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A predictable outcome

It’s not surprising.  Set up additional hoops for entrepreneurs to jump through, and you’ll kill entrepreneurial activity.  Put barriers in the way of people looking to work, and you’ll reduce the services they provide. Such has been the predictable outcome of a recent vote in Austin, TX, which quashed an exemption from fingerprint background checks forContinue Reading

Taxpayers lose when governments build ballparks

I’ve written a couple of pieces lately about proposals for ballparks to be financed by local governments.  They seem to be quite the trend at the moment.  So I was thankful this morning when someone brought my attention to this piece from Forbes, “Publicly Financed Sports Stadiums Are A Game That Taxpayers Lose.”  It was writtenContinue Reading

Startups in garages

When I read my colleague Kari Travis‘s article “Government Regulations Rude Wake-Up Call for Startup” in Carolina Journal this week, I thought of this ad. I guess no Wright Brothers, Amazon, HP, Disney, Mattel, or Ramones for Raleigh.  Shame.

A license to…shampoo?

I really thought that I must have seen it all when I started reading about licensing requirements for African hair braiders.  Regular readers of this blog or of John Locke Foundation publications will be familiar with the issue – hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to obtain a license to, you guessed it, braid hair. ButContinue Reading

Free Speech?

Yesterday I saw signs being put up on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh.  There’s nothing unusual about that.  They’re long, narrow banners that adorn the lamp posts, and there are always a number of them around.  I saw lots promoting the downtown farmer’s market, which kicks off this week, and some about commuting. But theseContinue Reading

Entirely the wrong direction

The N&O reports this week that “Raleigh expands incentives program, OKs facade funding for art.”  This is a move entirely in the wrong direction. According to the piece, …The city’s business incentives program offers reimbursements on a sliding scale depending on how much a business invests, where it invests and how many jobs it creates.Continue Reading

But who else is going to do it?

At the John Locke Foundation, we write a lot about things that the government shouldn’t do or money the government shouldn’t spend.  And the response is often some version of, “But who else is going to do it?”  And it’s a fair question.  There are things like education and training that someone has to provideContinue Reading

Money wasted on another public golf course

In yet another example of the the messes that local governments get themselves into with ill-conceived development projects, Wilmington has found themselves in quite the predicament.  According to WECT.com, The future of a city-owned golf course in Wilmington is uncertain this week after no one placed a bid to renovate the area. Bids were dueContinue Reading

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