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An amazing “defense” of the minimum wage

Those of us who oppose coercive governmental tampering with the price system (including minimum wage laws) repeatedly note that they have adverse effects, often hurting the people they’re supposed to help. Occasionally, the interventionists admit that they do harm, but breezily say that the damage is inconsequential. Read the letter below by Don Boudreaux forContinue Reading

The economy is slightly better, so Obama demands more taxes

True to his unshakable belief in constantly growing government, Obama used his State of the Union Address to insist on more federal spending and more taxes on successful individuals and businesses. Hans Bader of Competitive Enterprise Institute runs down the depressing list of taxes in this post. Most other industrialized nations have been reducing theirContinue Reading

The worst line of all in Obama’s speech?

Last night’s SOTU was atrocious, but I think Don Boudreaux has singled out its worst line in the letter below — his plea for a higher minimum wage. For years I have argued that the function of the minimum wage is to get people to believe that raises come from compassionate politicians, not from theirContinue Reading

So this is what Holden Thorp is now up to

Remember Holden Thorp, who was chancellor at UNC-CH for a few years? Where’d he go? Answer: to Washington University in St. Louis. What’s he doing? Pushing the university to double its percentage of students who receive Pell grants, which is to say, students from relatively poor families. Read all about it in this piece byContinue Reading

The arrogance of State of the Union addresses (and not just Obama’s)

In this savory Freeman essay, Jeffrey Tucker uses Obama’s atrocious speech last night to make the point that ever since Wilson, these addresses have evidenced the growing problem in America: the cult of the presidency. The premise of these talks has become that the president is the leader of the nation, and must improve ourContinue Reading

Why many public K-12 teachers aren’t very literate

State licensing requirements for teachers in public schools mandate a certificate from an approved school of education — that is, a teacher training program at a college or university. The problem is that these programs attract some of the weakest students and do little or nothing to improve their academic capabilities. New York state recentlyContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if….

If you believe that it’s somehow dangerous for courts to stop legislators from meddling in what ought to be purely private decisions — in particular, that individuals should be free to decide how many hours they’ll work in a week, not a group of politicians. Nevertheless, progressives constantly whine about one case decided nearly 110Continue Reading

The high cost of our obsession with home ownership

America’s obsession with home 0wnership goes back to the New Deal and continues to do us a great deal of damage. So argues Ryan McMaken in this Mises Daily piece.  What sort of housing arrangements people make is not properly any business of government, but our glorious pols, sensing an opportunity to enhance their popularity,Continue Reading

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