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No Medicaid expansion. For now.

Although Medicaid expansion was expected to come up today at the Joint Legisaltive Oversight Committee, it was delayed, postponed til the Dec 9 meeting, according to news reports. The legislature will have to wait until December to find out if state health officials will recommend, or not, to expand to the state’s Medicaid program. TheContinue Reading

Where you can find corruption in NC?

Surry County. Indian Trail. Food Stamps. And this is not the first of it.

Full of beans – elections and then in a good way. Friday recipes are back.

Voters don’t like the direction the leadership is taking North Carolina. Republicans cut $500 Million from education. All the polls were flawed. Changes in the election laws suppressed votes. Democrats lost because Republicans gerrymandered districts. All wrong. Seems most of 2014 election predictors hopes were misplaced and in the end were full of beans. Now thatContinue Reading

Texas college student voters key in fracking ban. And in NC….

In other election news: A referendum in Texas ended with a ban on hydraulic fracturing within Denton, TX city limits. It appears that permanent residents were opposed to the ban by 54% but college students voted in favor and tipped the scale. The question isn’t over as both sides intend to battle it out inContinue Reading

Storm Surge and Beach Plans

This new interactive map shows storm surge predications along coastlines from FL to Maine, LA to TX with different categories of hurricanes.  Focus in on NC to get a good idea of potential inundation along our coastline and inland. Go to the interactive map, click here. This also raises the question of insurance coverage alongContinue Reading

That is just bananas

$22M in taxpayer money. State and local incentives. Company closes shop. “Government officials haven’t said whether they plan to seek repayment of any of the incentives that have been paid out so far.” Just another example of Carolina Cronyism gone bad. And why the whole thing is just bananas.

Eight new faces for 2015

WSJ reports on eight new faces in the US Senate.  You can read about all of them here. Here’s what they had to say about North Carolina’s new senator, Thom Tillis: Republican Thom Tillis will enter the Senate next year after narrowly defeating incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan in one of the most expensive and closelyContinue Reading

10 Takeaways from Elections 2014

President Obama told us this election was about his polices and he was right. The American people do not like ObamaCare, wishy-washy foreign policy, an escalating debt and excuses instead of leadership. The House remains in GOP control and the Senate goes GOP by seven seats. And they intend to repeal and replace the presidencyContinue Reading

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