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NC Competes. How?

House Bill 117, NC Competes, makes changes to several of North Carolina’s economic development programs. H.B. 117 moves $20 million that was set aside for a Job Catalyst Fund to a renamed Site Acceleration Fund and modifies the criteria for a single sales factor apportionment. The bill extends a sales tax refund over $2.5 millionContinue Reading

Re: Freeing up N.C. Distilleries to Sell Some of Their Product

As we learned at a recent Shaftesbury Society talk, there are efforts afoot to change NC law to allow distilleries to sell samples of their product as part of a tasting tour, much like wineries already do.  Senate Bill 24 was filed earlier this month and sits in the Senate Rules Committee. A companion bill, HouseContinue Reading

NC’s Cash for Jobs – at all levels

As the General Assembly continues talks on new corporate welfare – your state tax dollars doled out to whomever they deem the new “big thing”.  It doesn’t stop there.  Don’t forget your local tax dollars are in play as well. Good example – Sanderson Farms chicken processing plant is being courted by Robeson, Hoke, HarnettContinue Reading

Re: Tax Increases are not the only option

As the House now begins to consider Senate Bill 20, changes to the gas tax, some of the recommendations suggesting there are options rather than tax increases  are being discussed.  House Bill 67 would phase out the transfer from the Highway Fund to the General Fund over four years, $49 Million a year.  Making sure thatContinue Reading

Tax increases are not the only option.

How we build and maintain roads in North Carolina is complicated.  How we pay for them doesn’t have to be. Here are four suggestions (in order of policy preference) to fix the gas tax/transportation problem without increasing taxes: 1. Spend highway money on highways. Stop diverting and spending on non-highway needs. No more to railContinue Reading

Gas Tax Changes: Floors, Ceilings and Revenue. Let’s talk.

For years North Carolina gas tax has been tied to the price of petroleum, which is tied to the price of asphalt, which is tied to the cost of building roads. Senate Bill 20 would change that formula to ensure less volatility, more budget predictability for the Department of Transportation and more revenue for growingContinue Reading

Budget shortfall: Panic or continue the path?

The latest revenue projections and forecasting report from the NC General Assembly’s fiscal research division say NC will experience a $271 Million shortfall this year, a small fraction of the $21 Billion budget. It’s a concern but is it reason for panic? To put this into perspective, the $271 Million shortfall represents a 1.3 percentContinue Reading

Rethinking NCS ABC Laws, indeed

My colleague, Julie Gilstrap posted here suggesting it is time to re-think North Carolina’s alcohol beverage control laws to allow distilleries to sell a bottle of their product as part of a tasting tour of their facilities, much like wineries and craft breweries can do. Senate Bill 24, does just that and was introduced lastContinue Reading

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