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Hemp is not marijuana

I’ll never forget the first time I brought hemp seeds home from Costco.  My sister (who I was living with at the time) and my husband (who I live with now) made fun of me mercilessly.  Actually, they still do.  I get so much flack from them about being a druggie, sprinkling a bit onContinue Reading

Bad incentive payments

Unfortunately, the headline is neither unusual nor surprising.  “State clawing back $1.36M in grant incentives” is repeated over and over in one form or another.  Incentives proponent will claim this is success, that we’re getting our money back if companies don’t deliver on their promises.  But isn’t it really just evidence that governments shouldn’t beContinue Reading

More thoughts on the Cumberland County ballpark

Last week, I wrote about Cumberland County’s plan to take funding that had previously been allocated to schools and instead build a ballpark.  Incredible, I know, but that is indeed the plan. In doing some further reading this week, I came across a column in the Fayetteville Observer by Myron B. Pitts in which he advocatesContinue Reading

Shuffling Jobs, Getting Corporate Welfare Payouts

Every corporate welfare package is a little different.  Each one has it’s own little quirks.  This one, as reported by Triangle Business Journal, is particularly clever. Initially, this sounds pretty typical.  Corning Optical is getting a little over $3 million in various state and local grants to expand an existing facility and add 100 jobs.  That’sContinue Reading

“I should be allowed to build what I want.”

Have you heard of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)?  What if I call them backyard cottages?  You know, a small building behind the house or over the detached garage that’s essentially a standalone apartment.  According to Raleigh Agenda, “Raleigh is the only major city in North Carolina that doesn’t have current regulations allowing backyard cottages.”  ButContinue Reading

Finally some resolution in Wilson’s broadband case

At the John Locke Foundation, we’ve been writing about municipal broadband for years.  We’ve never been fans.  As my colleague, Jon Sanders, wrote, A private company cannot legally take money from others involuntarily, whether they are customers and especially if they are not. A private company that cannot stop its losses or cease bleeding moneyContinue Reading

Don’t do it, Durham!

And again.  More corporate welfare.  This time it’s $77,000 in city incentives, which will be met by a matching One North Carolina grant to an Irish company that already has a facility in RTP but insists it won’t go ahead with it’s planned 102 additional jobs and $6.1 million investment without the taxpayer hand out.  JustContinue Reading

Fiscal Trouble for NC Cities?

Governing magazine published an article today that seemed, at first, to be making a pretty obvious point.  Entitled “Where Demographics Can Put Cities at a Fiscal Disadvantage,” the article begins, Generally speaking, if a city has a high number of residents who consume more public resources than they contribute to the tax base, there willContinue Reading

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