Daily Archives: April 19, 2017

House passes bill to study environmental effects of large solar installations, possible rules for decommissioning

State Rep. Jimmy Dixon, R-Duplin, lamented on the House floor Wednesday afternoon that the Environmental Review Commission that he chairs has atrophied in recent years. The commission once was a go-to body for lawmakers hoping to thoroughly study environmental matters and possibly move items in bill form to the General Assembly, Dixon said. But inContinue Reading

Harvard study: higher minimum wage causes more restaurants to close

Background: a recent protest for a $15/hr. minimum wage in North Carolina. Traffic at standstill now along N Roxboro. @ncnaacp leading #FightFor15 march #ABC11 pic.twitter.com/NXWQ3pel3y — Elaina Athans (@AthansABC11) November 29, 2016 So, If you needed even more evidence of the immorality of the push to more than double the minimum wage; If you needed anotherContinue Reading

State Budget Crisis Unlikely

The Insider recently reported on a Fiscal Research Division analysis showing the Senate’s “Billion Dollar Middle Class Tax Cut” would lead to $600 million shortfalls in three of the next five years. Fiscal staff started from the assumption that state government would do all the same things the same way, just for more people. WithContinue Reading

Re: Durham-Orange light rail line

Anyone else find it interesting that days before a key vote on the proposed Durham-Orange light line, the Orange County Board of Commissioners –as well as residents attending the public hearing—are told that their share of the cost will be reduced? Orange commissioners’ vote –as well as the vote by Durham County commissioners— will decideContinue Reading

Urging Trump to dump the climate deal

John Siciliano of the Washington Examiner reports on one group’s campaign to remove the United States from participation in the Paris climate deal. The conservative free-market think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute started an online campaign Tuesday to urge President Trump to keep his campaign promise and withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. The campaignContinue Reading

From the bad idea department: ‘Communism For Kids’

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon reports on criticism surrounding a controversial new book. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is blasting MIT Press for its new book Communism for Kids, arguing the book “whitewashes” a deadly ideology that has led to the deaths of 100 million people. MIT Press recently published the book,Continue Reading

Is It Time for North Carolina’s Craft Brewers to “Go to Law”?

It would be hard to find a more blatant example of cronyism than the North Carolina law that forbids brewers who produce more than 25,000 barrels per year from selling their products directly to retailers. The law serves no legitimate purpose and exists for two reasons only: to protect the national and international beverage conglomeratesContinue Reading

The impact of ending D.C.’s handgun ban

Ethan Barton of the Daily Caller highlights a new report on Washington, D.C., homicide rates in the wake of a court order ending the District’s handgun ban. Eliminating the District of Columbia’s comprehensive handgun ban had almost no effect on homicides committed with or without such firearms in the nation’s capital, according to an analysisContinue Reading