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Wall Street Journal Features King v Burwell and North Carolina

Stephanie Armour’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal highlights the potential implications King v Burwell will have on North Carolina, a state that said ‘no’ to both Medicaid expansion and a state-based health insurance exchange. The article features business owners who are hoping for the Supreme Court to strike down federal exchange subsidies, as this wouldContinue Reading

How King v Burwell Made Its Way To The Supreme Court

Tomorrow morning, Obamacare will be in the hot seat again. The plaintiffs of King v Burwell argue that the IRS has overstepped its legal bounds by administering tax-credits to federally established exchanges. Supporters of the plaintiffs claim that the statutory text of the Affordable Care Act limits tax- credit distribution to financially eligible individual marketContinue Reading

How Could King v Burwell Impact North Carolinians?

On Wednesday, Obamacare is headed to the Supreme Court yet again where oral arguments will question whether health insurance subsidies are legally being distributed to North Carolina and 35 other states that have set up federal exchanges. Should the court’s final ruling in June deem that subsidy distribution in federal exchanges is illegal, what willContinue Reading

BCBS NC Suffers First Financial Loss Since 1999

This isn’t surprising, since the state’s largest insurer must accept all policyholders, regardless of chronic health conditions. Additionally, the company extended noncompliant Obamacare plans for customers until 2017 at the request of President Obama. As a result, many low-risk individuals have held onto these plans while the federal health law’s risk pools skew higher-risk. From theContinue Reading

Actuaries Request To File Different Premium Rates In Case Supreme Court Overturns Obamacare Subsidies

In the upcoming event of King v Burwell Supreme Court oral arguments, insurers are requesting to file another set of premium rates for 2016 in case  the justices rules federal exchange subsidies illegal. Click here to read the letter the American Academy of Actuaries wrote to Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell. For moreContinue Reading

Obamacare enrollment successful because of government coercion

The White House considers the latest enrollment period to purchase non group health care plans a success — 11.4 million people and counting. Success shouldn’t be determined by the tally of enrollees, however. It should be based on factors such as how many of those enrollees were previously uninsured, how many consistently pay their premiums,Continue Reading

Obamacare Enrollment Round Two Extended

Obamacare’s original second enrollment period to #GetCovered has just about come to a close. (It was supposed to end yesterday, but the administration announced that they will be opening a new special enrollment period during tax season.) The Obama Administration has been chirping through twitter and other social mediums that the Affordable Care Act hasContinue Reading

Obamacare Oral Arguments Just 3 Weeks Away

David Catron with the American Spectator gives a rundown of what the media have to say about it. Think Progress, for example, published a screed last week with the following title: “How King v. Burwell Threatens the Lives of Millions of Children.” And DNC mouthpieces like Think Progress are by no means the only purveyorsContinue Reading

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