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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Just how utterly dependent is the solar industry on government cronyism?

The Asheville Citizen-Times pulls back the curtain on the patient that’s been hooked up to life support apparently for 38 years (i.e., “a solar tax incentive has existed in the state since 1977″): The N.C. Senate in its budget proposal has eliminated solar tax credits, which for years have helped make North Carolina a leaderContinue Reading

Hood on why the Left’s boast of morality doesn’t persuade

This column by John Hood deserves a full read. He writes of an increasingly common theme of asserted moral superiority from those who send him hate mail. He writes of the negative effects on public debate from allowing “claims of moral superiority [to] displace actual, rational argumentation.” He then writes: To all my left-of-center readers:Continue Reading

For those interested in the debate over North Carolina’s energy policy…

…here’s an animated summary. The solar energy industry likes to impress the media and legislators with tales of how it’s like which they are somehow proud to admit is only because of government policies, such as investment tax credits and the steadily rising REPS purchase mandate. Taken together, their state and federal investment tax creditsContinue Reading

EPA might not be able to overregulate traditional energy sources out of existence after all. Renewable energy is therefore imperiled again.

Would you believe it? North Carolina’s renewable energy industry, which regularly boasts its amazing strength while at the same time warning how it’s one unfavorable government decision away from utter annihilation, is on the brink again, thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling today against the EPA. The Triangle’s business-needs-subsidies journal reports: But [Jonas] Monast [director of theContinue Reading

Is Obama’s EPA power grab in jeopardy?

Cato thinks so in light of today’s Supreme Court ruling: In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court struck down the Obama Administration EPA’s signature “Mercury and Air Toxic Rule,” which regulates emissions by fossil-fuel-fired power plants. Before regulating, EPA was obligated to decide whether regulation under one the Act’s most burdensome programs was “appropriate and necessary.”Continue Reading

What not to tell someone who just was randomly shot at

According to WECT, a 911 dispatcher was suspended for three days without pay for “unprofessional conduct” in advising a scared driver outside Chadbourn, N.C., “Don’t ever stop there, ever.” Officials told WECT it was not policy for telecommunicators to provide personal advice. So there could well be a professionalism issue here that I’m not downplaying. Still, thisContinue Reading

JLF’s Jon Sanders reacts to the ACA ruling, too

No one was filming it, and it’s not at all informative as Katherine Restrepo‘s, but basically it looked a lot like this:

Study: cost of energy-efficiency programs ‘substantially outweigh the benefits’

And the study’s authors didn’t expect that result, to put it mildly. As reported by Environment & Energy Publishing: “We were surprised, to be perfectly frank,” said co-author Catherine Wolfram, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. “The perception is that energy efficiency is not just the low-hanging fruit, but theContinue Reading

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