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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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‘Anti-fascists’ for shutting down speech: worthy subject for the School of Comparative Irrelevance

Accuracy in Academia spots a good one: One UC Berkeley group, named Berkeley Antifa, created a Facebook event dedicated to disrupting and cancelling Milo’s event. The initiative, titled “No Fascists on Campus: Shut Down Milo at UC Berkeley,” urges students to contact school administrators and encourage them to cancel Yiannopoulos’ appearance. “Given the recent increase in fascistContinue Reading

King’s “Dream” speech was birthed in North Carolina

A fascinating find from the library at Rocky Mount and electronically restored by North Carolina State University: Dr. [Martin Luther] King first delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at a high school gymnasium in Rocky Mount on Nov. 27, 1962 – nine months prior to his historic August 28, 1963 speech. The words were slightly different,Continue Reading

When what makes the deficit matter is an unanticipated election outcome

Mitch’s post “When deficits matter” quotes Kevin Williamson of National Review Online on the topic of Paul Krugman’s sudden (and I mean sudden) about-face on deficit spending. A snippet:  On October 23, 2016, Professor Krugman wrote that the “debt scolds should be ignored,” and that Hillary Rodham Clinton, then presumed to be the next president, should engage inContinue Reading

So CO2 emissions are down nearly 15% in NC since 2000—mostly thanks to fracking

A new Brookings Institute report discusses the “decoupling” of state economic growth with carbon dioxide emissions. The authors put it in context of President-elect Donald Trump’s possible energy policies. I see stand-alone lessons. For example, take a look at this chart from the report. You will notice that U.S. emissions began a noticeable decline aroundContinue Reading

Encouraging news on two fronts from NC’s sunset and periodic review of rules

Dan Way’s Carolina Journal piece this morning, “Rules review head wants more regulations scrapped,” contains the latest numbers of on the progress of the periodic review and examination of existing rules: 8,964 total rules reviewed so far 5,550 rules to remain unchanged 2,337 rules subject to the readoption process 1,077 rules to be removed The bulk of economic literature demonstrates regulation’s harmfulContinue Reading

EPA: Fracking’s lack of effect on water isn’t something we can’t not negate

BEATRICE: O, on my soul, my cousin is belied! BENEDICK: Lady, were you her bedfellow last night? BEATRICE: No, truly not; although, until last night, I have this twelvemonth been her bedfellow. LEONATO: Confirm’d, confirm’d! O, that is stronger made which was before barr’d up with ribs of iron! — William Shakespeare, Much Ado AboutContinue Reading

Still for freedom without but-face

But-face, as I’ve written here before, is the tendency of politicians to start off sounding as if they favor freedom while actually talking against it. They give a flag-waving preamble along the lines of “Hey, I’m all for freedom,” follow that with “but,” then proceed with their intent on limiting freedom. Here are some examples: Here inContinue Reading

The N&O editors actually wrote this

I gave it several hours in case someone pranked the poor guys, but it appears that the editors of The News & Observer actually editorialized against using state incentives to save or create jobs. No, really. I know, it sounds as unthinkable as if someone said Chip Gaines punched Joanna. What, oh what, could have led to this?Continue Reading

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