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The White House is actually proud of this…

WhiteHouse.gov has produced an online tool, the Taxpayer Receipt, and it’s fascinating.  Simply put in how much you paid in federal taxes last year (income tax from your 1040, and Social Security and Medicare Taxes from your W-2) and this tool will tell you how much of your tax dollars were spent on various areasContinue Reading

Wake County Schools trust parents…sometimes

Yesterday I took a look at the Wake County Public School System’s website.  Specifically, I looked at the Winter Weather Make-Up Days page.  Because of all the snow and ice over the past few weeks, kids have missed a lot of school, and school systems all over the state are trying to figure out howContinue Reading

Charlotte’s latest corporate welfare scheme

Charlotte’s latest corporate welfare scheme, approved by the city council yesterday, is $3.3 million for Frito-Lay to expand a plant.  $3.3 million for an expansion that will create 30-35 jobs over the next three years.  That’s about $100,000 per job — jobs that are expected to pay an average of $50,000 per year. And thisContinue Reading

Paleo blogger wins free speech fight

It’s been a long fight, but it appears that Steve Cooksey has finally won.  You may remember hearing about Cooksey, the paleo diet blogger, who was told by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition that he had to cease publishing his blog about the paleo diet and how he’d used it to overcome diabetes.  AccordingContinue Reading

T-52 Days

I’ll admit upfront that this has nothing at all to do with policy.  But it’s Friday afternoon, and more importantly, it’s the first day of the college baseball season.  It’s freezing – entirely too cold to be playing baseball – but I’m excited nonetheless.  College baseball today, pitchers and catchers report for spring training nextContinue Reading

CON laws increase costs and reduce availability of health care

There’s a new study out today from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University looking at certificate of need (CON) laws in North Carolina.  They describe their intended, and actual, effects: In effect, these programs intend to create quid pro quo arrangements: state governments restrict competition, increasing the cost of health care for some, andContinue Reading

Failure of the “Great Society”

Allen West has a great article in The Washington Times this week entitled “The failing legacy of the ‘Great Society’: The nanny state has taken a toll on black America.” But the demand that the “more” must be done by government through a stronger safety net, wealth redistribution and mandated equality measures overshadows the yearsContinue Reading

A convert to school choice

In case you missed it, there’s a great opinion piece in the News & Observer this week, written by Brian Lewis, a former lobbyist for the teachers union.  In it, he talks about moving from staunch opposition to school choice to strong support in the course of a year, as he struggled with choices aboutContinue Reading

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