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A word of warning

There was a report this morning of arson fires at several black churches that gave me a flashback to the summer of 1996, when I was still managing editor of The Herald-Sun in Durham. From June to September of that year there were hysterical reports of huge waves of fires set at black churches byContinue Reading

Durham wants me to pay rent on something I already own

I got a letter yesterday from Donald Long, the director of Durham’s Solid Waste Management department. In that letter he gave me, and everyone in Durham, I imagine, the good news that the city would begin, on July 1, charging a $1.50 per month rental fee for those large brown containers you fill with leaves,Continue Reading

Is the Postal Service going IRS on us?

My wife, who does all our charitable and political giving, recently sent some money to the Republican State Leadership Committee. She dutifully put a check in the postage-paid envelope the RSLC sent us. She also put a return address sticker on it that contains our correct address. And then she put it in the mail.Continue Reading

‘Controversial’ means ‘reporter disagrees’

Here’s a perfect example of journalism’s default left-of-center position on everything. The N&O’s John Frank characterizes the American Legislative Exchange Council as “controversial” in this story. But why are they “controversial?” you may well ask. Well, as Frank tells it, it’s because ALEC has defended “voter ID measures and the ‘Stand Your Ground’ gun laws,”Continue Reading

Quick! Somebody tell Kay Hagan!

Somebody needs to tell Kay Hagan, who is going after the evil Koch brothers as if they are trying to destroy American democracy with their evil spending, that she needs to adjust her aim: This week Senate Democrats once again asked the IRS to crack down on conservative groups including Americans for Prosperity, funded byContinue Reading

Incompetence all around in Durham

Everybody’s pointing fingers today after it was learned that the Durham Public Schools had a much larger reserve fund than anyone claims to have known. County commissioners say they never would have given the schools any extra money for this year if they had known the figure was actually $19.7 million and not $10-$12 million.Continue Reading

Coming soon to a Kay Hagan ad near you?

Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas is one of those Democrats in a Red State taking heat for supporting Obamacare enthusiastically in the heady days of 2009 when Obama was riding high and Democrats owned the House and the Senate. But, like our own Sen. Kay Hagan, he’s now trying desperately to find a way toContinue Reading

Status quo doesn’t mean what Obama thinks it means

President Obama has given the American people many reasons to doubt his Ivy League educational credentials. OK, maybe the famous “57 states” blooper was just the result of campaign exhaustion. But “corpseman” and “secretary of states” were not. They were evidence of simple ignorance. Well, we’ve got another one. Here’s what Obama said yesterday toContinue Reading

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