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Closing Costs in N.C. are really high

The Triad Business Journal has an interesting headline today: ?N.C.’s closing costs among top 3 most expensive in US.  They’re reporting on a study done by Bankrate.com Bankrate requested good faith estimates for a $200,000 mortgage loan from up to 10 lenders in a large city in each state, plus Washington, D.C. The hypothetical loan was forContinue Reading

Is this debacle finally coming to an end?

Yesterday, the Roanoke Rapids Theater auction closed.  This is the theatre that was first called the Randy Parton Theater and that’s been a disaster from the word go.  You probably remember hearing about it.  The city of Roanoke Rapids paid for the project with a $20 million loan.  They still owe something like $17 million.  AndContinue Reading

Good news for Clayton!

Last week, the town council approved a self-service bar for downtown.  First Street Tavern is set to open later this month, and it looks like a cool place.  And a pretty unique concept.  There are a handful of other self-service bars in North Carolina, but not a lot.  So I commend Clayton for approving somethingContinue Reading

New development at BB&T Park

I’m always reluctant to make statements like this, because there are just SO MANY hidden little incentive payments here and tax breaks there and other various corporate welfare schemes.  But as far as I can tell, it looks like Brand Properties, based in Atlanta, is going to be building a development next to BB&T Park inContinue Reading

Another corporate welfare failure

I wish I found these sorts of stories surprising, but I don’t.  Caterpillar, after receiving millions in taxpayer dollars through state and local incentive packages, now says it can’t meet the job creation goals upon which those incentives were dependent.  And so, Caterpillar is asking for the requirements to be changed – from 196 jobs toContinue Reading

These incentive deals keep getting more ridiculous

So they merge, move to a larger building in a city where one of them is already located, and have all their children in leadership roles in the new company, but they still need $93,267 of taxpayers’ money to make the deal happen?  Is anyone actually buying this?

How would a libertarian approach zoning?

Charlotte is working on a total rewrite of its zoning ordinances.  And it sounds like it’s going to be a long process – another 2-3 years.  It’s a process I’ll be watching with interest. But it’s also gotten me thinking about what should be the right approach to zoning.  I’m a big fan of both liberty andContinue Reading

The Airbnb fight has come to Beaufort

It seems that some residents of Beaufort are concerned about the increase in short term rentals and the potential impact on the character of neighborhoods that may result.  I haven’t found any reports of specific problems.  Rather, it seems to be a case of concern from residents about a potential problem and putting in placeContinue Reading

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