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Catalyst Book Tour Update

You anxiously awaited the release. You’ve watched the video.  You’ve read the teaser. You’re intrigued by the name calling. You’ve placed your order. And now you’re ready to see it all for yourself. Only a few stops left on the statewide book tour for John Hood’s new biography of former Governor Jim Martin, Catalyst. Make plans now toContinue Reading

N&O. CharO. Oh No.

What a week in North Carolina news! First a biased report on a state contract question (which the Governor disputed) followed by 7 more stories on the same thing. Then insults hurled at a long serving, well respected member of the General Assembly. Kangaroo farts.  Cause 8 year olds need news too. Too many U.S. pregnantContinue Reading

First amendment rights and global warming. Yes, it’s come to this.

You’ve heard about the corruption and lies in the global warning alarmism movement. As a citizen of North Carolina you know what to do. You figured out the hockey stick hoax. You’re up to date on the climate change coverage. You’re appalled at the attacks on the Locke Foundation. Well, hold on to your melting ice capContinue Reading

What to do with expired solar panels? Threats to public safety and the environment? Maybe we should study this. Right, NCGA?

There are lost of reasons to be concerned about the impact of the solar industry on NC’s economy. Aside from higher energy costs and subsides for decades, what to do with spent solar panels once they’ve outlived their usefulness is yet another concern.  See here and here and here for questions, concerns and alerts on problemsContinue Reading

NCGA changes primary date. But that’s not all.

Yesterday HB 373, Elections passed the General Assembly. It does two major things – rolls North Carolina’s 2016 primary election into one day – March 15.  Primary voters will select their candidates to run for US President, US Senator, NC Council of State, NC House, NC Senate and some judicial races. Oh, and probably aContinue Reading

On that redistribution that’s not a redistribution but just a distribution of the new sales and use tax expansion.

Curious about Section 32.19(b) in the state budget and come on now, aren’t we all?  That’s the part of the budget that enacts “additional local sales tax revenue for economic development, pubic education and community colleges” cause those are the things the local governments can spend their additional (or not) revenue on due to anContinue Reading

ICYMI – The stifling effects of Certificate of Need

Our friend Chris Koopman from George Mason University had this op-ed in the Greensboro News and Record recently and we could not have said it better ourselves: Health care in America isn’t a topic reserved only for the federal government. Debates over its future are playing out in statehouses across the country, including North Carolina’s.Continue Reading

What are the chances of tax increase? Betting on the lottery.

As the General Assembly considers increasing lottery advertising and expanding games and venues, our friends at the Tax Foundation explain why the lottery is a tax and why the proposed expansion is a tax increase: While North Carolina legislators continue to negotiate a budget agreement (including possible tax changes), one provision is getting only aContinue Reading

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