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What a coincidence! ANOTHER crony begs lawmakers to keep paying them for unsustainable energy

Remember just a few days ago I posted: …[T]he special interests, the moneyed interests, the big business getting in bed with legislators for special favors (where are the media? oh, in the same bed) … [are putting] all their money and ever-growing phalanx of lobbyists to use. Their strategy? Trot out a different recipient crony every day to do the Oliver Twist actContinue Reading

Yes, this is EXACTLY how they work

Gov. McCrory is quoted in a WUNC article on “Historic Wind Farm Coming to Northeastern NC”: The Governor says this project stands as an example of how renewable-energy friendly policies like tax breaks and portfolio standards can work. The governor is right; it is. They work by tricking farmers into giving over land for highlyContinue Reading

Wall Street Journal: ‘States Are Unplugging Their Renewable-Energy Mandates’

In this weekend’s WSJ, Donald Bryson, state director of the North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity, and Jeff Glendening, state director of the Kansas chapter, write about their states’ respective efforts in capping or repealing the last two decades’ costly experiments in mandating expensive renewable energy. They put those cap and repeal efforts in the greater nationalContinue Reading

The Dukes of REPS’ Hazards

First, Duke would pay to have anaerobic digesters extract biogas from swine waste in the Midwest. The biogas, which would be indistinguishable from natural gas, would be injected into pipelines hundreds of miles from here. Duke would then claim renewable credits for an equivalent amount of natural gas taken from pipelines here to generate electricityContinue Reading

And remember, this all magically makes electricity less expensive, too

Earlier this week, the NC hog industry was doing its crony duty of promoting the renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) mandate. See, they were getting this [<->] close to turning pig crap into a viable energy source, so they need state legislators to keep the law in place to force poor captive ratepayers into buying it throughContinue Reading

Another crony begs lawmakers to keep paying them for unsustainable energy

North Carolina’s renewable energy cronies are supposedly threatened by the frightful prospect that the legislature might decide to (gasp) cap the renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) mandate and study whether it’s a good idea. Aside: good heavens, if that in itself doesn’t alert people to the scam, what will? The industry will come crashing down if theContinue Reading

Just how utterly dependent is the solar industry on government cronyism?

The Asheville Citizen-Times pulls back the curtain on the patient that’s been hooked up to life support apparently for 38 years (i.e., “a solar tax incentive has existed in the state since 1977″): The N.C. Senate in its budget proposal has eliminated solar tax credits, which for years have helped make North Carolina a leaderContinue Reading

Hood on why the Left’s boast of morality doesn’t persuade

This column by John Hood deserves a full read. He writes of an increasingly common theme of asserted moral superiority from those who send him hate mail. He writes of the negative effects on public debate from allowing “claims of moral superiority [to] displace actual, rational argumentation.” He then writes: To all my left-of-center readers:Continue Reading

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