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Leading on “women’s” issues

What exactly are women’s issues and who should be in charge of them? During the latest General Assembly session women chaired important committees in the House including Appropriations, Banking, Education, Environment, Ethics, Finance, and Judiciary C. Women were leaders as vice chairmen on General Government, Natural and Economic Resources, Commerce and Job Development, Health andContinue Reading

Hello, I’m the government and have I got a deal for you.

Government-run health-care programs have a track record of costing more than advertised. So how much is ObamaCare going to cost?  There’s the promises and estimates that were made to push the bill through Congress and then there’s the actual cost. Reason.com takes a look and offers this: Here are three examples to think about asContinue Reading

NC History: rich, interesting and worth celebrating!

Interested in NC history?  And really, who isn’t.  Many battles fought on NC soil determined the fate of freedom in the United States.  A decisive battle was fought on Kings Mountain in Cleveland County, some experts refer to this battle as the turning point in the Revolutionary War. According to a NC History Project entry,Continue Reading

Solar Farms: Building more while outlawing others. Let’s re-think this.

Duke Energy announces a new $500 Million investment in solar energy production to meet the state mandates for energy from renewable sources.  It has plans to build new solar farms in Richmond, Scotland, Duplin, Cleveland, Wilson and Beaufort counties. Meanwhile over in Granville County, county commissioners, the county manager and the planning board are consideringContinue Reading

9/11 Remembrances. Let Freedom Ring.

I’m honored to be part of a 9/11 Remembrance event tonight in Williamston.  Here’s what I’m planning to say*: Freedom. Thirteen years ago today, our lives were shaken and the world changed forever. What our forefathers fought for was never clearer. Freedom was never more threatened and never more important. Again this year we rememberContinue Reading

Sign, veto or let it slide?

Governor McCrory has five bills sitting on his desk.  He can sign, veto or do nothing. If he does nothing, the bill automatically becomes law without his signature. He has said he allow the Coal Ash Management Act to become law without his signature.  Some reports in the media would lead one to believe thatContinue Reading

Price regulation = Higher cost to consumers. We could fix this.

    North Carolina’s automobile insurance market is heavily regulated. What does that mean to North Carolina drivers?  More price regulation means higher cost to consumers.   ACI  offers a good explanation and argument for less regulation which the chart below illustrates. It was written in 2008 and unfortunately is still true today.  Since 2008,Continue Reading

Pentagon’s freebies – unused equipment comes to NC

The Pentagon gave nearly half a billion dollars in military equipment to local law enforcement agencies last year, according to the Washington Post.  Like who? $4Billion worth since 1990 is right here in NC. Woodfin, NC has a grenade launcher. But no grenades. Orange County  sheriff’s office received an RV, 10 pickup trucks and aContinue Reading

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