Daily Archives: April 4, 2017

Not time to jump on the single-payer bandwagon

John Daniel Davidson writes at the Federalist website about the need to continue fighting a single-payer health care system. Many on the Left have seized on the failure of Ryan’s American Health Care Act as a sign that it’s time for Democrats to work with Trump on a single-payer health care system that “takes careContinue Reading

A spending fight on Capitol Hill

James Antle and Joseph Lawler explain at the Washington Examiner why the next round of budget discussions in Washington, D.C., could produce fireworks. President Trump fired the opening salvo for war over government spending with his first federal budget blueprint last month. But this “skinny budget” was limited to the new president’s outlook on discretionaryContinue Reading

France and the right

Charles Cooke of National Review Online explores the latest developments in French politics. A scandal to mar the French election. Anything less and they wouldn’t really be trying, would they? Of all the world’s political gods, those that serve the French are the most puckish. And yet, the persistent rumors that have engulfed François FillonContinue Reading

Federal rules create ‘pizza Gestapo’

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online details one disturbing consequence of Obama-era federal rules. The nation’s franchise restaurants are about one month away from the imposition of new nutritional-labeling rules dreamed up by the Obama administration, another gift of the grievously misnamed Affordable Care Act. For outlets of brands with 20 or more locations, thatContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Don Carrington offers a pair of reports for Carolina Journal Online that poke holes in claims about the energy benefits of the Amazon Wind Farm in northeastern North Carolina. The Daily Journal notes widespread legislative support for new rules restricting use of North Carolina’s “rainy-day” savings reserve.