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Trump’s most popular proposals

According to Gallup’s “Americans’ Views of President Trump’s Proposals and Actions” poll, Americans agree with Trump on family leave, infrastructure, tax cuts, school choice, and, to a lesser extent, military spending increases. Require companies to provide family leave for parents after the birth of a child: 81 percent agree Enact a $1 trillion program to improveContinue Reading

Meta-Analysis: Merit Pay Increases Student Performance

Matthew Springer, Lam Pham, and Tuan Nguyen from Vanderbilt University recently published “Teacher Merit Pay and Student Test Scores: A Meta-Analysis,” which examines “reported findings from 44 primary studies” of teacher merit pay programs.  They concluded that the “presence of a merit pay program is associated with a modest, statistically significant, positive effect on student testContinue Reading

Who are these people and what have they done with the Charlotte Observer editorial board?

As if I’m not already a bit mixed up over the lack of an editorial page in today’s N&R, then today’s Charlotte Observer editorial is really screwing with my head. First the headline: Liberals can’t demand tolerance and then be intolerant Whoa. If that’s not enough, the Observer’s editorialists the mount a defense of—wait forContinue Reading

No editorial page in today’s N&R….

As part of its slimmed down print edition. I don’t know if I’m sad or happy.

Intellectual diversity among law school professors

Jonathan Adler writes for Martin Center about the lack of intellectual diversity among law school faculties. What is notable about the academic debate over originalism is not that such a debate exists, but that so much of the debate is misinformed—misinformed about what originalism does or does not entail and why it might be endorsed.Continue Reading

Take a break from politics…

Holden Beach, N.C.: Ice-cream-loving squirrel nibbles on bite-sized cone

Washington Examiner tackles Trump’s tax plans

Editors at the Washington Examiner respond to the latest developments in President Trump’s plans for tax reform. President Trump is going back to square one on tax reform. For the champions of his original tax plan — perhaps also for the president himself — this may be disheartening. But for those of us who wantContinue Reading

Obamacare leads to Blues for major insurer

Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon details the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act on one major national health insurer. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers operating in the Affordable Care Act individual market will get close to break-even margins in 2017, according to a report from Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence. Obamacare’sContinue Reading