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What are the chances of tax increase? Betting on the lottery.

As the General Assembly considers increasing lottery advertising and expanding games and venues, our friends at the Tax Foundation explain why the lottery is a tax and why the proposed expansion is a tax increase: While North Carolina legislators continue to negotiate a budget agreement (including possible tax changes), one provision is getting only aContinue Reading

NCGA Conference Committee Work Pending…..

Besides H97 2015 Appropriations Act aka THE BUDGET (intentional shouting here!) what else does the General Assembly still have sitting in conference committees waiting to hammer out differences between the House and the Senate? H44 = S53 Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015. H215 Procedure for Waiver of Jury Trial. H268 Amend Transportation Laws.-  looks likeContinue Reading

Discussions of inequities across NC

As the General Assembly continues their discussion of sales tax distribution trying to find a balance that is fair and equitable for all NC counties, Sen David Curtis raises the issue of differences among NC’s universities. He writes: “Two North Carolinas” and “two UNC Systems” There has been much discussion recently about our “two North Carolinas.”Continue Reading

Crazy budget talk. So crazy it just might work.

Crazy talk. Or is it? Here we are, more than 100 legislative days into the 2015-16 session and still no budget. What gives? North Carolina is one of only 5 states in the country that hasn’t adopted a budget this year. Alabama gets a pass since their fiscal year begins Sept 1. Other states withoutContinue Reading

Solar incentives? Dr. Eckerlin says – Time to change the path now.

ICYMI – this op-ed appeared in the Greensboro Record yesterday.  An engineering professor from NC State hits it right on the money…. Solar incentives need to be re-evaluated soon By Herbert M. Eckerlin Electricians work on the 64,000-panel solar array that SunEdison is building on a 356-acre farm on New Jersey Church Road in DavidsonContinue Reading

Clock ticking on RPS, solar credits. 12 reasons to freeze, cap, sunset and study

North Carolina’s RPS costs: $556 Million in increased energy costs and money taken out of economy. 3,600 jobs lost because of higher energy costs $224 Million in tax give-aways and special favors Clean up and disposal costs? Unknown. No plan for decommissioning spent solar panels laden with toxins and poisons. Solution pending in HB 332Continue Reading

Taxes for more incentives? No thanks.

Madison County Commissioner, Jim Baker says support the Brown sales tax plan. They need extra sales tax revenue so they can offer special interest incentives. The governor says don’t support the Brown sales tax plan. His NC Competes, chocked full of expanded economic incentive programs will do the trick. How to solve the dilemma? DoContinue Reading

Transparency funding? Just a matter of priorities, folks. What are yours?

As a follow up to Dan’s CJ report this morning on the proposed internet web portal to make state agency and local government available to taxpayers and decision makers and in response to some questions about funding. As in, “great idea, love to do it but aw shucks, we just don’t have the money.” WellContinue Reading

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