Daily Archives: April 18, 2017

Renewable energy lobby agrees: heavily tilted state policies are driving their industry

Advocates for least-cost, reliable electricity will welcome the ideas in Rep. Chris Millis’ “NC Ratepayers Protection Act” (House Bill 745). They will especially appreciate Millis’ call for studying the actual subsidies and incentives renewable energy producers receive, as well as capping the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (REPS) mandates until we have a better idea of what they’reContinue Reading

N.C. serves as tax reform model

North Carolina has attracted national attention for wide-ranging tax reforms adopted since 2013. Tax Foundation Vice President Joseph Henchman highlighted those reforms and explained how North Carolina compares with competing states during a presentation Monday to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society.

HP downtown stadium update

For starters, yours truly takes a look at the proposed downtown High Point baseball stadium for CJ. And today’s High Point Enterprise probes an important piece of the puzzle that’s somewhat under the radar scope— the Guilford County Board of Commissioners: On Tuesday, Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeff Phillips met with High Point Mayor BillContinue Reading

‘Free Dan Besse’?

When I clicked on the Winston-Salem Journal story the first thing that greeted me was the activist holding up a “Free Dan Besse” T-shirt. Free Dan Besse? From what? Getting up to speed, Besse is the City Council member who proposed a resolution that would make Winston-Salem a “Welcoming City” for illegal immigrants. At lastContinue Reading

N.C. Appeals Court rules against UNC athletes suing over bogus classes

A three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed a trial court’s ruling against former UNC athletes in a suit against the school. Football player James Arnold (class of 2006) and basketball player Leah Metcalf (class of 2009) contended that their enrollment in “sham courses” in African and Afro-American Studies had harmed theirContinue Reading

Presidents and comedians

Tevi Troy explores the history of comedians taking American presidents to task. When Donald Trump doesn’t show up at the White House Correspondents’ dinner on April 29, he’ll be the first President in 36 years to skip the shindig. After eight years of chummy repartee between President Obama and a rotating host of professional roasters,Continue Reading

Ditching one of Obamacare’s unconstitutional elements

David Catron explains in an American Spectator column why President Trump should press forward with at least one element of Obamacare repeal. President Trump has an opportunity to unilaterally halt an unconstitutional corporate welfare scheme, deal Obamacare a mortal blow, and save the taxpayers more than $100 billion. U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled lastContinue Reading

Gorsuch and labor law

Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner explains why union honchos are watching with concern as Justice Neil Gorsuch joins the U.S. Supreme Court. Organized labor and its allies in the Democratic Party are bracing for a major hit to union power now that Justice Neil Gorsuch has a seat on the Supreme Court, fearing thatContinue Reading