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James Bovard on Gruber

James Bovard gets a “10” for this column on Jonathan Gruber’s arrogance and deceit. He’s right that progressives have to rely on such tactics to get the stupid average people to go along with what the intellectual elite absolutely knows is best for them.

You might be a progressive if…

If you can’t see the absurdity of drawing an analogy between the civil rights movement and the hysteria about climate change. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux attempts to explain it to a Washington Post columnist: Editor, Washington Post 1150 15th St., NW Washington, DC 20071 Dear Editor: David Ignatius proposes that climate change be treatedContinue Reading

The president is not supposed to make law

Under the Constitution, the president’s role is to faithfully enforce the laws, but not to make them. Sadly, the separation of powers has often been ignored by chief executives who are intent on making law. In his latest piece, historian Burt Folsom writes about FDR’s executive order decreeing that Japanese-Americans would be rounded up andContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if……

If you think it’s bad when a company just starts doing business with willing customers without first getting government approval. That is the case with regard to Uber in Little Rock, as Sheldon Richman explains in this article. He links to articles in “progressive” publications that are up in arms over the nerve of Uber toContinue Reading

Amazing, but Krugman resorts to “ugly and truculent language”

Paul Krugman keeps resorting to nasty language whenever he has to deal with anything that goes against his statist religion. In this Cato@Liberty post, Walter Olson calls him out for his attack on the Supreme Court for upsetting him by agreeing to review King v. Burwell. Krugman and Obama share not only an unshakable beliefContinue Reading

Big money buys elections! (or maybe not)

We’re accustomed to hearing leftists (mainly) complaining that big money interests can buy elections for their favored candidates and that if we want “clean” politics, we simply must have government regulation. I think such talk is almost always insincere; it’s meant to aid “progressive” candidates who know they’ll have an edge because more of theirContinue Reading

Another honest American nailed by overreaching government officials

Every day we hear of new examples of government overreach to show how Kafkaesque the US is becoming. Consider the case Radley Balko discusses in this Washington Post piece, a fisherman who is under attack for supposedly violating the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. That’s the law that was supposed to end financial fraud by big business, butContinue Reading

Burt Folsom compares this mid-term with that of 1938

Hillsdale College history professor Burt Folsom compares the 2014 defeat suffered by the Democrats with a very similar experience in 1938. Many strong parallels between the two mid-term maulings. Obama likes to think of himself as like FDR. Indeed so. FDR’s relentless expansion of the federal government slowed the nation’s economic recovery, changed people’s incentivesContinue Reading

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