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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Without tax credits, solar survives and competes. Or it fails. Neither is a case for perpetuating the credits.

The state’s most hyperactive lobby has cranked its rent-seeking antics up to 11 to retain special investment tax credits and the state’s renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) purchase mandates. The tax credits, which these special-interest lobbyists has made plain as day that their industry absolutely requires them — now, next year, and forever — to survive, are aContinue Reading

Good news! Exploiting the poor now smells like barbecue

As you may know, the poorest and most economically distressed counties have the highest ticket sales per adult of North Carolina Education Lottery offerings. This has been a consistent finding:   Today, The News & Observer reports: In the never-ending effort to make buying a lottery ticket new and fun, the N.C. Education Lottery has come up with this: TicketsContinue Reading

Rent-seeking, the renewable energy business model

Rent-seeking is a strange term; it’s the economists’ version of the infield fly rule. If you’re in the know about rent-seeking, it’s likely you are conversant in economics. The president is not. (Which shouldn’t surprise, since so many of his economic schemes depend upon inverted demand curves to work. He hasn’t issued an Executive OrderContinue Reading

Inigo Montoya can only do so much

The president gave a speech earlier this week praising his administration’s regulations dictating energy-efficiency standards, its recently unveiled unprecedented onslaught of federal regulations vis-a-vis his “Clean Power Plan,” and its exorbitant menu of federal tax incentives for renewable energy. He boasted of the success of these federal intrusions into energy markets, which, he said, let’s be honest, has someContinue Reading

Just another special-interest lobby seeking plunder

There is a very active special-interest lobby in North Carolina. Dozens upon dozens of its lobbyists are a constant presence at the North Carolina General Assembly. They desire: Exorbitant, ongoing investment tax credits for their industry Generous accelerated depreciation schedules Consumers forced by law to purchase an increasing amount of their product All of theContinue Reading

Voluntary certification, not occupational licensing

Carolina Journal reports on a Texas Supreme Court ruling against requiring those who practice eyebrow threading to be licensed cosmetologists. The ruling is important because the hurdles to getting a license as a cosmetologist are especially burdensome in terms of time as well as money. Requiring such practices as eyebrow threading and, in North Carolina andContinue Reading

Re: Swedish economist explains why the left hate economics

Reading that, George, reminded me of the time I thought the president might issue an Executive Order to have demand curves slope upwards, which would, of course, solve all of his economic problems — at least on paper.

The fourth enemy of renewable energy: physics

Nature, economics, math, and also physics. My newsletter discusses the importance of Mark P. Mills’ extensive discussion in Forbes of renewable energy generation and the “weird” physics of electricity. In brief, what makes electricity weird is that it has to be consumed at the moment it is generated. In that sense it is unlike any other criticallyContinue Reading

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