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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Obama wants to be seen as Robin Hood, tax like King John

The Hill gives this  headline to the president’s upcoming proposals: “Obama plays Robin Hood.” It’s a favorite leftist conceit, this redistributionist ideal of Robin Hood, and it’s most useful to them without any examination of who the “rich” were he stole from. I wrote about it in a newsletter discussing leftist opposition to private charity:Continue Reading

The ‘success’ of solar is getting state & federal giveaways

That’s the real takeaway from a media-hyped Pew Charitable Trusts report, “Clean Economy Rising: Solar Shines in North Carolina.” My newsletter today explains. Here’s a snippet: There is not one page in the Pew report that does not underscore the fact that the ballyhooed “success” of solar energy in North Carolina is heavily dependent uponContinue Reading

Why NC’s film industry will continue

My newsletter this week discusses the good news for the NC film industry as the former tax incentives program turns into a more modest grant program. The main takeaway: while the presence of generous, refundable tax credits certainly made filming in North Carolina more attractive, it wasn’t the only thing that made filming in NorthContinue Reading

Forbes on the elaborate phoniness of that ‘97% of climate scientists agree’ stat

This article is well worth reading and remembering. Understand that the goal all along was manufacturing a statistic that was (a) memorable, (b) easily conflated, and (c) quickly used to bash anyone questioning (under an outdated understanding of the scientific method, you know, constant questioning, testing, and striving, rather than accepting Once and For AllContinue Reading

Charlotte’s hall of infamy

Back in 2009, then-Mayor of Charlotte Pat McCrory said in announcing the NASCAR Hall of Fame, “We’re building this to help the economy.” Far-fetched projections helped Charlotte win the project over Atlanta, Daytona Beach, and others. Later, Tim Newman, the chief executive of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority that headed the city’s effort to getContinue Reading

You might be a ‘progressive’ if …

… you grasp onto a non-peer-reviewed study that puts forth the idea that hotter days are bad for the economy, then argues on the enthymematically flimsy basis of “if the world continues on its current path of greenhouse gas emissions [Premise A1], even warmer temperatures later this century will squeeze the U.S. economy by tensContinue Reading

N&O: Reductio ad Kocham again

“Apparently in the Monopoly game of liberal argumentation, invoking the name of Koch (or, for that matter, Pope) is treated like drawing a Get Out of Fail Free card.” — written here 11/20/13 and quoted here 11/26/13 My colleagues Terry Stoops and Rick Henderson have already pretty well dispatched the exceptional silliness in the articleContinue Reading

You might be a ‘progressive’ if …

… you think the purpose of holidays is for causing political arguments with your other family members. “Everything is political,” so you plan ahead to harangue your “incorrect” relatives (as if such boorish behavior could ever be persuasive). This week has seen a flourishing of tips on how to lecture your family on “progressive” politicsContinue Reading

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