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Jon Sanders is Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

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Wait, who paid for that film report?

Film industry supporters who want the state to continue giving their industry generous tax credits like to tout NC State professor of supply chain management Rob Handfield’s study of those credits. They also like to make it seem as if the study is from NC State. Take the recent pro-incentives column by Wilmington author WileyContinue Reading

Mike Adams defies UNCW, feds over a very serious issue

The leading figure in the UNC system in the fight for free speech and academic freedom has taken on another important fight. UNCW criminal justice professor Mike Adams writes today about the very troubling new reporting practices forced on universities by the Obama administration, concerning allegations of sexual assault. As Adams explains, the practices areContinue Reading

‘Those’ Duke researchers show that hydraulic fracturing is safe

The News & Observer reported in August that [Robert Jackson and Avner Vengosh of Duke University] are among the few academics issuing high-profile challenges to energy industry claims that drilling is environmentally safe, yet they have had a low profile in fracking deliberations in Raleigh. But as state officials prepare for a last round ofContinue Reading

Nevada gives up $70 million in film incentives to lure Tesla

Apparently North Carolina isn’t the only state getting partially out of film incentives but certainly not out of state incentives. A changing of the cronies is definitely upsetting to the former cronies, but to taxpayers and unfavored businesses, nothing changes. From Nevada: The major showdown of the Legislature’s special session to approve $1.25 billion in taxContinue Reading

A truth comes out, now that it doesn’t matter politically

Over at Right Angles I explore the significance of this paragraph tucked away in a News & Observer story about Wake County parents worried about student reassignments again: As a fast-growing district of 155,000 students, Wake County historically has reassigned thousands of students each year. In the mid- to late-2000s, high rates of growth ledContinue Reading

‘Cronyism is at the heart of what’s wrong with the American economy’

So said James Pethokoukis in arguing against a lobbyist’s Wall Street Journal column pitting the debate over reform in government as between “evangelical libertarians” (i.e., the bad guys) and “Republican reformers” (delightfully reasonable people). Pethokoukis properly dismissed the formulation: Cronyism enlarges government, breeds corruption, and reduces economic growth by favoring politically connected incumbent firms (theContinue Reading

Someone explain to me how getting minimum-wage workers to walk off their jobs and get arrested improves their lives

Because I don’t see it. Not at all. Nearly 30 people were arrested in Durham on Thursday while protesting for fast-food companies to raise worker pay. The protesters, who walked off their jobs as part of a national protest, sat in middle of West Morgan Street before blocking the intersection of Rigsbee Avenue and MorganContinue Reading

Drawing the Wrong Conclusion XIV: the can’t-compete-with-lower-taxes edition

We learned this week that North Carolina offered the mad bribe of $107-friggin’-million in economic incentives to get Toyota to locate its North America headquarters in Charlotte, but lost. Who won? Texas, with the relatively small bid of $40 million. How on earth did North Carolina, offering over two-and-a-half times as much as Texas inContinue Reading

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