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Our banking system was flawed, but we didn’t need the Fed

So argues Cato monetary expert, Professor George Selgin in this Cato@Liberty post. It’s rather long, but Selgin elegantly explains why the argument that the US just had to turn to central banking early in the 20th century is mistaken. If you want to understand why deregulation in banking would have served us far better than creatingContinue Reading

The naive belief that society should “control technology”

Lots of Americans believe that “society” should do many things to protect against bad outcomes. Fear that new technology will “destroy jobs” causes people like the writer mentioned below to advocate that government protect us against new technologies. The exchange between one Ms. Lauderdale and Professor Don Boudreaux is enlightening: 24 July 2015 Ms. LouiseContinue Reading

Obama’s latest power grab to “transform” America

Statists never run out of reasons to expand government control to dictate how people will live. Obamacare was such an effort, of course. And now another great leap forward is gathering steam in Washington — Obama’s plan to make housing “more fair.” The big idea is to ensure that every zip code has a “proper”Continue Reading

What’s being taught in business school?

Many MBA programs have been criticized as offering little educational value. Often, the faculty members have scant business experience themselves, but are just academics who preach theories about business. That’s bad enough, given the high cost of obtaining the credential, but there is good reason to think that at least some profs are teaching utterlyContinue Reading

How authoritarians make bad use of social media

It is undoubtedly true that the emergence of social media can help to make the case against big government. It is equally true, however, that the authoritarians who want people to remain in the thrall of the state, obediently paying taxes, following orders, and scorning those who seek to reduce its power can make useContinue Reading

Calling out Bernie Sanders’ foolishness

Bernie Sanders is said to be surging against Hillary Clinton, as many of the true-believer statists in the Democratic Party swoon for a candidate who sounds more deeply committed to social justice, equality, and other progressive buzzwords. Too bad that few people have pointed out the sheer foolishness of his anti-capitalist blather — in particularContinue Reading

About the Redskins’ trademark

A federal judge recently ruled against the Washington Redskins’ logo, which cannot have federal trademark protection any longer because it is “offensive” to some. But don’t mistakenly assume the ruling means the team can no longer use it; what it means is that anyone can use it because it can’t be held exclusively by theContinue Reading

Newspaper blinded by ideology

The paper in question is the New York Times and the particular instance is its utter (and perhaps willful) blindness to the cause of high unemployment among minority teenagers — minimum wage laws that price them out of labor market competition. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux calls the editors out: Editor, New York Times 620Continue Reading

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