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Common Core Gone. Where now?

With budget negotiations still up in the air and many bills still in a last minute flurry, not much actually got done this week at the General Assembly. EXCEPT the passage of the Common Core bill, that removes Common Core from NC statutes and establishes a commission that will find the best highest standards inContinue Reading

Mecklenburg County local sales tax push off to a rocky start

Mecklenburg County Commissioners have decided to put a sales tax increase before the voters in November. Why?  They claim it is for education, to give teachers a pay increase. Even while the General Assembly is locked in budget negotiations between a 6% raise (per the House) or an 11% raise (per the Senate).  One thingContinue Reading

Let the sun shine, just don’t make me pay for it.

As the NC Utility Commission begins to look at setting new rates for solar power, terms like “standard contract” and “avoided cost” will be discussed, even impacts of a “solar war”.  What probably won’t be discussed is how long NC will continue mandating that 12.5% of our energy come from conservation and renewable energy sourcesContinue Reading

When is an election not really an election?

When is an election not really an election? When you can change it on a whim. Imagine if you would that, unhappy with some decisions made by a majority on a County Commission someone decided to just add additional seats to change the balance of power and decisions made by that duly elected body. SurelyContinue Reading

Wray Wraises yours but Wruns from paying his own

As Carrington reports this morning Rep Michael Wray doesn’t pay his taxes. But he votes to raise yours.

Ralph Lauren or Schools? A Guilford County decision.

Guilford County plans to hold a referendum in November, seeking voter approval to raise the local sales tax,   The increase means a $14 million hike for local tax payers.  In the meantime, the City of High Point gave Ralph Lauren over $2 Million in tax incentives and another $650,000 came from Guilford County. GuilfordContinue Reading

Flim Flam Film Incentives

Alysia Finley in a WSJ piece today breaks down the film flam game of the Hollywood industry, their dirty little secrets, special deals for their millionaires’ clubs, hustlers in for a quick hook-up and pick-pockets preying on taxpayers. North Carolina, one of the forty states that have given into the Hollywood hustlers, gets a shout-outContinue Reading

What’s the deal with Common Core?

The Common Core debate is far from over.  Thursday afternoon the House Education Committee took up Senate Bill 812, Maintain State Authority Over State Standards, aka the Common Core Bill. They replaced the Senate language with language from the House version, HB 1061, Replace CCSS with NC’s Higher Standards. The bill passed in the CommitteeContinue Reading

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