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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Are you happy now, ‘climate disruption’ skeptics? You made scientists cry.

Note: You will notice my use of the appropriate euphemism of the day to describe the nonphenomenon previously known as anthropogenic global warming, global warming, and climate change. I have already described the new approach chosen by “doomsayers selling fear-based costly political solutions” to “climate disruption,” which has to be — given that the earthContinue Reading

Burr tours corporate welfare recipients to tout corporate tax breaks, fails to draw the obvious lesson

The obvious lesson is, as I’ve stated over economic incentives programs are a tacit admission by state policymakers that lower taxes and regulations would attract more industry to North Carolina. The question then becomes: Why do it just for select industries? Why not lower taxes and regulations across the board? and over at the heartContinue Reading

Re: Work is more important

Mitch, George Leef recently discussed the “crucial distinction between actually helping the poor and what politicians usually do, which is spending money or enacting laws that are supposed to make it look as if they’re helping the poor” (my emphasis). It’s a topic I visit often because I believe that helping the poor should, ifContinue Reading

Work is more important than joblessness with ‘compassionate’ wages out of reach

The News & Observer has yet another column by UNC poverty center director Gene Nichol that promotes the idea that raising the minimum wage is the key to fighting poverty. It concludes with the scholarly delineation that’s worth $212K per year: “It’s the wages, stupid.” When the poverty center was hastily assembled within the lawContinue Reading

Addressing concerns over hydraulic fracturing

My report released today investigates and answers several concerns about hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) coming to North Carolina: What is fracking? How new is fracking? How dangerous is fracking? How safe is fracking? How safe is fracking for North Carolina? Does fracking contaminate water? Does it use secret chemicals? Will it cause cancer and birth defects?Continue Reading

A ‘very difficult’ business: low-priced retail serving poor communities

Some folks are so ignorant of markets that they think selling quality products at low prices in convenient stores such as Roses is “exploitative.” — Michael Munger, Duke University professor There is a debate going on in Southeast Raleigh over Variety Wholesalers bringing a grocery store and a Roses to the site vacated by Kroger.Continue Reading

A lifetime of speechifying but saying nothing

Nothing will come of nothing; speak again. — William Shakespeare, King Lear, Act I, Scene I. Daniel Henninger writes in The Wall Street Journal that the president has talked and talked and talked his way into poor approval ratings: After what Mr. Obama himself might call a whole lot of listening, the American people areContinue Reading

Who was being harmed?

Threat of a lawsuit has corrected a grievous societal injustice, apparently, when a local restaurant occasionally handed out a 15 percent discount to “Customers who pray, meditate, or simply say ‘thank you’ before eating.” Owner Mary Haglund says she enjoys watching the moment of quietness some customers show before eating. “It’s a gift to usContinue Reading

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