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  • North Carolina cities are among best performing

    The Milken Institute, an economic think tank out of California, has published their 2017 Best Performing Cities report, and Raleigh comes in #2 in the nation.  Other North Carolina cities also make the list, with Charlotte at #12, Wilmington at #35, and Asheville at #65. The report is limited…
    Julie Tisdale, January 16, 2018
  • Changes to zoning in Wilmington

    Wilmington’s Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on changes to the city’s zoning ordinances on January 29th.  The proposed changes should be welcomed. They also reveal one of the major problems with zoning. The planning commission will be voting on 11 individual changes, and they’re mostly minor amendments to details…
    Julie Tisdale, January 15, 2018
  • People are coming to North Carolina

    Interesting map out this week from the Tax Foundation looking at inbound migration.  North Carolina ranked 8th in the US, with more than 56% of all moves across NC state lines involving folks coming in, and only 44% people leaving.  Lots of reasons, but relatively low tax rates are…
    Julie Tisdale, January 12, 2018
  • Not getting the Toyota-Mazda plant wasn’t really a loss

    I know it’s not a popular position, but I was actually relieved to see that North Carolina didn’t win the Toyota-Mazda plant.  Why?  Because, according to the Commerce Secretary, North Carolina was prepared to offer $1.5 billion to get the company to locate here.  With the plant projected to…
    Julie Tisdale, January 11, 2018
  • Asheville restricts short-term rentals

    In the least surprising move of the week (maybe the month), Asheville passed tighter restrictions on short-term rentals last night.  I wrote yesterday on this blog about why it’s a bad idea.  Asheville should get out of the way of property owners who want to use their homes…
    Julie Tisdale, January 10, 2018
  • Asheville should let the market drive short term rentals

    Tonight, Asheville will join other cities across North Carolina and the nation in voting on greater restrictions on short term rentals.  I’ve written about this issue before, and many of the questions I have for Asheville are the same. In particular, I have to wonder if this…
    Julie Tisdale, January 9, 2018
  • Let the Panthers’ new owners do what they will

    This morning, Triad Business Journal ran a piece with the title, “N.C. governor ‘open to options’ to keep NFL in Charlotte.”  Of course, we all know what that means: state money, tax breaks, incentive payments, corporate welfare. The evidence on this is pretty clear, which is one reason I…
    Julie Tisdale, January 8, 2018
  • Regulatory problems for food trucks in Carolina Beach

    There’s a great piece in Port City Daily today about regulations that are restricting the ability of food truck owners to operate in Carolina Beach.  The crux of the issue? Food truck owners feel Carolina Beach’s municipal code was written to intentionally limit and restrict their business on the…
    Julie Tisdale, December 12, 2017