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Sales taxes and exemptions

Our friends over at Mercatus have a new study out on sales tax and exemptions. Here’s my summary in five easy steps: 1. Need more revenue, raise sales tax 2. Estimates of extra revenue is often overly optimistic 3. Everyone is in favor of a tax hike – as long as they don’t have toContinue Reading

ObamaCare causing major harm in NC

The Senate Republican Policy Committee released their analysis of the premium increases reported last week by Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina for its individual insurance market plans.  And it’s not good news. Last week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina announced that it is raising rates an average of 13.5 percent on its ObamacareContinue Reading

Voter Id – the myth crashes

Mona Charon over at National Review offers a look at Voter ID, explains the myth and how it crashes. Read the whole column here. Voter-ID laws, passed by thirty states so far, are efforts by legislatures to ensure the integrity of votes. Being asked to show a photo ID can diminish several kinds of fraud,Continue Reading

Eugenics victims finally getting compensation

From 1929 thru 1977 approximately 7,600 North Carolinians, men, women, whites and blacks were sterilized by their state government. The case to compensate those victims of forced sterilization has been made for years, here and here and here and here. In the 2013 budget, North Carolina lawmakers and the governor allocated funds to finally compensate thoseContinue Reading

Rally locations are telling.

There is something just so telling about the location for the Hagan/Hillary rally  - the Charlotte Convention Center, while the Tillis/McCrory/Perry rally was held in a privately owned tobacco warehouse.   Important lessons.  There really is a difference.  Big government v Free markets.

Leading on “women’s” issues

What exactly are women’s issues and who should be in charge of them? During the latest General Assembly session women chaired important committees in the House including Appropriations, Banking, Education, Environment, Ethics, Finance, and Judiciary C. Women were leaders as vice chairmen on General Government, Natural and Economic Resources, Commerce and Job Development, Health andContinue Reading

Hello, I’m the government and have I got a deal for you.

Government-run health-care programs have a track record of costing more than advertised. So how much is ObamaCare going to cost?  There’s the promises and estimates that were made to push the bill through Congress and then there’s the actual cost. Reason.com takes a look and offers this: Here are three examples to think about asContinue Reading

NC History: rich, interesting and worth celebrating!

Interested in NC history?  And really, who isn’t.  Many battles fought on NC soil determined the fate of freedom in the United States.  A decisive battle was fought on Kings Mountain in Cleveland County, some experts refer to this battle as the turning point in the Revolutionary War. According to a NC History Project entry,Continue Reading

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