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Double Fail: Solar Energy and Government Incentives

Add this to the annals of unsurprising failures, both as regards solar energy and government incentives. According to the AP, a massive solar plant that uses cutting edge technology and promised huge electricity production, isn’t producing anywhere close to the amount of electricity predicted.  And, oh yeah, it also got government help to get upContinue Reading

Solar Energy – What’s wrong with this picture?

This is puzzling. Yep, that’s a map of major solar projects across the country.  Notice anything odd? Why on earth do we have such a high concentration in North Carolina?  We don’t have the sort of environment that naturally lends itself particularly well to solar like Arizona.  We don’t have the largest population and consequentlyContinue Reading

More Obamacare costs hit schools

There’s some interesting news out of Roanoke, VA this morning.  The school board there has voted to outsource substitute teachers.  Why?  Because under Obamacare, many of those substitutes become eligible for health insurance benefits, and that will cost the school system a lot of money – a school board official estimated an additional cost ofContinue Reading

What is this really about?

We’ve all heard these stories about the photographers, florists, and bakers, who’ve been sued for discrimination because they refused to provide their services for the wedding ceremonies of same-sex couples.  It’s happened so frequently that it’s ceased to even be surprising.  But it’s such an egregious affront to individuals’ freedom that I think it’s worthContinue Reading

Guy Fawkes

Tonight, millions around the UK are setting off fireworks and lighting bonfires to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day and the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.  400 years on, it makes for a pretty good story.  Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators, who were Catholic, found themselves suffering religious persecution at the hands of a ProtestantContinue Reading

3D Printing and the Threat of the FDA

Several times over the past few weeks, in completely unrelated situations, 3D printed prosthetics have come up in conversation.  And I think the whole idea is really exciting.  If you’ve not seen these prosthetics, they typically look something like the photos below. These don’t look like real hands.  No one’s going to miss that they’reContinue Reading

Green Energy Pumpkins

When I saw a friend watching a clip from the Colbert Report last night, I thought this had to be something Stephen Colbert was fabricating – the federal government suggesting that we carve renewable energy pumpkins. But no.  A quick trip over to energy.gov revealed this lovely image on the front page.  The U.S. DepartmentContinue Reading

This is why I love the market

  I haven’t had a tv for more than a decade, and increasing numbers of my friends are getting rid of theirs.  At the very least, many of them are dropping cable or satellite and using their televisions primarily for dvds and Netflix.  There’s definitely a shift.  It’s not that we don’t like to watchContinue Reading

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