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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Suddenly the Left has to admit truth about violent crime rates — and harm their case against guns

A few weeks ago, I cited the dramatic fall in gun violence over the past 20 years that has coincided with the dramatic rise in gun ownership, and then asked: The Democrats’ case against guns assumes — by which I mean loudly and truculently asserts — the exact opposite from these findings. Why? The answer seems to be becauseContinue Reading

Update on the restaurant robbed after its owner praised the idea of ‘promote what you love’

Updating this morning’s post, police have released surveillance videos of two suspects, identified as white males (one named “Drew”). Furthermore, the WRAL story gives more indication why Raleigh Raw owner Sherif Fouad thought social media criticism might’ve inspired the robbery: “a sign with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ was left at the scene.” WRAL also givesContinue Reading

Even promoting niceness out of love is politically incorrect, it seems

Someone please find the actual fault in this. Because it seems like human decency to me, the kind of human decency we’d rather see a lot more of: Raleigh Raw, which has been using specialized equipment to make cold-pressed juice for about three years, opened its Hargett Street location in April. The shop sells juice,Continue Reading

Why film incentives don’t work

As recently as 2009, 44 U.S. states were providing incentives for film production. Only six states weren’t. Now up to 16 U.S. states are not doing film incentives. Recent research published by Prof. Michael Thom of the University of Southern California found no impact of motion picture incentive programs’ [MPIs] on their states’ economies or industries. Thom discussed several factors whyContinue Reading

WRAL finds little actual impact from HB2 despite their assumptions

Here’s a fun little exercise in which WRAL tried to add up the costs of HB2 but discovers “they have created only a tiny ripple on the state economy.” WRAL added cities’ economic impact figures for canceled businesses expansions, canceled conventions and conferences, and canceled sporting events, which together “top $505 million.” Nevertheless, it’s a tiny fraction of the state’s overall economy. AccordingContinue Reading

Unpacking Cooper’s comment on price gouging

Right now, North Carolina’s getting only about one-third of the amount of gasoline we normally get. Shouldn’t we expect higher prices? Attorney General Roy Cooper is urging consumers to snitch on gasoline retailers for raising prices — “price gouging” — during a temporary supply shock. He’s fielded over 1,100 complaints so far. He’s begun issuingContinue Reading

Democrats’ shameful advocacy of sales taxes matched by media hypocrisy about them

John Hood’s column today explodes the mendacity in Democrats’ campaign rhetoric of opposing taxes on the working class, citing numerous times over the past decade they voted to raise sales taxes and other taxes “dramatically on households of low to moderate incomes.” Ah, but that’s campaign rhetoric, one might say. Why, it’s only focus-grouped buzzwords and catchphrases thatContinue Reading

Gas prices need to be a lot higher right now

An AP story headlined “As gas stations go dry across central NC, pipeline works to send more fuel” reports: “AAA Carolinas said the average price for a gallon in North Carolina was $2.16 – up from $2.05 last week.” Gas stations going dry following the Colonial Pipeline leak means that a mere 11-cent increase inContinue Reading

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