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Why Direct Primary Care Appeals To Millennials

Millennials are accustomed to instant gratification, they are plugged into mobile technology at all hours of the day, and they tend to affiliate with companies and brands that coincide with their individual values. Read more from my latest at Forbes on how America’s largest generation could make direct primary care (DPC) mainstream medicine in theContinue Reading

Millennials Could Make Direct Primary Care Mainstream Medicine

The Millennial generation could very well be the powerful driving force behind direct primary care’s (DPC) market growth in the years to come. They come large in number (an estimated 80 million), wield wallet power, and their consumer preferences properly align with what the disruptive health care delivery model has to offer. America’s largest generationContinue Reading

North Carolina Leads The Nation In Health Insurance Mandates

It doesn’t happen often when state legislators can loosen up health care regulations without the federal government stepping in. Examples include repealing Certificate of Need laws and allowing nurse practitioners to care for patients within the bounds of their training without physician supervision. Enacting both policies frees patients from being tied to higher health care costs and limitedContinue Reading

Union County Government Early Adopter With Direct Primary Care

I’ve written a lot about how direct primary care (DPC) helps save money on health care claims because these doctors can spend more time with their patients by opting out of insurance. There are many different DPC models. Entrepreneurial-minded physicians are hanging their own shingles. Others are running their practices as non-profits in which patientContinue Reading

Millennials Are Transforming The Health Care Landscape

Millennials have grown up with the wonders of mobile technology. Because of this, they are accustomed to instant gratification. They like convenience. And their consumer behavior is driving businesses to appeal to America’s largest generation. Zoom, a company that acts as both insurer and medical provider with 30 retail clinic locations scattered across Washington StateContinue Reading

Blue Collar Concierge Medicine Attracting Media Attention

There are over 20 physician practices in North Carolina that offer around the clock care to their patients in exchange for an affordable monthly fee. The health care delivery model, known as direct primary care (DPC), continues to expand across the state and the nation. It’s simple, affordable, and highly disruptive to the status quo.Continue Reading

Repealing Certificate Of Need Laws Will Give North Carolinians Better Access To Heath Care

With short session underway, there will be a push for lawmakers to repeal North Carolina’s Certificate of Need law – a law in which doctors and hospitals must ask the state permission to build new facilities, expand existing service lines, or update major medical equipment. If you’re on board for legislators to eliminate an outdatedContinue Reading

North Carolina’s Obamacare Exchange: And Then There Were Two

UnitedHealth Group’s exodus will have very real impacts for North Carolina in 2017. Just two insurance providers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Coventry, a subsidiary of Aetna, will be offering federally-approved health plans to those who do not receive insurance benefits through their employer. United currently provides insurance in 77 of the state’s 100Continue Reading

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