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Obamacare is everywhere

I did my taxes a couple weeks ago.  I did them myself, online, using Turbo Tax, just like I have for the last several years.  But this year, at the very end, there was something different. This screen was preceded by a page asking about whether I had health insurance.  Welcome to the new “BigContinue Reading

School Calendars

Evidently there’s some controversy brewing about school start and end dates.  North Carolina has this ridiculous calendar law mandating that the school year for public schools must start no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26th and must end no later than the Friday closest to June 11th.  Well, most public schools.  It doesn’tContinue Reading

Why I didn’t watch the State of the Union

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who found better things to do on Tuesday night than watch the State of the Union.  According to Nielsen, 33.3 million Americans watched, which is the lowest number since 2000.  And, at least for me, it wasn’t that I had something else going on that evening, orContinue Reading

Cupcake Wars

Thank you, Health Department!  I was really worried.  I mean, 11 year olds baking cupcakes sounds pretty dangerous to me.  That’s definitely a major public health concern.  There’s no way we as individuals could ever take care of our selves on this one.  So thank you for saving us from the great danger that couldContinue Reading

A Student Candidate and Important Questions About Immigration

This morning, I read a piece in the New York Times about Emilio Vicente, who is running for student body president at UNC-Chapel Hill.  He’s notable because he came to America from Guatemala when he was six, brought illegally across the border by his parents.  His undocumented/illegal status is not something he hides, so hisContinue Reading

Private Business, Community Renovation

We free-market, limited-government folks tend to take a lot of criticism for being concerned only about business and not community.  Of course, that’s not true at all.  We love parks and community spaces and the arts.  We just think that individuals, companies, and foundations can provide those things better than the government can.  We’d ratherContinue Reading

Taxes and Football

At the Locke Foundation, we talk a lot about how high tax rates can hurt a state’s economy by driving away new businesses or making it more difficult for existing businesses to hire people.  But how about this?  New Jersey, where Super Bowl XLVIII will be played on Sunday, taxes athletes so heavily that PeytonContinue Reading

Osborne on the Economy

Let me come right out and say it.  I don’t love George Osborne.  He’s the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, the number two guy in the government after the Prime Minister (who I also don’t love), and he’s responsible for writing the UK’s budget every year and presenting it to Parliament.  (He also happens toContinue Reading

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