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The key to escaping poverty is VPC

VPC stands for voluntary private cooperation and in this Freeman piece today, Duke professor Michael Munger makes the case that the key to escaping poverty and making economic progress is exactly that. Where VPC is little obstructed by coercive forces, people make headway against the natural condition of poverty; conversely, where coercive forces get inContinue Reading

Cliches of Progressivism

Max Borders begins the (potentially endless) series of articles on the cliches of progressivism with this one, on the supposed need for the state to solve the problem of inequality.

Don’t confuse our interventionist state with capitalism

Many people complain about all the bad things they imagine “capitalism” is doing, when in truth we have a massive interventionist state that obstructs capitalism, wastes resources, and interferes with our liberty. Professor Richard Ebeling reflects on that unpleasant reality in this essay.

Robert Reich’s nonsense on the minimum wage

Robert Reich, formerly Clinton’s secretary of labor, is a resolute statist who can dream up silly reasons to support just about any increase in government power to mandate X, prohibit Y, or tax Z. In the letter below, economics professor Don Boudreaux (who gave an excellent talk on case against antitrust at Duke Law SchoolContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if….

You might be a progressive if you believe that there is a “war on women” because on average women earn less than men do, but don’t think there is a “war on youth” despite  numerous governmental policies that enrich already wealthy older people at the expense of young people. Writer Bonnie Kristian explains the latterContinue Reading

Money, risk, and choice in The Merchant of Venice

I remember reading The Merchant of Venice in about 9th grade. It’s a wonderful play, worth a good deal of pondering. In this Freeman piece today, Sarah Skwire does exactly that. It’s a piece to read and savor.

There IS a solution to the big money in politics problem

That solution, however, is not to find some regulatory ideal on amounts that can be donated to how many candidates. The solution is to separate the economy and the state, just as we have separated church and state. Churches don’t worry about “bundling” money for favored candidates because no candidate has power to do themContinue Reading

Professor Ikeda finds that higher ed has been oversold

I regularly post the well-reasoned Freeman articles of economics professor Sandy Ikeda here. I particularly like this one because it deals with the subject of higher education. He sees the parallels between foolish government policies that created the housing bubble and similar policies that have given us a higher education bubble. At least, the hugeContinue Reading

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