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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Two licensing-board overreaches put on ice

(A little snow-day headline humor. OK, granted, a very little.) My newsletter today discusses the case against occupational licensing and the conclusions of two long-running disputes over actions by occupational licensing board in NC. A snippet: This newsletter wrote last October of a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision over the North Carolina Board of DentalContinue Reading

Your favorite NC movie was probably made before film incentives. They hope you don’t know that.

You can almost count upon op-eds and editorials written in favor of keeping North Carolina’s film incentives to cite popular, well-known North Carolina productions such as “Bull Durham” (1988), “Dirty Dancing” (1987), “Last of the Mohicans” (1992), “Dawson’s Creek” (1998-2003), etc. in making their case. Even though those examples preceded the incentives by years, evenContinue Reading

North Carolina solar’s ‘enviable position’ of needing perpetual life support

To hear them tell it, solar is a powerhouse industry that would collapse like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if any state support were removed. —11/18/13 This “extraordinary success story” apparently needs to be on the public teat longer than Pu Yi, the boy emperor of China. — 3/25/13 It’s a bit like saying Zacchaeus wasContinue Reading

Freedom: the most effective antipoverty tool known to history

It is also the antipoverty tool most unknown to the UNC-Chapel Hill Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity. The center’s fate may be up in the air, but its track record is not. My newsletter this week details the center’s history of leaders who “unfailingly promoted empirically unsound public policies, demagoguery, and most of all,Continue Reading

Eugenicists wanted the minimum wage BECAUSE it would keep poor blacks from working and therefore reproducing

The sordid history of progressives and their eugenics advocacy extends beyond state-sanctioned forced sterilization of “undesirables,” “imbeciles,” “morons,” and “inferior races.” They were engaged in a multipronged effort against said “undesirables.” For one, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” was a more passive approach to the “problem”: [We propose to] hire three or fourContinue Reading

New Hampshire’s costly renewable portfolio standard

A new report from the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University (BHI) shows the costs that the New Hampshire, its employees, and its ratepaying families will bear to meet the state’s ambitious renewable portfolio standard (RPS) mandate that 24.8 percent of electricity sold to consumers be from renewable energy sources by 2025. Renewable energy sourcesContinue Reading

The Economist underscores the problem is poverty, not inequality

Income inequality is a relative measure; poverty is not: Gainful employment is without a doubt crucial in keeping people happy and healthy. And there is no question that high levels of unemployment and stagnant wages for low-skilled jobs have contributed to economic inequality. But people don’t die of inequality; they die of poverty. Inequality isContinue Reading

Why licensure’s safety effects are unclear

My newsletter this week explores the effects of occupational licensing on the safety and quality, giving several reasons why the research literature has found those effects are unclear: Different states, different perception of safety needs. Hurdles keep out innovators. Codifying “the box.” Grandfather clauses. Club mentality. Click the link above for an explanation of thoseContinue Reading

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