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Jane Shaw on the Wainstein report

In today’s Pope Center piece, Jane Shaw takes a look at the Wainstein report on the athletic/academic scandal at UNC. She takes a look at the findings, but also considers the bigger question: Will the university take the measures necessary to prevent any repetition of the academic scams that helped top athletes remain eligible toContinue Reading

These very rich Americans support Kay Hagan

I’m talking about trial lawyers. Timothy Carney reports that Hagan (and other Dem candidates) have raised more from them than any other group, and more than their opponents have raised from any industry. Of course, some trial lawyers help to right wrongs, as in the Duke lacrosse case. Carney’s point is that as an interestContinue Reading

NB, Senator Hagan: Obamacare is worse for women

University of Chicago professor Casey Mulligan points out here that Obamacare (or the “Affordable Care Act” if you need to snicker) has adverse consequences for some groups of workers — groups in which women predominate. Senator Kay Hagan could have been a profile in courage, said to the Democratic establishment frantically pushing Obamacare, “We needContinue Reading

What if Texas had been governed like CA or IL?

In recent years, Texas has done very well economically — lots of job growth and entrepreneurship. What would the country be like if Texas had been under the thumb of union-dependent, collectivistic, government idolators such as have had control in states like California and Illinois? In this AEI article, Mark Perry shows us. Insofar asContinue Reading

Who was the last president to have a great second term?

Historian Burt Folsom makes a good case here that we haven’t had a great second term since Calvin Coolidge. Most historians put Coolidge in the “mediocre” category because he didn’t do anything “big.” Correct. He whittled down the size of the federal government, paid off much of the national debt, lowered taxes, got into noContinue Reading

How the Hagans use federal funds to line their pockets

Rick Henderson’s column gets at one of the most troubling aspects of politics, namely the way elected officials can use their connections to line their pockets. Democrats and Republicans both do it. Democrats like Kay Hagan bleat away about how they’re so much on the side of “the little guy” and then vote for allContinue Reading

“economic malpractice”

That’s how Walter Williams describes the ideas of some economists, Paul Krugman in particular, regarding the effects of increasing the minimum wage. Read Professor Williams’ article here.  

You might be a progressive if……

If you think that the nation needs an “Ebola Czar” and the best kind of person for that job would be a Democratic Party lawyer with no medical expertise at all. (Read all about Ron Klain and his ties to Solyndra here.) Of course, the Obama regime appoints political operatives to jobs such as overseeingContinue Reading

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