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More Evidence That Obamacare’s Exchanges Are Unsustainable

According to health care consulting firm Avalere, over 30 percent of states’ Exchanges will have one insurance company offering government approved individual market health insurance policies. We’re seeing this situation develop here in North Carolina as the 2017 health coverage enrollment period kicks off November 1. John Goodman’s latest piece in Forbes explains the two spirals thatContinue Reading

Medicaid Expansion Costing Taxpayers 49% More Than Projected

…In dollars, that comes out to $26 billion more than original government estimates. Watch the Mercatus Center’s latest video explaining why actual spending is out of control.

State Insurance Departments Begin To Approve Steep Rate Hikes For 2017 ACA Plans

As Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS NC) waits for the Department of Insurance (DOI) to approve an average 18.8 percent premium increase for 2017 health plans, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports on other states that have begun to sign off on underlying double-digit rate hikes: Georgia  Blue Cross and Blue Shield: 21.4% Kentucky Continue Reading

Almost All Of North Carolina Will Have One Insurance Option For Obamacare Exchange Policyholders In 2017

Starting in 2017, 94 percent of North Carolina counties will have just one insurance carrier selling individual health plans through Obamacare’s health insurance marketplace – commonly known as the “Exchange”.  In those 94 counties, people renewing their Exchange plans or enrolling for the first time will have no choice but to pay their premiums to BlueContinue Reading

Certificate Of Need Application Costs Reach $1.5 Million in 2015

Talk about barrier to entry! In 2015, certificate of need (CON) application costs totaled just under $1.5 million. Fees for health care project proposals such as building adult care home facilities, kidney dialysis centers, or even relocating inpatient rehabilitation hospital beds range between $5,000 and $50,000. And, no, these application costs are not refundable. CON hasContinue Reading

DHHS Proposes To Lighten The Administrative Load For Certificate of Need Applicants

In the latest edition of the North Carolina Register’s proposed rule making, the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) proposes to repeal six administrative rules related to the state’s restrictive Certificate of Need law – one in which medical professionals and hospitals are required to ask the state permission (and then their competitors) toContinue Reading

Aetna Bids Farewell To North Carolina Obamacare Exchange

Aetna, America’s third-largest health insurer, is backing out of 70% of its Obamacare exchange business. The carrier cited that within the first two quarters of 2016, it has suffered losses amounting to $200 million. A big reason why Aetna and other insurers are exiting the federal health law’s exchanges is because its infrastructure and regulatory parametersContinue Reading

What Changes Are Happening In Health Care To Reach The “Triple Aim?”

The Institute for Health Improvement calls for key players in the health care industry to reach the “triple aim,” whereby providers work together to enhance patient satisfaction, improve population health, and lower per-capita health care costs. The North Carolina Medical Journal recently featured an article written by Richard Bruch, MD, on how commercial insurers and the governmentContinue Reading

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