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How to weather a recession? Save for a rainy day.

In a recent study from the Mercatus Center, looking at just how prepared states are for the next recession, NC ranks 27th.  But keep in mind, they used figures from FY 2105.  Considering NC added another $1 billion into our savings account in this year’s budget, we’re in very good shape heading into future economicContinue Reading

More Malarkey

Last week I posted this – refuting the on-going malarkey from the left claiming North Carolina has increased taxes.  Malarkey! Now they are claiming NC’s economy is hurting, teachers and state employees aren’t being treated right, and middle class families can’t get a break. Malarkey! In our ongoing efforts to set the record straight, hereContinue Reading

Cutting through the tax cut malarkey

Not sure where this malarkey of “no tax cuts for middle class” “only tax cuts for the rich” is coming from. Here’s the truth – 1,2,3 1.The reduction in North Carolina’s personal income tax rate since 2013 plus the 2016/17 zero tax bracket increase, represents a $1.123B tax cut while the sales tax base wasContinue Reading

Would we be the first? Update on NC Constitutional amendments being considered

You may have heard, the General Assembly is considering  putting 4 new constitutional amendments before the voters in November. It’s all in House Bill 3. Would we be the first to consider these changes to our state’s constitution? Prohibit condemnation of private property except for a public use? NC is the only state in the countryContinue Reading

The Latest on Occupational Licensing Reform

The John Locke Foundation has written extensively, and advocated aggressively for reform of North Carolina’s oppressive and burdensome regulations on occupations. North Carolina has the 4th most restrictive occupational licensing in the country. Licensing fees cost North Carolina professionals over $67 Million a year, about 40% more than what professionals in Virginia pay. Occupational licensingContinue Reading

What’s left?

A budget agreement was reached over the weekend. If all goes according to plan, the conference report will be posted later today and voted on by the end of the week,  finalizing the $22.3B spending plan for 2016-17. Sources close to the final negotiations tell us the standard deduction will be raised to $17,500 overContinue Reading

Re: Time to Dump Economic Development Policy

Roy hits the nail on the head, as always with his Daily Journal today on the difference between economic development and sound economic policy focused on economic growth.  As Roy explains, economic growth is better, cronyism takes us in the wrong direction. Over the last several years the General Assembly is going in the directionContinue Reading

Wind farms or national security? Eminent domain taking or police power? Sorting it out.

An interesting land use bill is working it’s way through the General Assembly. You may recall a CJ report from Sept 2015 raising concerns about wind farms interfering with military operations. HB 763 modifies the permitting process for wind farms allowing the Dept of Military and Veteran Affairs to consider and review applications. An officialContinue Reading

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