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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Researchers: For a health metric, the BMI doesn’t pull its own weight

The Body Mass Index, which may soon be required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to impact company health premiums among other things, is ridiculously simplistic measure of health. How much you weigh vs. how tall you are, taking nothing else to account, is used as a proxy of your health. A study out of UCLA explains why that’sContinue Reading

That moral wage morally cutting jobs. Morality in action!

What is it about the minimum wage — instituted by racist progressive eugenicists deliberately seeking to price blacks and “inferior” whites out of the job market — that appeals to modern-day progressives? More than doubling the present minimum wage is a darling of the “moral” movement (who also favor other racist progressive eugenics notions like furthering abortion, but I digress).Continue Reading

Group starts petition to privatize NC alcohol sales

Here is a snippet from PrivatizeNC’s Change.org petition: North Carolina, along with 17 other states maintains a government monopoly on the sales of distilled alcohol. This means that private citizens buying at retail must go to a ABC store operated by one of 188 local boards with oversight from North Carolina state. In addition, ABCContinue Reading

NTSB imagines a world where you’re ‘drunk’ with a BAC of .05

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has  its own “Most Wanted” list, and on it the federal agency wishes to makes highways “safer” by making it ever more possible to create lawbreakers out of responsible drinkers. That is, the NTSB greatly desires “lowering the legal alcohol limit for U.S. drivers from .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC)Continue Reading

Very encouraging update of NC’s sunset and periodic review of rules

This morning the General Assembly’s Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee, where my colleague Becki Gray and I spoke about a state REINS Act, also heard a report on the progress of the periodic review and examination of existing rules from Molly Masich and Abigail Hammond at the Office of Administrative Hearings. The update was veryContinue Reading

Anarchists for public funding and state support: Yet another potential subject for the School of Comparative Irrelevance

From the silly protest at the University of North Carolina Board of Governors meeting, I think I’ve found another candidate for the School of Comparative Irrelevance: Anarchists organized to facilitate discussion within a public university about anarchist ideas and demonstrating in part because the public university isn’t receiving enough money from the state. Of course it mustContinue Reading

When comparing net energy subsidies…

As my colleague Roy Cordato explained in his 2013 Spotlight report on energy subsidies, the proper way to compare energy subsidies is not by looking at gross subsidies, but net subsidies. Why net subsidies are economically more relevant is because they “include not only the monetized value of policies that subsidize the relevant industries but also the monetized value of policies thatContinue Reading

‘MythBusters’ could do a whole season on renewable energy malarkey

Some takeaways from Dan Way’s Carolina Journal report yesterday: 1. Your facility can get all its electricity from traditional fuel sources and pretend they’re powered by renewable sources. (Media, environmentalists, corporate PR people, and especially renewable energy lobbyists love perpetuating that fiction.) The Duke customer could purchase as much as 100 percent of the energy it uses fromContinue Reading

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