Exchanges come with narrower provider networks compared to commercial plans sold outside the Exchanges. “Specifically, the analysis finds that exchange plan networks include 42 percent fewer oncology and cardiology specialists; 32 percent fewer mental health and primary careContinue Reading

HealthCare.gov Approves Fake Applicants

11 applicants benefited from $30,000 worth of Obamacare subsidies after signing up for health insurance coverage on the federal exchange. These 11 applicants are not real people. So much for tight security measures. But let’s be real. Fraud isn’t that difficult to get away with when you’re swimming in big government programs. Stephanie Armour with theContinue Reading

FTC Endorses North Carolina CON Reform

A few days ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a statement that endorses HB 200, a bill filed by the House that proposes to narrow the scope of Certificate of Need (CON) review for the establishment of diagnostic centers, ambulatory surgery centers, operating rooms, and psychiatric hospitals. In the words of the FTC: CON laws may furtherContinue Reading

Health Care Should Operate More Like Uber

University of Chicago Economist John Cochrane explains why. See video below!  

Does Hospital Consolidation Better Coordinate Care?

…Or does it drive up costs? The Federal Trade Commission’s research indicates that hospital mergers in concentrated markets can increase prices by over 20 percent. A recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal says: In fact, there is evidence to suggest that providers can deliver well-coordinated, high-quality care without consolidating. The Intensive Outpatient Care Program, usedContinue Reading

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