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CEOs are vastly overpaid!

That’s another trope of the statists, always eager to make political hay by capitalizing on envy. The AFL-CIO, for example, tosses around figures that purport to show that corporate presidents earn hundreds of times more than their employees. In this piece, economist Mark Perry looks at the data.  Instead of comparing the earnings of justContinue Reading

The party of “the little guy”

That’s what Democrats want everyone to believe, anyway. Nevertheless, some of America’s biggest plutocrats love to throw parties for Democratic candidates at their prodigious homes, not to mention showering money on them. David Boaz writes about this phenomenon in this Cato@Liberty post. Millions of “little guys” would today be much better off but for theContinue Reading

“I believe in freedom, but….”

In his latest essay, economics professor Richard Ebeling examines the very prevalent idea that while freedom is OK in the abstract, many situations call for government to step in and use coercion. The result is that freedom dies the death of a thousand cuts from a thousand “buts.” I wonder how many Americans look atContinue Reading

Does government really need to boost tourism?

State and local governments spend lots of money in efforts to boost tourism to select destinations, but does this make any sense? Writing here, Bob Smith of Wilmington argues that it does not. He’s right. Government should no more boost tourism, which means subsidizing a few people and businesses and the expense of the restContinue Reading

The “Obamacare of education”

What is? Common Core, naturally — a massive federal regulatory intrusion that will have huge costs and create long-run problems. So argues Vicky Alger of the Independent Institute here.

Statistical disparities prove nothing

In his latest column, professor Walter Williams aims at one of the tropes that mega-state interventionists rely on often — that whenever there is some statistical disparity involving racial groups, that indicates discrimination and injustice. The remedy is always something to keep the state growing and clueless individuals clamoring for more of it. That belief,Continue Reading

Don’t kill all the lawyers — deregulate their profession

Do licensing regulations in the legal profession protect consumers against incompetence? Or are they just your garden-variety anticompetitive measures intended to keep prices high? In my latest Forbes article, I argue that the latter is true and suggest that there would be great societal benefits in deregulating the legal profession. Especially unconscionable is the wayContinue Reading

Burt Folsom explains why the Ex-Im Bank should go

One of the most interesting political battles in years is the furor over the Ex-Im Bank, which does not break along party lines. The opposition to reauthorizing this subsidy-granting federal critter is being led by Republicans who actually favor free enterprise and limited government and the opposition is laden with cronyist Democrats like the odiousContinue Reading

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