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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Purity of the cause for sensible outdoor dining rules in Raleigh has been ruined

Reductio ad Kocham strikes again, and I can only imagine the conundrum it must be causing Raleigh leftists who want to see sensible outdoor dining rules in downtown. IndyWeek, which had previously looked into the downtown dining complaints, investigates a flyer mailed to Raleigh voters that says “Like Eating Outside? The Raleigh City Council doesn’t. TheContinue Reading

Washington Legal Foundation joins fight against FCC preemption of state law

At issue is whether the Federal Communications Commission under the Obama administration acted properly by overturning state laws limiting municipal subsidies to city-owned broadband services. North Carolina’s lawsuit against the FCC is before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The FCC ruling preempts North Carolina’s Level Playing Field law governing how municipalities — which under the N.C.Continue Reading

My kind of stakeholder

I’ve already written about the term “stakeholder” as euphemism for crony. It is typically used to denote anyone with a “stake” in an issue, except those with the most at stake: the citizens themselves. As I put it in my newsletter today, In Lincoln’s memorable description, the American system is “Government of the people, byContinue Reading

Carter Wrenn borrows a very bad argument

From the conclusion to my recent Spotlight report on renewable energy: In North Carolina, electricity consumers have no choice in their electricity provider. This fact should, first of all, never provide an excuse to use this lack of a free market to enrich special interests at the expense of captive ratepayers. In return for this guaranteedContinue Reading

You might be a ‘progressive’ if …

… you interrupt your denouncing religion in politics long enough to urge that U.S. government environmental and economic policy be determined by papal pronouncements. It reminds me of this: This kind of laughable cognitive dissonance is still easier for you to truck than free-market capitalism’s proven effects on fighting poverty.

The top ‘stakeholders’ in policy debates are the citizens, never the cronies

Energy cronyism whack-a-mole continues as the massive renewable-energy lobby continues to press for special favors from policymakers as per their proudly admitted, decades-old business model. Today’s edition was just snuck into the Senate farm bill, a proposed committee substitute that would establish not a state energy policy study committee, but a “Renewable Energy Economic DevelopmentContinue Reading

Energy cronyism whack-a-mole

The new state budget contains a welcome instance of ending (years after it was supposed to have ended, don’t forget) a particularly generous tax credit for a special interest industry. That would be the 35 percent investment tax credit for solar energy, which filled that 35 percent shaped hole to allow solar investors to “return almostContinue Reading

We need state edicts to inoculate captive ratepayers against low-cost, sustainable, efficient, readily dispatchable energy

From Carolina Journal this morning, a truly obtuse quotation from a Republican: “We talk about mandates. We talk about subsidies. We talk about all these other things. But polio vaccines are mandates. Anybody here think that’s a bad idea?” state Rep. Charles Jeter, R-Mecklenburg, said during the news conference. “We have to understand that justContinue Reading

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