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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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NC’s sunset and periodic review of rules — reaping unexpected benefits

The news about the state’s periodic review and examination of existing administrative rules has taken an even more encouraging turn. This particular reform comes from the Regulatory Reform Act of 2013. It’s one that I and my colleagues at the John Locke Foundation championed, and here’s why. The bulk of economic literature shows that regulation is harmful to the economy. Cutting red tape andContinue Reading

Freeing labor in North Carolina

This week is National Employee Freedom Week, although happily for North Carolinians, we are a Right-to-Work state, so we’re already ahead of many other states concerning one of the biggest issues for labor freedom. But in another big issue for labor freedom, North Carolina is trailing. That would be in occupational licensing — i.e., having toContinue Reading

Moore County commissioners turn down solar proposal

From the Fayetteville Observer, presumably to the dismay of the editors: After more than four hours of testimony, Moore County Commissioners denied a 27.5-acre solar farm project at 415 Stage Road, near Carthage.… An appraiser hired by the developing company HCE Moore II told commissioners that according to his market study, the property values ofContinue Reading

Detroit News editorial: ‘Green energy’ hurts the poor

The editorial, by Utah State professor William Shughart and researcher Michael Jensen, reiterate points made here. They argue that the politicized drive for “green energy” is drowning out the much greater problem of energy poverty. (The chart on the right comes from a recent Locker Room post about energy poverty in North Carolina.) “Modern progressives,” theyContinue Reading

What the N&O doesn’t tell you about the FCC’s ruling

Fresh off praising Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general emeritus whose most recent actions include seeking economic sanctions against the state and cheering the defeat of state laws in appellate court, the editors of The News & Observer have apparently decided that, today, it is bad again if they can portray a politician as having “cheered aContinue Reading

Federal energy subsidies and the battle between cronies

The New York Times asks, “What would happen if the federal government ended its subsidies to companies that drill for oil and gas?” The American oil and gas industry has argued that such a move would leave the United States more dependent on foreign energy. Many environmental activists counter that ending subsidies could move theContinue Reading

How North Carolina compares in terms of unnecessarily licensing hair braiders

A new Institute for Justice report focuses on the folly of some states — North Carolina included! — of requiring an occupational license to practice African hair braiding. This is “a traditional art and a time-tested way of caring for tightly coiled Afro-textured hair naturally, without scissors, heat or chemicals.” I suspect the presence or absence ofContinue Reading

Even more reasons why renewable energy mandates make electricity cost much more than it should

Here’s a graph for you. Further down I’ll explain what it means:

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