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Teacher Evaluations: More Important than Ever

Since the General Assembly eliminated tenure for teachers, it sparked a discussion of how and even whether teachers should be evaluated.  Stoops provides a summary and history here: NC’s first tenure law passed 42 years ago and has been frequently re-visited but not substantially changed until 2013.  Tenure laws forced superintendents to retain poor performingContinue Reading

Spring cleaning underway in NC

How bad has corruption been in North Carolina? At least we’re not Chicago. Although we’ve had our share of corruption.  We rank 19th in most public officials incarcerated by state 1998-2007. We’re 18th, with a grade of 71 or a C- out of fifty states’ measurements of  transparency, accountability and anti-corruption mechanisms in a report updatedContinue Reading

On Dem’s Wake Up Call

Hood breaks down where the democrats have the best chance to pick up legislative seats in this morning’s DJ. Turns out the battle may be focused in Wake County.  In case you’re keeping score – here’s who has filed for  those seats as of Friday afternoon.  The filing period is open through Feb. 28. MostContinue Reading

What does everybody love? M&M and a recipe for a Friday afternoon, of course!

What does everybody love?  M&M. Money and Macaroni Money. Especially saving money. And thanks to reforms enacted last year, North Carolinians will be doing just that.  Saving money means more money in your pocketbook to spend as you want. As a matter of fact, taxpayers in every income category will save tens of millions of dollarsContinue Reading

Climate Change hub lands in Cordato’s backyard

Coincidence?  Or just crazy?  Or poor planning? Do these folks to do their research?   Kinda like the whole climate change debate, actually. According to the Triangle Business Journal, Raleigh has been chosen as one of sevenU.S. Department of Agriculture climate change research hubs across the country . The hub will serve farmers as they dealContinue Reading

Time for a red light on NC’s red light camera laws

24 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands have red light cameras currently operating at least one location. 499 communities across the US operate red light cameras. North Carolina passed  SB243 in 2001 under Marc Basnight, Jim Black and Mike Easley’s leadership authorizing 16 municipalities across the state to use red light cameras.Continue Reading

Who’s working, who’s not and who’s paying off debt

Last session the NCGA passed HB 4, stopping extended unemployment benefits in July 2013 in order to gain control over a $2.6 Billion debt to the federal government to pay for those benefits.  How is that working out?  Our debt will be paid during the 3rd quarter of 2015, and we will have 1 billionContinue Reading

SOTU: Cluster Deux with a recipe for a Friday afternoon

I wrote earlier with my take on the SOTU and will talk about it tomorrow night on WRAL’s On the Record.  Additional thoughts today for my WTSB friends: Dis-trust, Dis-interst, Dis-agreement and Dis-Couragement. The American people no longer trust the President.  Previous SOTU addresses are full of broken promises. He lied when he said, “IfContinue Reading

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