Daily Archives: April 21, 2017

Your ‘Earth Day’ news: NC energy-based emissions have been FALLING all century

For whatever reason this never makes news reports, even though it is big news: Energy-based emissions in North Carolina, like the U.S., have been falling all century. Here are some graphs; read more about them in my Spotlight report on The Market Forces Behind North Carolina’s Falling Emissions.

Bringing in the big dog to sell the HP baseball stadium

And that would be —who else could it be—–High Point University president Nido Qubein. Anyone who knows anything about HP knows Nido can sell just about anything. That’s how he got where is. I’ll say this much–when responding to questions about a business article, he once left me the most eloquent voicemail I have everContinue Reading

Leef looks into microaggressions

George Leef’s latest Martin Center column examines the growth of “microaggression” as a tool of political complaint. The microaggression concept has been used by progressive student groups to demand changes they want, such as including items on student end-of-term evaluations of professors relating to their use of microaggressions—and that faculty members who use them beContinue Reading

Deferral Program for Illegal Aliens Driving without Licenses in Orange and Chatham Counties

The News and Observer Reports that: The Orange-Chatham district attorney’s office is giving some drivers a second chance if they are caught without a license in the two counties. The new policy responds to a state law that bars illegal and undocumented immigrants from getting a driver’s license. Advocates say many unlicensed immigrants risk drivingContinue Reading

Gboro’s $30m parking deck (and hotel)

If you missed the Greensboro Council’s debate and discussion over plans to spend $30 million to build a new parking deck that would service a new downtown hotel, then you’re not alone. Fortunately John Hammer of the Rhino Times* was paying attention: The City Council unanimously passed a motion to enter into a contract withContinue Reading

A breath of fresh air in the targeted incentives debate

The News & Observer’s coverage of robotics part maker ATI Industrial Automation’s expansion plan includes this great tidbit: Don’t look for any press releases from the state announcing that ATI’s expansion plan has made it eligible for financial incentives. “We have never received anything from the government, and we have no plans on asking forContinue Reading

How the D.C. process helped block Obamacare’s repeal

Republicans spent more than six years proclaiming their desire to repeal Obamacare before legislation targeting that goal fell apart on Capitol Hill. Did GOP lawmakers lack the competence to move Obamacare repeal legislation? Did they simply lose their nerve once they gained control of both chambers of Congress and the White House? Tevi Troy‘s latestContinue Reading

Regulatory reform savings keep rolling in

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon tallies the latest numbers linked to the Trump administration’s regulatory reforms. President Donald Trump and Congress have saved an additional $60 billion in regulatory costs by rolling back Obama administration rules, according to a new report. The American Action Forum, a center-right policy institute, released a report TuesdayContinue Reading