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The Airbnb fight has come to Beaufort

It seems that some residents of Beaufort are concerned about the increase in short term rentals and the potential impact on the character of neighborhoods that may result.  I haven’t found any reports of specific problems.  Rather, it seems to be a case of concern from residents about a potential problem and putting in placeContinue Reading

Handouts and mandates

Relias Learning to add 450 jobs in Cary.  Well, that sounds like great news.  But, of course, it doesn’t take much digging to find the catch: $5.36 million in Job Development Investment Grants (JDIG) from the state plus an additional $50,000 from the town of Cary.  So maybe rather than “The company plans to invest $4.5 millionContinue Reading

Indy Week is (mostly) right about light rail

It’s long, and I don’t agree with every single point, but it’s worth posting when Indy Week writes something with which I’m 90% on board.  Durham-Orange light rail is a bad idea, and for basically the reasons Indy Week gives.  It’s a ton of money for something that won’t benefit most people.  Why do localContinue Reading

No more blanket registration requirements for landlords in Charlotte

I’m a little torn about this story in the Charlotte Observer today. N.C. lawmakers to Charlotte: You can’t make all landlords register with city On the one hand, I like giving local governments as much control as possible over their own communities rather than dictating to them from Raleigh.  On the other hand, I thinkContinue Reading

Words of wisdom from Richard Sherman

It’s not often I agree with anything Richard Sherman says.  Or does.  To say I’m not a Richard Sherman fan is to dramatically understate the fact.  But last week he said something that I actually really loved.  From Reason’s Hit & Run blog : When Clayton asked Sherman what he would do if he were president,Continue Reading

Taxpayers keep paying for festivals

Last weekend, Downtown Clayton hosted the Mondo Roots Arts Festival. The festival sounds pretty cool, actually.  There was a whole afternoon of live bands playing a variety of styles of music.  There were artists including a guy that carves wood with a chainsaw – that’s impressive no matter who you are.  There were events for kids,Continue Reading

A predictable outcome

It’s not surprising.  Set up additional hoops for entrepreneurs to jump through, and you’ll kill entrepreneurial activity.  Put barriers in the way of people looking to work, and you’ll reduce the services they provide. Such has been the predictable outcome of a recent vote in Austin, TX, which quashed an exemption from fingerprint background checks forContinue Reading

Taxpayers lose when governments build ballparks

I’ve written a couple of pieces lately about proposals for ballparks to be financed by local governments.  They seem to be quite the trend at the moment.  So I was thankful this morning when someone brought my attention to this piece from Forbes, “Publicly Financed Sports Stadiums Are A Game That Taxpayers Lose.”  It was writtenContinue Reading

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