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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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So did Raleigh leaders reward crony donors by naming them Dix Park advisors?

The News & Observer reports on a marked lack of debate or modicum of process in naming advisors to “one of the biggest public projects in Raleigh’s history”: City staff compiled a list of recommended appointees that wasn’t available to the public until hours before the City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon. Raleigh leaders then unanimouslyContinue Reading

It’s not “job creation” to kill jobs in one state industry to move them to another state industry

Why that’s not screamingly obvious to all, especially pundits, is a mystery to me. But the whole of economic incentives for a company or industry — i.e., corporate welfare — i.e., cronyism — i.e., giving special treatment and favors to this industry at the expense of everyone else, including of course competing companies and industriesContinue Reading

Paper that found higher pollution near fracking sites retracted, findings reversed

“Retraction Watch” recently took note of two environmental papers that were retracted: One of the studies reported an increased level of air pollution near gas extraction sites, and the other suggested that 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico contributed to air contamination. According to the corresponding author of both papers, Kim Anderson atContinue Reading

Congress considers ‘regulatory budgeting’

National Review discusses the idea: Regulatory budgeting is a simple concept. It’s based on the premise that regulatory costs — what it costs the state to enforce a regulation and what it costs individuals and businesses to conform to a regulation — are similar, in concept, to the expenditures governments make through the budget process.Continue Reading

Parenting research and cost/benefit analysis

Last month I made a wisecrack on Twitter (it’s been known to happen) in response to a Wall Street Journal graphic that struck me as rather beside the point. The graph declared, “It will cost $254,340 to raise someone born in 2013 to age 18.” My response: This illustrates the difference between a cost study andContinue Reading

Remembering when NC State defined diversity as ‘a conflict of ideas’

Nowadays, NC State seeks to protect its students from “microaggressions,” which are inferred offenses so slight that even the protagonist of “The Princess and the Pea” shakes her dainty head at them. Back in 2001, however, NC State had a diversity initiative truly befitting a place of higher learning for some of the state’s brightest students.Continue Reading

NC State needs microspines, too

Criminy, we’ve seen snipers shooting cops protecting protesters who are protesting cops shooting blacks, we’ve seen extremists pledging allegiance to terrorist organizations shooting up gay nightclubs and office parties, and here is what NC State faculty are to worry about as “microaggression”: saying common platitudes. They include such verbal grenades as (brace yourselves) “America isContinue Reading

What separates ‘progressives’ is their love of government force

I want to commend my colleague Roy Cordato’s column to you this morning. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. What Cordato does is pinpoint the problem in where progressivist rhetoric diverges from conservative and libertarian rhetoric. I.e., why we seem to be talking past each other as we grapple with the same basic concerns about society.Continue Reading

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