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Why not use government power to keep wages down?

Writing on the AEI blog, economics professor Mark Perry suggests rewriting an Obama speech calling for an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 so that it calls for a maximum wage of half that. The logic is no different — or any better. Here’s his piece. Government should no more dictate maximum wages thanContinue Reading

Are these business owners really so dumb?

In the letter below, Don Boudreaux responds to a missive from a group that claims to be comprised of business owners. This group extols government coercion (raising the minimum wage) as a good thing that will actually help businesses. Mr. Bob Keener Business for a Fair Minimum Wage Dear Mr. Keener: According to your JuneContinue Reading

Daring to speak the truth about Greece….

Jacob Hornberger states that the reason why the country is going bankrupt is its welfare state. Read his piece here. Welfarism gradually but inevitably pushes out the productive, entrepreneurial mindset and replaces it with an indolent, entitlement mindset.

How bad a decision is King v. Burwell?

Very bad, argue constitutional lawyer David Rivkin and law professor Elizabeth Price Foley on SCOTUS blog. It’s bad on policy grounds. Rivkin and Foley write, “The majority’s desire to save the ACA from these perceived policy effects blinded it to the countervailing effects of ruling in favor of the plaintiffs. For example, while the lossContinue Reading

Proof you can be a success in the market and not understand economics

You’ll find quite a number of very rich people who completely buy into the statist mindset and favor coercive government interventions such as the minimum wage. They’re unable to see the logical flaws in their arguments or the unseen adverse consequences they cause. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux responds to Nick Hanauer. 7 JuneContinue Reading

Why aren’t there more libertarian women?

That’s what Bonnie Kristian asks in this piece, in which she does battle with a number of clueless leftist men. Strikingly, they continue to run the intellectually dishonest line that libertarians don’t care about anyone but themselves. Will we ever get to the point where leftists will argue about consequences and not supposed motives?

If you want to debate the gold standard well….

Then this Cato@Liberty post by George Selgin is essential. He debunks ten myths that gold standard opponents commonly resort to.

A formerly exceptional nation

America, that is. So argues Jacob Hornberger in this piece. We used to be exceptional in freedom, the rule of law, property rights, sound money, fair administration of justice and more. Over the last century, however, the US has been rapidly losing all those advantages and Hornberger correctly observes that we’re not much different thanContinue Reading

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