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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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You might be a progressive media if …

… you aren’t interested at all in reporting about Sen. Kay Hagan’s husband’s receipt and use of stimulus money to hire Sen. Kay Hagan’s husband’s business, nor when the project came in under budget, in reporting on their failure to return $114,519 to the taxpayers — but you are interested in reporting on the state’sContinue Reading

Wednesday Fracking Video

Phelim McAleer continues to expose fraud in the movement against hydraulic fracturing: If you’ve read my reports and newsletters on hydraulic fracturing, you’ve encountered Mayor Tillman, the filmmaker McAleer, and Alisa Rich. My Facts on Fracking Policy Report discussed Dish, Texas, and Tillman: In 2010 the mayor of Dish, Texas, Calvin Tillman, ignited controversy byContinue Reading

Obamacare hurts employees and employers

Health Care Solutions Week: Sally Pipes in Forbes today explains how, because of Obamacare, “workers are going to get squeezed from both sides“: Evidence is mounting that Obamacare raises health costs for small firms and thereby reduces workers’ wages. Writ large across the entire economy, the law is not just discouraging firms from creating newContinue Reading

Media: We need to follow Alabama’s lead on incentives so we don’t end up like Alabama

Economic incentives packages — special tax breaks negotiated for particular companies or industries while all others continue to pay higher rates for the apparent crime of not closing up shop but continuing to employ North Carolinians and engage in commerce in this state — are among the worst examples of government cronyism. If cronyism isContinue Reading

A rather unusual criticism

From the N&O’s article on Gov. McCrory’s speech to UNC: McCrory’s views on higher education have prompted criticism from UNC professors, dozens of whom sat in front rows Sunday. Some say his position undervalues the traditional liberal arts education … I almost expected that sentence to end with “and that’s our job.” The story ofContinue Reading

An end run around the Keystone XL

To put the speech by the character Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) from “Jurassic Park” in an economic context: John, the kind of control you’re attempting simply is … it’s not possible. If there is one thing the history of economics has taught us it’s that the entrepreneurial spirit will not be contained. It breaksContinue Reading

Drawing the Wrong Conclusion XVI: the uncooperative-Earth edition

The earth itself is turning out to be the big mother Gaia of all “deniers” … — Yours truly, 8/27/14 A comment by David G. Victor and Charles F. Kennel in the new issue of Nature has sparked controversy. Victor and Kennel are openly calling for world leaders and scientists to “Ditch the 2 °CContinue Reading

They Like Big But’s

We were just talking about this, the Left’s “I believe in freedom, but” about-face they like to do, and the president has just done it again: I believe that capitalism is the greatest force for prosperity and opportunity the world has ever known.  I believe that private enterprise – not government, but the innovators andContinue Reading

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