Daily Archives: March 31, 2017

Bureaucrats versus Trump

Daniel DiSalvo writes for Commentary magazine about a revolt within the federal bureaucracy against its new boss. The recent Kulturkampf is partly a result of the fact that permanent government bureaucracies fit awkwardly with democracy. In the simple version of democratic theory, candidates compete for office in competitive elections based on different practical and ideologicalContinue Reading

Attention Lefty Haters: Scientific Evidence of Private School Choice

Want Affordable Health Insurance? Scale Back on Health Benefit Mandates

Next week, the House health committee is scheduled to discuss HB 283, the Telehealth Fairness Act. If enacted, insurance companies would be forced to reimburse providers for any health service provided via telemedicine that is otherwise treated in-office. Similar telemedicine bills have been filed in previous sessions, however this version comes with a game changer: while telemedicine is aContinue Reading

HB2 ‘repeal’: You know what they say about opinions…

Lots of opinions out there about the “repeal” of HB2–whether it’s good, bad or ugly. But no opinions matter more than those of sportswriters at North Carolina’s daily newspapers. Given the blackmail on the part of the ACC and NCAA, HB2 is indeed a sports story, so it’s appropriate that sportswriters would offer their opinions,Continue Reading

Sad Say Yes joke

News & Record reports on Say Yes Guilford’s announcement that it was tightening eligibility requirements for so-called “last dollar” tuition scholarships because—you already know—scholarship amounts were more than what their “model” predicted. Remember how the local media trumpeted Say Yes, claiming that in addition to sending more kids to college it would be an economicContinue Reading

Education Choice and Competition Index (ECCI) released

North Carolina’s five largest school districts earned Cs on the Brookings Institution’s 2016 Education Choice and Competition Index (ECCI).   The index examines thirteen categories of policy and practice in the 112 largest public school districts in the nation. Here is how the North Carolina cohort fared: T-20. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: C+ T-27. Wake County Schools: C+Continue Reading

GOP donor class raises concerns

David Drucker of the Washington Examiner reports on Republican Party donors’ reactions to recent chaos on Capitol Hill. Republican donors have one message for the GOP after the party’s healthcare fiasco: Get your act together. Wealthy contributors who have provided hundreds of millions in crucial funding to Republican campaigns expressed frustration this week after theContinue Reading

There’s no voter fraud … especially involving people in this country illegally

Alex Pfeiffer of the Daily Caller delivers some bad news for those who believe there’s no voter fraud. A Nigerian citizen was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday for allegedly illegally reentering the U.S. after being deported and subsequently committing both tax and voter fraud. The federal indictment says that Kevin Kunlay Williams votedContinue Reading