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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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You might be ‘progressive’ if …

… you applaud companies and individuals for not doing business with North Carolinians over politics (they don’t like the “Bathroom Bill”), but you want to dox a tow-truck driver for not doing business with a woman over politics (he doesn’t like Bernie Sanders).

US Chamber asks how federal agencies can make so many laws easier than Congress

And their answer, as explained by William Kovacs, is along the lines of why state agencies here can make rules carrying the force of law so much easier than the General Assembly makes laws. Under the checks and balances built into the U.S. Constitution, it is supposed to take a great deal of effort toContinue Reading

Worried about bad economic impacts on the state? Support DEQ’s fight against the Clean Power Plan

Let’s assume this sudden effluence of people worried about negative economic impacts on the state are genuine. Well, even if they aren’t, there are significance reasons — among them, economic ones — to oppose the federal imposition of the Obama administration’s so-called “Clean Power Plan.” As I wrote earlier this year: The proposed regulations would: imposeContinue Reading

Exactly what I was talking about

Last week I was perplexed about something. I mentioned what I called the “chest-thumping rhetoric used by those seeking a massive hike in the minimum wage.” I wrote about the minimum wage’s deeply racist founding and its well known negative effects, especially on the poor and low-skilled. Then I wrote: But oh how the media and the ‘morality’Continue Reading

North Carolina’s recent GDP growth

John Hood examined Gov. McCrory’s announcement yesterday that, “Since 2013, North Carolina has the #1 fastest growing economy in the nation, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis.” (Politifact North Carolina examined it as well, rating it “True.”) Hood writes that McCrory’s claim is “absolutely true” inContinue Reading

A few of the assumptions made in arguing economic disaster from the Bathroom Bill

Projecting huge economic losses to the state from HB2 is apparently so easy, an after-school news-clipping temp job can do it in a number of weeks. How is that? Part is the fact that reporters are essentially wearing “KEEP CALM and GIVE US YOUR BIGGEST NUMBER TO RUN ON” shirts. I wrote earlier this month that (emphasis added): oneContinue Reading

Newsweek asks: “Why Are They Hiding the Good News About Fracking?”

Jeff Stier’s column for Newsweek begins: Geologists at the University of Cincinnati just wrapped up a three-year investigation of hydraulic fracturing and its impact on local water supplies. The result? There’s no evidence—zero, zilch, nada—that fracking contaminates drinking water. Researchers hoped to keep these findings secret. Why would a public research university boasting a top-100 geology program deliberately hideContinue Reading

‘I want a kajillion bajillion dollars!’

Forgive me, but silly “economic impact” figures being fed to eager media gulls about the Massive Economy Losses caused by HB2 are sounding like Dr. Evil coming up the biggest number he could think of knowing full well at least they won’t laugh.

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