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Clock ticking on RPS, solar credits. 12 reasons to freeze, cap, sunset and study

North Carolina’s RPS costs: $556 Million in increased energy costs and money taken out of economy. 3,600 jobs lost because of higher energy costs $224 Million in tax give-aways and special favors Clean up and disposal costs? Unknown. No plan for decommissioning spent solar panels laden with toxins and poisons. Solution pending in HB 332Continue Reading

Taxes for more incentives? No thanks.

Madison County Commissioner, Jim Baker says support the Brown sales tax plan. They need extra sales tax revenue so they can offer special interest incentives. The governor says don’t support the Brown sales tax plan. His NC Competes, chocked full of expanded economic incentive programs will do the trick. How to solve the dilemma? DoContinue Reading

Transparency funding? Just a matter of priorities, folks. What are yours?

As a follow up to Dan’s CJ report this morning on the proposed internet web portal to make state agency and local government available to taxpayers and decision makers and in response to some questions about funding. As in, “great idea, love to do it but aw shucks, we just don’t have the money.” WellContinue Reading

GAcation over, back to the NCGA.

So the GAcation is almost over.  Monday morning, I’m gonna be all……

“There is no justifiable rationale for policies favoring renewables”

You’ve heard it here and here and here and here and here and here – solar subsidies and mandates are a bad deal.  And again today from Rupert Darwell in this WSJ opinion piece entitled Obama’s Renewable-Energy Fantasy: On June 30, one day after the Supreme Court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation ofContinue Reading

First in Freedom and choice at the DMV

Beginning today, NC automobile owners can choose between a “First in Flight” or First in Freedom” license tag.  We’re leaning towards “First in Freedom” around here, as Mitch explains in a previous post. In revisiting the special tags available here in NC, I was reminded that DMV issues 156 special plates – everything from 82ndContinue Reading

Keeping the cool in Coolidge

WaPo blogs that the Nationals baseball team is partnering with the White House Historical Association for a new marketing campaign featuring Calvin Coolidge: Included in this partnership: a Calvin Coolidge bobblehead giveaway this season, signage on the Nationals Park left-field garage honoring a Coolidge first pitch, in-game White House history quizzes and the sale ofContinue Reading

Forecasting, recovery, and keeping the momentum going

As the General Assembly begins budget negotiations in ernest, building up the state’s savings accounts should be a top priority for long term fiscal health and preparing for changes in the economy. Building on previous reforms should keep NC on the right path. NCSU’s Dr. Michael Walden issued a third quarter economic forecast this weekContinue Reading

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