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Governments and companies both make mistakes, but…

Companies competing in the market make plenty of mistakes. Managers are prone to overestimating profits from products and overlooking troubles that the firm might encounter. Politicians are no different. They too make mistakes because they’re apt to overestimate the benefits of some law or program and minimize if not completely ignore the costs and unintendedContinue Reading

Can they really believe their minimum wage claims?

Advocates of government mandates to increase the cost of hiring workers say the most astounding things in an effort to convince people that the laws of economics don’t apply in this instance. In the letter below, Don Boudreaux responds to a piece in The Guardian: Editor, The Guardian Dear Editor: Aghast that many businesses have theContinue Reading

Spending on higher ed is supposedly an economic boost

The higher education establishment, always eager for more government dollars to be thrown its way, claims that the more government spending on it, the bigger the economic boost. On his blog, Bob Smith says it’s just not so, pointing in particular to studies in Wilmington purporting to show huge economic benefits due to spending onContinue Reading

Social Justice Warriors take over our universities

Professor Robert Weissberg of the University of Illinois writes here about the way Social Justice Warriors (SJW) have largely taken over American campuses. This aggressive band of people (students and faculty members) know that few administrators dare to say “no” to them due to tribal leftist, cowardice, or both. Here’s a quote that will makeContinue Reading

Our best presidents: Van Buren, Tyler, Cleveland….

On this celebration of Presidents Day, the Foundation for Economic Education includes several essays by historians on our best (or least bad) presidents. What makes for a good presidency? Not trampling upon the liberties of the people, not expanding the scope and cost of government, not getting the country into wars, not running up debt.

That great national treasure NPR

Wouldn’t it be tragic if the feds stopped funding NPR? No. Adding to the already overpowering case against NPR is this sharp Examiner piece by Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He writes, “NPR receives taxpayer subsidies based on its false premise of objectivity and accuracy….But it routinely gets basic facts wrong, especially onContinue Reading

Our dedicated “public servants” in Washington

The swelling masses of federal employees are a powerful political interest group.They live well at the expense of the rest of us taxpayers (the counties in VA and MD surrounding DC are the wealthiest in the country, largely due to the generous pay received by the bureaucrats) and are determined to extract more. Minor budgetContinue Reading

Re: need for fixed legal rules

During his talk, Professor Epstein mentioned one of the most famous of all Con Law cases, Lochner v. New York. He said that he thought the decision was correct and I agree. In this piece on Huffington Post, Evan Bernick of the Institute for Justice discusses the case at length. Statists and “progressives” denounce theContinue Reading

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