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“There is no justifiable rationale for policies favoring renewables”

You’ve heard it here and here and here and here and here and here – solar subsidies and mandates are a bad deal.  And again today from Rupert Darwell in this WSJ opinion piece entitled Obama’s Renewable-Energy Fantasy: On June 30, one day after the Supreme Court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation ofContinue Reading

First in Freedom and choice at the DMV

Beginning today, NC automobile owners can choose between a “First in Flight” or First in Freedom” license tag.  We’re leaning towards “First in Freedom” around here, as Mitch explains in a previous post. In revisiting the special tags available here in NC, I was reminded that DMV issues 156 special plates – everything from 82ndContinue Reading

Keeping the cool in Coolidge

WaPo blogs that the Nationals baseball team is partnering with the White House Historical Association for a new marketing campaign featuring Calvin Coolidge: Included in this partnership: a Calvin Coolidge bobblehead giveaway this season, signage on the Nationals Park left-field garage honoring a Coolidge first pitch, in-game White House history quizzes and the sale ofContinue Reading

Forecasting, recovery, and keeping the momentum going

As the General Assembly begins budget negotiations in ernest, building up the state’s savings accounts should be a top priority for long term fiscal health and preparing for changes in the economy. Building on previous reforms should keep NC on the right path. NCSU’s Dr. Michael Walden issued a third quarter economic forecast this weekContinue Reading

2013 continuing resolution may be just the thing for 2015

The US Supreme Court issued an important ruling affecting same sex marriage in NC. Governor McCrory voiced concerned about tax change proposals. The House and Senate haggled over a budget compromise, unable to reach an agreement by the end of the fiscal year or even an agreement on a continuing resolution. Last week at theContinue Reading

Quick preview of the Senate Budget

As we’ve been anxiously awaiting to see phase 3 of the North Carolina budget dance (Governor, House and now Senate) you can check out my twitter feed through today’s press conference. And here’s a nice recap from the Senate Republican office: In Education – Increases funding for K-12 public schools by $453 million, for communityContinue Reading

Americans for Tax Reform weigh in on the Senate’s tax plan

In réponse to the Senate’s tax relief package announced today, Patrick Gleason with Americans for Tax Reform over at Forbes reviews the plan and finishes with this: Expect a lot of handwringing and misinformation from liberal commentators in the coming days and weeks about the good economic news coming out of North Carolina and theContinue Reading

Senate offers “balanced tax relief”

The Senate rolled out their tax/finance proposal this afternoon. Senator Berger’s office gives a nice summary of what they are proposing: • Extend the state Job Development Investment Grants (JDIG) program for an additional two years while providing an additional $5 million in one-time funding to enable the state Department of Commerce to catch upContinue Reading

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