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A formerly exceptional nation

America, that is. So argues Jacob Hornberger in this piece. We used to be exceptional in freedom, the rule of law, property rights, sound money, fair administration of justice and more. Over the last century, however, the US has been rapidly losing all those advantages and Hornberger correctly observes that we’re not much different thanContinue Reading

Leftists say it’s silly to talk about auditing the Fed…

But economist D. Brady Nelson argues that they’re utterly mistaken in this Townhall piece. The Fed at the bare minimum needs to be audited, but that should only be the starting point for an intelligent analysis of the role of government in our monetary system. Nelson shows that the people who say that criticism of theContinue Reading

Will younger Americans realize that big government is their enemy?

The mega-state created by generations of Republicans and Democrats has so whittled away our freedom and distorted our economy that younger people will find it very difficult to live as well as their parents did.  A few are coming that that realization, but many more need to and that’s the point of Disinherited: How WashingtonContinue Reading

Cure or cause?

Keynesians and statists (who might or might not have any familiarity with Keynes and his theories) often say that the reason why the economy has not been robust for years is that the wealthy aren’t spending enough. In the lingo, we suffer from inadequate aggregate demand. Solution: have the government spend more to “stimulate” theContinue Reading

Against progressivism, no matter how you label it

Hillsdale history professor Bradley Birzer’s essay on that is must reading. Choosing to call a movement that restores autocratic control over the people “progressive” is one of the great verbal tricks of all time, just like the misuse of the word “liberal.”

Carly Fiorina is worth considering

Tim Carney is impressed with her and makes a good case that she is better than many of the other GOP candidates on economic issues in this piece. She also has exactly the right arguments against Hillary and Elizabeth Warren.

Civil asset forfeiture strikes in NC

Lyndon McLellan runs a small convenience store in Fairmont. He’d been running the store and banking his profits for 13 years when the IRS swooped in last year and confiscated his entire account of over $107,000. He has not been charged with a crime, but the IRS thought his banking habits were suspicious and soContinue Reading

Don’t expect intellectual consistency from politicians

Not even those who proclaim to be “independent.” I refer to Senator Bernie Sanders, who has announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. He wants people to regard him as a deep, principled thinker, but the obvious inconsistency of his stances on the minimum wage and foreign trade won’t help. In the letter below, DonContinue Reading

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