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Another cliche of progressivism

In this Freeman piece, Max Borders takes on another cliche of progressivism — that because resources are scarce, government must step in to manage them.

About those “wage gaps”

The Democrats are trying to capitalize on the phony idea that because on average men earn more than women do, the labor market is unfair and we must elect Democrats to close the wage gap. But as Walter Williams points out in this piece, there are other wage gaps. Asians earn more than whites andContinue Reading

Another “progressive” administration at work, 100 years ago

A century ago, Woodrow Wilson ordered the US Navy to attack and seize Veracruz, Mexico. New York Times writer Enrique Krauze writes about that bit of bloody aggression here.

Sometimes “progressives” stumble upon the truth

Matt Breunig is a progressive who has recently completed law school and in this piece he makes a sound argument against the strictly regulated entrance requirements for the legal profession, in particular the law school mandate. Remarkably, Breunig grasps that regulation of entry does not lead to higher quality practitioners, but merely drives up costs.Continue Reading

Allan Meltzer argues for opportunity rather than envy

The great monetary economist Allan Meltzer writes here about the recent brouhaha over the redistributionist tome by Thomas Piketty and argues that the world would be far better off by ignoring its seductive call for government redistribution and instead had government get out of the way — that is, stop interfering with efforts to helpContinue Reading

Why government keeps growing

Economics professor Richard Ebeling explains why government continues to grow apace in this essay. Is there a solution? Ebeling writes, “It is neither an easy nor a quick task to change, in this sense, the ‘climate of opinion’ about the appropriate moral order to sustain a free, prosperous and ethically healthy society. But we haveContinue Reading

Conflicts at Peace

William Peace University, that is — formerly Peace College, an institution facing serious problems. The Pope Center’s Harry Painter writes here about the troubles facing the school’s administration, including its recent purchase of the Seaboard shopping area and opposition from alums who don’t like the direction the president is taking the institution.

“Sustainability” crusaders at UNCW want every student to fork over some money

Among the current fads on American college campuses is “sustainability.” As we read in this piece, students at UNCW want the school to impose an additional $5 fee on all students to create a fund to be used for various “sustainability” programs. If they think “sustainability” so important, why don’t the students work to raiseContinue Reading

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