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A cautionary tale indeed!

Apparently, entrepreneur Dan Price is going to learn a lesson the hard way. Swept up in social activism, he decided to pay his workers significantly more, ensuring that no one worked for less than $70K per year. But, as Tyler Durden points out, his kind and generous move is destroying his company. Bastiat noted thatContinue Reading

John Tamny tries explaining simple reality to Hillary

Forbes writer John Tamny (whose book Popular Economics is great reading) attempts in this piece to explain why laws that make it hard to fire a worker get in the way of hiring anyone. Demagogic politicians pretend to be friends of workers by pushing “compassionate” laws that put obstacles in the way of discharging aContinue Reading

Do we need another university research park?

The UNC Board of Governors thinks we do — at East Carolina. Is this likely to be a great boon to the area — or another boondoggle like the Global Transpark, various convention centers around the state, the Randy Parton Theater and so on? In today’s Pope Center piece, Jesse Saffron writes about the oppositionContinue Reading

Why leftists dislike Uber

Leading leftist “thinkers” like Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio have blasted Uber, which is a service that many of their presumed “base” voters use and gives lots of ordinary people an opportunity to make more money using property they own (a vehicle). What’s wrong with that? In this CafeHayek post, Don Boudreaux offers anContinue Reading

Our banking system was flawed, but we didn’t need the Fed

So argues Cato monetary expert, Professor George Selgin in this Cato@Liberty post. It’s rather long, but Selgin elegantly explains why the argument that the US just had to turn to central banking early in the 20th century is mistaken. If you want to understand why deregulation in banking would have served us far better than creatingContinue Reading

The naive belief that society should “control technology”

Lots of Americans believe that “society” should do many things to protect against bad outcomes. Fear that new technology will “destroy jobs” causes people like the writer mentioned below to advocate that government protect us against new technologies. The exchange between one Ms. Lauderdale and Professor Don Boudreaux is enlightening: 24 July 2015 Ms. LouiseContinue Reading

Obama’s latest power grab to “transform” America

Statists never run out of reasons to expand government control to dictate how people will live. Obamacare was such an effort, of course. And now another great leap forward is gathering steam in Washington — Obama’s plan to make housing “more fair.” The big idea is to ensure that every zip code has a “proper”Continue Reading

What’s being taught in business school?

Many MBA programs have been criticized as offering little educational value. Often, the faculty members have scant business experience themselves, but are just academics who preach theories about business. That’s bad enough, given the high cost of obtaining the credential, but there is good reason to think that at least some profs are teaching utterlyContinue Reading

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