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Sensible UNC prof surrounded by “locavore” zealots

In this recent Wall Street Journal piece, UNC professor Peter Coclanis discusses the loco locavore climate around Chapel Hill. Big agra, as he terms it, has made food much less costly, yet Luddite activists are on a mission to get everyone to buy local. Of course, this mania can be found all over the U.S.Continue Reading

At least Roy Cooper didn’t make the list

The list of the six worst attorneys general in the U.S., that is. Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute has written an illuminating piece on the legal and ethical wrongs that attorneys general have been known to commit, such as “violating the Constitution, fabricating legal norms, usurping legislative powers, hiring outside counsel (often campaignContinue Reading

About the murders in Virginia….

Law professor Elizabeth Price Foley nails it on Instapundit: “We have all encountered angry, entitled individuals like this. They aren’t just toxic to work with; they’re potentially dangerous. We typically give them wide berth, just to avoid the hurling of hurtful “racism!” accusations and potential violence that simmers just below the surface. Individuals like thisContinue Reading

No, the stock market hasn’t gone crazy

Quite the reverse, it is trying to uncrazy. So argues Competitive Enterprise Institute fellow Bill Frezza in this sharp Daily Caller piece. The root of our economic troubles (right now, and also going back a century) is that the federal government intervenes in the price system, particularly interest rates. “By manipulating interest rates, they induceContinue Reading

What do China’s crash and Obamanomics have in common?

This Investor’s Business Daily editorial makes the connection: Keynesian theory. Specifically, the ridiculous notion that prosperity comes from government money creation and spending rather than allowing millions of individuals and firms to find the best use for limited resources. Government meddling led to both the housing bubble here and the now rapidly deflating Chinese bubbleContinue Reading

Refuting an absurd claim

Defenders of the minimum wage have taken to making the absurd claim that increasing it has no impact on employment. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux spars with one of those zealots. Read it and enjoy: 24 August 2015 Editor, The Washington Post Dear Editor: Extraordinary claims must be backed by extraordinary evidence before peopleContinue Reading

A Swedish economist explains why the left hates economics

Professor Per Bylund, who teaches at Baylor, explains in this piece why the left hates — and indeed hopes to kill — the discipline of economics. Why? Because, Bylund writes, “it points out that creating a better world through central planning, money-printing, and political manipulation is impossible.” A few decades ago, I read a leftistContinue Reading

Another reason to stop calling leftists “liberal”

In this column, the ever-sharp Timothy Carney ruminates on the way the left has been freaking out over small victories for free speech and economic freedom. For example, the Court’s recent decision against the federal raisin cartel caused much whining about the “destruction of the New Deal.” Well, most of the New Deal was horrible,Continue Reading

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