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Tax rates going up in Rocky Mount

Last night, the Rocky Mount City Council met.  The minutes aren’t available yet, but the Rocky Mount Telegram reports that the councillors discussed property taxes.  Surprise, surprise, it looks like they’ll be going up. Due to this year’s revaluation and the city’s need to pay for the Downtown Community Facility, property taxes may climb fromContinue Reading

Where people are moving in North Carolina

There’s an interesting map in an online article from The Charlotte Observer today.  It’s a county-by-county look at population change since the last census in 2016, and it shows clearly where population is growing, and where it’s shrinking.  It’s much as you would expect.  There’s a lot of growth in North Carolina’s cities and their surroundingContinue Reading

Overinflated claims about Rocky Mount’s Downtown Community Facility

If you dropped in from out of town and picked up yesterday’s Rocky Mount Telegram, you could be forgiven for thinking that the city was booming, with developers beating each other out of the way to land the next big project in Rocky Mount.  And that all of that was being driven by one key project,Continue Reading

A larger per diem for legislators is a case of wrong incentives

The Charlotte Observer ran a story today under the headline “North Carolina legislators want to pay themselves more.”  There are all sorts of problems with this, but let’s start with the headline itself.  Legislators don’t want to pay themselves more.  They want to force the taxpayers of North Carolina to pay them more. I’m not just beingContinue Reading

Where’s the money for police pay raises?

On Tuesday, Raleigh announced that they would be increasing pay for some city workers.  This was unusual in a couple of respects.  First, it’s mid-year.  That rarely happens.  Usually, the city waits for a new fiscal year and a new budget to bring in pay increases.  These, however, will be effective April 1, which isContinue Reading

Update: Charlotte won’t back stadium proposal

Charlotte was supposed to vote late tomorrow afternoon on a proposal to fund 25% of a new soccer stadium.  While the county voted this morning to proceed, the Charlotte mayor just released this statement: We are canceling the City Council Friday 4 p.m. meeting scheduled to discuss the MLS deal. Over the past several days, weContinue Reading

Mecklenburg Commissioners just voted for a terrible deal

This morning, Mecklenburg County Commissioners voted 5-4 to spend millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to subsidize a very wealthy family’s pursuit of a potentially extremely lucrative professional soccer team.  The county won’t own the team, so those profits won’t go to the county.  But they will own the stadium that those funds will build.  Consequently,Continue Reading

Fossil Fuel Free Watauga?

This week, Watauga County commissioners adopted a resolution calling for “100% green energy” by 2050, meaning no fossil fuel use at all in 33 years.  And not just for Watauga County, but for the entire United States. The problems with this are myriad, of course.  First, the commissioners can adopt whatever resolution they like, butContinue Reading

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