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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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You might be a ‘progressive’ if …

… you interrupt your handwringing over the neologism “food deserts” just long enough to become incensed when an entrepreneur creates a food oasis. … if, in other words, both of these make sense to you: If poor people are not within a reasonable distance from an affordable grocery store, it is because capitalism is heartlessContinue Reading

Drawing the Wrong Conclusion XII — the I’m anti-corporate-welfare but… edition

The News & Record reports today on Rep. Pricey Harrison’s primary race against former Greensboro City Councilman Mike Kee. In it, Harrison makes the following boast about her opposition to corporate welfare: Harrison opposes incentives to businesses, which she sees as a form of “corporate welfare.” To which the N&R hastily adds “But” — yep,Continue Reading

The UNC prof leading the fight for free speech

Jane S. Shaw profiles him in The News & Observer, and no, it’s not the celebrity poverty center director laboring under the “chilling effect” of being asked to place a disclaimer on his op-eds and give a heads-up to university officials before the next one comes out. It’s the professor who “suffered actual harm forContinue Reading

King Puritan thinks he’s banned his way into heaven

And my heaven will be a big heaven And I will walk through the front door. — Peter Gabriel, “Big Time” Former New York City Mayor Michael “Arbitrary and Capricious” Bloomberg made a very telling boast recently. He gave the New York Times, in the course of announcing a $50 million campaign against the NationalContinue Reading

It takes a high level of education to train yourself to miss the screamingly obvious

You might be a ‘progressive’ if … you think the only thing worse than a poor neighborhood losing a grocery store would be a poor neighborhood gaining a Wal-Mart, a Family Dollar, or a select few other stores that excel at providing goods to the poor (they’re on the list alongside Enemy Restaurants). — YoursContinue Reading

Would NC be out on a limb if our film tax credits expired?

No. As discussed last year, North Carolina would join a growing group of states that have ended or suspended their film tax credits or never joined in the folly to begin with. Many states have opted out, including several quite recently (most recent first): Missouri: program sunsetted on Nov. 28, 2013 Wisconsin: program ended asContinue Reading

Fiscal Research review dismantles new film tax credits study

A memorandum to Rep. Rick Catlin (R-New Hanover) prepared yesterday by Patrick McHugh and Barry Boardman of the Fiscal Research Division of the North Carolina General Assembly gave a preliminary review to the new industry study of North Carolina’s film tax credits. That study, prepared by Dr. Robert Handfield, a North Carolina State University professorContinue Reading

Questionable studies’ implication: NC cost itself over a billion dollars by spending on the wrong cronies

The long-awaited, no-opportunity-cost, all-production-is-driven-by-the-incentive study of the North Carolina film incentive by an NC State professor of supply chain management is now out, and it produced a super-multiplier finding quite typical of industry studies: Beginning in 2007, when the incentive was first enacted, through 2012, the film and television industry has spent $1.02 billion inContinue Reading

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