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Among the worst of myths: government spending boosts the economy

It isn’t so and can’t be so, as Professor Robert Murphy explains in this Freeman piece posted today.

Does big government fuel terrorism?

Young men who can’t find productive work or begin their own businesses are probably more apt to think that joining a terrorist group makes sense. If you examine the regimes in mid-Eastern countries, you find that they are bureaucratic nightmares for those who’d like to do business. In this Philanthropy Daily piece, Martin Morse WoosterContinue Reading

A vile, desperate argument against capitalism

In the letter below to the editor of Slate, Professor Don Boudreaux dispatches one of the most vile and desperate arguments that “progressives” use in their on-going efforts at deluding people into supporting their agenda of omnipotent government: capitalism needed slavery. Editor, Slate Dear Editor: Reviewing Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton, Eric Herschthal argues, apparently in lineContinue Reading

Sandy Ikeda on two differing visions of law and order

Economics professor Sandy Ikeda hits the nail on the head with his Freeman piece today. Every passage in the piece is eminently quotable, but here’s perhaps the best: “Governments equate order with control. They view society not as what happens when people freely follow their own plans, but as a machine they must consciously direct,Continue Reading

Sheldon Richman on the killing of Eric Garner

Was Eric Garner a threat to anyone? Yes, observes Sheldon Richman in this column –he was a threat “to politicians who need revenue to play their destructive games and to assure that they remain in power.” Big government has lots of hidden costs, but sometimes the costs are right before our eyes.

If you’re upset over the Garner case, think about the “root cause”

Progressives like to say that we must address the “root causes” of crime. In this new Freeman article, Duke professor Michael Munger takes that advice and observes that the root cause of Garner’s death was New York’s law against selling loose cigarettes. Many similar laws lead to needless violent encounters between police and “criminals” whoContinue Reading

The killing of Eric Garner and the realization that we have way too many laws

Writing on Bloomberg, law professor Stephen Carter makes perfect sense, observing that the more laws we have, the more opportunities for violence in enforcing them. He’s right, but for saying that, I suppose Carter will get shunned by true blue progressives.

For once, couldn’t a critic of libertarianism have the slightest idea what he’s talking about?

In a recent New York Times Opinionator post, John Edward Terrell made a really feeble attack on libertarian thinking. In his TGIF column, Sheldon Richman hands Terrell his head.

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