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NC Supreme Court Approves Groundbreaking New Ethics Rule for North Carolina Lawyers

The ABA Journal reports that: North Carolina has adopted an ethics rule that requires lawyers in private practice, as well as prosecutors, to reveal evidence of innocence they discover after a conviction. … North Carolina is the first state to apply the disclosure rule to lawyers in private practice. The North Carolina Supreme Court approvedContinue Reading

Charlotte and Raleigh Are Among the Ten Fastest Growing Metro Areas

At FiveThirtyEight, Jed Kolko reports that: The suburbanization of America marches on. Population growth in big cities slowed for the fifth-straight year in 2016,1 according to new census data, while population growth accelerated in the more sprawling counties that surround them. … Those figures run counter to the “urban revival” narrative that has been widely discussedContinue Reading

“The Death Row Basketball League”

The latest Criminal Law News Roundup posted by UNC School of Government covers an unusual sporting event: Raleigh Central Prison’s annual “Ball ‘Til We Fall” tournament in which the players, the coaches, and the referrees are all death row inmates. Here are some highlights from a tournament summary written by one of the players, Lyle May: [We] did not have a strong season. TheContinue Reading

What Should Judges Do when, “The Law Is a Ass–a Idiot”?

As I’ve previously explained, I couldn’t be happier about the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the US Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch’s allusion to my favorite passage in Oliver Twist is just one of the many ways in which in his dissent in A.M. v. Holmes illustrates why I’m so enthusiastic: If a seventh grader starts trading fake burpsContinue Reading

Clarence Thomas Weighs in on Civil Asset Forfeiture

On Monday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear Lisa Olivia Leonard’s challenge to Texas’s civil asset forfeiture law. The decision to deny certiorary, which was based on procedural grounds, was unanimous. However, Justice Thomas appended a statement to the notice of denial in which he made it clear that, in his view at least, theContinue Reading

A Compelling Argument for Raising the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction

The Citizens-Times recently published a column in which Matthew Herr — an attorney and policy analyst for Disability Rights NC — makes a powerful case for raising the age of juvenile Jurisdiction in North Carolina: Children with disabilities make up the vast majority of the youth in our criminal justice system. At least two-thirds of the youthContinue Reading

Duke Law Professor Joins Complaint Against Kellyanne Conway

Michael E. Tigar, Professor Emeritus at Duke Law School, was one of 15 law professors who accused the presidential advisor of ethical violations in a complaint filed with the DC Court of Appeals on Monday. Here’s the Washington Post’s synopsis: Conway should be sanctioned for violating government ethics rules and “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation,” the letter says.Continue Reading

Tempest in a Teapot, Continued

I wrote last week about State of Washington v. Trump, the case in which the Trump administration is defending an executive order temporarily blocking US entry by aliens from certain countries. In that previous post I complained that this legal dispute over a temporary restraining order on a temporary entry ban on aliens from small number of deeply disfunctional countries had “already consumedContinue Reading

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