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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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For those who missed last night’s budget debate in the House…

… here’s an animated recap. Two weeks ago, Republicans greeted surprising news of a budget surplus that, factoring in unspent money reverting back to the General Fund, amounted to about $850 million: Now, voters might have expected more fiscal discipline from House Republicans — if not out of a supposed philosophical difference from previous Democrat-led chambers,Continue Reading

Govt. programs return ‘almost all’ their investment? No wonder solar is fighting so hard to keep THAT going

Do this math: 30% federal investment tax credit 35% state investment tax credit 30% federal depreciation 5% state depreciation Or, as described by the N.C. Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources in its March 2015 Energy Report, Solar energy investors with sufficient tax liability may combine the 35 percent state ITC with the 30 percentContinue Reading

House GOP want to bring back film incentives in a HUGE way

The House Committee Draft Budget today includes this gem: Film and Entertainment Grant Fund Provides funds to the Film and Entertainment Grant Fund established in G.S. 143B-437.02A, to encourage the production of motion pictures, television shows, and commercials and to develop the filmmaking industry within the State. In addition to the $60 million appropriated forContinue Reading

The folly of the ethanol mandate

University of Georgia Professor Emeritus Harold Brown writes of “The Ethanol Scramble” for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. An excerpt: The mandate for ethanol use was met or exceeded every year until 2010 when the mandate and consumption were just under 13 billion gallons. Consumption has levelled off since then, probably because it has saturatedContinue Reading

Wait, they want to make the Dietetics/Nutrition board stronger?

The tug of cronyism at the legislature is always strong. Powerful special interests with clear, sizable gains to themselves always have the time and financial incentives to lobby lawmakers. The general public typically don’t. In making law, however, not every squeaky wheel needs grease. In the legislature, the squeaky wheel should get suspicion. The NorthContinue Reading

Carolina economy is like Krugtron kryptonite

It hasn’t been two full years since New York Times bully and quietly disgraced about-to-be-former Princeton professor “Krugtron the Invincible” declared forcefully that North Carolina’s unemployment insurance reform was “a case of meanspiritedness converging with bad economic analysis.” Counter to more mainstream economic analysis such as by Paul Krugman, whose Macroeconomics textbook with Robin Wells wroteContinue Reading

Kansas governor, legislature unveil plan to repeal their state REPS mandate

It’s not just North Carolina. Ohio leaders froze their renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) mandate. West Virginia leaders repealed their REPS mandates. The Texas legislature is debating repeal of their REPS mandate; the measure has already passed the Senate. And now, news from Kansas via the Wichita Eagle: Gov. Sam Brownback and legislative leaders unveiled a plan MondayContinue Reading

Solar thrives on subsidies for solar, and dogs are the top consumers of dog food

Too often the discussion of economic incentives amounts to being pleasantly surprised that dogs like dog food. It shouldn’t be the end of the story that giving free money and tax credits for Industry X draws positive feedback from members of Industry X. What are its effects on consumers, taxpayers, the other industries, etc., fromContinue Reading

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