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The ominous trend toward deputizing America

Iain Murray explores in this Freeman piece another disturbing “Big Brother” trend in America, namely the way the government now coerces private businesses into doing its snooping. The old America in which people could peacefully live their lives without government interference is receding at the speed of light. The Big Brotherism of the modern stateContinue Reading

The impact of World War I on American liberties

In his latest column, Sheldon Richman looks at the impact of World War I on American liberties. The impact, of course, was dreadful. Most of the “progressives” quickly jumped on board the war wagon, seeing it as a means to help achieve their ends of politicizing the country. Also, most conservatives did so because theyContinue Reading

Don Boudreaux takes on the Ex-Im Bank (again)

GMU economics professor Don Boudreaux is one of the most indefatigable opponents of all economic interventionism and has lately added his voice to the opponents of the Export-Import Bank. In the letter below to the Washington Post, he devises a clever way of showing the folly of government support for certain products: Editor, Washington PostContinue Reading

Has the libertarian moment arrived?

In this Freeman piece today, Doug Bandow says that, despite the manifest disasters and waste brought about by big government, the libertarian moment has not arrived. His argument is that the “moment” will never “arrive” but must be fought for in the realm of public opinion, persuading more and more people that the state isContinue Reading

Few young Americans know much about history and the new standards won’t help

Hillsdale history professor Burt Folsom discusses the recently College Board history standards and finds them badly wanting in this piece. Notably, they tend to glorify government intervention such as LBJ’s numerous “Great Society” measures merely because they meant to address socio-economic problems. That’s the usual leftist failing — focusing on intentions rather than results. The standardsContinue Reading

Government spending can’t make a country rich

Even the International Monetary Fund appears to understand that, as we read in this AEI piece by James Pethokoukis. He refers to recent research by the IMF. That’s useful in dealing with people who demand research for every proposition, but what sensible person ever believed that letting government — which is to say, politicians whoContinue Reading

Intellectual debate no place for the courts

The infamously deceptive and litigious University of Virginia professor Michael Mann has sued National Review because he didn’t like the way the magazine characterized his “hockey stick” climate research. But if you don’t like what someone writes about your work, is should that be grounds for going into court? No, argues Cato Institute lawyer andContinue Reading

One of the greatest economists you’ve probably never heard of

Richard Ebeling writes here about Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk. He was not only a brilliant scholar who tore apart Marxist notions about the economy, but also a public official who maintained his liberalism (in the true sense) while serving as finance minister for Austria-Hungary prior to World War I.

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