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Don’t kill all the lawyers — deregulate their profession

Do licensing regulations in the legal profession protect consumers against incompetence? Or are they just your garden-variety anticompetitive measures intended to keep prices high? In my latest Forbes article, I argue that the latter is true and suggest that there would be great societal benefits in deregulating the legal profession. Especially unconscionable is the wayContinue Reading

Burt Folsom explains why the Ex-Im Bank should go

One of the most interesting political battles in years is the furor over the Ex-Im Bank, which does not break along party lines. The opposition to reauthorizing this subsidy-granting federal critter is being led by Republicans who actually favor free enterprise and limited government and the opposition is laden with cronyist Democrats like the odiousContinue Reading

Why are so many doctors unhappy?

That’s the question that noted healthcare economist John Goodman asks in this Forbes piece. The answer has everything to do with the increasing bureaucratization and politicization of the medical profession. That is another of the many unintended consequences of the decades of government meddling in the market for healthcare, culminating in Obamacare’s reams of regulations. AContinue Reading

A very different sort of criticism of Piketty

In his big attack on capitalism, Piketty doesn’t just rely on dubious numbers and downright awful theory, he also relies on works of literature that he thinks help to prove that capitalist inequality is horrible. In this Freeman piece, Sarah Skwire and Steven Horwitz take issue with him.

If you really want an economy that “works for everyone”…

Statist intellectuals are constantly griping that America’s “free market” economy (which hasn’t been an accurate description for about a century) is unfair and doesn’t work for everyone.” Naturally, they’re eager to impose more government programs to fix things — which is just what we’ve been doing since the time Coolidge left office. If these peopleContinue Reading

Thomas Sowell explains why the minimum wage is damaging

In this column, economist Thomas Sowell explains why the minimum wage — having such a law at all, much less raising it to “living wage” levels as many activists now demand — is a bad idea. It keeps many low-skill people out of the labor market and that leads to very serious problems. Sowell addressesContinue Reading

The difference between an aspirational society and an envious society

This Washington Times piece by Richard Rahn is must reading. In it, he compares Hong Kong, an aspirational society with little government, to New York, which has become an envious society (along with much of the rest of America) with a huge government. The US used to be a huge version of Hong Kong, butContinue Reading

One of the hidden costs of the federal leviathan

Good economists, as Bastiat wrote, consider the unseen, long-run costs of government actions, not just the seen and immediate ones. In this Freeman piece, Doug Bandow puts his finger on one of those costs, namely the way big government drives away entrepreneurs. Obama and his progressive compadres prattle away about how they want to useContinue Reading

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