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Unions relentlessly push their belief system

Big Labor never stops pushing its belief system (collectivism good, individualism bad; unions good, employers bad; government dictates good, competition bad, and so on) and that certainly includes using public education to spread those ideas. In this City Journal piece, California teacher Larry Sand discusses the tactics in use in his state. They’ve apparently beenContinue Reading

A rejoinder to Senator Whitehouse

Several months ago, Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse was among the imperious signatories to a letter to the John Locke Foundation (and numerous other organizations he dislikes because they don’t accept the need for drastic federal controls to deal with the hobgoblin of “climate change”) demanding lots of documents his staffers could fish through. CatoContinue Reading

Good name for our economic malady: Obama-nemia

That’s the term used by economist D. Brady Nelson in this Townhall piece. He also advocates using new measure of the impact of federal economic policy on the well-being of Americans, the “personal burden formula.” Nelson observes that under the Obama regime, PBF initially rose substantially, but has somewhat abated in recent years. Nelson’s conclusion: “TheContinue Reading

Does Wilmington needs it own RTP?

Almost certainly not, but politicians love to copy things that have succeeded elsewhere in the belief that they will be equally successful in their own jurisdictions. As Bob Smith writes here, Wilmington has decided to establish something much like Research Triangle Park. Will it be the great success that Wilmington officials hope for? Not likelyContinue Reading

If it weren’t for specious arguments, would they have any at all?

I refer to the statist case for minimum wage hikes and against anyone who disagrees. They’re invariably based on bad logic and/or the creation of strawmen they think they can easily defeat. In that regard, consider the idea advanced in Mother Jones that because minimum wage increases in the past haven’t led to economic doom,Continue Reading

My nominee for the stupidest bit of economic writing of the year

April 15 gets people thinking about taxes, but “progressives” think the silliest things. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux responds to a clueless AP piece: Mr. Stephen Ohlemacher Associated Press Dear Mr. Ohlemacher: Writing about tax day in the U.S., you assert that “it’s not that bad. Aside from the complicated forms, tax season generatesContinue Reading

The latest college fad: sustainability

Higher education is a big target for activists who want to transform America into the country they want (or at least think they want). The sustainability movement attracts both red and green authoritarians who are absolutely certain that they know how to make everyone else live properly, so as to avoid global catastrophe. Over theContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if….

If you think that the way to argue against someone is to link him to someone else he is supposedly in agreement with, and then misrepresent the actual views of that other person. That’s relevant to a snide hit piece on Rand Paul by one Ian Millhiser of the laughably misnamed “ThinkProgress.” Millhiser demonizes PaulContinue Reading

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