Daily Archives: April 10, 2017

What was United thinking?

It’s likely by now you’ve heard about United Airlines forcibly ejecting a passenger from a flight. The flight was overbooked, there weren’t enough volunteers to stay behind, so a computer chose passengers at random to leave behind. Mollie Hemingway has a good post at The Federalist entitled “How Basic Economics Could Have Helped United AvoidContinue Reading

Bloomberg Businessweek features N.C. treasurer

North Carolina’s new state treasurer raises his national profile with a feature story in the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. If you had $90 billion to invest, how would you do it? For Dale Folwell, it’s a serious question. As the newly elected treasurer of North Carolina, he’s by law the one person who getsContinue Reading

JLF’s Becki Gray responds to House Medicaid expansion bill

The John Locke Foundation is raising concerns about House Bill 662, a Medicaid expansion plan that carries the name “Carolina Cares.” Senior Vice President Becki Gray discusses her concerns in the video clip below.

Tort Reform for Hog Farmers?

More than 500 North Carolina plaintiffs are suing Smithfield Foods and other swine farmers for nuisance. In response to this litigation, Reps. Jimmy Dixon, David Lewis, and John Bell have sponsored a bill “to clarify the remedies available in private nuisance actions against agricultural and forestry operations.” House Bill 467 imposes limits on compensatory damagesContinue Reading

Agriculture’s important role in the N.C. economy

Even with urbanization and rapid technological change, North Carolina still depends on agriculture and agribusiness for a large chunk of the state’s economy. State House Agriculture Committee Chairman Jimmy Dixon, R-Duplin, highlighted agriculture’s important role during a presentation to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society.

Let there be light

One measure of human progress is increasing efficiency in creating light. HumanProgress pointed out recently that over the course of human history, the cost of light has fallen by a factor of 500,000. Here are some highlights: Early man had to 60 hours gathering and chopping wood to get the (flickering) equivalent of 54 minutes’Continue Reading

The nuance of walking vs biking along an interstate highway

Winston-Salem Journal reports the City Council has approved construction on the bike path along Business I-40, which is also under construction. Pretty much as usual, the one ‘no’ vote was the council’s lone conservative, Robert Clark: Clark questioned the good of the project, saying he had doubts about how much it would get used. “IContinue Reading

Leef highlights case of college student victimized by Title IX inquisition

George Leef’s latest Forbes column highlights an example of the Obama administration’s “Title IX” madness leading to a federal court case. An Amherst student is challenging the kangaroo court proceeding that led to his expulsion. The facts revolve around a drunken hookup between two students and the woman’s subsequent efforts at covering up her moreContinue Reading