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Budget votes. Because they all matter.

Budgets lay out priorities.  Votes on the budget reflect priorities of lawmakers. The governor had his with a 2.3% increase in spending. The House passed a budget last week that spends too much. It increases spending $1.3 billion or 6.2%, increases targeted economic incentives to the tune of $145 million, extends special tax treatment toContinue Reading

What’s in the Finance package of the House budget?

Just released Sunday night to members of the House Finance Committee, the finance portion of the 2015-17 budget.  A quick review shows extension of renewable energy credits, historic restoration credits, fees, taxes and a few more things. Check here and check Carolina Journal tomorrow and though the day for updates. We expect the Finance Committee toContinue Reading

Raise your hand if you support repealing the RPS and rolling back solar subsidies

My colleagues and I have written extensively on the problem with the state mandated renewable energy standards.  Whether it’s calling them Welfare queens, standing up for electricity consumers, blasting solar cronyism, advocating for least cost electricity, urging the repeal of government mandates or explaining what the cost of energy costs, We’ve weighed in on Locker Room. JLFContinue Reading

The problem with the solar largesse

I understand the solar industries’ desperate attempts to hang on to the very generous subsidies they have been enjoying at the expense of NC taxpayers for the last eight years.   I mean who wouldn’t?   If you made a product that the government had said every single consumer had to purchase, if you got a 35%Continue Reading

When did the Carolina Comeback begin?

Hood’s Daily Journal today explains why paying off the unemployment insurance debt to the federal government was such a good idea. It really was the beginning of the historic comprehensive reforms that are working to revive and strengthen NC’s economy – getting people back to work and enjoying the freedoms that economic prosperity brings.  NotContinue Reading

More on the Hammocks Beach Carrington story

You may recall Don Carrington’s report on the nearly nine year battle the Hurst family has had with the state of NC to hold on to land they inherited.   But the state of NC and even Attorney General Roy Cooper has fought the Hursts tooth and nail, even refusing to pay any compensation asContinue Reading

Low Cost Reliable Energy – where do you stand?

You should know where JLF stands on N.C.’s mandate and subsidies for renewable energy and subsidies. We’ve written extensively about North Carolina’s renewable energy portfolio standards and what a bad deal it is here and here and here and here and here and here — all with additional links to even further information and studies. ThereContinue Reading

Why the NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act (HB 681) is a good idea whose time has come

The John Locke Foundation has opposed North Carolina’s renewable energy standards mandate since it first passed into law as Senate Bill 3 under liberal leadership in 2007.  The imposition of this flawed regulation and unwarranted mandate, it turns out, has no environmental benefits, drives up the cost of energy (which drives up the cost ofContinue Reading

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