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Restraint in growth, tax cuts, investments in education, getting folks back to work – off to a good start

With the General Assembly set to begin the short session on Monday, discussion will focus on the 2016-17 state budget. We’ve heard the Governor’s priorities and have a good idea of where legislative leaders are headed. Think in excess of $22 billion in state funding, but (sit down, please) when you add in federal fundingContinue Reading

Overtime pay. What happens when gov’t interferes. (again)

You’ve heard about the Obama mandates for raising the minimum wage and the consequences that work against sound economics. Regular readers of JLF know the facts, reports, studies, scholarly opinion, arguments and pleas for good economics.  But yet the federal government continues this nonsense. Now they’re talking about extending federal interference in the market by lowering theContinue Reading

Commuters, Counties and Carolina roadways

Some interesting thoughts on commuting in this report, A Commentary on the Notion of Extreme Commutes.  With more and more folks traveling across county lines every day, what impact will these patterns have on NC’s transportation funding?  Will providing safe and viable roadways for commuters be a way to bridge the urban/rural divide?  As moreContinue Reading

Municipal owned broadband not a good idea but one that may come back.

A new economic study entitled, The Impact of Government Owned Broadband Networks on Private Investment and Consumer Welfare dives into the issue of whether municipalities ought to own broadband systems.  State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) findings?  Government owned broadband is not the best idea. “State laws that oversee and constrain government ownership of broadband networksContinue Reading

3 ideas worth consideration

I’ll be offering some short comments Tuesday (April 5) to the NCGA Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee. Meeting starts at 9:30 in Room 544, if you’d like to listen in. Spoiler.  Here’s what I’m going to say: Thank you for opportunity to speak today and thank you for your leadership. I wanted to highlight 3 goodContinue Reading

Finding solutions in the bathroom

One solution to the Charlotte ordinance would be to provide a single-occupancy bathroom option for anyone who feels uncomfortable using a multi-stall bathroom. This would be open to anyone who wants additional privacy– senior citizens, mothers with young children and yes, transgender people. These single-occupancy bathrooms would be available in all public buildings. If thereContinue Reading

My five takeaways from the primary – and a bonus point

In spite of all the talk of dissatisfaction with incumbents, all but two sitting members of the NC General Assembly won their primaries. NC has been a leader in turning our economy around, getting people back to work, reducing the burden of taxes and regulation, but yet we dropped the ball in the Republican PresidentialContinue Reading

Overall, a sweet deal for NC taxpayers.

There is much to-do over the sales tax expansion going into effect today. Some are even screaming from the rooftops about a “tax increase” So what’s the overall impact, the big picture? Is there a tax increase on North Carolina taxpayers, as some are claiming? In a word: no. Here’s why…. The expansion of theContinue Reading

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