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Allow students to wipe out college loan debts in bankruptcy?

Sounds like a way to further encourage foolish borrowing by people who won’t learn much of value in college. But what if discharge in bankruptcy were coupled with a requirement that if a student does that, the schools that took the loan money would be on the hook? Then it could impose lacking discipline. InContinue Reading

Big Brother is doing “diversity mapping”

The statists never stop finding new ways for the government to meddle in our lives and in this Freeman piece, Wendy McElroy informs us about another and very ominous federal program, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “diversity mapping” project. Billions of dollars will be spent in a crusade against “geospatial imbalances” — which is toContinue Reading

Powerful governments never like dissent

In another of his superb Freeman articles, economics professor Sandy Ikeda today writes about how socialism leads to the stifling of dissent. Not just de facto socialism, of course. Obama and his allies would gladly silence all criticism of their relentless politicization of the country and are doing as much as they can get awayContinue Reading

Walter Williams: blacks do not need government “help”

In his latest column, George Mason University economics professor Walter Williams argues that blacks do not need any “help” from the government in order to succeed. In that, Williams follows in the footsteps of Frederick Douglass, who famously replied to the question “What should we do with the Negro?” “Do nothing with us!” There isContinue Reading

Farewell to KC Johnson’s great Durham-in-Wonderland blog

Brooklyn College history professor KC Johnson took an interest in the Duke lacrosse case in 2006, following the revolting Group of 88 campaign of sentence first, trial afterwards. He began a superb blog entitled Durham-in-Wonderland in which he dug for the truth and exposed a great many calumnies and deceptions surrounding the case. Finally, heContinue Reading

Britain and World War I — War really is the health of the state

Today’s Freeman piece makes that point crystal clear. Before the war, British citizens had little contact with the government, but after the war, there was little in British society that was no longer affected by government. Statists are always looking for reasons to expand their control over people’s lives. War provides them with a hostContinue Reading

Throwing down the gauntlet to white liberals and black “leaders”

Jason Riley, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, as recently published a new book entitled Please Stop HelpingUs: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed. I write about the book in this Forbes piece. Riley makes a strong case that most everything that liberals do to help blacks (and other minorities) actuallyContinue Reading

It was never any of the government’s business

Housing, that is. Unfortunately, the feds have been meddling in the housing market for decades, starting under that non-laissez faire president, Herbert Hoover. In this piece, Hester Peirce of the Mercatus Institute makes the case for the feds getting completely out. The Constitution gives no authority to any branch of the federal government to doContinue Reading

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