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Off to a good start with education ideas. But there’s more.

The 2015-17 General Assembly is off to a good start with many important priorities and measures to keep the reform momentum going.  Under the new House rules adopted yesterday, there are now three separate Education Committees (see Rule 27) – one for K-12, one for Community Colleges and one for Higher Education.  As Sara andContinue Reading

Opticians Board audit offers opportunity for NCGA to clean up the Guild

A new audit reveals that the licensing board overseeing opticians (those folks who fit glasses and contact lenses) took in $160,450 and spent $252,407 last year. In fact, they Board has been losing money every year since 2009. They’re set to run out of money entirely this year.  A fix requires legislative action. So what’sContinue Reading

A Toast – To the New North State

A Toast to the New North State Here’s to the new North State, a land of freedom, home of the blessed Less taxes, less regulations and less government mess Where people are in control of their lives and their money Rather than bureaucrats dealing favors like honey   Here’s to the land of transformational reformContinue Reading

Tax reform means more breaks for taxpayers on Jan 1.

North Carolina taxpayers get (another) break on Jan. 1.  The (now flat) income tax goes from 5.8% to 5.75%. The corporate tax sees another reduction from 6% to 5%. The Tax Foundation gives a special shoutout to North Carolina’s tax reform in their 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index: Notable Ranking Changes in this Year’sContinue Reading

Higher education spending spree warrants a full audit and comprehensive reform

As we’ve learned from our friends over at the Pope Center for Higher Education, college tuition is out of control, the average professor spends less time in the classroom, the number of administrators has increased faster than the number of instructors, construction spending is ballooning, and student debt has sky-rocketed. The spending spree is outContinue Reading

What we learned from the 2014 mid-term election

The whole voter suppression argument is just a myth.  Bogus.  Not substantiated.  You read it here. And now the WSJ reports: Federal lawsuits against North Carolina claim that recent changes to the state’s election laws will “suppress” minority votes. For example, in N.C. State Conf. of NAACP v. McCrory, plaintiffs assert that the new lawsContinue Reading

Preservation Tax Credits? History.

There are lots of reasons why North Carolina ought not give tax credits for historic preservation projects. The North Carolina General Assembly recognized a bad policy and eliminated the state historic preservation tax credit in the 2014-15 budget. At an event yesterday the governor lauded the historic preservation tax credit for a company that did notContinue Reading

Family discussion on politics mash it up. Recipe for a Friday afternoon

I love Thanksgiving. Lots of delicious food, laughter and joy in family gathering around the table.  And talk.  My family likes to talk. About everything and anything.  My son from Virginia wanted to talk about global warming which turned to energy exploration which turned to mashed potatoes.   Really.  He believes the science is inContinue Reading

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