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Preservation Tax Credits? History.

There are lots of reasons why North Carolina ought not give tax credits for historic preservation projects. The North Carolina General Assembly recognized a bad policy and eliminated the state historic preservation tax credit in the 2014-15 budget. At an event yesterday the governor lauded the historic preservation tax credit for a company that did notContinue Reading

Family discussion on politics mash it up. Recipe for a Friday afternoon

I love Thanksgiving. Lots of delicious food, laughter and joy in family gathering around the table.  And talk.  My family likes to talk. About everything and anything.  My son from Virginia wanted to talk about global warming which turned to energy exploration which turned to mashed potatoes.   Really.  He believes the science is inContinue Reading

More on the misuse of the Map Act

As we learned at this week’s Shaftesbury Society luncheon, North Carolina property rights are at risk by DOT road building practices under the Map Act.  This report tells us more. Ken Bell is one of hundreds property owners affected by the Map Act. You could be next. Take a long drive north from downtown GreensboroContinue Reading

“Lyfting” the regulations from ride for service companies

One likely issue to come up in the 2015 legislative session is if, how and what to regulate ride for services companies like Uber and Lyft.  What we know is regulation stifles innovation and creativity. Government can easily regulate a successful business model right out of business.   According to a HuffPost report, the feeContinue Reading

Problems, Solutions and a recipe for a Friday afternoon

There are a lot of problems with ObamaCare.  The roll-out was a disaster.  You can’t keep your doctor after all. And now that the employer mandate is adding thousands of workers small business owners are braced for soaring costs. Perhaps it’s time to look at direct care as another option for quality, affordable, care insteadContinue Reading

No Medicaid expansion. For now.

Although Medicaid expansion was expected to come up today at the Joint Legisaltive Oversight Committee, it was delayed, postponed til the Dec 9 meeting, according to news reports. The legislature will have to wait until December to find out if state health officials will recommend, or not, to expand to the state’s Medicaid program. TheContinue Reading

Where you can find corruption in NC?

Surry County. Indian Trail. Food Stamps. And this is not the first of it.

Full of beans – elections and then in a good way. Friday recipes are back.

Voters don’t like the direction the leadership is taking North Carolina. Republicans cut $500 Million from education. All the polls were flawed. Changes in the election laws suppressed votes. Democrats lost because Republicans gerrymandered districts. All wrong. Seems most of 2014 election predictors hopes were misplaced and in the end were full of beans. Now thatContinue Reading

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