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73 Counties Unable To Build ASCs Under North Carolina CON Reform

It’s been a little over one week since the House filed HB 200, which would loosen up the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) law — a regulatory burden requiring medical providers to ask permission from the state and their competitors before expanding their businesses. Under HB 200, the following would be exempt from CON review:Continue Reading

A Look At The Supreme Court’s Latest Obamacare Case

During the recent King v Burwell Supreme Court oral arguments, Justice Anthony Kennedy curiously brought up the notion that state exchanges could be considered coercive if the plaintiffs win. In other words, the government’s draconian regulations on insurance companies would push federal exchange marketplaces to the verge of death spirals unless states received subsidies – whichContinue Reading

A Recap Of King v Burwell Oral Arguments

Last week’s Supreme Court oral arguments on King v Burwell unfolded as expected. While all justices must follow the golden rule that a statute cannot be interpreted in isolation but instead must be read in full context, there were dissenting opinions as to whether Congress wrote the law knowing that subsidies are conditional upon stateContinue Reading

CON Reform Press Conference Today

A press conference is scheduled for today at noon on reforming North Carolina’s onerous Certificate of Need (CON) law. Representative Marilyn Avila will discuss House Bill 200, legislation that would open up competition within the health care sector by allowing medical providers to provide services at a lower cost to patients without needing permission from state bureaucrats. Dan Way’sContinue Reading

Why The CBO Projects Less Spending On Obamacare

In its latest report, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) revised Obamacare’s price tag, citing that the federal health law will cost less than originally estimated between 2015-2025 due to the following reasons: Many states (including North Carolina) remain opposed to expanding Medicaid. Data released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) suggests that 2Continue Reading

A Look At Medicaid Spending In Governor’s Budget

During yesterday’s presentation of Governor McCrory’s 2015-2017 state budget, State Budget Director Lee Roberts mentioned that 76 percent of new spending in the budget’s first year is allocated towards education and Medicaid. Medicaid, a jointly funded entitlement program that offers medical benefits to certain low income patients and children, takes up two-thirds of the Department of Health andContinue Reading

Wall Street Journal Features King v Burwell and North Carolina

Stephanie Armour’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal highlights the potential implications King v Burwell will have on North Carolina, a state that said ‘no’ to both Medicaid expansion and a state-based health insurance exchange. The article features business owners who are hoping for the Supreme Court to strike down federal exchange subsidies, as this wouldContinue Reading

How King v Burwell Made Its Way To The Supreme Court

Tomorrow morning, Obamacare will be in the hot seat again. The plaintiffs of King v Burwell argue that the IRS has overstepped its legal bounds by administering tax-credits to federally established exchanges. Supporters of the plaintiffs claim that the statutory text of the Affordable Care Act limits tax- credit distribution to financially eligible individual marketContinue Reading

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