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Just what America really needs — federal oversight of “truthfulness”

Hans Bader of Competitive Enterprise Institute blows the whistle on a small (merely a million bucks!) but blatantly unconstitutional program that empowers the National Science Foundation to track “untruthful” speech and hate speech. Another camel gets its politically correct nose under the tent of American politics. Think this might be used to harass enemies ofContinue Reading

During the Obama “recovery” welfare rolls keep growing

So we find out in this Cato@Liberty post. Is steadily rising dependency upon the government the new normal in America? I think so. Much as Obama and his ilk talk about job creation, that’s a low priority with them. But getting more people hooked on government — well, that’s good for Democrat voter loyalty and turnout.

The legacy of Arab socialism

In this Cato@Liberty post, Dalibor Rohac points out that Arab governments have overwhelmingly adopted socialistic, central planning models rather than laissez-faire capitalism. That goes a long way toward explaining why so many of the people are poor and angry. Poor, angry people are more useful, however, to rulers who crave power.

How to encourage voting?

As we read in this Cato@Liberty post by Walter Olson, Los Angeles is considering a plan to encourage people to vote by giving them lottery tickets. Olson comments, “Lottery tickets, paying off in other people’s money, as a reward for voting. That’s a perfect metaphor for the political process, isn’t it?” The lengths to whichContinue Reading

We need big government as a check on big business

That’s another of the cliches of progressivism and Julian Adorney torpedoes it in today’s Freeman piece. Big business and government often cooperate for mutual gain, at the expense of small business, consumers, and the taxpayers.

George Will on our increasingly idiotic government

In his latest column, George Will takes note of a number of disparate events ranging from the violence in Ferguson, MO to the prohibition of cupcakes in schools and finds the common thread — political control that crushes common sense. “Our increasingly ludicrous government lacks adult supervision,” he observes. That’s putting it mildly.

The bad economics of the minimum wage

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a good piece by two young economists that attacks the flawed research purporting to show that raising the minimum wage does only good things. In the letter below, Professor Don Boudreaux comments further. But before getting to Don’s letter, I’d like to say that the best argument against the minimumContinue Reading

The ominous trend toward deputizing America

Iain Murray explores in this Freeman piece another disturbing “Big Brother” trend in America, namely the way the government now coerces private businesses into doing its snooping. The old America in which people could peacefully live their lives without government interference is receding at the speed of light. The Big Brotherism of the modern stateContinue Reading

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