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This is why I love the market

  I haven’t had a tv for more than a decade, and increasing numbers of my friends are getting rid of theirs.  At the very least, many of them are dropping cable or satellite and using their televisions primarily for dvds and Netflix.  There’s definitely a shift.  It’s not that we don’t like to watchContinue Reading

Elected Officials’ Salaries

With the election coming up in three weeks, the Wall Street Journal has published a piece on the salaries of elected officials, complete with charts and tables.  Given that we as taxpayers pay those salaries, and as voters choose the people who will receive them, it’s good to know just how much we’re paying andContinue Reading

Incentives Fail

WRAL has a piece online today proclaiming, “Despite big job promises, incentives often fail to deliver.”  Having looked at various incentive announcements by state and local governments over the past few years, I didn’t find the headline even remotely surprising, but I thought I’d see what they had to say. Warning: the piece is long.Continue Reading

Another problem with public ownership

I read this morning about a spate of vandalism in and around Raleigh over recent weeks.  Just the headline, “More than 40 state-owned vehicles in Raleigh vandalized,” sounded pretty bad.  But the more I read, the worse it got.  This wasn’t some mass attack on a single night.  No, it’s been going on for aboutContinue Reading

Dangerous Power

At a fundraiser in her home last night, Gwyneth Paltrow is reported to have said it would be wonderful if we were able to give Obama all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass. Politics aside – regardless of whether we’re talking about Obama or Bush, noContinue Reading

Why environmentalists should love fracking

This week, Stephen Moore wrote a great piece on fracking that is worth reading in its entirety. The game-changer for the U.S. has been the shale oil and gas revolution over the past six years brought about through new smart drilling technologies. The U.S. is now the largest natural gas producer in the world. AndContinue Reading

Value for Money?

I must confess to being a bit confused by this story about North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker’s visit to Craven County.  Evidently, Decker argued for an increase in the number of state employees and a new marketing campaign, both aimed at attracting more visitors and business to the state.  And then she said, “CurrentlyContinue Reading

Health Care Access

This morning, I saw a headline about the increase in walk-in clinics.  According to the article, some doctors are concerned.  These clinics, such as CVS Minute Clinic, don’t offer preventative care, and they don’t offer the same continuity of care that one receives when regularly seeing the same family doctor.  Or that’s the argument. ButContinue Reading

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