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If progressives really care about inequality….

They should work to eliminate crony capitalism, argues Professor Steve Horwitz in this piece. Cronyism works to the benefit of those who are already wealthy, enabling them to become more so through governmental contracts and favors. It can also lead to laws and regulations that stifle efforts by poor people to become successful. Alas, progressives almostContinue Reading

Even a flatworm is smart enough to turn away from pain

That is Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds’ comment on the recent poll showing that young people are turning away from the Democratic Party. Obama promised gullible young voters the moon when he ran in 2008 and 2012, and, sadly, a large percentage of them bought his baloney about how the federal leviathan would make their livesContinue Reading

Are you one who believes the “Smaug Fallacy”?

That is the notion that wealthy people are responsible for holding back economic progress by others because they have too much and spend too little. Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute is responsible for the term, borrowed from the fearsome, wealth-hoarding dragon in The Hobbit. He proceeds to demolish the fallacy in this FreemanContinue Reading

The Onion looks at elections

Here is a sharp piece on The Onion about elections. Perhaps the reason why many Americans don’t bother voting is that they look at elections the way the writer suggests — as an exercise in fear and pain.

Tim Carney explains the torrent of money flowing to Hagan

Columnist Tim Carney’s latest column explains why so many special interests are giving Kay Hagan so much campaign cash — she’s a practitioner of crony capitalism. That might explain her “moderate” image. She’s happy to ladle out money to all kinds of interests. Hagan wants to keep the Export-Import Bank, for example, an egregious instanceContinue Reading

Yet another reason to abolish the income tax

One of America’s worst mistakes was enacting the 16th Amendment, allowing the federal government to levy an income tax. That has fueled the relentless expansion of our leviathan state ever since. It also leads to all manner of economic distortions and blatantly unjust actions by government officials. In this piece, Sheldon Richman shows some hideousContinue Reading

Will voters in NC and WI realize that lower taxes are good?

In this piece just posted on Forbes, Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform examines two hot races (for the Senate here, and the battle for the governorship of Wisconsin) and points out that in each instance, the GOP candidate has helped to reduce taxes. Their opponents depend on the voters not realizing that loweringContinue Reading

A Big-Ten prof looks at the UNC scandal

Robert Weissberg, who taught political science for many years at the University of Illinois, writes about the UNC scandal here. He does not believe that the phony courses and inflated grades could have been the work of just a few low-ranking individuals.

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